40k2ndACIII Month 2 – Wave 1

Greetings 2nd ed fans and welcome to my second slice of the 40k 2nd ed army challenge!This month I decided to work on my Carnifex and the unit of Termagants that I only included to use up the remaining points. Did not want to take 40 of them like that absolute madhead, Dr the Viking… 😆
The Termagants were actually a lot more fun to paint than I thought they would be and I thoroughly enjoyed painting them. In fact I liked them so much I’m considering stripping the rest and adding them on as a bonus (note: considering… maybe the Doc is having an influence through the hive mind…).I used mostly contrast paints with some highlights.
Secondly, the main cuddle monster himself; the Screamer-Killer Carnifex!This was one of the models I was really looking forward to working on and it proved to be a fairly fun one to do. The only negative came when I tried to do some wet blending from black to red on the talons, the same as on the old studio version. I completely messed it up and ended up just painting red over them instead. Still, I’m happy with how it looks and it’s sparks that sense of nostalgia with it being somewhat similar to the classic 2nd ed scheme.
A few people may be scratching their heads over the oversized base (the less stable amongst you may even be apoplectic at the mere thought of not using a 40mm square…). Well, I wanted this model to have the same footprint as a modern Carnifex in-game. The oversized base also means the talons aren’t overhanging too far and crashing into metal dreadnoughts and such when he goes charging into base to base contact. Also, I got more skulls and rocks on this one….
Until next time, folks!

With a loud thump, the first ecclesial shuttle hit the ground. In the same moment, the large
cargo door swung open, white steam hissing and filling the opening in a fine mist. Corporal
Pjotr Sviyazhskie could hear the heavy boots on the metal before he could even see any of the
Sisters. They were an impressive sight: Black armor shining, white robes draped around them.
The white fleur-de-lis was prominently displayed on every part of their equipment. He ran
forward to the first group of the Adeptus Sororitas. Their leader was easily recognizable, a tall
black-haired woman giving orders in a cool and steady voice, her sharp eyes scanning the
landscape. Behind her, the holy banner of the Order of the Iron Heart was fluttering in the
wind caused by the shuttle’s take-off. It had completed its mission to bring the sisters to the
planet and was now hurrying back into space to get more.
The banner showed the founder of the Order on one side, a bandage over her eyes covering a
wound she got during the epic battle against chaos hundreds of years ago. Despite the injury,
she was still holding her sword, fighting the enemies of the emperor till her last breath as if
nothing had happened to her. A strong breeze flapped the banner to the other side and the
Corporal could see a Black Templar Astartes, holding a lantern to find the Sisters. This was
the founding myth of the Order of the Iron Heart: The Sisters had been almost overwhelmed
in battle but were rescued at the last second by a crusader fleet of the Black Templars.
Together they cleansed the planet from Chaos and swore eternal loyalty to each other,
honouring the sacrifices both sides had endured in their fight against Chaos.
“Welcome to Palmer-18 Sister, Corporal Pjotr Sviyazhskie of the 276th Valhallan motorized
Infantry Regiment. At your service!” He saluted and stood in perfect attention and even
managed to click his heels on the muddy ground.
The corporal was taken by surprise as the cool features of the sister brightened up with joy
and she answered in a warm, friendly voice: “At ease Corporal. My Name is Sister Hedwiga.
Relax, you are not alone anymore.” She stepped closer, patting the Corporal on the shoulder
with one gloved hand, the other outstretched for a greeting. “Please, show me to Major
Rudnik.” Suddenly in a lighter mood and feeling a reassurance he had not felt in months the
Corporal hurried through the freshly conquered trenches, the bodies of slain cultists lying
everywhere. The Sister Principalis, with her staff officers and banner bearer close behind,
followed him.
Hope had finally arrived on Palmer-18…

  1. Slice: Vanguard of the Order of the Iron Heart from the ecclesial armed transport
    Timotheus Toth
    ◦ HQ with local support 222 points
    ▪ Sister Principalis Hedwiga
    ▪ Banner-bearer Sister Justyna
    ▪ Missionary Lukas Goldzunge
    ▪ Preacher Martin
    ▪ Squad Frateris Militia
    Finding the right combination of colours for the sisters was the hardest thing. I wanted to stick
    to the classic colours of white, black, and red. I decided against a uniform hair colour and
    went for normal mixed hair. I mean, they are uniformed already. Painting the Frateris was a
    real joy. They are great miniatures and can easily represent armed civilians, spaceship crew
    members, or cultists. After finding the right colours for me, I hope painting the other squads
    of sisters will be much easier.

