40k2ndACIII Participants – The New Kids on The Block

My name is Carmin Carotenuto and I manage the blog On a Roll Games  I’m a long-time 40k player (since 2nd edition) and would love to take part in the 40k 2nd edition Army Challenge III. 
As you can see from the picture attached, all the models I’m going to paint are from the 2nd edition era. I’m even going to use the old 1994 ‘Eavy Metal Warhammer 40,000 Painting Guide as a guide to painting my Aspect Warriors. I also have a near-full collection of 1994 Citadel hex pot paints that I’m going to use on most of these figures, to add some old school flavor!

-Carmin Carotenuto

Characters (440pts/500pts)
1 Farseer – 170
Laspistol, Rune armor
1 Warlock – 51
Laspistol, Rune armor
1 Warlock – 51
Laspistol, Rune Armor
1 Exarch (Swooping Hawk) – 88
Laspistol, Lasgun, Swooping Hawk Grenade pack w/Frag & Krak grenades, Swooping
Hawk Wings, Exarch armor, Crack Shot
1 Exarch (Howling Banshee) – 80
Laspistol, Power Ax, Exarch Armor, Banshee Mask, Bounding Leap
Squads (360pts/250+pts)
4 Swooping Hawks – 112
Lasgun, Laspistol, Swooping Hawk grenade pack w/ Frag & Krak grenades, Swooping
Hawk wings, Swooping Hawk aspect armor
4 Howling Banshees – 108
Power Sword, laspistol, Banshee mask, Howling Banshee Aspect armor
10 Guardians – 140
Mesh armor, Shuriken Catapults
Support (200/500pts)
1 Dreadnought – 200
Two power fists w/built-in shuriken catapults with targeters, Distortion Cannon

Total: 1,000pts

Slice 1 – Swooping Hawks & Exarch
Slice 2 – Guardians
Slice 3 – Howling Banshees & Exarch
Slice 4 – Seer Council (Farseer & Warlocks)
Slice 5 – Dreadnought

Good morning,

Here is my submission for 40k 2nd Edition Army Challenge III.

I was 13 when the Necrons first appeared in White Dwarf 217 with a free figure adorning the cover. To my impressionable young mind these mysterious unknown terrors were the best things ever to hit 40k; every bit as cool as the Alien and the Terminator combined. Of course, being 13 I was never able to afford any evil robots beyond that free figure at the time. Not that long afterwards 3rd edition 40k came out and killed all my interest in 40k for a good long time. When I returned to the game much later the Necrons were now fully described and as a result significantly less interesting. So I am taking advantage of this challenge as an opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream; a fully painted classic Necron army from a time when they were still mysterious and frightening.

The list is as follows:

1 x Necron Lord – 84 points

2 x Necron Destroyers – 150 points
14 x Necron Warriors – 616 points

5 x Scarab – 150 points
For a total of exactly 1000 points.

