2nd Ed. Armychallenge 1, Month 1

So the first month of the 2nd ed. army challenge has expired and most of the contestants have entired their bids. It’s obvious that a lot of hard work has gone into this, and as we are only just starting the energy seems to still be good and the mood is high.

As you can see below I have added a “challenge tracker” to each contestant. Each time you make an entry you get a purity seal on one of the skulls. As the challenge runs for 6 months and requires only 5 entires, I have addded a 6th ‘flaming skull’ for those really on fire.

Enough of my rambling! Let’s have a look at how people have fared!


Dr.TV: Awesome start for you M4cr0! For your hardships you are awarded a purity seal for you first month!

Check out M4cr0’s awesome blog over here: http://oldschoolg4m1ng.blogspot.com/2020/08/2nd-edition-army-challenge-master.htm

Dark Angels

“Hi folks! My goal this month was to paint the commander of my new army, a Master of Deathwing armed with a stormbolter, auxiliary grenade launcher and lightning claw. This is a combination of wargear I used very often back in the 90’s. My gaming group had a house-rule that special issue grenades could be fired out of auxiliary grenade launchers. I exclusively used this to hurl around hallucinogen grenades, which the guys thought was hilarious; no wonder they let me do it! He only weighs in at 148 points in this army list, so I painted a bonus Dreadnought armed with a heavy plasma gun, dreadnought close combat weapon and stormbolter. Check my blog link, if you are interested in extra pictures and commentary.

Martin Taylor

Dr.TV: Smashing display right there!!! The Angels are rolling in this challenge! You also get a purity seal for this month!

Blood Angels Space Marines

“Woohoo! First installment! I’ve been going crazy trying to keep this under wraps. My partner has been having to stop me from feeding on the fallen corpses of my foes and she keeps asking why I call her Sanguinius! Silly Lord Primarch, but it does help to distract us from the graven situation of having to board Horus’ battle barge. We’ll show him eh and laugh about it when we’re all back on Baal ;D

For the first installment of my 2nd edition Blood Angels army I chose to feature some of the more tragic heroes of the ninth legion, the Death Company. For most of you (and myself included) the great sadness and fear that the Lost inspire is legendary, both in the lore and on the tabletop.

Five of these fellas with a couple of power fists come in at 195 points. For the paint, I tried something a little different with a fair bit of blue thrown in. Freehanding those red crosses certainty took some patience and in the end the gloss varnish was something I thought I’d try at the last minute which actually made the photography a bit tricky so I may change it with a matte spray later on.
But oh what’s this? No brother chaplain to keep these madmen in check?!? Those Warp Spiders have made a grave mistake not making good their escape when they had the chance!

Catch you next time fellow oldhammerers and remember to check under the bed for heretics 😉

Adrian Bell

Dr.TV: Now that is quite impressive! 16 minis in the first post! You got a purity seal as well!


Hi again. I have been working on very much the rank and file of the army this month.  3 lasgun squads each with a single flame thrower.  (I got a bunch of the flame thrower figure when I first started playing in about 1991.  They are fakes being cast from a much harder metal than my real figures and as such are virtually impossible to remove the flash).  I don’t paint eyes on my rank and file. I do not do goblin green bases (sorry). As an added bonus I got a free figure from wereweevil miniatures last week (when I ordered a bunch of replacement arms and guns) so I’ve painted that up as a minor hero.  44 points.The hero I was planning was 53 points, this one gives me precisely 1000 points instead of 1009. Each squad is worth 70 points with a 7 point flame thrower for 231 points. Total 275 points.

Peter Hartree

Dr.TV: That is a lovely colourful bunch! You gotta love those Eldar. Even if they are the worst to meet in the field 😉 Purity seals awarded!


My August pledge is done!

I’ve never owned or painted Fire Dragons, and spent some time trying to get the scheme right. In the end I went with a bit of a combination of the 2nd ed colour scheme, with a nod to the original Rogue Trader schemes with the addition of pink.

The 4 Fire Dragons are as standard as they come, and I figure the Exarch with Fire Pike and Fast Shot was a popular combination in the day—after all who wouldn’t want to shoot more?

Still figuring out what to paint next month, leaning toward maybe Banshees.



Catch you next time fellow oldhammerers and remember to check under the bed for heretics 😉

Dark Knight Wargaming

Warrior Squad Groki and Weapon Team Lungraec with Lascannon affectionately known as The Smelter!