Another month has gone by, and so far I’m loving it. So awesome to see everybody else’s armies expand each week/month. 

This month I took on one of the two big slices for the challenge, if we are counting models then. 10x daemonettes- 200p making out one of my troop slots in the future army. 

I really like the feeling of this army and quite happy how they have turned out so far, can’t wait to get them all painted.

Adding the 10x Daemonettes at 200p to the first month slice makes the total 335p painted so far. 

Next month I’m taking on the daemon prince, which happens to be one of my favorite daemon models! 

Slice 2 – 
Is the Second half of the 10man legionnaires unit including the Sargent and the Heavy lascannon  . 
And not 1 but 2 bonus units and mighty Chaplain converted out of an old LOTD Sargent and a power Librarian with Fire magic ! 
Really enjoying these and hope everyone else is to . 
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Another month and more white uniforms! For some reason this month my base coat was a little bit rougher than last and this I’m not as happy up close. Still they look pretty good from gaming distance so I’m actually happy. I’m the background you can even see some autocannons  being pushed up!
Heavy Weapon squad w/mortars 120


Da Boss iz gunna be MUCH ‘appier dis tyme.
Dose Kommandos ‘ave appeared frum outta KNOW-WHER!! I meanz, I fink dey look lik doz Stormboyz, but dey ‘ave left der jetpacks and “linin’ up” fing sumwear else. Anywayz, der Kaptin kicked ‘Ozbut in der ‘ed fer asking ‘im ’bout doz EXACT fings, so I fought it best ta not ask too.
Some of da Evil Sunz rides turned up too, but I fink dey were mostly jus’ gettin’ some driva’s n’ EXTRA red paint. Makes ’em go fasta, innit. Oh, an’ der woz won of dem Trakks fer OUR boyz too. Not all fer doze Evil Sunz.
—————————–Lt. J. B. Villeneuve, Kardashian Prime PDFLog Entry 29
Warboss Blackaxe seems to have assembled troops which are probably the most militaristic ones that I have seen so far; they even line up when being given orders! The vehicles that accompanied them are haphazard at best, loud and smelly at worst, but they do put out a lot of firepower. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use this mobile firepower to great effect against the machinations of Chaos.

80pts Kaptain Krunk Killakan, Kommando Kaptain & Chainsword, Bolter, ‘Eavy armour, Displacer Field, Haywire Grenade, Krak Grenade

75pts 5 Blood Axe Kommandos & Bolters

(plus bonus stuff)

50pts Evil Sunz Trukk 

50pts Blood Axe War Trakk

50pts Evil Sunz War Buggy & “Heavy Plasma” (dat looks like a Missile fing)

The bonus stuff involved mostly painting crew and finishing off paint jobs on the vehicles, but I’m including it because I am. So there.

Maddix aka Warboss Blackaxe


Welcome back to the meat grinder dear readers – Good to see you’ve been arrested for crimes against the Imperium as now you can come and serve in the guard again! What was the charge this time? Excessive cheerful humming at the corpse starch plant or maybe looking at an Imperial Guard recruitment officer with malicious intent? No matter, there’s always a dead trooper’s boots to fill in the Oedo 808th!
This month was a busy one, no doubt there! My original pledge was the Command Squad and the Heavy Weapon Squad, but with the practice I’ve got in batch painting troopers I decided to, well, challenge myself even more in this challenge. To that end I decided to add some Penal Legion troopers made up of old Necromunda and Mutant Chronicles models to add to the Cyber City Oedo 808 theme. I even sculpted some extra details on one model to make the perfect little version of Gabimaru “Gogul” Rikiya from the show to act as the heavy bolter for the squad! I have to say I’m very happy with the results 😀 They’ll probably be used as a veteran squad with the Street Fighters ability in games but I’m not ruling out using them as alternate models for the Last Chancers either. The more chaotic aspects of having these troops present as well help add to the flavour of the army as well. Oedo is a planet that is always bubbling with discontent and they need anyone they can get. Having said that though, putting explosive collars on people is a great way of motivating them to do what you want XD
Anyway hope you all enjoy and catch you next month!

