2nd Ed. Armychallenge 1, Month 3

The 3rd month of the 2nd ed. army challenge has now expired. As in the two earlier months all the participants have delivered and we are, so far , going beyound my hopes as to the turn out.

The challenge trackers have moved and it is time to show you the work by our hard working participants. ! Presented here in the order in which they have been received are this months entries:

Michael Mørk

Dr.TV: Yuck! More of the pesky Screaming Camels! I am gonna run out of ammo with these numbers! Stellar job as always Michael. I can’t wait till we get something on the table.

42nd Tallarn, “The Screaming Camels”

Skidding across the desert, the Imperial shuttle shudders as it brakes coming in towards the landing pad. Sergeant Akil looks out the port window…’almost looks like home’, he smiles looking at the sea of sand stretching beyond the horizon on Kardashian Prime. 
‘Alright girls…times up, the easy part is over. From here on it’s war like you’ve never seen and pain like you’ve never felt. Only good thing…the sun’s out and the temperature’s perfect, and the boss promised that we’ll be fragging blood skulls again.’
Cheers went up at the mention of the traitor marines, whom during recent events had become somewhat of a nemesis to the 42nd Company. 
‘can we get a huzzah and welcome aboard to the new guys, sergeant Nasheem and his squad. You guys are more than welcome. Lieutenant Brahim and the first platoon could really use a hand or two. They had a bad day at one of the enemy’s depots some weeks ago, and they haven’t really recovered yet. I know they are getting some armour soon too, so you should be in for a good time. Make sure you show him that cracking sword, that’ll get him kicking.
For the emperor, Tallarn and the camels’. 

And now for the serious part :)Being a bit behind on points from last month, I doubled up this time doing two battle line squads. I couldn’t pass the chance to do some necromunda stripes on the chainsword, even though I rarely do it and often hate the result (yeah I still suck at it) and just as well i wanted to do another conversion on the plasma sergeant. This time I swapped the pistol for a Boltgun, but not just any Boltgun. I used a chaos bolter, obviously salvaged from a recent battle with the Blood skulls, now purified and sanctified in the name of the Emperor and Tallarn.
Battle line squad @ 1331 sergeant & 9 guards- Boltgun, lascannon. 
Battle line squad @ 1131 sergeant & 9 guards- autopistol, chainsword and heavy bolter. 


Dr.TV: Just lovely. And cool to get some colour on the models that started you on all this.

Dark Angels Space Marines

Hi folks,
My October pledge for the 2nd Edition Army Challenge is a squad of Scouts. These models were some of the first I ever purchased with my own money! The scout sculpts were probably what motivated me to start collecting 40K models in the first place. I already loved the game, but the detail of these figures for the time was something special. The snipers, in particular, really caught my imagination. I just had to have them. This squad is a fair way shy of the 200 pt monthly goal, but that balances out the Deathwing squad I painted last month. Next month will probably be my hardest challenge: a Tactical Squad.
If you would like to check out some extra photos, you can take a look at my blog: https://oldschoolg4m1ng.blogspot.com/2020/10/2nd-edition-army-challenge-scouts-to.html


Dr.TV: Yes! The righteous yellow is back! What a brute! I would love to stomp this with one of my dreads one day!!! Well done!

Imperial Fist Space Marines

I hope you had a good October Month 🙂
I can’t wait to see your entry !
On my side: This month i painted a Dreadnought for my Imperial Fists Army.His name is Ultimus ! Eventhough he is the First Dreadnought of the company.I found it second hand so i missed the Banner Pole and the Multi Launcher.I recreated the banner pole by using some metal wire and skulls from my bits box. The Imperial Fists 3D logo on the top has been sculpted by hand with Greenstuff.I painted the banner in Photoshop. I decided to go for a 3rd Company color after some several trials.


Martin Taylor

Dr.TV: Really cool as always Martin! I really think you carry the Blood Angels with style.

