2nd Ed. Armychallenge 1, Final Month

After six good months of painting mayhem, we have finally arrived at the conclusion of the Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition Army Challenge I. The majority of the participnts are still with us and the forces they have completed speak for themselves!

This round sees a mixed bag of entries – in some cases they’re bonus entries on top of the pledged challenge and in some cases they’re rounding of the pledge. And yet, some cases they’re both rounding off AND a bonus. For all the entries I have inserted the starting point images from August so you can appreciate what has transpired even more.

So without further ado, here is the January’s entries, listed in the order in which they have been received:

Martin Taylor

Martin’s awesome Blood Angels force. I stopped counting the bonus entries and Martin probably deserves a 7th purity seal…

Blood Angels Space Marines

Well the time has come everyone, the final entry for thr very first 2nd ed army challenge! I just wanted to take a moment to thank Thorbjørn and everyone involved in this challenge for helping make 2020 a much more enjoyable year. Everyone was so supportive and the group offered a great sounding board at all times for how to proceed and try new things. 
So, for this final month I present my completed Blood Angels here for the very first time. Everything here has been completed over this six months and as you can see there are a considerable amount of bonus units that were completed in parallel to the monthly entries. The list I present below is only listing everything that appears on the models or comes with named characters. If I expanded with more wargear options or character upgrades I believe I could have just hit 3000 points, but this ain’t a competition and I wanted to keep things as trimmed down as could be just to fit more models in 🙂 The keen-eyed of you will also notice some extra models I completed that did not fit into units. The very last thing I completed here was the backdrop which I did for some fun and I tried to emulate the old White Dwarf style as much, as I could over a couple of afternoons.
I really hope you enjoyed this journey

Starting list: Chaplain: 53 pts. Techmarine: 33 pts.Death Company (5): 2 power fists. 195 pts.Tactical Squad (10): Missile launcher and flamer. 354 pts.Scout Squad: (5): 100ptsSpace Marine Predator: Heavy bolter sponsons 120 ptsSpace Marine Land Speeder: 145 pts. Bonus units: Mephiston, Lord of Death: Force sword, psychic hood, master crafted plasma & refractor field. 295pts.Captain in terminator armour: Storm bolter and power sword. 125 pts.Captain: Power fist and bolter. 109pts.Apothecary. 40pts.Company Standard: Power fist and plasma pistol. 70pts.Codicer Librarian: Force sword. 107 pts.Terminator squad: Sgt. w. power sword, 1 pair lightning claws and 1 cyclone missile launcher. 374pts.Scout squad: 2x bolters, 2x shotguns and 1 heavy bolter. 125 pts.Dreadnought: Twin linked lascannon and missile launcher. 215 pts.Dreadnought: 2x power fists with storm bolter, heavy flamer & blind grenade launcher. 160pts.Grand Total: 2620 pts!!!

Adrian Bell

The bonus entry takes Adrian to 6 completed months!


As my commitments start to pile up for 2021 I realise that I can’t just ignore a challenge that I have been working hard at for 5 months just because I have achieved the original aim.  Therefore between a multitude of Orks and Gretchin which I have committed to painting in January, I spent several evenings hard at work on a last couple of units for my Squat force. 

First, though it may seem boring, I painted another ordinary squad.  This counts as a thunderer squad as it includes both a missile launcher and a heavy bolter.  This brings my squads painted for this challenge to 10.  I have also included a ‘spare’ lasgunner.  His head is a bit odd being something I sculpted myself 20 years ago – not incredible but it could have looked a lot worse.

I also finished off a warlord, this got a few repaints starting as green, moving to purple and finally settling on blue.  It also marks the first time in the last year that I have used milliput to reshape something – the right arm – rather than just gap filling.   I am quite happy with how he turned out.

I am really thankful for everyone’s support in finishing this.  It has been a real voyage and I look forward to fielding it sometime soon.  I think with judicious use of wargear it is a solid 1500 points.

I have included a full shot of the final army with all but the ancestor painted for this challenge.

The List: 5 warrior squads. 3 flamer, 2 heavy bolter – 393, 1 special squad, plasma gun, 4 bolt guns – 88, 3 thunderer squads 210, 4 h bolter 44, 4 h bolter 44, 2 las-cannon, 2 heavy plasma (actually conversion beamers – but not an option), 1 multimelta 177, Hero 41, power glove 10, bolt pistol 2 – 53

Peter Hartree

Peter’s bonus entry takes him to 6 completed rounds


I had some Jetbikes in need of repair that I’d been putting off, and then I came across some at a swap meet night that were in much better shape! Even had the old hex flying bases.

