2nd Ed. Armychallenge 1, Month 5

So here we are folks. The final official leg of the Challenge. Everything beyond this point is bonus territory. At least for some of us… not me!

So far we have been lucky with the attrition rate. I think now, that we have our first casualty in the form of David. Please all extend your hands and give a big thanks to David for his entries so far.

So without further ado, here is the December entries, listed in the order in which they have been received:

Peter Hartree

Dr.TV: The cobwebs are classic!


Pledge done, with bonus Exarch!

Warp Spiders (a blister of two) were some of the first 40k models I bought, and they scared me off trying to paint anything like them for a long time. White, red, black, free hand, blended fire effect were things I’ve avoided for a long time, but finally I tackled them all head on with these guys. I’m much happier with these than the ones I did 26 years ago! It’s really not a colour scheme for an inexperienced painter, but I feel like I’ve given it a good go. These guys were also pretty intimidating on the table top, I ran Orks for a long time and still have anxiety from the damage they could put out. Hoping to get them onto the table sometime soon. So that’s my official pledge all done! I might get some painting done over the holidays, I still want to get at least one of every available 2nd ed unit done for my army. Jetbikes, a War Walker, (metal) Wraithguard, more Warlocks, a weapon team, a couple of Phoenix Guard, a Falcon, a Vyper and of course an Avatar are still on my to-do list. Maybe for the next challenge! It’s been great to be a part of, thanks very much to the good Dr Viking for bringing us all together. I’ve loved seeing all the other projects grow, especially the Squats.

Cheers, and happy Xmas and New Year.


Martin Taylor

Dr.TV: Lovely painting as always. The scouts look the business!

Blood Angels Space Marines

Well well well, hello again dear readers and merry Sanguinalia! For this month’s entry we are seeing the last models that will complete the 1000 point force that was outlined at the start of the challenge and boy it feels good to have these all done. Here we can see Scout Squad Umbrus (100 points) on a recon mission accompanied by the Land Speeder “Traitor’s Bane” (145 pts). This picture is part of a larger diorama that I posted up on the Warhammer 40k 2nd edition page if you want to see more 😉

Speaking of seeing more, we have one last entry next month that allows for bonus models and I have been working on extra models during this challenge that I am SUPER excited to share with you all! 

Until next time everyone and I hope the spirit of Sanguinius leaves a traitor’s head in your stocking 😀


Dr.TV: Kaboom! There’s nothing quite like it. Unless you’re on the receiving end.

Catachan Imperial Guard

This month I was not only well ahead of schedule but I was also actually happy with my end results. I did have some issues with my base coat cracking but I was able to scrape it down and fix the issue. I also added some weathering pigments to the tracks. Normally a substantial amount of pigment is blown off by the spray sealer but in this case it all stayed in place. I didn’t like the look so I repainted the tracks with some dry rushing over the pigment. It worked and cut down the weathering. All in all I am very happy. I already used my make up month to paint some bonus minis when I had issues with my first attempt at a Basilisk so I need to paint one more infantry squad to wrap this up at about 1,200 points with war gear and veteran skills. The Basilisk weighs in at 175 points

Adrian Bell

Dr.TV: Churning them out I’d say. Don’t look to me like you need no incentive! Very nice!


December was always going to be busy.  Girlfriend, kids, work.  I am so glad I got ahead in previous months.
It’s not 200 points, but it is the 85 point squad that finishes my 1000.  There is more on the way but it isn’t going to be finished this month.  
So here is a pic of the last unit, and a pic of the 1000 point (+) army.  Thank you for giving me the incentive to do this.

George Shepherd

Dr.TV: Iron within, iron without! There’s so many of them! Good job!

Chaos Iron Warriors

Merry Christmas everyone ! 
Hope everyone is safe in the current climate . 
Noise marines X5 sonic blasters 

1x blastmaster 

Pts 275 


5x space marines

4x heavy bolters 

1x champion power fist bolt pistol 

Pts 185 
This month I see myself finishing my 1000pst with the addition of  the “Noisy gang “ 6x Iron warrior Noise marines . These guys were great fun to paint and really took me back my child hood . 
Along side these bad boys i got painted a bonus unit of Chaos Space marines with 4x heavy bolters and a Champion with power fist and bolt pistol (they was no Havcos in 2nd ed so the unit isn’t legal ) again painting these lumps of lead was great . 
Iv had so much fun doing this challenge and fill so lucky I see the post on cut off day to join in . 
What’s kept me going is the group it truly is a fantastic group and all you guys on here are truly amazing . 
Wish you all the best and a happy new year and can’t wait for the next one George 


Chaos lord 

Mark of slannesh 


Bolt pistol 

Pts 93 


CSM x5




Bolt pistol 

Pts 172

Noise marines x6 

X5 sonic blasters 

1x blastmaster 

Pts 275 

Terminators x3 

Combi Bolter x3 

Chain axe x2 

Power fist x 1 

Pts 163 


Rhinos x 2 

Pst 100 




Pts 195 

Total 998 

Bonus models 

Bloodthirster 300 pts 

5x space marines

4x heavy bolters 

1x champion power fist bolt pistol 

Pts 185 

Grand total 1483




Dr.TV: Very nice! I love the classic Ullie with his banner.

Ultramarine Space Marines

As it’s the Christmas season (heretical celebrations) I thought I would gift you my scouts and also a space marine Captain (with his cherub) that was later used as the mini for Cato Sicarius and a chaplain he was a very damaged death company chaplain so he now is giving spiritual guidance to the Ultramarines.
Recently a toy museum has opened up in my town and as much as I love these models I’m going to use them to a) document wargames (there is a lack of that at this museum)B) advertise the club I’m part of post Covid 
There is a few other nostalgic models I may enter in for the last month watch this space



Jon McMaster

Dr.TV: Nice one! You will have a splendid army soon!

