40k2ndACIII Participants – The Veterans

Hi folks,

For this challenge I will be going back to where it all began for me, by painting a Legion of the Damned army. They were my first choice when I started collecting miniatures, which was a little crazy at the time. Legion of the Damned didn’t even have an army list yet, so I had to extrapolate from the squad entry in the Ultramarines Codex. My mates soon got sick of losing to my scary space ghosts, so I repainted them as Dark Angels! A few weeks later, the full Legion of the Damned list was published in White Dwarf and it was just as scary as I had predicted. Since then, I have often thought about what could have been, if I had just held on for a couple of weeks. It is time to make things right!

My list contains most of the models I had in my old army, though I had to buy some models to fill in gaps and dodgy conversions (my old Centurius was a mono-pose sergeant from the starter box, painted with a pale blue face!). My five slices will be a Commander, a Bike Squadron, a Dreadnought and two Tactical combat squads. You don’t fit a lot of models in a 1000 point Legion of the Damned army! I’m not feeling too bad about this, though, as the conversions and paint scheme are going to be wild. I also have quite a few bonus models planned…

Army List

Legion of the Damned Commander (200 points)

Tactical Squad with Sergeant Centurius, Mk 1 plasma gun and missile launcher (433 points)

Bike Squadron with power sword, Mk 1 plasma gun and melta-gun (202 points)

Dreadnought with twin linked auto-cannon and powerfist with built in storm bolter (165 points)

Total points: 1000

“I am very excited to be here in the painting chair for another round of this fun and fantastic challenge.  In the first two seasons I painted a solid foundation of troops (2 Tactical squads, 1 Devastator squad, 1 Scout squad) to take on all the enemies of the Dark Angels but only a few colorful characters in my first 2,000 points.  This time around ALL the characters my army could possibly need are going to get painted: A Standard bearer, an Apothecary, three levels of Space Marine Librarian, a Chaplain wearing a jump pack, and the Daddy of the Mack himself, Azreal Supreme Grand Master of the 1st Legion.  I threw in a scout squad with sniper rifles and camo cloaks because I’ve always wanted to try the cool camouflage patterns that would be featured on their cloaks in ‘Eavy Metal.  Plus if I ever try to run this army with all 3,000 points it would help balance out the requirement that my characters can’t be more than 25% of my army list.  More likely however is that this cross section of every character available to the Space Marines will give me an option similar to the “studio” armies back in the days of 2nd edition battle reports, i.e. I will have a full panoply of all the characters available in 2nd edition and I can pick and choose which ones best fit the army I am using for each particular battle.  You can follow along with my progress over at my blog, 1st Legion Chronicles ( https://1stlegionchronicles.blogspot.com/?m=0) a refuge for all things Unforgiven plus some other zaniness too.  Thanks to Dr TV for putting together this great mutual project time after time, and good luck to all the participants involved this time around.  For Caliban And The Emperor!

Army List Part III (divided into 5 slices)
Pepperoni (Month 1):
Codicer Astrovel – Level 2 Librarian – 130 points
Force Axe, Plasma Pistol, Aegis Suit Lexicanum
Daskhorael – Level 1 Librarian – 63 point
Force Sword, Bolt Pistol
Anchovies (Month 2):
Scout Squad Calogrant – 155 points
Vet Sgt, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword
4x Scouts w/Sniper rifles
Sausage (Month 3): 
Epistolary Kaelon – Level 3 Librarian – 185 points
Force Staff, Plasma Pistol Aegis Suit
Apothecary Malachai – 42 points
Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, Medi-Kit
Mushrooms (Month 4):
Chaplain Boreas – Mighty Hero – 165 points
Crozius Arcanum. Rosarius, Jump Pack
Brother Bethor – Standard Bearer – 95 points
Power Fist, Standard of Fortitude
Pineapple (Month 5):
Azrael – Supreme Grand Master of The Dark Angels – 185 points
Member of the Deathwing, Lion Helm, Combi-weapon (Bolter-Plasma)
Sword of Secrets
Total Points – 1,020 points         


