40k2ndAC IV Week 3

Week 3 of the 40k2ndAC IV came and went. This week saw the first participants handing in their entries (3 in total, with 27 to go).

Tom finished a few more pennies for his Lord of Change. This thing will be the focus of the entire battlefield once he is done with it, I am sure. But from a purely aesthetic perspective but also from a target priority one.

Mike Thompson and Lastakodo showed us their progress on Marines and Harlequins respectively. Both have been taking it easy or been busy with real life so far, so only just priming and building. The build up of scenic bases looks very interesting I think. There’s still 10 days to go!

As it turns out Wargamer Eric is a talented guy. As you can see in the image, he has a knack for organising stuff, and therefore it is is no surprise to me that he is in fact the stellar dude responsible for making a Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition repository on Battle Scribe. Now, if you don’t know what it is, it is simply a army builder programme for various wargames. Free! And with Eric’s files you have a quick and easy way to make armylists on whatever device (phone or pc and so on ) you use.

Eric tells us that he has been working on it for the last year, and for this incredible feature I think we have to honour him with a special badge, for he is a true hero of 2nd edition!!! Bravo! If you encounter any issues with the lists Eric is happy to hear back from you. You can find him here: https://wargamer-eric.ca/

A few of our Gamer’s also showed us the state of their pledges. Mork was pondering how to deal with shoulder pads on his Catachans – should he go with brown or green? And also the powerfists of his sergeants? Red or Green? Let’s see what he ends up picking.

Valhallan Winter decided that brown was a good colour for these Valhallans as well, and has been busy building up his bases for weapons teams. In the past he has made some awesome mini dioramas this way and the army will end up looking (even more) incredible no doubt.

Joshua popped by and casually dropped an image of some of his casually insanely well-painted Orks. We all saw his banners in the last challenge… and I am sure this will reach similar levels!

Ted has finally finished (and submitted) his Bloodletters and true to his demonic demeanor he decided to moon us all with the above to celebrate.

Other news

Cowabunga Gaming Bash

During the month of May I want to host a GLOBAL cowabunga campaign event inspired by Games Workshop’s old narrative campaigns. It will be quite low key, and essentially I am putting up a “Player pack” detailing a conflict around the planet of Kawah. The pack will contain 3 scenarios which you can play. To enter your battles into the campaign you will have to send me an email with some photos of the battle and brief description and a blog link to more is very welcome. From the pack is released and until the end of May you can game the three scenarios (or 1 or 2 only if you prefer) and send me your feedback. Then at the end I will conclude in and try to forge a narrative around what happened. I hope someone will join me in this but lets see!

Monthly Ludo or Pictor Honorifica

This challenge, the participants will have the opportunity to vote for each other based on who they find made a particularly cool entry each month. There is no prize, other than the acknowledgement of your peers. I will add a small Terminator Honours tag to the images of those who have won in the future. Details about voting will be sent to the participants after all entries for the month are up.

One comment

  1. Good progress from everyone, well done!

    For those Catachans, how about doing the fist and the shoulder pauldron in green, but do the fingers of the fist in red, and perhaps add some simple camo (perhaps a “green” version of the desert pattern) to the pauldron?

    Anyway, looking forward seeing to the first month’s results! B-)



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