Blood Angels Space Marines

Welcome back initiates! Another month, another enemy for the sons of Baal to slay 😉 In this third installment we meet the tactical combat squad under sergeant Raphael. These boys are ready to rumble and are equipped with both the squad’s heavy and special weapons and come in at 204 points. Not only that, but due to the dangerous nature of this month’s skirmish they are also accompanied by the company apothecary brother Chiron (a model not in the 1000 points of the challenge but who I managed to finish a couple of months ago).
Speaking of that danger, it looks like the ladies of the Baby Slitter’s Club (a ruthless gang on a distant hive world) have been aggressively expanding their influence since they ambushed an Imperial Guard armoured column and “requisitioned” a number of tanks. The Blood Angels have responded to a request from the planetary governor to help stop a full blown rebellion. Brother Gaius, load the super krak missiles!
See you next month oldhammerers 😉

Seeing Martin has just become a father, I have included a celebratory extra round of images from his October entry! Here you go daddy!

Adrian Bell

Dr.TV: Great work Adam – I like how you accidentally got yourself into a painting fever just to realise you were already on par! Haha!


I spent the majority of October first working on 15mm ancients, and then very busy with a variety of other interests.  I had intentions of getting my monthly contribution finished later in the month. 
I started about 6 days before the deadline on a rather expensive and dangerous small unit that I should have had time to paint.  I Finished this with 3 days clear, 
I started writing my submission.  Checked the list….  177 points…..    I was short (DrTV: Oh! I can’t resist commenting when I see a pun!)…..   I had thought it would be ample.  I spent an evening very hastily painted another regular squad.  Again I started writing my submission.   Thunder squad 177…  Wait, I read my own list wrong, that’s only the weapons….   I had enough after all.  247 points.  Hence with the warrior squad at 81 I had 318 points for October.
These are not ending up with world class paint jobs, but they are definitely game ready.


George Shepherd

Dr.TV: Again it is good to see some CHAOS!!! These terminators will bring the message to the ignorant servants of the false emperor no doubt. I see they even brought backup. Looking forward to those Noise Marines!

Iron Warriors

Oct 163pts 
This month for me was about the 3. 
3 Ancient hulking brutes set to burn the galaxy .  2 of these ancient monsters are Armed with combi bolters and Chain Axes and the champion is armed with Combi bolter Power fist. 
Had loads of fun converting these and painting them up .
As always being part of this is a great honour and can’t wait to see everyone’s progress . 
Iv only got 2x rhinos and a Noise marine unit to finish so I might add a few extras in but we will see . 
Happy wargaming 

Dark Knight Wargaming

Dr.TV: This guy means the business! Anyone can see that. I love that banner.


Golgotha Prime Squat “Iron Bull” BrotherhoodTime for a Hero to lead the “Iron Bull” Brotherhood. Grund “Iron Bull” Stronaxe is equipped with powerful Exo-Armour. In keep with the gold theme, I painted his whole armour Retributor Gold and washed it with Reikland Fleshshade. Then using Contrast paints I used Blood Angels Red and Tassalar Blue and the finished with a metalic Stormhost Silver for highlights. The model looked good but felt he needed a banner as you can’t played 2nd edition without back banners!I found the Squat Land Train banner would make a great personal decoration.



Dr.TV: I am gonna pretend I didn’t see that part about not sticking to the list and give you a purity seal anyway 😉

Imperial Guard Catachans

Once again I hit a bit of a roadblock. I realized that note only was the Basilisk I was going to paint to unevenly primed, but the paint had cracked in a number of spots. I was going to gut through but then discovered the green I wanted to use for camouflage would have required four or five coats over the spray I used and I just didn’t have time for that. With only 36 hours to go I decided to prime, base and paint a recently acquired Comissar and a squad of Ratlings. I didn’t realize until I was halfway through painting that half the Ratlings were Rogue Trader not 2nd Ed but it is what it is! This month get a solid Asterix as these are not in my original list. The plan was to paint these and they soon to arrive psyker as my bonus month. If we call the Ratlings crazed and give the comissar some equipment I’m at 200+ points but I’ve used my whoops month already. I’ll need to be super dedicated from here on out. As I’m still not happy with my green for the uniforms I may be in a bit of a jam!