Once more into the breach!  This time I’m moving from the steamy jungle battlefields of Catachan to the snow covered plains and mountains of Valhalla.  This is my third foray into the 2nd Edition Challenge hosted by Dr. The Viking and it’s  sense of deja vu, all over again.  This round is very similar to my first round, but instead of Jungle Fighters I have Ice Warriors.  While the equipment on the infantry squads are slightly different it is the same layout as my first challenge entry: a command squad, two infantry squads, and a mortar squad.  The BIG difference is instead of doing a Leman Russ and a Basilisk I’m only doing a single vehicle.  One Baneblade is less than two other pieces of armor after all.  As I’ve said before, I’m a man of moderation!

My list:
Command HQ – Captain w/ chainsword and hand flamer, infantryman with comm-link, 2 flamers, and 1 melta gun.  133 points. 
Squad 1 – Sergeant with chainsword and bolt pistol, flamer, heavy bolter. 121 points.
Squad 2 – Sergeant with chainsword and bolt pistol, flamer, autocannon. 127 points.
Heavy weapon squad with mortars. 120 points.
1000 points on the nose!
If you feel like seeing what else I’ve been up to in the gaming world pop on over to my blog at https://www.hmgs.org/blogpost/1767208/319222/The-Wachtmeister-s-Introduction

Dear 2nd ed Fans,
I had a great time entering the Second 2nd ed Army Challenge and completing the pledge was one of the greatest hobby achievements I have ever managed. Naturally, I had to enter the third Challenge to add the support units to my Alaitoc Eldar Warp Hunters.
Originally, these units were intended to be bonus entries to my last pledge, and I did manage to get many of them assembled and undercoated, but not painted. So now will be their time!

My list is as follows:
Month 1: 
2x Vyper Jetbikes with Scatter Lasers (80 points each) …160 points
Month 2:
5x Wraithguard (35 points each)…………………………………175 points
Month 3 (Red Circus Round – lots of red here…):
Karandras (150 points)2x Striking Scorpions (26 points each) (52 points)
4x Warp Spiders (41 points each) (164 points)…………….381 points
Month 4:
5 Swooping Hawks (28 points each) (140 points)
Baharroth (186 points)……………………………………………..326 points
Month 5 (Pop Culture Round – not sure how I will achieve this bonus, but we shall see….):
Falcon Grav Tank with Scatter Laser…………………………..233 points
TOTAL:…………………………………………………………………1,275 points
I’m really looking forward to completing this army, and also to seeing what the other entrants will achieve this time. I have been fairly ambitious here, but I am reasonably confident I can get it all done…!


Wot? Yoo neva seen an Ork in PROPPA yoo-nee-form before??! Dis Kamo, itz gunna make us WELL ‘ARD to spot! Den we can sneak up on da oomie and Malalalal gitz and chop ‘em up, PROPPA LIKE!!!

Da Boss, ‘e sayz dat we gotta take Grumgot’s Sunz boyz wif us ‘coz dey got some Dakka Traks dat could be useful to.. well.. shoot fings. Uvverwise, we got plenty of PROPPA Blood Axe boyz! Yeah! I fink da boss wants a proppa tank, but ‘e’s still in neg-oh-see-ay-shons wif doz ‘oomies ‘oo ain’t been killed by da Chaos wossits. I rekon we should just shoot ‘em and grab it anywayz!!! I rekon dat ‘e’s listnin’ to dat ‘oomie ‘oo follows ‘im ‘round again.. I rekon.


