40k2ndAC II Month 1, Wave 1

Dear 2nd ed. fans, I have completed my Month 1 pledge for the Alaitoc Warp Hunters. I managed to complete the above models. The Guardian goes with a squad but I finished her early to use as my entry in Alex Jelley’s Fembruary Challenge. I will finish the rest of the squad in April if all goes to plan. I chose these models for month 1 because I was fairly confident I could finish them before the end of the month, so I could get a head start on the guardian squad and dire avengers for the next month. I did this because despite the guardians being one of the lowest value entries in terms of points, I expect they will take the longest overall amount of time. I am fairly pleased with how these turned out – I am going for a good tabletop standard which I think I achieved, and which I think will look impressive on the table when the whole army is done. Check out my blog at Classic40k.

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So month one of the challenge is underway and I’ve made a pretty good start!I felt like painting up the Ravenwing portion of the army first and managed to complete the attack bike, the four bikes in my list plus bonus units in the form of an extra bike and a landspeeder!Admittedly I’ve been helped here by the simple black colour scheme of the Ravenwing and the fact that the Rogue Trader models have far fewer details than later marines… no trim!I know the landspeeder isn’t technically armed the correct way for a Ravenwing Speeder but I wasn’t about to go converting such an old model.The final bike doesn’t have a faring piece… if anyone happens to have a spare one give me a shout!Next month I think I will concentrate on characters but I don’t think I’ll get as much done (I had some time off work this month which really helped).

For my first entry I chose to go for a lot of infantry. I did this for several reasons, main one being to get a good head start to the challenge, but also build up a backbone for the army up front, to set the paint scheme and theme. So for March I painted Orange Helmet Warrior Squad with a Flamer special weapon and Green Helmet Thunderer Squad with 2 Heavy Bolters and 2 Lascannons, as a bonus I also finished Red Helmet Warrior Squad with another Flamer. Only Orange and Green was a part of the challenge and accounts for 237pts of 1011pts total, but with the added 77 pts Red Squad I am now at 314pts. For gaming reasons I have chosen to go “count as” weaponwise with the Squats, so any non standard weapon is a lasgun, for this challenge I took basic cost for all units and only added point cost for heavy and special weapon upgrades, for games unit commanders will probably also be upgraded with weapons and such. Each unit of 5 Squats has been given a special helmet colour coding. So I am at a whooping start entry of 237pts(314pts with bonus models)/1011pts More pics at Death World Adventures.

It took me some time to find out what craftworld i wanted to go, so finally i decided for Iyanden. Still after this first models , i don’t like Eldar, and i hate painting them, so this challenge is definitely the way to get me done a whole army of them. Fortunately i tried citadel’s contrast colours on those, wich makes painting these detailed models much easier. So here are 1 Exarch=50pt, Dreadnought 205 pt, and 8 Fire Dragons= 224pt for a starting point

Hi folks! This month I have been working on an iconic 2nd Edition vehicle: a Dark Angels Razorback. Armed with the eclectic mix of lascannon and twin-plasma guns, it was another opportunity for me to paint lots of bright colours! Whilst vehicles can be a bit of a death-trap in 2nd Edition, I always found them really fun to use. I’m looking forward to playing a few games with this one; keep an eye out for it in any battle reports we manage to post! For WIP pictures, you can come and visit my blog: Old School G4m1ng

Well, in order to start this challenge off on my best foot (and to test out the actual paint scheme.. because I hadn’t thought about that), I took on the biggest unit of troops – not quite 200pts of Kyrash’s accompanying squad (minus Kyrash). I completed each mini in a single sitting and dedicated each session individually – normally I batch paint, but because I wanted to have an element of “Chaos” in my painting, I decided to do them one at a time and vary the actual scheme for each miniature. They all are painted in Black and White, and most will have iron trim, but each part of their armour is differently painted. The only other consistent is the fact that the left shoulder pad is white and the right is black. To me, this paint scheme both looks coherent but gives them all their own character! As I managed to paint up the squad in the first week (and caught up with my Warhammer Fantasy painting challenge for The Crown of Command*), I decided to go nuts and paint up a bonus Sorceror whom I now call “K’Van The Caller”.. I reckon he’ll be calling up a few friends down the line too! I know I’ve not gone for Goblin Green on the bases, but the grey stone seems to work on the mini’s and the black rim is very fitting for them. Plus I’m running low on Goblin Green!!!! Popped out some old school 2nd ed ruins for the photoshoot, and Bob’s your Greater Daemon!


