40k2ndAC II Month 4, Wave 1

This month saw me finish the Deathwing squad I began with the Sergeant in month 3. This completes my initial 1000 point pledge. As a bonus I’ve painted a second squad of Terminators with assault weapons… (ed. which nearly doubles your pledge! Nice job!) including some bright red lightning claws for that particular old school feel! I really enjoy painting Deathwing. I use a simple technique which I think looks decent and is quick to do. It begins with a Skeleton Horde contrast base over a Wraithbone undercoat. The main thing is to make sure the contrast paint doesn’t pool over the smooth armour. This is then highlighted with Vallejo Bonewhite, up to pure white in some areas.Next time I’ll get a couple more characters done. I’ve recently acquired Ezekiel and am looking forward to painting him. Now back to scouring ebay for Brother Bethor…

Hello all you warp-touched xenos out there! How are your prefrontal lobes? Swollen with psychic might I trust? I bet it’s from exposure to all those murderous space clowns last month. Well, what better way to celebrate the 4th month of the challenge than with unveiling the leaders of this painfully colourful troup!!! This month I managed to finish off the last of my Harlequins on foot, which consist of three more to finish the ten-strong troupe (98 points), TWO Death Jesters (250 points – it’s kind of a comedy double-act Mitchell and Webb, but with more evisceration), a Solitaire (99 points) and of course the Shadowseer Alarielle themself (203 points)! (ed. shadows, jesters and solitaurs?! I give up, I am a call it “Eldar wonk” in the bonus catergory. They are looking gorgeous as usual.) To add to this circus of death and dismemberment, a craftworld Warlock (51 points) has also been seen consorting with the Shadowseer. All up, this month I managed to paint up 701 points – those Eldar characters ain’t cheap!!! Those who have heard and witnessed these interactions between the powerful psykers have talked of  the runes of war and death being apparent in the divinations. It seems that the Harlequins have been coercing the various Eldar factions into working alongside each other all along in preparation for facing threats set to appear in the near future. Mon-Keigh, both untainted and grossly corrupted, are set to threaten the future of Craftworld Alaitoc yet again and it is only with a firm united front that these upstart lesser races shall be defeated. Tune in next month folks to see what else is in store as the forces of the Eldar muster for war on an epic scale (no, not 6mm it’s still 28mm)!

Wowsers.. when did this happen? Already beyond the halfway point and we’re painting enough to look like viable forces*!! Luckily I’ve had a quiet start to the month so managed to get out the models I needed.. which was just 2. 174 pts  Chaos Lord “Barron Andal Baccharus” & Terminator Armour (Combi-bolter & Chain axe), Daemon Weapon, Bionic Arm, Conversion Field 34 pts  Aspiring Chaos Champion “Kyrash Eyespite” & Bolter, Sword (leads the normal Chaos Marines) My Chaos Lord, as is fitting, got some funky face painting on like he was at a cool Halloween party.  Of course, I couldn’t just leave it at two models, so I also painted up a bonus entry.. a Chaos Dreadnought! 190 pts of Heavy Plasma blasting, Power Claw snapping madness! (with optional HeroHammer arm). I call him Steve. Or S’Teev The Destroyer. In order to make the base a bit more interesting than the rest, and as it was slightly bigger, I decided to decorate it with some of the fallen worshippers of the false God that the Imperium follow. I think they called themselves the Bleeding Camels, or Broken Camels… Screaming in their Death Throes Camels? (ed. I distinctly recall the last name being correct! A marvellous addition to your force. No chaos general should ever leave home without!) Either way, they’re dead and my Malal worshippers aren’t. Just as it should be. I will point out that I’m really enjoying putting in some proper vibrant 2nd edition colours alongside my Malal scheme of Black/White/Bronze – makes them both really pop and LOOK the part for the edition. This now means that I’m left with a squad of 3 Terminators for my final month and a bonus entry of.. well, more Chaos Marines obviously. The final month will be interesting! (*it helps that I’m actually painting double, but even ignoring that it’s a viable force!)

Captain Hawke smiled as the Ogryns clomped back into camp after their last mission. Unlike many regiments in the Imperial Guard he was always happy to have abhumans fighting along side him. The Ratlings provided great covering fire, and could really make some good meals but the Ogryns were his favorite. They were like his Catachans only more unpolished, unrefined, just plain unfinished. He knew he could rely on them all the same. 

This month I didn’t budget my time well and didn’t quite get these guys to the level I consider done. (ed. I hope that just means you did other important and cool stuff! Well done on getting them in anyway) They are table ready though and for this month they’ll do the trick. Last season I was in the same boat with a squad and I managed to finish them to my standard in the bonus month, I’ll strive to do that this bonus month as well. 

