40k2ndACIII Month 5 – Wave 2

Hi everyone!

I cannot believe I made it, but here I am with the 5th entry for this wonderful challenge after I used the last month as my month without entry.

This time I did a unit of swapping hawks squad (168pts). I kept it consistent in colours, mostly blue and with clear wings except for the one I will be playing as the exarch. I really enjoyed these guys with the different tones of blue and the wings.

Hope you like them and we will see the last of my entries next month including the 3 characters remaining. 

Until next month!


I only just managed to scrape through with my entry this month, having spent a lot of time enjoying a family holiday at the beach. When I returned I had a couple of days to get the modelling and priming done, before I was off again supervising high school students at camp. By the time I sat down to paint the detail on these Legionnaires, I only had 48 hours left! Even though I felt like I was under the pump, the models were very enjoyable to paint. I have been looking forward to painting Centurius for forever, it seems, especially considering the fact that back in the 90’s I thought I would never be able to get my hands on the model. It was an expensive purchase, but well worth it! I have also put together another objective marker to celebrate the 90’s pop culture theme for this month, a floating Book of the Necronomicon from Evil Dead. 

“Klaatu Barada N… necktie… nectar… nickel… noodle? It’s an “N” word, it’s definitely an “N” word! Klaatu… Barada… N… [cough] Okay then… that’s it! [looks around nervously]

Month 5 marks the completion of the final scheduled unit of the challenge. Ive had some great fun doing this so it was great to finish of the planned army list with a nice simple unit with no deadline stress.

Month 1 included the first half of my tactical squad and month 5 rounds off that unit with the squad leader, heavy weapon and 3 tactical marines. As throughout i have tried to add some interest and variation to each model and the same applies here.

The squad leader wears MKVI and is one of the lesser spotted models from the period, having markings on his leg and helmet. The heavy weapon marine is equipped with a missile launcher, styled of the ‘very yellow’ blood angels art from the Codex. Specifically the white and blue checks and flame wrapped nozzle in a similar style to the devastator completed in January.

The 3 tactical marines each have something unique relative to other models painted so far. #1 has an honour mark (blood drop on white field) on his left kneecap as seen on some early 90’s rogue trader blood angels, #2 has red shoulder trim and freehand RT era chapter symbol, #3 is wielding his bolter one handed.  Nothing especially flamboyant, but it makes each model unique to me.

So with everything now planned complete, what for month 6?  well banners of course. I have plenty to complete now and it will be a great way to wrap up this brilliant challenge!

Another month down, another 16 Valhallans added to the horde. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my 90’s reference finished for this month, but he’ll be popping up at the end along with my last units.

The real star of this month is the Plasmagun trooper, I converted him from a flamer trooper, using green stuff to cover up the space the flamer tanks used to hold. To add a bit of variety I cast a green stuff helmet to help him stand out.

I’m really pleased with the heavy weapon bases, they’re a chore to make but the stacked ammo (including a GS autocannon mag), extra wargear and dirty look always makes it worthwhile. Finding those mortar shells will forever be a struggle but a single shell isn’t enough.
For the last month it’s just a commissar, a special character and 3 lascannons, Home stretch!

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Infantry Squad 3- Sgt [Bolt Pistol, Chainsword], Plasmagun, Autocannon- 126 pts
Heavy Weapon Squad 2- 3x Mortars- 120 pts
Total: 246

Bah, another month with less than an hour left. Anyway, done is done:

  • Chaos Terminator with Bolter-Melta and Powerfist … 67 points
  • Chaos Space Marine with Missile Launcher and additional munitions (x2) … 70 points
  • Chaos Space Marine with Powerfist and Plasmapistol … 40 points
  • Chaos Space Marine with Flamer … 34 points
  • (Bonus) Mighty Champion of Khorne with Plasmapistol and Axe of Khorne … 108 points

For a total of 319 points.

As for this months theme, this made me scratch my head for a while. In the end I settled for a song related to one of the most 90s movies ever: AC/DCs “Big Gun” for 1993s “Last Action Hero”. The big gun being of course… the mighty missile launcher, what else! If you want to treat yourself to some musical 90s nostalgia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLsXJitaiVo

And now: once more into the breach, the goal is near!

Dear Dr The Viking,

And we’re done!!! The final squad of six Guardians riding Jetbikes are finished!!! Four with twin shurikens and two shriekers with shuriken cannons.