Kind regards

Chris Cale

„Here is the ecclesial armed transport Timotheus Todt. Please respond and identify. We picked up your distress signal.“ The operator at the console was now repeating his message for the fifth time. So far only static answered her. “Try again. We must get an answer. There must be a soul down there still alive. It’s a world of 85 billion inhabitants according to the last census.” The deck officer was standing behind the operator on the bridge. Drops of sweat were beginning to trickle down his neck. Could it really be that they were all dead or worse succumbed to chaos? Two months ago, the Timotheus Todt had picked up the distress signal from Palmer-18. It was the standard imperial signal calling for help against an invasion. This came as a shock to the Navy officers and the Sisters of the Adeptus Sororitas on board of the transport. Palmer-18 was not close to any border-sector or warp anomaly, the most possible locations for Ork attacks or Xenos invasions. The planet was a popular holiday resort and famous for its well-kept park areas and endless green lawns. How an invasions force could have passed all the imperial security measurements in the outer sectors next to Palmer-18 went beyond the knowledge of all on board the ecclesial transport. However, no one would dare use the distress signal if it was not a case of the highest emergency. The leadership of the Sisters of the Order of the Iron Heart came to the only logical conclusion: there had been an attack. And they were the nearest armed force to respond and give what little help they could muster. Therefore, the pilots changed course. Away from the former destination, the shrine worlds of the Sabbath sector and on to Palmer-18. Now, after weeks of travel, the green and blue planet filled out most of the portholes of the spaceship. The deck officer noted the change on the face of the operator. “They are responding Sir, I got an answer!” With a sigh of relief, the officer grabbed a second headset and nodded to the operator, showing her that he would now be talking to whoever was answering. “Here is deck officer Marcus Wolf of the ecclesial armed transport Timotheus Todt. Use signal encoder Uriel and please repeat!” A sharp whistling sound made him wince. However, following that most of the static was gone and he could clearly hear the voice from the planet. “Here is Private Pavlov Smirnoff of the 276th Valhallan motorized Infantry Regiment. Praise the Emperor! We feared no one would respond to the signal before the end.” “What’s your status private, who is attacking you? We can’t detect any invasion fleet or other space crafts in orbit.” A burst of harsh laughter answered Wolf. “I can imagine. They landed decades ago and infested the planet’s population from within. It’s this Xenos shit and their cult followers. We were somewhat lucky that we were transferred here only one year ago. So they couldn’t infiltrate us as they did with most of the other units here. Most of the time we are fighting against our former brothers in arms. It’s a hell of a shit hole down here. We are holding the suburbs of Lipoma with the remnants of other units, planetary defence, and security forces. But we are running low on everything. So, if you wanna save some human souls you better either hurry or just bomb the planet to hell!” “Got your status private, I will leave you with the operator and report to my captain. Stay strong! The Emperor protects!” With that, he handed down his headset and walked briskly down the row of consoles to report this grim news to his captain. “Piotr! Call the Major! Tell him we will not die alone in this shithole.” With a puzzled look on his face, but eager to follow orders, Private Piotr Stroganoff ran out of the communication bunker. Sand and dust fell from the concrete ceiling. Pavlov took a sip of stale water out of his canteen to wet his dry throat so he could continue talking to the transport circling the orbit far above. Artillery rumbled in the distance, and a few seconds later impacts nearby shocked the ground, causing even more sand to descend. After getting all the information he needed from the Timotheus Todt, Major Rodnik gathered his remaining officers in the command bunker. They were only a handful; the hard fighting during the last weeks had thinned their ranks horribly. “Tovarishi! There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. We are in contact with the ecclesial armed transport Timotheus Todt. They got a complete combat unit of the Sisters of the Order of the Iron Heart on board. It’s not the high and mighty warriors of the Astartes, but I dare say they are second best. I heard these girls could fight like hell. Now to matters at hand. To get the Sisters on the planet we have to secure a clear landing spot. Most of the suitable areas are under direct enemy artillery fire or covered with craters and debris. After conferring with their command staff we choose this spot here.” Rodnik pointed with his gloved finger on a spot on the dirty map that showed a bright green park area. “It’s the former park of Evergreen. To the best of our knowledge, it is only held by light enemy forces in uncompleted trenches. We have to dig them out. And for this nasty job, we will commit one of our last mobile reserves: the remaining Chimera. Corporal Sviyazhskie you will take your squad and attack within the hour. Good Luck!”

Adeptus Sororitas – Order of the Iron Heart: 1167 points
• 1. slice: Remains of the 276th

Valhallan motorized Infantry Regiment 269 points

◦ Corporal Pjotr Sviyazhskie
◦ Squad with flamethrower and mortar
◦ Chimera troop transport
Vanguard of the Order of the Iron Heart from the ecclesial armed transport Timotheus Toth
• 2. slice: HQ with local support 222 points
◦ Sister Principalis Hedwiga
◦ Banner-bearer Sister Justyna
◦ Missionary Lukas Goldzunge
◦ Preacher Martin
◦ Squad Frateris Militia
• 3. slice: Seraphim Squad 197 points
◦ Sister Superior Angelika
◦ Squad
• 4. slice: Squad Anna 232 points
◦ Sister Superior Rosamunde
◦ Squad with flamethrower and heavy bolter
• 5. slice: Squad Berta 247 points
◦ Sister Superior Katharina
◦ Squad with Melta and Multimelter