Hello everyone hope the months been good to you all.  So this month Iv found it hard to find time to get anything done but as we all do I muddled on and this is the out come. Pts 100 5x bloodletters – this is the second half of a 10man unit . Enjoyed these guys these were some of my favourite models growing up so it was a joy to paint . Bonus Old man Kharn – so this guy come about because of a model I converted earlier in the challenge that was based on a wolf scout model , I posted him online an I had a few guys say he was like a young Kharn ! So my mind starts churning , what if …..being stuck on a Demon world where time and space moves differently (ed. Preach! That is exactly what it feels like in Denmark!) and the constant splits in the warp that the both men are the same person…. The old man been fighting not only the countless foes put before him but himself for a millennia stuck in time and space …. This type of thing will send a man crazy . Ha it works In my head anyway and it’s a cool way the show off my converted Kharn. Bonus Renegade Ogryns- loved doing these took me back converting metal minis. (ed. Man those are great!!!) Made these at the start of the challenge and couldn’t find the mojo to paint then but something clicked and I’m happy with the result . 

As i had been upset with not having all the scout variations at hand for last months entry i managed to aquire the missing ones for this month, so i added another scout squad and finally finished work on the first
squad of the Avengers. I even finished the Exarch and a Phoenix lord. (ed. seriously good looking force! How many dreadnoughts do you have by now?) Also i repainted an old Phantomlord i had as a single model for years, but in the wrong colors for my Iyanden army, so i stripped and repainted him correctly. I guess you never can have enough of them…so as the challenge goes on, i am afraid of not having enough time left for all those awesome models i want to add like Wraithguards, Banshees, Hawks
and Spiders, and still there’s the second Avenger squad not finished, and walkers…..

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Dear 2nd. ed fans, this month I got a couple of warlocks and two guardians done for my army. After a recent game of 2nd ed 2 warlocks came in very handy so I decided to paint up 2 instead of one, so one is the original pledge and one is a bonus. I was once again disappointed not to finish the whole guardian squad…but at least I got a couple done. (ed. I think you did really well!!! I love the rolling total below – I will have to implement that somehow in the future) The rest are sure to follow soon now! Therefore for June I have completed the models seen in the scheme below. Interestingly the heavy plasma gun was not on my original pledge so will count as a bonus entry! I just enjoyed painting the last guardian heavy weapon team (the crew models are great) and so I just found myself doing another one. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart! 

MONTH 1. ………….225 points
MONTH 2 ………………0 points
MONTH 3 …………..410 points
MONTH 4 …………..164 points
TOTAL SO FAR……799 points

Enjoy, and see you all again in July for the next instalment!

It’s been a rough month. Lots of seasonal illness and work commitments, and it almost went the other way for the small contingent of Black Legion CSM that allies with my main Death Guard army. The force, really only a seven-man squad of vanilla CSM, nucleated around an old metal Abaddon I got in a job. I felt he should have at least a small support crew. Now, with June done, he’s got another seven Khorne Berserkers to beef up his charge. I enjoyed breaking up the otherwise very restricted palette of my BL scheme by using some reds. The white helmets are a bit unusual, but work well, I think. (ed. extremely well I’d say!) The two Possessed in the squad, also counting-as Berserkers, well … I honestly think they’re in the worst 10 sculpts GW ever published. (ed. lol!) Which is why I accepted the challenge to re-home and do them up with as much affection as I could muster. I still hate them. Most importantly though, they’re done. There are lots of little mistakes and imperfections – but that’s so with most tabletop-quality paint jobs. It’s been a rough month and they’re done.  

Hi! Interesting month this one! I had originally intended to finish off the last squads in the army – 2 more Striking Scorpions and 4 Swooping Hawks, as this would have left me with only two characters to paint in two months. However, I got slightly distracted… Having got everything ready to prime I spotted the Avatar model I picked up a while ago but had put off for ages because it’s an awesome model and I really wasn’t sure I could do it justice. As I’d built it with the sword arm removable I decided ‘why not prime it and I can always try the arm as a test’. It went surprisingly well – I was really happy with how the glowing effect came out and how dark a red I managed to get the armour (roughly following Mike McVey’s recipe from the 1990s Eavy Metal 40k painting guide, but with modern GW paints). This inspired me so much that I couldn’t stop painting it – 3 weeks went by but I am really happy with how its turned out!!!! (ed. Oh boy oh boy! That is a beast! You painting is soooo crisp and good!) Only minor problem is that it wasn’t in the original army list and I now had 1 week remaining to paint something that was!!! In the end I just about finished off the 2 Striking Scorpions – there are still a couple of small details to paint but they are done enough to put on the tabletop if required!!! This does now mean next month I will have to paint the 4 Swooping Hawks and at least make a start on either the farseer or Baharroth. As I’ve not managed to find a base I’m happy with for Baharroth it might be the farseer first! Anyway, this month’s completed models are: