40k2ndACII, Month 5, Wave 2

Hello. Hope everyone is doing well. So this month see me finishing the Plaugebearers and the Beastman units off. Love painting the Nurgle stuff I’m so happy with how they look it’s very grim dark and that’s what I love. The Beastman are some of my Favourites as well, I enjoyed these and happy they are finished. So Plaugebearers are coming in at 100pts and the Beastman at 90pts. Sorry this is short and sweat but this month has been one of the busiest to date. Hope you enjoy the models and see you next month for my last unit and maybe some bonuses .

The Demolisher rocked back as it fired another massive shell at the enemy bunker. The traitors were dug in deeper than the Hellhounds flames could reach and they needed to be dug out. The traitors knew they were in trouble, they had made a few sorties to knock the Demolisher out, but each one was stopped in it’s tracks by the beasts plasma guns, bolters and storm bolters. Suddenly, with a deafening crack the bunker burst open. Captain Hawke looked at his men with grim determination and gave the order to charge. 

This month I painted one of the most iconic 2nd edition tanks of the Imperial Guard, the Demolisher. I pushed the deadline further than I ever have but I got it done. Technically I could have called it done 3 days ago but I really wanted to get the bulldozer blade done and I was out of town for the weekend. Still, I’m happy with I got done, especially as I was out of town for all but 10 days of this months challenge and I came home to this disaster!! I’m entering the bonus territory month and I need to add some more paint to last months Ogryns. Wish me luck, especially as I have some Mordor Orks staring me down…. -Wachtmeister. Demolisher with plasma sponsons, auto-launchers, bulldozer blade, storm bolter 275

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Finished 6 Wraithguards , 2 dreadnoughts and the last 2 walkers for this

Wraithguards 6x 35 points = 210pts

Dreadnoughts 2x 160pts

Warwalkers 2x 80pts

So after a mulligan last month because of moving to another town it almost turned into another mulligan this month because of moving house in my new town. But I decided, NO! I’m going to make it! So sat down to paint my three meganobz and after I put all the basecoats in I realized all my other paints (that I use for highlighting) had already been packed in one of my 15 boxes for hobby… Dangit! Ah well, some basing and at least they’re painted. Even if the highlights will have to wait until the end of the challenge. 

This is the end… Almost. I finished the Squat Army I set out to do and even put in some bonus units and characters already, but as things go I am (of course) already re-working on some units to make them fit better with the Army thing-a-Mading. Hopefully I can really present a fully functional Squat Army next month with the full Army shot and all, but let us see what happens. For this month I painted my five Squat Bikers. They look a bit different than the rest of my army, less greens and a lot of black. I thought since they are part of the Biker Guild they probably are less military inclined and more into black leather, skulls and rock n roll. To be honest I don’t like the Hearthguard very much, but in the end I opted to finish him instead of just pondering what to do with that model. I still think he feels a bit out of place there, but I gave him a banner and at least that looks ok. So rock on!!!! Read more at Death World Adventures.

So the last official month is over and what did I do – well the last squad of my armylist. Nearly. The squad originally included a heavy bolter. But the left arm of the bolter was missing, and I didn’t have a really good idea to substitute. I actually did find a missile launcher model also, and wanted to add this, but it never happened. This squad is less of a fixed unit in the army. It is common for the Blood Skulls to mix members of Squad Thrombo into other units to serve as heavy weapon back up. However, when they do go out as a single unit they are there to hunt vehicles for sure. Now, even if this squad is really small, it actually was the hardest one to paint I think. I am just fatigued, having painted Blood Skulls for a year now. It is more like a mechanical thing than a pleasure at this state. Haha! I have a pretty good idea where to start and how to finish. The range of motion in between, however, can be excruciating when there are sooo many other objects vying for my attention. 😛 The Blood Skulls will meet their natural end when I run out of Blood Letter Glaze. In August I really hope to finish a major baddie for my army.

We were down to 14 out of 24 this month, but as some have completed their challenge and others have been AWOL for months, I have stopped making a M.I.A. sign. I hope in the future to come up with a better solution of keeping track of each participant.