40k2ndAC II, Month 5, Wave 1

This month’s submission is none other than the Dark Angels Chapter Master himself, Azrael, plus his obligatory helmet bearer and a Techmarine.I was really pleased with the blending came out on Azrael’s sword. I’ve only recently began really utilising this technique technqiue and although I have a long way to go this has been my best result so far.I painted my first banner during this challenge (on Asmodai) and had to put my freehand, 2d painting skills to the test again for Azrael. Again, there’s a long way to go but overall I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Greetings my conically-helmeted friends! How are your distortion cannons? Ready to cause a tear in the fabric of reality I trust? Excellent! Well then have I got a month of spatial distortion for you, now complete with 100% more surprise robot murder-clown ;D This installment of the challenge I officially finish my initial 1000 point list with the completion of the Harlequin Dreadnought with extra arm and distortion cannon which comes in at a nice round 200 points. This was one hell of a task though, with the face being sculpted especially, the use of model masking tape that took off three layers of primer and of course the posing and drilling required to make it stable. Still, I can honestly say that I think this model is now one of the favourites in my collection. To accompany this enigmatic wraith construct through the webway (and as bonus units this month) I have also completed 10 Guardians with shuriken catapults (140 points) and 7 Wraithguard (245 points) because now that we’re getting to the business end of a warhost, Craftworld Alaitoc have decided to get more involved. Bloody stodgy craftworlds. What have they ever done for us besides carry us around the universe?!?  Well, last month next month and no more commitments but still plenty of models – who will round out this mighty warhost? Be sure to check out the thrilling final installment of this beloved project of ours!

The last ‘official’ month before the make up month.  I had to do this right!  I very particularly completed my list.  A war buggy, a painboy and 5 carefully converted snakebite orks. But wait, in my original list they weren’t snakebites, they were evil suns.  Yes, the same points, but not true to the letter of the list. 
Therefore with only days left I started again and duplicated the squad (plus 2) with all the same equipment, only this time as evil suns. So, a second squad of orks with chainswords and plasma gun finishing my initial list, plus 7 orks and an additional painboy in bonus figures.  Next month just as many extra figures as I can possibly manage before the end. Thanks again! 

Right.. so.. month 5? Another 200 points you say? Really? Seems awfully steep… Oh wait, I only have three models to paint? Oh, ok then.. 213pts         3 Chaos Terminators & 2 Reaper Autocannon/Chain axe, 1 Combi-bolter/Power Fist Luckily, I saved the models with the most trim to pick out until last (*sigh*), BUT there are only three of them so I managed to get them painted. This DOES mean I have completed my full 1,000 pt list! I didn’t get time to paint up a bonus unit (5 more Chaos Marines), which would have left me at 2,000pts painted (and some extra models) but I did paint up 8ft of river, just for funsies. That counts, right? Right? I need somewhere to drown Screaming Camels!! RIGHT!?? Anyhuw.. I put more “2nd Ed Red” on these guys again, as it’s pretty and stands out, and is dead on for 2nd Ed 40k. Planning out my entry next month that will be the last 5 Marines for 2k points and then POSSIBLY.. something extra. Possibly. Already looking forward to the NEXT challenge!! Maddix PRAISEBETOMALAL!!! DEATHTOEVERYONEELSE!!

Hi folks! During the construction of this squad I decided to change the wargear a little. Back in the early  90’s, before I had money to actually buy miniatures, I used to play 40K with my mates using folded cardboard figures. I would often use a squad of 10 assault marines with powerfists, which one of my regular opponents would always laugh at, saying “You would never be able to actually make that squad. There is only one powerfist on each sprue!”. Well, here are four in one squad, thanks to some serious razorsaw work! Who’s laughing now 🙂 I also salvaged the flamer from my tactical squad, because who doesn’t like jumping next to a squad of infantry and flaming them? The grip is from a boltgun, which I have been holding onto since… forever, assuming it would have a use some day. These are the last models from my 1000 pt list for this challenge; next month I am hoping to paint some classic Dark Angels special characters as a bonus.

Dear 2nd. ed fans. This month I finished the final 4 guardians for the guardian assault squad and 4 dire avengers to bulk out my dire avenger squad. 1 Dire Avenger is in fact the Rogue Trader standard bearer and at some point he will get a banner for his back.  The rest are the old proto-avenger figures and the old eldar commander, so I painted them fairly generic so that they could be used to bulk out the avenger squad or be used as squad commanders for the guardians depending on what I need for a given game. Therefore for July I have completed the following models: 1) 4 Dire Avengers 88 points 2) 4 guardians with assault weapons 64 points TOTAL MONTH 5 = 152 points. Overall so far: ROLLING TOTAL MONTH 1) 225 points MONTH 2) 0 points MONTH 3) 410 points MONTH 4) 164 points. MONTH 5) 152 points. TOTAL SO FAR = 951 points. Enjoy, and see you all again in August for the next and final instalment! I have a lot to get done in the next month to complete my pledge–a squad of scouts and the final guardian squad. Having said that though, finishing even one of these two squads will see me over achieve 1,000 points painted for the 6 months…Yay! Kym

Hi! I managed to get pretty much all I wanted to done this month – which is the last squad in the list, the Swooping Hawks. Although technically I need 5 to make a legal squad in 2nd Ed, I did paint one as a test model pre-challenge so there will be 5 in total when I field them on in battle!  Despite me making sure I wrote down the recipe for these when I painted the test model this didn’t really help me, as I managed to mis-read them!!! Having painted all the blends on the armour panels I couldn’t work out why the models looked a lot lighter then the test, until I realised I’d done the base colours using the original highlight colours!!! After much language that made me glad my children were asleep, I managed to glaze back down with the correct colours and get them looking about the right colour! Battle may come sooner than I was expecting. When BoYL was postponed to October I was a bit disappointed that I’d not get them a game any time soon. However, a few of us have arranged some gaming on a much smaller scale on the same weekend, so hopefully they’ll be making a trip to Bootleg BoYL, maybe even at Warhammer World itself!!! Final month gives me two character models to finish off – Baharroth and a farseer. For the latter I have a classic character, which as I’m theming around Iyanden will have to be known as Uldrad Elthuan… This month’s completed models are, therefore; 4 x Swooping Hawks = 112pts