Dr.TV: Those guys mean the business! I can see that! And I wouldn’t wanna be on the wrong end of that thing. Stellar job!


Golgotha Prime Squat “Iron Bull” Brotherhood
This month the Iron Bull Brotherhood was equipped with its first warrior squad and weapon team. Warrior Squad Groki, is led by Durid Groki, a veteren of the Ork Wars and is supported with a plasma gunner. Brothers Dalok and Molir Lungraec has fought in many battles in the Ork Wars with its lascannon “The Smelter.” They have several Ork vehicle kills to their name including a unit of Gobsmasha’s!

The units were undercoated white and using Citadel Contrast paints Blood Angels Red, Creed Camo, Wyldwood, Snakebite Leather and Nazdreg Yellow as base colours. Using Retributor Armour Gold on the lasgun weapon tips. I found I had a Horus Heresy plasma gun by cutting away the Space Marine hand and it was a perfect size to use. To finish off the unit I painted the bases Goblin Green and applied flock and clump bushes from Woodland Scenics.

Next month Squad Groki will probably get its Rhino transport and another Warrior Squad.


Dr.TV: Oh my! These guys look serious! I hope they forget their targeters at home for next game! Absolutely cracking job!

Imperial Fists Space Marines

Here is my first unit painted during the month of August :

Introducing the Gaius Terminator Squad from my Imperial Fists Army :

The Seargeant is armed with Storm Bolter and Power Sword.There is 2 Terminators with Chainfists too.The Special Weapon is a Flame Thrower.

I painted those guys with Contrast Paints from Citadel and it saved me a lot of time since i didn’t have to work on the shadows. The banner is custom printed and i kept the name Gaius since it’s very close to the name of my cat… Next stop for me will be to paint a Terminaror Librarian.


Dr.TV: Haha! I love the Orks! And especially their greeting to the Eldar. Top job!

Nazdreg’s Krumpin Mob (Orks)

Here we see Nazdreg fending off a foul elfy attack from some Warp Spiders alongside his top (remaining) Mekaniak Wurrgrim and his hired Deathskull Dok Squigbitz. 

I’m sure they’ll be fine, after all Nazdreg has a new mob to bash together.
Many thanks to my friend Ben for the Eldar and Bill, may he rest in peace, for the terrain.

This month: 202Total: 202
Next month: Metal and Klaws!

Michael Mørk

Dr.TV: Ugh! The dreaded Screaming Camels – scourge of The Blood Skulls! Nice job mate, can’t wait to mow them down!

The Tallarn 42nd, Screaming Camels (IG)

“Having recently been deployed to Kardashian Prime, the Imperials of the Tallarn 42nd Company, have learned that their primary objective have altered somewhat.

Colonel Azaria Qadir led his forces in the first battles against the traitorous marines, the Blood Skulls, who have found their way to the deserts of Kardashian Prime. The battles didn’t come without loses however, and Qadir quickly realized that his company would quickly be stretched thin, fighting the traitors.
Calling out in the sector, several smaller units of the 42nd have begun to find their way to Kardashian Prime, in order to help their chief defeat the invaders and keep the hive secure.”

First to arrive are the two Lieutenants, Jahid Hussein and Zahir Muhammad, along with their trusted command squad.

Due to a recent encounter with an ork infestation, lieutenant Muhammad have had to replace his company boltgun, with a standard Imperial issue boltgun.

2 x Command Squad @ 145 pts. Lieutenant & 4 guardsmen – Boltgun, autocannon, grenade launcherLieutenant & 4 guardsmen- Boltgun, heavy bolter, meltagun


Dr.TV: That is quite a beast! And the decals and the weatering are absolutely bringing to life! Lovely!

Catachan Jungle Fighters (IG)

This is the first official month of the 40k 2nd Edition Army Challenge.  I opted to paint a Leman Russ Battle Tank weighing in at 205 points.  One month down and I’m on track!

If you are familiar with 40k 2nd edition you will probably remember that tanks and equipment rolled off the assembly line and straight into the field with nary a drop of mud, dust, or rust on them.  I briefly attempted to do this method, but several factors stopped me. 