So, as my new comrades have been saying, my name is Lieutenant John Villeneuve and I have been sent to the Black Axe Krew as an advisor by the PDF High Command. The war with the Chaos invaders has not been going as well as we had hoped and our reinforcements have yet to arrive, so High Command have sent me to recruit and advise whatever mercenaries I could find. I found the Black Axe Krew. Emperor help us…



This is round 2 for me (Round 1 doesn’t exist, right?) and I need someone to fight against my Malal Marines from the last round. I had some GSC almost ready, but they’re missing a Patriarch for their first 1,000 points and I also had some Imperial Guard who aren’t quite ready. On the other hand, I DID have a bunch of RT, 2nd Ed and GorkaMorka Orks so decided it would be nice to paint some Green!! Doubly so as it’s not Black & White. Been a while since I painted Orks, so decided to paint up a couple of testers and it turns out that I really enjoyed it.. that’ll make the 2nd Ed monopose models more survivable!

Ok, so now onto the army list. This is a 1,000pt list which will be split into 5 “slices” for the challenge. Rather than 200pts a slice, it’s more like a model count (which will be shown in the pictures).

147pts Warboss Skrag Blackaxe & Mega-armour, Kustom Shoota, Power Fist, Kustom Field accompanied by a “Gretchin Champion” (Lt. Villeneuve) with Flak and Autogun.

40pts Wassit Flaggrot, Gretchin Standard Bearer & Cameleoline

98pts Big Mek Rorgut Ironork & Cybork Body, Bionic Arm, Refractor Field, Bolter, Power fist accompanied by 3 Gretchin and a Gretchin Champion armed with flak and Autoguns.

17pts Grimgit da Goff, Nob & Bolter, Axe

18pts Gitgrim da Uvver Goff, Nob & Bolter, Axe, Scanner

130pts 10 Skarboyz

23pts Koporal Mashum Axeface, Blood Axe Nob & Chainsword, Bolter, Refractor Field

107pts 6 Blood Axe Orks, Alpha Sqwad & 5 Bolters, Missile Launcher

31pts Sarge “’Ardgit” ‘Eyeway, Blood Axe Nob & Power Fist, Bolter, Refractor Field

84pts 6 Blood Axe Orks, Bravo Sqwad & 5 Bolters, Flamer

80pts Kaptain Krunk Killakan, Kommando Kaptain & Chainsword, Bolter, ‘Eavy armour, Displacer Field, Haywire Grenade, Krak Grenade

75pts 5 Blood Axe Kommandos & Bolters

150pts 3 Evil Sunz War Trakks



For month 1, I will mostly be paintin’ Skarboyz. Probably.

Maddix aka Warboss Blackaxe


Hi there everyone! Great to be doing this challenge again and can’t wait to start bringing you all some gold old fashioned 2nd edition content 🙂 To veterans of the challenge, I welcome you back and salute you for staying with us. To the newer readers I welcome you and hope you enjoy 🙂

This challenge, I am very excited to be presenting to you the story of the Oedo 808th “Hive Pythons” – A hive world regiment that boasts a large number of criminals given the chance to reduce their sentences by serving time in the Imperial Guard. Some of these recruits even live long enough to work off their debt to society and some even thrive in the environment!

Since this is my first attempt at 2nd edition Guard force, I’ll be including a lot of the classic choices in the initial 1000 point list. The idea is that, depending on how many bonus models I paint, you will see a lot more variation in the rank and file to represent the colourful backgrounds of the troopers. Some of the eagle-eyed readers may have even noticed the Escher Gang Leader who has risen through the ranks to earn the title Commissar!
Anyway, to celebrate the streamlined submission format, I’ve layed out what I plan to enter by month in the hope that it keeps me from straying too far from my initial idea (famous last words!) and also to be able to split models to give me a realistic target to aim for each month. Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy this challenge!