Dark Angel Space Marines

“The penultimate month of the challenge sees the Devastator Squad Scalprum finished, although the banner artificers and adepts of the chapter are still finishing their battle standards.  With only one month left, the Master of the 4th company is last on the list to be painted and hopefully some fun bonuses will make the muster as well. Happy holidays everyone.”



Dr.TV: Dakka dakka!


Yes, this is the creator this time.  Sorry for no battle shots, but the holidays creep up on everyone.  This squad of Nobs did find some of my bonus Deathskull Boys and a Standard Bearer to make up for it.  I enjoyed cobbling together the arms of the one Nob, even if it did take the bitz out of era.  But conversion work is what got me into Orks almost twenty years ago!
This Month: 163+170 Bonus
Total: 912 (+170)
Next Month: Da Full Mob!

Dark Knight Wargaming

Dr.TV: Nice! These small blighters seem to be popping out of the woodworks in 2nd ed! There’s so many of them! I love it. The living ancestor models are among my favourite GW’s.

Golgotha Prime Squat Brotherhood

I was able to paint a Thunderer unit for this month. Always happy to have progress on this army. Great to add some heavy firepower to the force! Also I snuck in a Living Ancestor to provide counsel to the warlord!

XMichael Mørk

Dr.TV: Yuck! More of this horrible guard trash! It is imperative that they soon be mauled proper! Make haste and join me for battle!

Imperial Guard “The Screaming Camels” Tallarn 42nd.

In the narrow streets, on the outskirts of the ‘Tronald Dump – Hive Alpha #foreign sector’, a small group of guardsmen are fighting off the enemy. Something in the sector, has attracted the attention of the Blood skulls, but the Tallarn 42nd are eager to hold them from their goal.
Porking his head out of the alley, sergeant Nasheem surveys the scene around them. debris from many of the now destroyed buildings, the remains of several tanks and other armoured vehicles blocks the path to both sides. They know the enemy is down at the end of the road somewhere, but so far they haven’t been able to get to them, without getting cut down in the crossfire. 
He looks back at his squad, ‘Asheed, bring it here’. He reaches out and graps the horn of the vox caster, listening to the static noise coming from the speaker before he pushes the button, ‘2 this is 7, what’s the status on that pickup? over’…the vox reply’s with more static noise…’2 this is 7, still waiting for the pickup, over’. Nasheem looks at his men, they are all looking back at him waiting and hoping for an answer.
Suddenly the vox cracks to life…’7 this is’ the Uzair’, we are enroute to your location, eta 2 minutes, get you’re men and shit together and get ready, we’re gonna slow down but haven’t got time to stop’
The guardsmen spring into action, scrambling out of the alley, hiding behind whatever they can find. Nasheem counts as he looks at his chronometer, ‘get ready men, here they come’. He looks back down the street. The rumble of the incoming armour grows louder, and the noise doubles as they impact. Stone and metal alike are thrown aside as the heavy dozerblades mounted at the front of the Chimera, clears a path through the debris.
First one and the a second armoured transport appears out of the smoke, slowing down the rear hatch opens just as the turret and hull mounted guns spring to life. The remaining men of the 7th platoon jumps from their hiding places and scrambles aboard the transports. As sergeant Nasheem reaches the hatch as the last man, he’s met by the grinning face of commander Khalil, ‘welcome aboard boys, what say you we pay those fragging traitors a little visit’.
‘for the emperor, Tallarn and the camels’ the vox screams as the drivers puts down the gas hard, and the chimeras rumble down the streget, towards the enemy encampment. 

Not much to say about this month’s paint job. I always loves the idea of having several chimeras in my army. I rarely use more than one, but simply being able to, is something i find quite interesting. I now have four, and that is quite pleasing. Even though only one of them, is from the actual second edition era. But as they haven’t changed much about them, besides the turret and accessories, I think it works. Oh and in other news, hazard stripes is the newest fashion on Kardashian Prime. 
2 x Chimera Transport @280 points. 



Dr.TV: As always a stellar entry from you! Very well done! I wish I had a squad of those monopose marines. There’s something exceptionally well suited about monopose marines.

Dark Angel Space Marines

Hi folks,
This month I completed a Tactical Squad for my Dark Angels, featuring a lascannon and meltagun. The meltagun is a metal piece I had floating around, which I have used to replace the usual flamer. I have to say, it has been really cathartic working on these older mono-pose models; I never gave them enough credit back in the day! This is the last squad I had in my list for this challenge, so whatever I do next month will be a bonus. I haven’t quite decided on what I will paint yet, though this squad sure does look like it would benefit from a transport…


Dr. The Viking

Blood Skulls Chaos Space Marines

DrTV: Another month done! Finally!

Finally I got the Chaos Predator out of my sight. I must say it was a big challenge for me to paint a vehicle. It has been a long time since I painted something like that in 28 mm scale. I had some trouble figuring out how to approach it, and I even converted some extra bits (a death roller and a small wagon) that I ended up not adding. I found highlighting to be difficult with the mix of weathering and so on… next time I think I will lay down the solid base colours and then weather it and completely forego the highlights.

I am still one entry behind schedule. But I think I will manage to finihs both that AND my bonus entry in January. I will of course still only count 5 months completed on time. 😉

That means we are nearly there folks. What a ride!



  1. I really like what you guys are doing here. Great challenge. Keep it going. Cheers, Alex (aka Dr. Moebius @ leadadventure)



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