First, I must admit I did a poor job with assembly.  I sprayed on the basecoat with a rattle can and realized I had several gaps that needed to be fixed.  I marched on for a while before I decided I couldn’t let them go so I used some green-stuff and fixed the worst of the gaps.  I also did a terrible job with spraying.  The Leman Russ was sitting in the garage and got dusty, plus it was slightly humid when it got sprayed so it had a very uneven, spotty basecoat.  Again, I didn’t realize right away and with a deadline approaching I didn’t have time to strip it and start over, or finish assembling another piece.  Weathering the whole thing gave me an opportunity to cover up some of those mistakes.  I’m a big fan of weathering anyway so it wasn’t a tough decision to make!

The most important thing I gleaned from this project was to be happy with what I accomplished.  There are a few things I’d do differently next vehicle I paint.  (I’ve never painted a 28mm tank before, I’ve only done 15mm!)  Even with things I’d do differently I’m happy with how it came out.  It isn’t “true 2nd edition” style but I’m happy.  In fact the one thing I don’t look upon fondly with my formative years of gaming was the feeling of “not getting it right” when my figures didn’t match the box.  It kept a lot of my buddies from painting anything at all.  Once I decided to be happy with what I painted and not worrying about getting it “right” I started to paint a lot more things.  I was never really a fan of goblin green bases and the first army I painted had dark green bases.  I didn’t always like the “red period” look so when I painted my High Elves I painted them with blue detailing, not red.  Branch out and do what makes you happy! 


Jon McMaster

Dr.TV: Nothing spells 2nd ed. like Dark Angels with red guns and yellow trims! Wonderful! Purity seals awarded!

Dark Angels, 4th company

“This combat squad is one half of Squad Zanthor, the tactical squad that is the troops portion of my army list. In the grand old days of 2nd edition a ten man space marine tactical squad was 300 points plus you had to pay extra for the special weapons and sergeants wargear.

So fortunately for my painting speed this month 5 marines that include the sergeant and a missile launcher cost slightly over 200 points which hits my goal for the first month of the challenge.   Where I was able, I tried to use the old Citadel inks in my collection that have survived since the days of 2nd edition to keep in the spirit of the challenge.  It was fun painting these marines this month and I look forward to finishing the rest of the tactical squad next month.”
Follow Jon on his awesome blog 1st Legion Chronicles!

George Shepherd

Dr.TV: Uuuh! That is some lovely Chaos action right there. I love the chaos lord model! I gotta find me one of those guys!

Chaos Space Marines

Hello – August 200 points.

So when ever I paint a new/old army I tend to start with the HQ or Commanders and this Challenge was no different, the base model is a Chaos lord with an Aspiring Champion head and sword arm swap. His coming in at 93 points armed with a chain sword and plasma pistol. 

Secondly I start work on an old relic, once a Battle brother now in his Eternal sarcophagus where the fighting never stops . A hulking Chaos Dreadnought . Really enjoyed this been a long time since I last painted one . His coming in at 195 points . Arm with a plasma cannon and power scourge. Loved being part of this this month and looking forward to see everyone’s entry’s.

Dr. The Viking

Ready to blood let!

The Blood Skulls Chaos Space Marines

Wehoo! I made it through the first month! Actually this was a close cut for me as per usual real life started happening and taking away the precious time that I had allotted for the painting.

So – The Blood Skulls now have their first squad ready. I have been deliberately vague about their affiliations, but I think they are a bit all over the place. A good old undivided chaos army. So these guys are known as the Haemophiliaks… and I guess they don’t mind yeling ‘Khorne’ every now and then. But at the same time they are definitely not berzerkers.

The colourscheme I am using is going to be army wide. To help myself I have set up some rules for the painting… these rules go more or less like “all skulls and iconography is red, trims are red, all cables and tubes are green, all armour is black.” That way I don’t have to think to much about stuff when I paint. The black armour is the weak part of this. I simply undercoat it black, paint it satin black and then leave it there. I tried highlighting a bit and also tried some metal stuff on it, but I find I actually prefer the black black.

I wanted to finish this squad as the first thing for the challenge to set the theme, and also because it was probably the most laborious entry… with that out of the way I can relax a bit. Next month I will probably finish either a traitor guard squad or a predator. Lets see. The predator will get a load of conversions, which might put it a bit back.


Dr.TV: That is an awesome model to have as leader for you ultras! Great work!


Marneus Calgar – here he is with the original banner 


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