Army List: Month 1:
Infantry Squad 1: Sergeant with bolt pistol and chainsword. One trooper with a flamer and a mortar team: 131pts

Month 2:
Command HQ: Captain w. Power fist and bolter. Two troopers formed into a missile launcher team. Trooper with meltagun. Trooper with comms link.  154pts
Heavy Weapons Squad 1: 3x Missile Launcher teams. 150pts
Month 3: 
Commissar: Power sword and bolt pistol. 48pts
Chimera: 140pts
Month 4:Infantry Squad 2: Sergeant with bolt pistol and chainsword. One trooper with a flamer and an autocannon team. 127pts

Month 5:Leman Russ Demolisher: Heavy Plasma side sponsons. 250pts

I never really liked Tyranids in 2nd edition, you know. I mean, Genestealers are cool and I did like the ‘Alien’ styling of the metal Hormagaunts but most of the range? Nah, not for me. I mean, that Screamer-killer, right?He’s just a massive pink snugglebeast isn’t he?
That being said, imagine my surprise when about 9 months ago I began to feel an overwhelming need to collect and paint a whole army of the gribblies. And off to ebay I went… seriously, the need for old Tyranids consumed my every waking thought! Well, not really but almost… Of course, acquiring an army is one thing. Painting it? Yeah, that’s another.
When thinking about the 3rd round of the challenge Nids were not even an army I initially considered. I had planned on doing my Mordian Iron Guard… but the clean-up on those models is taking longer than expected. Then I thought Space Wolves… but I did Dark Angels last time and Space Wolves, well, that’s just more power armour… and I’m waiting for arms and weapons for a bunch of the miniatures I have. No, I think of the armies I own it was always going to come down to the Great Devourer this time.
I wanted something that would push me a bit more than my Dark Angels did last year (with only 12 models in the initial list) but with enough variation that it wouldn’t become a chore… Check aaaaand check.
The army I have chosen is made up of models that I want to paint and those that I thought would be fun to do… oh, and some Termagants to use up the spare points. I’ve intentionally kept the list low on optional extras so I could fit more models in. I may regret that choice!
Not entirely sure about colour scheme yet… its either going to be Hive Fleet Kraken or synthwave style pinks, blues and purples… Time will tell.

Hive Tyrant 219
-Venom Cannon
-lash whip
-bone sword

Zoanthrope 120

Carnifex 199

10 Genestealers 280

13 Hormagaunts 104

6 Termagants 36

Biovore + 2 Spore Mines 40

Total 998

Having thoroughly enjoyed the last challenge and ended up with an actual painted & playable 40k army I’ve committed myself to the next challenge!!! Some may consider this foolhardy, but in the words of the foremost philosopher Clarksonius (20th century AD), “How hard can it be?”.
As I have a fully playable Iyanden Eldar army that is all infantry (and one molten metal nightmare) I’ve decided that this challenge is going to be about fleshing my existing force out with some more interesting units and some heavy fire support. All have also been chosen to bring a bit of colour variety and challenges – I really enjoyed not painting the same colours every month last time (aspect warriors are ideal for that!) and so I’m aiming to bring some of that to this challenge as well. Should help keep me motivated!!! So, the full list is below, separated into each tranche of models!

Tranche 1
I’m going to ease myself in with a single model for the first month – a dreadnought with two power fists and a heavy plasma gun. My force suffered at the hands of massed plasma weaponry in it’s only outing to date (1 for 1, it’s all downhill from here though…), so if you can’t beat them join them! I’m going to try and get a themed base done as well if I can find something interesting for it to stand on in my bits box!

Tranche 2
Some more heavy support here in the form of a scatter laser – what 2nd Ed Eldar force would be complete without at least one of these! I’m also going to add some colour variety with some Dire Avengers – can’t spend two consecutive months painting yellow armour!

Tranche 3
Some basic Guardians – four with shuriken catapults and one with a flamer – and Fuegan as a character model. Back to the yellow armour, but Fuegan should give a bit of interest as ideally I’ll manage to find the time to give a bit of extra care and attention as befits one of the Phoenix Lords!