Month 2 pledge:Command HQ: Captain w. Power fist and bolter. Two troopers formed into a missile launcher team. Trooper with flamer. Trooper with comms link.  155pts
Heavy Weapons Squad 1: 3x Missile Launcher teams. 150pts

Month 2 bonus models:Penal Legion squad (10 models, counts as a veteran squad): Sergeant with bolt pistol and axe, one trooper with a plasma gun and a heavy bolter team. Street Fighters veteran ability. 139
Total points: 444pts

Hi everyone!
Happy New Year! This is the second slice of my “pizza” and the first one for 2022. It is a Vyper, an eldar vehicle whose miniature appeared (if I remember correctly) during the last part of the 2nd Edition back in the 90s (actually, there was no image of the Vyper in the 2nd Edition codex) and it is one of the few miniatures in the game that have not changed so many years and editions later. The model still includes the option of twin shuriken catapult in the front only, though since the first moment you had the option to include a shuriken cannon instead down there. 
The rules allowed you to replace the gunner by a fighting platform which could carry a single character model. That was a really cool option to give speed and durability to one of your characters! The pilot and the gunner in a Vyper are normally siblings to better synchronise their actions.
I really enjoyed painting this model (did I say I like red?) and those black lines along the vehicles are definitely a nice touch for Saim-Hann. 
This vehicle costs 75 pts and together with my Wraithguard Squad they sum up to 250 pts so a nice 25% of my list is painted now. I hope you like it! Ready to start with the third slice.
See you next month!

It was well past midnight and the spaceport lay silent in the darkness. A few lamps here and there cut through the gloom, but this did little to ease the mood of the guards on the night shift. Though relatively small, the spaceport still had respectable defensible capabilities. A perimeter of electrified fences and several bunkers protected the facility, along with several anti-air batteries.

Suddenly three dark shapes emerged from the shadowy treeline close to the easternmost bunker. The startled security guards opened fire on the hulking figures, but this seemed to have little effect. With lasgun shots pattering harmlessly of their massive suits of armour, the Night Lords Terminators returned fire. The squad’s Reaper Autocannon churned out a stream of high-calibre shells that tore into the bunker.

The three Terminators stalked through the facility, hunting down the remaining guards. Those that had not already fled had taken refuge in the last intact bunker on the western side of the spaceport. As he advanced the commlink in Azvar Ghuul’s visor blinked, indicating an incoming transmission. He activated the link, and it responded with a hiss of static.

“Channel open,” Ghuul snapped.

“This is Gorsameth. Report!” 

“Resistance minimal.” Ghuul gritted his teeth as he unleashed a melta blast on the remaining bunker’s plasteel door. He continued. “Air defenses disabled. Spaceport secured.”

A flamer blast from one of his brothers silenced the last of the hapless defenders.

“Excellent,” Gorsameth replied. “Stormbirds launching now.” 

On the bridge of his warship the Chaos Lord smiled to himself. With a spaceport now under the Night Lords’ control, the campaign could begin in earnest.+++

My second slice consists of a squad of three Night Lords Terminators! They are armed with a variety of deadly weapons for both ranged and close combat. Since I painted a Chaos Lord in Terminator armour last month, it was mostly a matter of using the same colours again. These are probably my favourite models from the 2nd edition Chaos Space Marine range. I always thought they looked suitably powerful and imposing!


Squad Ghuul 

3x Chaos Terminators (153)

1x Reaper autocannon (25)

1x Power fist (8)

1x Combi-melta (6)

1x Combi-flamer (6)

1x Power mace (4)

Total: 202 points

Squad Ghuul serve as the bodyguards and enforcers of Gorsameth Sul and they usually accompany him wherever he goes. On the battlefield they advance steadily on the enemy, unleashing a relentless hail of fire as they go.


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/Ted Gunnarsson

It was great to see all the entrants on the website following completion of the first month, well done everyone!  Inspiration flowing I went head first into month 2 and some of the most exciting details I have been itching to get into for this project.

Month 2 brings a Devastator Combat Squad equipped with power fist, Heavy Bolter and Missile launcher. Lead by the almost mandatory blood angels devastator sergeant with powerfist, a delicious model using his mighty power fist to… point at a target across the battlefield. Still, its a standout model of the era for the blood angels and had to be included and painted as per the box/codex art, points and effectiveness be damned.
As with the tactical squad I continue to lean heavily on the 40k 2nd ed. box art for inspiration, and for the devastator squad we are spoiled with a wealth of 90’s goodness. 3 devastator squad members are pictured, discounting the deceased marine in the foreground, rest easy brother, your geneseed will be recovered!. 1st we have a supporting marine with bolter, his helmet adorned with lightning/strike(?) symbols. The 2nd has marked his shoulder trims with yellow dags, he also carries a bolter with more red and yellow dags. The 3rd is equipped with a missle launcher emblazoned in bright red, blue and yellow with flame graphics on the barrel, a truly 90’s hero of the imperium, in a final display of individuality he has also coloured his face mask in the yellow of the blood angel assault squad. 
Perhaps this is some sort of assault devastator squad, they are at the forefront of combat in the art after all. The final member of the squad is a heavy bolter wielding marine, with a plain black weapon casing with the small flourish of a yellow blood angels symbol, as the box art showed. To round out the painting additional campaign and squad symbols have been added, with the squad symbols needing to be painted freehand as the transfers I had from the original box proved to be far too oversized to fit. I am having no luck with 90s transfers!
These unique marines gave me a great opportunity to try some freehand and im super happy how they came out, it was great fun pushing my skills on the helmet markings.
While the sergeant has his banner pole I am yet to complete any banners as part of this challenge. Hopefully I can rectify this when I get supplies (or a better printer). What I could complete was the basing on this months slice and last, so I now have a much nicer finished and cohesive force. I have more pictures and some reference images on my instagram or in the blog i set up to track this projects progress. 