So I thought I’d give these a go for a bonus.

Going off the painting from the front of the original Jetbike box, these are peak second ed brightness, so I followed it as best as I could. Didn’t have the sticky banners, and wasn’t up to freehanding the banner after the bikes themselves, so they’re not as authentic. But you get the idea!

But still, a good addition to the force. Just need to find an old metal shrieker cannon Jetbike to make the squad complete.

I don’t have enough models to do another challenge, but I’ll put up more pics as I work through what’s left of my Eldar, and I’ll watch the next challenge with interest.



The List:
Farseer – 170 (Psychic hood 25, Witch blade 15) 210
Fire Dragon Exarch – 50 (Fire Pike 25, Fast shot 25) 100
Guardian x 8 – 88 (Power sword 6, Shuriken pistol 3) 97
Scout x 5 – 115
Fire Dragon x 4 – 112
Warp Spider x 4 – 164
Howling Banshee x 7 – 189
Total – 987

George Shepherd

This round takes George to 6 completed entries! Yeah!

Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

I want to start by say a massive thank you for setting this up and managing so well. Truly this is a great group to be part of. (edit: Why, thank you very much, George!)
This month I had a chance to convert and ad a 5 man unit of Renegade Marines . 
These guys add more character to my army and show off the scars of the last 10k years of battling army’s of the Emperor of man kind ..
These guys round off the challenge for me and it’s safe to say Iv enjoyed every minute.
This challenge for me has been so much fun and meeting guys who love the game as much as I do is fantastic . 
Seeing everyone’s army’s as they grow is truly amazing everybody has done so well you all should be proud . 

The List:
Chaos lord (Mark of slannesh, Chainsword Bolt pistol) Pts 93 
5 Marines (Boltguns , Champion, Chainsword, Bolt pistol) Pts 172
Noise marines x6 (X5 sonic blasters, 1x blastmaster) Pts 275 
Terminators x3 (Combi Bolter x3, Chain axe x2, Power fist x 1 )Pts 163 
Rhinos x 2 
Dreadnought  (Plasma, Scourge, ) Pts 195 
Total 998 


Imperial Guard Tallarn 42nd The Screaming Camels

Serving as a member of a Hellhound crew is considered by most Imperial Guardsmen to be nothing short of a death sentence. 
The vast reserves of promethium tanks it carries in place of it’s troop-carrying capacity has resulted in thicker armour plating and a gleeful pyromania amongst those who crew them. 
Just as its crew, the Hellhound has a vicious reputation, and the sight of just one of these monstrous war engines, incinerating whole swathes of troops with its horrifying Inferno instils fear into the hearts of the enemy. 
– extract from the Imperial Guard codex. 
Last month, bonus month and final month of this challenge. And to celebrate in 2nd edition style, I dug out this bad boy. Finishing this one gets my Hellhound count to plural…which is something I, unlike a certain Chaos Lord, am finding rather pleasurable. 
And with that, I made across the 1000 point stretch…and then some. At the end of this challenge, the Tallarn 42nd Company, the Screaming Camels, have amassed over 4000 points of troops and armour. And I’m looking forward to joining the second round, which will push the army beyond the 5K mark.
‘for Tallarn, the Emperor and the Camels’ 


The List:

2 x Command Squad @ 145 pts. Lieutenant & 4 guardsmen – Boltgun, autocannon, grenade launcher
Lieutenant & 4 guardsmen- Boltgun, heavy bolter, meltagun
2 x battle line squad @ 264 pts Sergeant & 9 guardsmen- hand flamer, missile launcher, grenade launcherSergeant & 9 guardsmen- bolt pistol, heavy bolter
1 commisar @ 48 pts- bolt pistol & power axe
2 x Chimera troop transport @ 280 pts
1 x Leman Russ Demolisher @ 250 pts.  – heavy plasmacannon sponsons.
Total points 1001.


Dark Knight Wargaming

Another thunderer unit brings Dark Knight to 5 completed rounds.