Tranche 4
Some Howling Banshees to break the yellow armour theme – I’m rather looking forward to trying their bone armour as something new – and a Vyper with shuriken cannon. The Vyper will be interesting as I’ll be breaking out the airbrush on this, which is not something I’m particularly used to! However, experimenting on one model is rather easier than on the last tranche – hopefully I can get the technique nailed down on this model before I tackle…

Tranche 5…
6 Guardians on jetbikes! Two will be Shriekers, the other four standard twin-linked shuriken catapults. Hopefully I’ll have the scheme and technique nailed down from the Vyper, making these hopefully a nice consistent batch with no variation between bikes! This will be the most vehicles I’ve ever tried painting in one go, so should be interesting to say the least!!!

At this point I’m not planning any bonus models – as with the last challenge I will be looking to paint these to as high a
standard as I can rather than going for quantity. Having said that though, once this is done I will only be missing some Warp Spiders from the Aspect Warriors, so if I get through the Dreadnought quickly I may see if I can find some to fill the time with!

Here is my starting point – rather hodgepodge but I hope visible enough.  I have decided to make a start on my mk 7 (mostly) marines.  I have a lot of these and particular intentions for some of them – but these I have decided to revisit a chapter that I have painted once before – a very long time ago.  I actually really enjoyed painting them but they were for a commision and I never painted any for myself.
I also decided to never paint for commission again.
White panthers are almost the definitive second edition chapter having started with a design your own chapter competition at the time.This collection is a mix of everything from a few duplicate rogue trader metals, through traditional 2nd ed box set marines to somewhat more recent 3rd edition figures.  I intend to give them as good a 2nd edition look as I can (without a goblin green base).
List is as follows, in approximately 200 point chunks.  

Tactical combat squad – 150

Flamer, Sergeant with Power sword 15

Chaplain Veteran plasma pistol 58


Tactical combat squad – 150

Missile launcher 45


Tactical combat squad – 150

Plasma Gun, Sergeant with chainsword 10

Apothocary with Chainsword


Tactical combat squad – 150

Missile launcher 45


Bike Squad of 4 188

plasma gun, flamer, power axe, chainsword


Total 1029

Hello, I am back for a second go, my name is Jonas. 

Last time I painted some long overdue Squats. I am still painting new Squats for that army and doing a bit changes here and there. But overall Things went quite well with painting a Squat army and I managed to get a few games in too. All the while I was painting Squat models I began randomly looking at my collected stash of 40K minis and as things turned out I was actually able to make a nice Genestealer Cult 1000pts army and Again I would be able to add a bit of gear and models to make it a playable 1500pts army quite easily.

Likewise the Squats I have previously painted a few models for a Genestealer Cult, but it was something I never came very far with. But with a clear goal, improved painting skills and the entry of washes and what not I think this is the time to do it.

I chose a Patriarch and a Magus to lead the army, it is something there is really no way around for a Genestealer Cult, the army need someone to control the hive mind and falls apart if they don’t have any commander character left on the table. Then I took an Icon Bearer, it is a good oppertunity to have a nice center piece figure.

Troop choices was basically ”one of each” aaproach. Taking 12 Genestealers would more than cover my needs, especially since I already have 24 painted up for Space Hulk, giving me 36 Purestrains, which is just crazy. I decided to split my Hybrids into two units, one Acolyte Brood focusing on shooting and one Neophyte Brood focused on close combat. I kind of did the same with the Brood Brother, making 10 for close combat and 10 for more shooty action. In the end I want both Brood Brother to grow to 20 strong, but for now 10 each is a good start.

To round out I put in a Sentinel, I had the model and that was enough for me to add it. It is an amazing contraption after all. I also added a Brood Brother Heavy Weapons team with a Lascannon. No perticular reason, but having a bit of heavy fire can’t be too bad.

So, I look forward to doing this.

http://deathworldadventures.blogspot.com/ is my usual playing ground and I will also document my progress there along with this challenge.

No description available.