This is my entry for the 3rd Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition Challenge!
Really excited about this and spent the afternoon sorting models and
putting together a list. I am using this to help expand my currently
existing 2nd Edition Ultramarines that need some backup! Loved
following the 2nd challenge when I heard about it last year and into
this one. Hoping I can make the cut to join my fellow hobbyists on
this ride 🙂

My army slices will be as follows (and the full list at the bottom of
email if you’re curious):

Slice 1 – Apothecary, Chaplain
Slice 2 – 5 Assault Marines
Slice 3 – 5 Scouts, Razorback
Slice 4 – 5 Assault Marines
Slice 5 – Calgar, Techmarine

I’ve attached a photo of my previous Ultramarines who I am looking to
bulk up with this challenge! Though they still need their decals, I
hope this will push me to finish those off as well!

My instagram is https://www.instagram.com/wargamer.eric/ and blog:
if you want to see any more of my work in the past. You can see some
more photos of the Ultramarines at a doubles tournie…back in 2019
now (time flies)!


My 1000 pts list as as follows:

+++ New Roster (Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition) +++

++ Standard (Codex – Ultramarines) [1,000pts] ++

+ Characters [293pts] +

Apothecary [42pts]: Blind Grenade [2pts]

Chaplain [72pts]: Chaplain Champion [53pts], Frag Grenade [2pts], Hand
Flamer [7pts], Jump Pack [10pts], Show Wargear Cards

Marneus Calgar Master of the Ultramarines [134pts]: Army Commander,
Gauntlets of Ultramar [18pts], Show Wargear Cards

Techmarine [45pts]: Frag Grenade [2pts], Servo Arm [10pts], Show Wargear Cards

+ Squads [557pts] +

Assault Squad [451pts]: 2x Chainsword [4pts], Flamer [9pts], Hand
Flamer [7pts], Jump Pack [50pts], Plasma Gun [8pts], 4x Power Axe
[28pts], Power Fist [10pts], 2x Power Sword [12pts]

Scout Squad [106pts]: Scout Armour, Sword or Axe [1pts], Sword or Axe
[1pts], Sword or Axe [1pts], Sword or Axe [1pts]

+ Support and Allies [150pts] +

Space Marine Razorback [150pts]

It is Sergio from the UK.
I would like to participate in the painting army challenge with my Eldar force. See picture attached. I discovered 40K during 2nd Edition and though I played during 3rd and now again in 9th, the best memories are from the 90s and 2nd Ed. 

The army list, as per 2nd Ed. Codex is as follows:

– Farseer                                               170pts- Fuegan, the Burning Lance                176pts- Warlock                                                 51pts
– Swooping Hawk Squad                      168pts
– Wraithguard Squad                            175pts
– Vyper with Heavy Plasma Gun            75pts
– Dreadnought with Distorsion Canon   185pts
TOTAL                                                 1000 pts-

“Hey everybody! I’ve been playing 40k consistently since 1994 and I wanted to enter this Challenge after finding this blog a few months back. I’ve decided to join in with the first models I’d ever bought with my own money as a kid: Valhallans! After finding this great show of 2nd edition hobbying spirit I thought I’d get my 40k Space Soviets into the mix. 

In this challenge I’ll be giving my collection a WW2 Eastern front scheme in the late fall/ early winter. I’m leaning heavily into the original Soviet aesthetics, with the fan-made “Guards” title, the obstinate demeanor, cheapness of life and a few Commissars in the ranks. My heavy weapons bases will be a big part of this, basing them as rough and muddy shallow trenches. My entry will include only infantry models and outside of one instance, a Med pack, it includes no wargear cards or veteran skills, all points are models.  That means I’m committing the ambitious goal of painting 59 models, with all but 2 of those 59 will be 2nd edition infantry figures.Additionally, every slice will include at least 1 converted Imperial guard model, I can’t let Chaos Marine/Space Marine/Ork players be the only ones making extensive Oldhammer conversions! You can follow along with the WIP shots and conversions methods on my Dakkadakka Forum blog: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/801340.page

5th Valhallan Guards Regiment, “The Black Guards” Painting Roster
Command HQ (Captain)- Major Ivan KordayevCaptain [Boltgun, Powerfist, Medpack], 2x meltaguns, Commlink1395
Command Squad- Lieutenant Anton SokoloffLieutenant [Boltgun, Sword], Rocket Team, Grenade Launcher1035
Commissar- Cayden Barrett[Bolt Pistol, Chainsword]441
Infantry Squad 1- Sergeant NovikoffSgt [Handflamer, Sword], Flamer11410
Infantry Squad 2- Senior Sergeant LukinSgt [Bolt Pistol, Chainsword], Grenade Launcher, Autocannon13010
Infantry Squad 3- Sergeant DoroshSgt [Bolt Pistol, Chainsword], Plasmagun, Autocannon12610
Heavy Weapon Squad 1- Sergeant Ostrovsky3x Lascannons1506
Heavy Weapon Squad 2- Sergeant Morein3x Mortars1206
Heavy Weapon Squad 3- Sergeant Litvin3x Heavy Bolters906
Painting Schedule/SlicesPointsModels
Month 1- Slice 1
Command HQ+ Command Squad24210
Month 2- Slice 2
Infantry Squad 1+ Heavy Weapon Squad 320416
Month 3- Slice 3, Unexpected Red Bonus
Infantry Squad 213010
Month 4- Slice 4
Infantry Squad 3+ Heavy Weapon Squad 224616
Month 5- Slice 5, 90s reference Bonus
Heavy Weapon Squad 1+ Commissar1947
Month 6- Slice 6
Mulligan/ Bonus units??

Hi! Ted from Sweden here! I’m 39 years old and a father of two. I mainly enjoy painting and building terrain nowadays, so I don’t tend to play games that often (it does happen though!).

I started out with Warhammer Fantasy 5th edition back in 1996, and at that time 2nd edition 40K was in full swing. I remember being captivated by the first 40K battle report I read in the first White Dwarf I got, the Imperial Guard vs Eldar one in issue 202. Such awesome models and terrain! But, since I was already invested in Fantasy (and a poor student) it wasn’t really possible to get into 40K as well at that time. I did get into 40K about a year after the release of 3rd edition, but I sadly never got to play a game of 2nd edition. However, I have always nurtured the idea to one day build and paint a 2nd edition force, complete with Goblin green bases and red guns! Perhaps now the time has come…

For some reason I had collected a few of the metal Chaos Space Marines from 2nd edition and they have been sitting in my bitz box for over 20 years now. When I learned of this painting challenge I started thinking about ways to build an army with these Marines as a starting point. My goal was to build an army with models I liked the look of, and for it to feature as many different models as possible. I was not that worried about battlefield effectiveness to be honest! A few purchases on eBay and Facebook later I had a viable 1000 point force. What about the colour scheme? Well, if I was going to do a 2nd edition Chaos Space Marine army, it just had to be the posterboys of that era: the Night Lords!

The idea for the backstory of this force sprung from a 3rd edition battle report where a Night Lords force battled the Imperial Guard in a Cityfight game. I decided to adopt the Chaos Lord and Sorcerer featured in the backstory and make them the leaders of my warband which I named The Heralds of Darkness. This warband recently aided the rebels in the Khai-Zhan uprising (968.M41) in the Cadian sector, where they battled their way through the city of Vogen. After being driven off by Imperial reinforcements the Night Lords escaped into the Warp. Now, on the run from the Imperium, the Night Lords are once more in search of new hunting grounds. Perhaps Kardashian Prime could be a suitable target…

Army list

Night Lords Chaos Space Marines

“The Heralds of Darkness”

Gorsameth Sul
1x Chaos Lord 91 Terminator armour, Lightning Claw, Combi-bolter 53 Total:144 points

Asuramandos Sul
1x Chaos Sorcerer 52 Total: 52 points
Jago Valcoran
1x Chaos Icon Bearer 55 Total: 55 points

Squad Ghuul 
3x Chaos Terminators 153 Reaper Autocannon 25 Powerfist 8 Combi-flamer 6 Power mace 4 Combi-melta 6 Total: 202

Squad Kalex
1x Aspiring Champion 30, Chainsword 2, Plasma pistol 5, 7x Chaos Space Marines 175, Plasma gun 8, Heavy Bolter 12, 5x Boltguns 15, Total: 247 points

Squad Koth
3x Chaos Space Marines 75, Autocannon 20, Missile Launcher 35, Lascannon 35, Total: 165

Squad Mawdrym
3x Chaos Space Marine Bikers 135, Total: 135

Army total: 1000 points


Slice 1: Chaos Lord, Icon Bearer & Sorcerer
Slice 2: Terminator Squad
Slice 3: Chaos Space Marine Squad
Slice 4: Chaos Space Marine Heavy Weapon Squad
Slice 5: Bike Squad

Previous army projects

I recently took part in the Call of the Crown painting challenge and painted two 1000 point armies for Warhammer Fantasy 5th edition.

Orcs: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSWy35DNh15/

Chaos Dwarfs: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKd0rbjnWlg/

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oddgits.hut


/Ted Gunnarsson

When I came into the hobby in 1998, it was due to Gorkamorka – I never actually played 2nd edition back then. For me 40K as a game only started with 3rd edition, and I fell for Chaos with the release of the multipart Khorne Berserkers (which are still in production!) in 1999. I also fell in love with the metal Chaos Terminators of the time, and the rest is the proverbial history. Fast forward 22 years, and I am still in love with Chaos (and Orks), despite never having had big painted armies for either. I am more of a collector, builder and painter – in that order – and never played a lot. Still: nostalgia has hit me pretty hard earlier this year, and I finally want to give 2nd edition a go! This challenge seems to be a great opportunity to keep me going for a while, and we will see how it ends. My project is themed around a Khornate warband during the First War of Armageddon, with the goal of using mostly 2nd edition models only. I say „mostly“ because I adore the 1999 Berserkers – a phenomenal kit for its time – and want to use those despite them only coming out during early 3rd edition. I am also no purist when it comes to conversion parts or bases – hell, later on for Daemons I want to use the current plastics, since they are much closer to the original RT style than the metals of 2nd edition, and I simply like them much better! In the end I want the models to look good to me, so I am willing to compromise in terms of „original models“. None of the models used for this project is younger than 22 years though, so either from 1999 or older. My Chaos Lord is the oldest of the bunch by far, being from 1991 (i.e. RT days). The warband is comprised of 20 models, and after some juggling of wargear I managed to get the points total to be divisible by 8 – which is Khornes sacred number! With some bonus along the way I plan to finish with a model count of the same type. Blood for the Blood God! As you can see on the picture, I just started to put some of my old Berserkers on new 32mm bases, and one months worth of models is still in the box: as I mentioned earlier, the current Khorne Berserker kit is (except for the bases) the very same as back in 1999. The Terminators will get 40mm round bases, all other models will be on 32mm ones. Any Daemons added will be on round or even oval bases – I do not like square bases in 40K. WHF though… a topic for another day! My main goal is to make it to the finish line and have some fun along the way. I also aquired some old Space Wolves recently, so themed battles could happen after this project and possibly the next one? Last, but by no means least: I am on a German forum with a bunch of 2nd edition enthusiasts. Any interested German reader can visit us over on Tabletopwelt at: https://www.tabletopwelt.de/index.php?/topic/166324-die-beste-edition-aller-zeiten-ii/ Maybe you find somebody to play 2nd edition with near your place, or you just join for the banter and hobby fun!