My tally for this month, 

  • Devastator squad  – combat squad 150+20+15+45=230pts
    • Sergeant with power fist
    • 2 Space Marines with bolter
    • 1 Space Marine with Heavy Bolter
    • 1 Space Marine with Missile Launcher

Next month we bring in some chapter command support and continue to add ‘spice’ to the painting with the first of Dr Vikings special rounds ‘The red circus’, which wants me to add some red to the army… I think I have a fun way to add some unexpected red to my red blood angels and cant wait to share it with you all :0)


Month 2 brings 5 of the 10 assault marines for this competition. The
other 5 will be for a later month.

The sergeant with power fist, a plasma gunner, and few other marines
with close combat weapons and pistols.

I had a slow start this month, which seems normal for January’s after
trying to get back to normal after the Winter holidays. The models
however were very fun to paint when the inspiration was hitting! The
plasma gunner is using a modern plasma as it’s all I had, and there is
a 30k chainsword snuck in due to lack of 2nd edition parts. But in the
end i think they all blend in well enough.

The biggest headache with these, which I knew would be the case from
previous models, was using old decals. I was trying to copy the 2nd
Edition codex Ultramarines assault squad when painting and doing the
decals. I think I got most of them on there, but the age of the decals
caused various rips and tears that were a pain to fix or redo. I tried
to use modern decals where possible (especially for shoulder pads),
and crossed my fingers when using anything from the 90’s :).

Until next month!

– Eric

Iacobus Cisneros knelt by the side of the nearest Ork corpse as the men escorting him dispersed to secure the area. The Alien scourge has been a constant plague at the Malabar Front, and many wondered why the Ecclesiarchy would send those Heresy-seekers to a war against the Outer Enemy. The answer laid in front of him. From the Greenskin’s forehead sprouted a chitinous horn, under which a vestigial third eye had been developing at the time of it’s death. Most of the other bestial remains showed similiar signs of unnatural corruption of the already foul Ork form. For the untrained eye of the average guardsman these mutations could easily pass unnoticed, disregarded as just another manifestation of the Xenos deviation from the sacred Human form. But not for an Inquisitorial acolyte such as Cisneros.Thus the question was clear: who or what had infected these Greenskins with the abhorrent taint of Chaos? And more importantly, was this related to the sudden blackout experienced by the worlds of the Carnatic Cluster, the one which occurred just prior to the Ork Waaagh crashing against the local Imperial holdings?Due to several pieces of evidence like this one, the preliminary investigation was reaching the suspected and disgusting conclusion foreseen by the Ordo. If confirmed this would mean that the war at the Malabar Front was about to reach a new, and far more dangerous, stage. One in which the spiritual guidance of the Ecclesiarchy would be decisive for Mankind’s survival.– – – – – – – – – –

This second slice is quite similar to the first one: an infantry squad with the same loadout as the last one and a character, this time a confessor of the Ecclesiarchy. In order to add some diversity to the former I added a few bits as well as some decals, which are meager attempts at that, but with my skills I am incapable of transforming metal models (the voxcaster guy is going to be reassigned to an HQ squad when one becomes available). The confessor also has additional bits in order to give him a more baroque aspect.
I had also planned as a bonus a heavy weapons team with three lascannons, but I lacked just a few more hours to finish them, so we are seeing them next month. In fact, I am writing this during the last hour I have left before time expires!
Slice 2Confessor (Plasma Pistol + Power Sword + Carapace Armour) = 71 points.Imperial Guard Squad (Missile Launcher + Grenade Launcher + Chainsword for Sergeant) = 142Total: 213 points.