Golgotha Prime Squat “Iron Bull” Brotherhood

The remaining Thunderer Unit joins the Brotherhood and the Warlord is now flanked by his Exo-Armoured Hearthguard. The force is now complete and this has been a great challenge to help me get a solid Warhammer 40,000 2nd ed force. Looking forward to getting more 2nd ed models painted in the future! Next I will grab some friends and play a game with these models! Thanks Dr. Viking for running this challenge (edit: Thank you too!) and keeping 2nd ed alive in 2020/21!

The List:
1 Warlord – Exo Armour 114 pts
4 Hearthguard – Exo Armour 252 pts
2 Warrior Squads – 4 las guns and 1 flamer 184 pts
2 Support Rhinos – 100 pts
2 Thunderer Squads – 5 heavy bolters 280 pts
1 Weapon Team – Lascannon 66 pts
Total: 996 pts
Bonus Month Abhuman Unit
Ogryns – Ripper guns 265 pts


A heap of bonus entries takes M4cr0 well into bonus territory! Well done, sir!

Dark Angel Space Marines

Hi folks,
What an epic journey this has been! For the bonus models this month, I decided to go all out and finish a model that has spent way too long in my bits box. After consulting with the other participants, I decided to go with a classic Deathwing scheme, including some sculpted feathers and a twin-linked heavy flamer for purging those heretics. I also painted a Techmarine, my favourite of the Space Marine specialists, to access my support options. All together, my collection after the 6 months of the challenge weighs in at 1500 points even. I can’t believe what we have been able to achieve; this is literally the best thing I have ever done in the 40K hobby. I doubt it would have been possible without the camaraderie we have shared, and the pure love we all have for old school Warhammer 40k. Bring on the next round!!

The List:
Gabriel, Master of the Deathwing (148 points)
(Lightning claw, stormbolter, auxiliary grenade launcher)
Tactical Squad Camael (359 points)
Space Marine Sergeant with powersword, bolt pistol and frag grenades
Space Marine with missile launcher, bolt pistol and frag grenades
Space Marine with meltagun, bolt pistol and frag grenades
7 x Space Marines with boltguns, bolt pistols and frag grenades
Deathwing Squad Ramiel (381 points)
Deathwing Terminator Space Marine Sergeant with powersword and stormbolter
2 x Deathwing Terminator Space Marine with lightning claws
Deathwing Terminator Space Marine with assault cannon and powerfistDeathwing Terminator Space Marine with stormbolter and powerfist    
Scout Squad (112 points):
1 Space Marine Sergeant with powersword, bolt pistol and frag grenades
3 Space Marine scouts with swords, bolt pistols and frag grenades
1 Space Marine scout with chainsword, bolt pistol and frag grenades

Jon McMaster

4th company Dark Angels Space Marines

Congratulations to all the participants who made it to the finish line, and thanks to Dr The Viking for putting together this fantastic challenge (edit: Thanks man!!!).  For the final month I wasn’t able to get any bonus miniatures done, but I did paint two characters I have owned since 1999.  It was a long wait, but thanks to a lot of painting practice in the last 20 years, I was able to paint them the way I always imagined I would want them to look.  The master (captain) of my 4th company, Zakael Korlael, and the techmarine Hephaestus join their 4th company brothers, ready to lead the tactical and devastator squads into battle.  Participating in this challenge has forged some fun friendships, and trying to emulate and exaggerate the painting styles of the early 90’s has pushed my skills to try things I haven’t done with painting in the past, like freehand symbols and wet-blending. I’m excited to see the final shots of all the everyone’s work, and I’m looking forward to expanding my army with Season 2 in the spring.

Follow along with my painting adventures at https://1stlegionchronicles.blogspot.com

The List:
Company Master Zakeal Korlael 123 points
Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, Member of the Deathwing
Techmarine Hephaestus 43 points
Servo Arm, Bolt Pistol
Tactical Squad Zanthor 357points
Sergeant with chain sword and bolt pistol
Meltagun, Missile Launcher with Frag and Krak
Devastator Squad Scalprum 480 points
Sergeant with Power Axe and Boltgun
Multi-Melta, Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter


Praise the Emperor those are some pretty big seals! And there’s 6 of them!

Imperial Guard Catachans

Having made it to month six this should be the bonus month for the challenge, but unfortunately I already used my bonus month by going off list earlier on. I had to really hustle to get everything I want it done finished. Not only did I paint an infantry squad from scratch I painted a preacher as well. On top of that I added a few highlights to a previous squad, and did a full highlight job on the murder squad, and the command squad, which had basically only been based coated. I also painted the terrain you see, including scratch building the tile floors! I’d like to thank Dr. The Viking and the rest of the crew for the great time (edit: Thanks Dennis!)! I do have to say I am definitely glad next challenge will be Space Marines!