Army list

• Chaos Lord: Mark of Khorne, Terminator Armour, Twin Bolter, Power Mace [168 Pts.]
• 3 Terminators: one with Bolter-Melta and Power Fist, one with Twin Bolter and Chainaxe, one
with Reaper Autocannon and Power Fist [202 Pts]
• 8 Chaos Space Marines: one with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol, one with Missile Launcher (has
all additional missiletypes), one with Lascannon, one with Flamer, one with Plasma Pistol, one
with Bolter, three with Chainswords [318 Pts.]
• 8 Khorne Berserkers: one with Power Fist, Plasma Pistol and Sword, two with Plasma Pistol, one
with second Bolt Pistol, six with Chainaxes [320 Pts.]
• Total: 20 models [1008 Pts.]
Model Split

  1. Chaos Lord, CSM with Lascannon [228 Pts.]
  2. Terminator with Reaper Autocannon and Power Fist, one Khorne Berserker with two Bolt Pistols,
    three Khorne Berserkers with Bolt Pistol and Chainaxe [232 Pts.]
  3. Khorne Berserker with Power Fist, Plasma Pistol and Sword, Khorne Berserker with Bolt Pistol
    and Chainaxe, two Khorne Berserkers with Plasma Pistol and Chainaxe [172 Pts.]
  4. Terminator with Twin Bolter and Chainaxe, CSM with Bolter, CSM with Plasma Pistol and
    Chainsword, two CSM with Chainsword [165 Pts.]
  5. Terminator with Bolter-Melta and Power Fist, CSM with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol, CSM with
    Missile Launcher, CSM with Flamer [211 Pts.]

There was no sense of movement, the faint distant stars shifted to slowly for even Mauruins keen senses to detect it. The Eye of the storm could just as easily have stood perfectly still in the vast nothingness, maybe it was, maybe he had stood there an eternity and would remain until the end of times. Perhaps he wasn’t standing on the observation deck at all? Maybe he had long since left the mortal realm and was now floating in the infinity circuit. Suddenly, or perhaps after a very long time, something tugged at the back of his mindh, something that slowly brought his focus back, a voice? “Lord Mauruin? Pardon the intrusion but we are approaching the destination” The destination? Yes, there was a purpose to this journey, it took him a few heartbeats to remember what it was but now it was as clear as ever, the paths of fate laid out before him like shining golden strings. “Prepare the warhost, it is time to carve our destiny”

For me it all started in 1992, or maybe 1993, let’s call it early 90s to be sure. I had played various board and roleplaying games since the mid-eighties, including WFRP, and I had certainly became aware of something called tabletop games, but it all seemed pretty complicated, not to mention costly, so my actual introduction took a little time. My memory is a little bit foggy on the details but I think the very first time I actually got to dive into the wonderful experience of moving around minis on a battlefield was a Rogue trader game, my army consisted of a single model, a Librarian lord in terminator armor, fending of a horde of creatures at the top of a tower, the enemy might have been Chaos, or Tyranids. I don’t even remember who won but it didn’t really matter, what I can remember is the thrill of it all, and that thrill is why 30 years later I am still engaged. I started collecting my own force when 2 nd ed came out, and I fell in love with the Eldar. I was hooked on the stories in WD 127, it was all dark, brooding, maybe a bit emo come to think of it, but that was the army for me. I collected a fair sized army, pretty elite all around, not many guardians really. That was the way we did things generally it seems, loads of knights, monsters and characters in fantasy, warmachines, terminators and aspect warriors in 40k. That said we were more into fantasy in our little group, and 40k came to drift into the back ground. I never had any intent to abandon it, and Eldar was always my army but the last time I actually played a game was in 3 rd ed, late 90s or early 00 I guess. And what was worse at some point I lost most of my minis, I suspect in one of many moves. Only a few characters survived. But, even such a tiny nucleus could be reignited, it started with me going back into 4 th ed fantasy and experiencing the joy of building those Empire and Dwarf armies I always wanted to have back in the days but was unable to finish. The Facebook communities helped greatly to keep the progress going, including the Call of the crown painting challenge. And finishing that the next step was obvious, the glorious eldar army!

Eldar army
Eldar farseer 170p, Staff of Ulthramar 18p 188p
Exarch 50p, Dark reaper helmet 5p, Web of skulls 25p, Crack shot 15p 95p
3 Dark reapers 201p
5 Fire dragons 140p
4 Warp spiders 164p
Dreadnought 160p, sponson weapon 15p, Heavy plasma 30p 205p
Total 993p

Started my warhammer journey when I was 8 years old with collecting Blood Angels. Due to lack of other players I took a minor break in my teens to get back into the hobby again in my older teens. 