The first month started well – I got a complete squad of 3 Dark Reapers painted in the first week! As they are by far the most expensive squad in the army they clocked in at a suspiciously accurate 201 points – so sneaking over the 200 point target by the slimmest of margins!!! I was very pleased with the way they came out – black is not my favourite armour to paint – but I did manage to use GW’s Dark Reaper paint so that felt appropriate!!! I’m aiming to accent all my aspect warriors with yellow to tie them in to the main Iyanden colour, so the faces and all the little tassels were done in this colour. I didn’t want to go too grimdark, so went for a nice saturated red on the missile launcher and a whilte end to really brighten things up. I thought this pulled the focus away from the faces a bit, but managed to find some white decals of the Dark Reaper runes for the helmets which I think does a good job of pulling the eye back in to the faces. I then decided to start the Wraithguard squad, so painted up a single figure to try everything out. I was very pleased with it – although the head was re-painted three times – and I learned a lot that I can carry on to the other models in the squad. Unfortunately at this point everything kicked off at work, so two weeks of solid 14 hour days means I’m not going to get anything else finished and four models will have to be this month’s completed total!!! The aim for next month will be to recruit some more staff at work so I can complete the remaining four Wraithguard and the Fire Dragons!!!

My main goal for this challenge is to mechanise my Death Guard, and only a month into it I can already say I’ve achieved something: the Predator Destroyer is done.I had struggled through the build, having had to scavenge a total of four wrecked hulls to source enough intact parts for her and the next month’s Whirlwind. A fair bit of trouble derived from magnetising the Destroyer Blade, heavy bolter sponsons, main turret, and storm bolter, while also doing up a selection of side and top hatches (not shown) to make her a simple Rhino. Painting her wasn’t much easier either. I don’t really enjoy painting tanks to begin with, and the many simple and flat armour panels weren’t very interesting to do. About halfway through I took a break from her for a week – something I won’t be able to afford next month. However, I’m reasonably happy with the end result. I’ve done her up as well as I could in the time given and she fits in well with the rest of the army. I’m now excited to get the second tank out of the way for April.

Back again, once more with feeling! Working hard this month, but I’ve definitely not been painting particularly fast compared to my previous efforts having finished all of 5 figures. However, these are pretty special figures – not a bunch of rank and file like last challenge.  A warboss, 2 power armoured nobs, a mechaniac and master runtherd, Zodgrod wortsnagger (along with his hair),  I spent a lot longer on these than I normal would for your run-of-the-mill ork and I hope it shows.  My biggest issue was how to differentiate the evil suns from the goffs – a little hard when both have red as such a major part of their paint scheme. My total points value this month is 209 – right on target. I had been hoping to finish my commanding officer warlord as a bonus this month, but I have run out of time and really don’t want to rush such an important figure. Looking at doing at least one regular mob and one vehicle next month, maybe more. 

As the dust settled across the landing pad, so did the landing ramp potruding from the back of the shuttle. Bathed in the flickering lights of the loading bay, a single figure emerged from the dark belly of the shuttle, Captain Al’rahem, of the 3rd Tallarn regiment, commonly known as the Desert Tigers. A lot can be said about the famous Tallarn captain. As he set foot on Khardasian Prime, a new chapter in his honour and of his renown would surely be written. Colonel Qadir could sense the tension amongst his men, eager to meet the captain, in awe of this charismatic and inspiring persona. And even though Qadir officially outranked him, he still looked forward to working with a man of his knowledge, experience and power, as well as the men travelling accompaning the captain. Qadir had heard some rumours about a specialist unit, trained personally på Al’rahem, and he was very keen on learning whether or not these rumours were true.

To get things started on this challenge, I chose one of the easier jobs on the list regarding numbers that is, with the captain and his four man retunie. No much to be said really. The four guardsmen was just lying about in a box, and as you can’t get enough grenade launchers, I added him to the mix. I’ve had the ‘spare’ captain for quite some time. As I’ve already painted up a Colonel for my company a long time ago, I wanted to do this one as close to the original Al’rahem as possible. With a little help in the Tallarn Facebook group, I found a picture, coming as close to an official version as possible. And though my version comes nowhere near the pictured one, I’m still both happy and satisfied with the result.

Welcome to my first installment of the second ever Warhammer 40,000 second edition challenge! Arr it’s good to finally be travelling the swirling seas of the warp, feeling the wind in my brightly-coloured mullet  and raiding the lesser races of the galaxy. How best to do that then? Well look no further than aptain Gruyère and his merciless band of eldar pirates of course! Especially when they’re backed up by the likes of a “borrowed” craftworld War Walker with twin plasma cannons!  Arr but shiver me wraithbone, who else do we have here??? It appears to be a Dire Avenger Exarch supported by five of his students. Perhaps they’re after a bit of a share in the booty? Well join up lads – there’s plenty to go around! (Note: Don’t google “Eldar Booty” unless you’re prepared for some serious NSFW content)Tune in next month and see who else joins the ranks of these Eldar adventurers!

Here is my march entry: Ghazghkull Thraka and Makari the Gretchin. What better start point for an army that the supreme commander of it? I have enjoyed a lot painting this old couple, they are poorly detailed if we compare them With the sculpt quality of current miniatures, but the charisma they have , make them a great  characters. And if we look at the background, we have a young Ghazghkull at the start of his career as waaaaagh commander. The main difficulty in the painting process was the green skin, but I have found the perfect colour to add to the paint mix and highlights , Lime green, if you paint Orks, lime green is a must.(ed. If you mean the Vallejo Lime Green, I much agree! I use this for my goblins) Hope you like them!

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