2nd Ed Challenge 

Colonel w/ Bionic eye, Bionic arm, Vortex Grenade, plasma pistol, shotgun, w/plasma, grenade launcher, multi-melta, Comms 206

Squad w/Heavy Bolter, melta, Street 136

Squad w/Missile, plasma, Street 156

Heavy Weapon Squad w/ mortars 120

Leman Russ 205

Basilisks 175 


Extra 138

Ratling Squad 80

Commissar w/ Axe, Hand flamer 47

Preacher with Chainsword 11

Total 1136

The List:
Colonel Command Squad – Colonel w/Power fist and boltgun, guardsman w/plasma gun, guardsman w/ comm link – 138
Squad w/heavy bolter, melta gun 116
Squad w/missile launcher, plasma gun 136
Heavy Weapon squad w/mortars 120
Leman Russ 205
Basilisk 175.
By my math that’s 900 points.  Add some veteran upgrades and a wargear card or two and I’m there!


Saul completed 5 rounds and some bonus stuff to Ork it up to 6 purity sea… well ork-glyph-pamphlets.


So here we are now after six months.  I’ve got me a right proppa Ork mob now.  Finished it out with a few odds and ends.  A Mad Mob completed my original 1000, but then I just kept finding more to add.  My Bad Moons Boys got a Nob to lead them, and the Deathskulls found another recruit with a Heavy Bolter.  Then I found a Snakebite Runtherd to lead two Grots with a dreaded Splatta Kannon.
Now it’s a Krumpin Mob worthy for Nazdreg to lead into battle!

So what’s my grand total?This Month: 88+126 BonusTotal: 1296

The List:
Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub 125 (Kustom Shoota 20)
Drillboss 20 (Jump Pack 5, Power Axe 7)
Mekaniak 18 (Flamer 7, Gretchin Assistants (Mekaniak) (Champion for 5, Gretchin at 3) 8, Blunderbuss 1
Painboy 18 (Meltagun 6, Dok’s Tools 8)
Weirdboy 85
Blood Axe Kommandos Mob (5×14) 70
Stormboyz  Korps (4×11) 44 (Bolters, x3 3, Jump Pack, x4 20, Plasma Gun 6)
Mad Mob (8×10) 80 (Bolters, x8 8)
Bad Moons Boyz Mob (6×12) 72 (Plasma Guns, x6 36),
Nob Mob (Bad Moons) (3×15) 45 (Bolters, x2 2, Plasma Gun 6, Meltabomb 5, Power Fists, x3 30, Mega-armour, x3 75)
Ork Dreadnought 120 (2 lascannons 50)

Dr. The Viking

Blood Skulls Chaos Space Marines

Finally! I will sleep in peace.

It. Is. Done!

I managed to knock out both the missing entry (which was Fabius Bile’s foul experiments) and a bonus entry: Harkonn The Slayer! My Lord on on a juggernaught. I imagine Harkonn was a more or less unknown Fimir on some backwater world, when suddenly the Chaos Marines invaded. He proved his worth in mortal combat and Khorne got mightily impressed. He bestowed upon him the gift of warp transformation, turning Harkonn into both a fearsome marine AND his own riding beast. Now that is twisted! Harkonn leads the Bloodskulls in their mindless crusade against the pestilent Screaming Camels on the worlds of Melnibonea, Khardashian Prime and Pantangya.

The List:
Fabius Bile 200 pts
8 Chaos Marines 200 pts
8 Chaos Marines 200 pts
Chaos Predator 210 pts
Traitor Guard Squad 100 pts
Traitor Guard Squad 100 pts
Secret bonus for month 6: Chaos Lord on Juggernaught !

To all the participants of the first Warhammer 40,000 challenge I want to express a heartfelt THANK YOU! It was a pleasure and never a chore to do this for you guys. A few battle brothers did not respond during the final transmissions, and we all hope you are safe and sound: David and Fudge.

I much appreciate that this challenge seems to have invigorated the hobby spirits of people around the globe in a way my self in 1995 could never have dreamed of. What a ride! Your names will be will be heralded when it is time to write the sagas of these years.

Hey! Let’s do it all again! 😀

Viking Out!




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