My love for the hobby comes both in painting and collecting armies I wanted as a child. 

For this challenge I have choose to do a all slaanesh daemon army. I just love the look of the crab claws and faces of these models. 

So the list is quite basic, Im going to paint a bunch of  daemonettes, N’Kari daemon prince and a Icon bearer. Wich will give me a good starting army for 2th ed. 

N’Kari daemon prince  431p

Daemonic Icon bearer 70p

  • Mark of Slaanesh 5p 

10x Daemonettes. 200p

10x Daemonettes 200p

3x Daemonettes 60p

3x Daemonettes on Steeds 135p 


Ive been slowly collecting/re-collecting what feels like the whole range of early 90s marines over the last few years but never had the confidence to get them painted or enter your challenge. Following yourself and past challenge entrants on instagram led me to entering #dreadtober, I had great fun doing this and having completed the challenge with my 2nd edition Blood Angels dreadnought I really would like to keep the momentum going.  
So I would like to submit my application for Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition Army Challenge III. 1000pts of 2nd Edition Blood Angels. All original 90’s models I plan to paint as 3rd company. Painting will be aligned to the painted examples in 2nd ed. Codex Angels of Death as best I can, with correct models chosen for the characters, or following 2nd ed. box art wherever possible for stylistic cues and details, such as the flames on the Flamer tactical marine shoulders and details on the devastator marine weapons.
Ive tried to pick a rounded force of a few units, vehicles and characters to give a bit of interest to what is painted and as noted above, try to paint what is seen in the codex where possible (though this will require switching a few models/units to 3rd company where they are shown as 2nd).
I post mainly on Instagram but I have also started a blog to track my Blood Angels progress as I find Instagram and Twitter can get a little lost amongst posts on other things. 


My army list and proposed schedule is as follows;


  • Champion Chaplain with bolt pistol and corzius arcanum 53pts
  • Tactical squad – combat squad 150+5+10+9=174pts
    • Veteran Sergeant with master crafted bolt pistol
    • 3 Space Marines with bolter
    • 1 Space Marine with flamer


  • Devastator squad  – combat squad 150+20+15+45=230pts
    • Sergeant with power fist
    • 2 Space Marines with bolter
    • 1 Space Marine with Heavy Bolter
    • 1 Space Marine with Missile Launcher


  • Apothecary 40pts
  • Lexicanum Librarian with force axe 53+5=58pts
  • Techmarine with servo harness 33+10=43pts


  • Space Marine Land Speeder 145pts
  • Space Marine Rhino with Auto Launchers 50+5=55pts


  • Tactical squad – combat squad 150+45=195pts
    • Squad Leader with bolter
    • 3 Space Marines with bolter
    • 1 Space Marine with Missile Launcher


  • tbc.

Total = 993pts

Greetings everyone!

I am a Spanish guy who has been playing the 2nd edition since 2014, because I was too young back in the 90s and started the whole miniature addic… hobby already at 3rd edition. Anyhow, now it is the only edition I play and this challenge seems to be a great opportunity to assault my Great Grey Wall of Shame adding yet another army to my eclectic collection. This time an infantry core from a world which crealry trades a lot with Armageddon led by pious Ministorum  would-be martyrs.

I am eager to start, sleep be damned!

The list: Confessor (Plasma Pistol + Power Sword + Carapace Armour) = 71 points; Commissar (Power Fist + Bolt Pistol + Sword) = 53 points; Preacher (Power Sword + Bolt Pistol + Carapace Armour) = 25 points; Preacher (Power Maul + Las Pistol + Carapace Armour) = 23 points: Imperial Guard Squad (Missile Launcher + Grenade Launcher + Chainsword for Sergeant) (x3) = 426 points; Stormtrooper Squad (Grizzled + Heavy Bolter) = 155 points; Ratlings = 80 points & Hellhound = 165 points. Total: 998.

PS: I think the slices are visible in the photo but just in case: Commissar + Infantry Squad / Confessor + Infantry Squad / Couple of Preachers + Infantry Squad / Hellhound / Ratlings + Shock Troops.


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