Dr.TV: Hahaha! Brilliant. I have been searching high and low for that werird boy – it is such a fantastic sculpt. I love your battle scenes and stellar job on the painting!


Not every Ork iz completely right inna hed. Sum like da Meks iz fine on dere own, while ones like Old Zogphonix dere ken start a scrap just by sneezing up a warp portal.  Lookit em all, nasty folk dat.  En no good eating onem neither.  Dey all disappear afterwards.  At least dose are my best equipped Boyz out dere wit im.
Thanks to Chris and Candace for the daemon opponents.
This Month: 193Total: 574Next Month: Behind Enemy Lines


Jon McMaster

Dr.TV: Your force is really shaping up. I especially enjoy the melta.. I enjoy reading your blog as well!

Dark Angels Space Marines, 4th company

“The heavy weapon support for my tactical squad arrives this month with the first five marines of Squad Scalprum, Devastator Squad of the 4th Company.  This is the most varied squad in terms of models that I’ve painted for the project so far.  The Multi-Melta is one of my first conversions I ever made way back in 1999 from a RT Melta and a 3rd edition Missile Launcher which fortunately due to the laws of miniature mathematics averages out to a 2nd edition weapon perfect for this Devastator Squad.  There are two of the original 2nd edition plastic marines, although one has a kitbashed bolter to replace his missing weapon.  The real standout of the unit is the pewter lascannon armed marine that is one of the first Devastator specific models produced in the 2nd edition era.  This half of the squad comes to 260 points when the cost of the two heavy weapons are included so this makes up for me running a little short on points last month.  Next month I’ll be wrapping up this unit with their Heavy Bolter and Missile Launcher armed brothers.”

Peter Hartree

Dr.TV: I am totally in awe – this is such a high standard carried across a whole army!


With a busy couple of months coming up I decided to go big and do the two big and cheap units in my army. These 15 models are still under 200 points!

Though I won’t use all 10 Guardians in my 1000 point list, I thought it best to do them all at once to keep the colour scheme consistent. I’d done a squad of assault Guardians previously and didn’t really like how they turned out, but these old one piece models are great and were much nicer to paint. They’ve been some of my favourite Eldar models since 2nd ed, and it took a while to get this many. Lots of buying 1-2 here or there.

The Scouts were not something I’d really ever wanted to paint, or knew how to paint as Iyanden Scouts. There was no real pictures of them except for later versions in Craftworld colours, so I went that way with the cloaks to match their bases. Only the guns completely match the scheme in the codex, who look decidedly Alaitoc. They were great to paint once I started, and I’m happy how they turned out. I will try to track down more of the original ones I think. I especially like the guy with two pistols.

Just the Warp Spiders and Farseer to go now. The Warp Spiders in particular are intimidating! If I get through these in the next two months I’ve got a few other Eldar laying around that I might do to round things out.





Ultramarines Space Marines

Fudge did not send me any text to go along with his entry, but I thin we should all commend him for putting in the work and getting a unit done even though life is busy and things never pan out like you think they will – Good job Fudge!

Dr. The Viking

Blood Skulls Chaos Space Marines

This month I painted none other than Fabius Bile. This guy is one of those – in my view – enigmatic and characterful personalities of 40k. He first appeared in the 2nd ed Chaos Space Marines codex, and he got a model pretty late in the game. His “experiments” were originally not released until 3rd edition, but I think I saw somewhere that they were the prototypes for the CSM.

Anyhow, I went with a traditional paint job on bile… going for fair hair, flesh trech coat and then I tried to tie him in with my Blood Skulls by giving him similar armour patterns (the red stuff you see…). I might go back and address some minor issues I still have – I wouldn’t mind adding a bit more blood splatter and maybe some rust as well. Well, I digress. Fabius chimes in at precisely 200 pts and this is actually the first time in the challenge that I am on par and not considerably over… This was my idea all along as painting 1000 pts of “bare bones” would most likely give me 1500 pts once upgrades and everything is in place.


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