Lots of airbrushing to get the main yellow done on the bikes and canopies – I was even ‘forced’ to upgrade the airbrush this month to try and save some time on getting finer control so I could do all of the blending on the fins and engine nacelles with the airbrush rather than having to spend forever glazing with a hairy brush. Worked really well, and on the last two I even pushed the final highlight really light and then glazed back down with the main yellow. So there are effectively three different ways of painting the yellow across the six bikes – but thankfully there’s not really a visible difference – they all hold together as a squad.

I was struggling to come up with six different canopy designs, which is why we have three with geometric designs and three with flames.

Really pleased with these – and not just because they are done!!! Now on to pick up some models I started as bonuses in Month 1!!! Will all five Warp Spiders emerge from their very long warp jump before the end of the challenge? Hopefully, as then I’ll have all of the Aspect Warriors done!



Well folks, I didn’t quite make the last month… Well, “quite” is a bit of a strong word; I didn’t make the last month. 

When I planned the army, I thought I’d have ample time to work on each slice, and it seemed like that was the case for the other four, but life has a way of getting away from you. I think my biggest failing with this slice (and where I deviated the most from the other four) is that I didn’t paint fifteen minutes a day. This was something that Duncan Rhodes mentioned on an episode of the Brush Wielder’s Union podcast, and ever since I listened to that episode, I’ve tried to take just fifteen minutes out of my day to sit at my paint table and work. Most of the time this fifteen was just the beginning and I’d spend an hour or more working on things. It was a real great way to paint consistently, but for whatever reason I didn’t do that this month. I’m not too sore about it, though. I’ll still finish this dreadnought up so that I can add it to the figure cabinet alongside the rest of the army that I’m rather proud of. When it’s done, you can find it on my Instagram, or blog.

All in all I really loved this army challenge. It gave me a chance to paint some models that have been sitting in foam trays for almost twenty-five years, and it heralded my return to painting Eldar; an army I’ve loved for decades, but haven’t painted in probably fifteen years. It also gave me another opportunity to use some old paints and “archaeopaint.” For this whole challenge I used either the 1994 hex pot Citadel Colour, or the Nostalgia ’88 paints from Warcolours. These are all now a regular part of my paint arsenal.

Anyway, until next time keep your catapults loaded with shuriken!

-Carmin Carotenuto

Not proud of this month’s entry… but I am still here… and yes – I am pulling through on a “Jensen” as it has come to be called. A Jensen in 40k2ndAC entails that you achieve the bare minimum standard needed to submit your entry, which the declared goal of revisiting it later to finish up the botched job. Someone mentioned that since I am the host of the challenge I should not be able to fail – or that it would be especially problematic if I did. Of course, that is not at all how this works. I am as much a participant as the next guy, and I have to live up to the rules in the same way. Therefore, had I not entered this I would effectively have been booted, since I already failed one month.

In this entry I have 5 models for no less than 856 points, not counting any special weapons. That actually makes it a challenge record for a single month. 😉 Now, as I already have alluded to, this is not how I imagined that this entry would look. I would like to spend a lot more time on it, and it is the bare “contrast basecoat” you see. One thing I did manage to do properly this month was to make a storage system for my Tyranids. I have already given these guys a gloss coat, and I did this because I want to be able to travel and game intensely with them. What I was now missing was a carrying case. I opted for the good old frying pan:

By varying the number of magnets on the bases even the hefty Carnifex can be brought to submission within the frying pan metal container. You can even turn the container upside down WITH the miniatures inside… there is not much point to it, but it CAN be done!

Two of these cheap ass frying pans (50 kr/€6.5) are enough to hold my Tyranids. I did buy two extra in the hopes of giving my Blood Skulls a similar treatment. The best part about these is that the “spacious” models like Hormagants (Hotmagawds!) and Hive Tyrants that would often break in other types of carrying cases can just be put down, no trouble. I am very happy!

Now next month I have to complete the last slice: 20 Hormagants! I will be hard work… but I will do it! They need to be ready for July where Hive Fleet Omnikron has it’s first battle scheduled!

Hi Hans
I worked up to the last minute but was unable to finish this month so I am using my mulligan for April.  I’ll finish my last slice next month and hopefully throw in a bonus model as well.

Thanks for keeping this challenge alive

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I have to use my mulligan this month I’m afraid. I was unable to get anything finished for the challenge, since the Chaos Dwarf Great Taurus I worked on consumed all of my hobby time! 

I did manage to assemble and spray undercoat my final slice of eight Chaos Space Marines though, so I should be all set for the final month. I hope…


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