1 Genestealer Patriarch @ 72 Pts

1 Genestealer Magus @ 107 Pts


1 Cult Icon Bearer @ 45 Pts


12 Genestealer Brood @ 336 Pts

7 Genestealer Hybrid Brood: Acolyte @ 70 Pts

     Autogun (x7); Laspistol

7 Genestealer Hybrid Brood: Neophyte @ 70 Pts

     Sword (x7); Laspistol

10 Brood Brother Squad @ 91 Pts

     Basic Hand Weapon; Lasgun (x10)

     1 Genestealer Hybrid: Acolyte @ [11] Pts


10 Brood Brother Squad @ 82 Pts

     Basic Hand Weapon; Laspistol (x10)

     1 Genestealer Hybrid: Neophyte @ [12] Pts

          Sword (x1); Laspistol (x1)

1 Sentinel @ 75 Pts

     Assault Cannon

     1 Brood Brother Crew @ [0] Pts


2 Brood Brother Heavy Weapon Team @ 48 Pts

     Lasgun; Lascannon

Total Army Cost: 996

This  see season I’ll being going with Legion of the dammed . 
This is alittle out of my comfort zone as I’m used to Chaos army’s and being able to make some wacky conversions come to life . 
This time I choose LOTD to try and work on my green stuff works and try flames and press moulding . 
Can’t wait to see how it goes and the rest of the guys/girls works . 
Check out my Instagram page if you would like to see more of my works @ EBP_mini_painting 



Pts 200+


Pts 170 


Tac squad 

7x bolters 

1x lascannon 

1x flamer 

1x sgt Chainsword 

Pts 436





Pts 197 


Pts 55 

Some kinda way I have ended up comitting to a ginormeous Tyranid force for this challenge. I actually acquired part of this lot many moons ago… we were two guys bidding on the same stuff, and the other guy – an old gaming buddy – got away way the better half of it. Now, many years later I stumbled into him and asked about the Tyranids. Did he want to pursue them, or maybe swap for some of my useless (my view) lead. To my great luck we negotiated a deal! I sent him all my WWII (6 mm, 28 mm and stuff in between) and I got the ‘Nids (6 mm and 28 mm). Everyone was happy.
Ever since watching Aliens as a kid and Starship Troopers a bit later, I have had a thing for Space bugs. I have quite a collection of Starship Troopers figures actually… hmm! That’s a future project. And also quite a few Tyranids from around 4th/5th edition, when plastic Carnifexes was a new thing.
So many thoughts on this one… do I go classic or classy? I looooooove the look of the classic ‘nids, where they almost look like toys straight out of the Ninja Turtles toy line, but I also love the faceless horde of identically coloured bugs. It really is impossible to choose. I have more than enough warriors to do TWO kinds of armies… but all the smaller bugs I think I only have enough to comfortably make one. So I am going to go classic. They’ll be red, and inspired greatly by the Codex Tyranids art. If a some point, I collect a 3rd edition Tyranid army I will definitely paint it up like in that Valhallan battle.
The next thing to ponder here, are the bases. Do I go with squares or rounds… For the old school look – the squares would be right. I am having a hard time deciding – the squares have a bigger area and look better size wise, but the rounds are better aesthetically. It feels a bit like 50 mm rounds is the answer, but I don’t care about buying more bases… I guess I might be keeping the squares. Let’s see what happens.

Composition wise I have deliberately chosen to have a lot of models in the army. I thought about going all in on Warriors, but decided against it. I might do that in the next challenge though. I always thought a wall of Warriors would be an awesome sight. Instead this force is meant to “get the basics down” – supply termagants, hormas, and genestealers enough to make any future force.
Well guys, wish me luck! This is going ot pull some teeth for sure.

Armylist and slices;

Slice 1:
Carnifex 1 199
Carnifex 1 199
Zoanthrope 1 Warp Blast; Warp Field 120
Hive Tyrant 1 164*

Slice 2:
Genestealer Brood 10 280
Ripper Swarm 4 80

Slice 3
Hormagaunt Brood 20 160

Slice 4
Termagant Brood 20 120
Termagant Brood 20 120

Slice 5
Tyranid Warrior Brood 6 330

Total 1772


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