40k2ndACII, Month 2, Wave 2

The roar of the landing shuttle drowned out most sounds, as it sat down next to the already empty shuttle. Colonel Qadir held his scarf across his face, shielding himself from the blast of dust and sand blowing across the compound. As the dust settled, the doors opened and another group of troops stepped into the sun. As the 42nd regiment, stationed on Khardasian Prime, recently had been reinforced by the 2nd and 3rd platoon, several units of heavy weapons had been strecthed thin. These units had become particular valuable fighting against the Chaos forces. So Colonel Qadir didn’t think twice, when an elite squad of autocannon gunners jumped the ship heading for the planet. As the gunners stepped onto the sand, Qadir saluted them as they passed him. “Welcome to the jungle boys,” he said with a big grin on his face. He looked back towards the shuttle waiting patiently for the last passenger. As a long time friend of Colonel Qadir, he had accepted the request to join the Camels without hesitation. Qadir was not only eager to see his friend, but this time he would also have the pleasure of joining him on the battlefield. It wasn’t long ago, when Qadir last had a commisar appointed to his regiment. And because this had proven to the exactly right decision, he then decided to do it again, if he would be given the chance.   The sound of footsteps echoed out of the shuttle as the figure emerged. The signature long black coat and black hat, almost gleemed as Commisar Kharasten Rhazoulinski stepped in to the sun. The White breastplate strapped to his torso, told of a man whole had seen more battles than most.  Shouting out several greetings in a language that the tallarns standing nearby didn’t understand, the commisar grapped Qadir by the shoulders and hugged him. The two exchanged a few words before they turned and looked to the sky, eagerly waiting for the next shuttle. (ed. A hugging commisar!? Heads are about to roll, I am sure!)

Yes, month’s entry is another heavy weapons squad, and no you can’t have too many of them. (ed. as your common, opponent I beg to differ) These three however isn’t gonna join the army as a single squad, like most of my HW’s. They are gonna be deployed to my commanders giving each of my lieutenants an autocannon, as a part of the standard regiment assignment. And yes I have a thing for commisars. Finishing this guy gets my total up to three, with more yet to come 😉 And what’s not to like about them…great minis, great fluff and stories which really helps put some flavour and story to an army.  I went a little low on points last month, and are doing the same this month, but I will make up for it in due time 🙂 Not much to say about the paintjob other than painting white is fething crap, and I fething suck at it. (ed. Let me show you some tricks once)

Captain Hawk nervously eyed the traitors Leman Russ’ as they started their engine. 2nd Lt Harrigan had just managed to get a lascannon section into the field and was busy digging them in and sighting them at the likely avenue of approach. 

Sergeant Thorb (ed. Haha!) turned towards Sergeant Jensen (ed. Ha! again! X-P) and shouted “glad you guys could make it. We appreciate the heavy support but do you ALWAYS have to arrive in the nick of time? It would be ok to turn up, I don’t know, early every now and then!”

Sergeant Jensen gave a half smile but his retort was cut off as the traitors (ed. Oh! The good guys arrive!) unleashed their first salvo and began their advance as the lascannons sparked to life.  (ed. Why am I ready this whole narrative like a meta comment, hmmmm?!)

Final note, the hill is the first piece of terrain I ever made way back during the days of second edition! (ed. Awesome squad Wacht – you’re getting there!)

Hello everyone, hope all are well and safe… So this month see’s the Champion of this warband make his entrance on his mighty demonic steed.  This mighty champion of Chaos is able to band together demons and warriors alike and comes in at 106pts. Secondly, came half of the planned unit of disgusting plaguebearers. Hold their swords high and belly low these guys are just fantastic to paint and enjoyed these a lot. Coming in at 100pts for the bunch of five. Lastly, see my bonus this month and it’s a great one…. none other than the mighty Great Unclean One. One of my all time favourite models ever made. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did. George. For more pictures check out my Instagram page ebpminis 

Ed. I really think George’s scheme on the Nurgle boys is super cool, so I asked him to share the recipe he uses for painting them and have taken the liberty of adding it here:

George: It’s really easy. It’s cheap grey spay can (Poundland in the uk) then I think it’s called nightshade blue wash I’ll check tonight (GW paint) and nuin Oli watered down over the top. In person they are really dark blue. 

This month’s Deathwing Terminator squad will help catch up my points for the challenge, last month’s scouts were only a little over 100 points.   Since my burgeoning army doesn’t yet contain a tank, the five brothers of the 1st Company will also provide some heavily armed and armoured support for my 2nd edition forces.  This squad is made up of two pewter Deathwing Terminators that I bought way back in the late nineties, along with three pre Space Hulk Terminators from the Rogue trader era a friend gifted to me a few years ago.  I still need to add some transfers to finish off this squad, if you’d like to see the whole force I’ve painted for the challenge head over to my blog  (ed. looking amazing, and yes – adding a few termies is the perfect way to allow yourself to lean back on points!)

Well, things are slowly starting to shape up ! Two squads are now joined by a Dreadnought. It’s not perfect and I will add details in the next few days but that’s what I came up with at the deadline. =] I’m happy with how neat the wraith bone looks. Less happy with the Scatter laser. (ed. wot? It’s orange and red! It’s perfect. ) Overall, the Dreadnought has over 50 gems, which brings it to a total near 240 ! ^^ (ed. crazy guy! I looks wonderful though) And we’re far from done !Finally, for May, we will (quite literally) elevate the debate a bit ! 😉

So, another month went by, and another mini got painted … yeah, that’s right, only one. That takes care of the characters  for now though, so next month will be about getting model count up a bit. I really enjoyed painting the Terminator Rune Priest, but MAN, THOSE RUNES … and so many of them :/ Phew! I got there in the end though, and I’m pretty pleased with the result. In time he’ll probably get a Terminator retinue bodyguarding him, but that’s all plans for the future. Next month I’ll take on the 10 Blood Claws, and hopefully they’ll paint up quicker. At least there aren’t as many details on them as on the characters.

This month is the turn of the boyz, a 20 ork mob With lascanyon as heavy weapon. I enjoyed a lot the painting process of this guys,  they have  a lot off detail for such an old miniatures. Hope you like them. (ed. we do!)

Hi there. My second month feels a bit like kind of a fail month to me. I did manage to pull off what I intended quite early and was hoping to top it up with yet another bonus unit. But as time came and went I did not manage to finish the bonus unit after all. (ed. but finishing in time, is just as appreciated. Well done) So in last minute style I got my photos taken and sent here. What I have here is Blue Squad with a plasma gun at 76 pts, Squat Warlord in Exo Armour at 114 pts, a Thudd Gun with crew at 51 pts. Bringing me to a total of 241 pts for this round and still in the game. (ed. this force is shaping up to look fantastic Jonas!) That is 478 pts in total of my army challenge and 555 pts with the added bonus Squad from last month. Hopefully they will see some action soon too. Only a terrible cold on my part managed to hamper a planned game. (ed. We managed to get in a game after the cold though – you can check out Jonas’ Squat vs. my Blood Skulls here) But looking at the stats and list I have done so far it really made me think I might need a bit more punch and armour to add. I must see where this leads. Read more at my blog.

The second month has been a whirlwind of a month in terms of painting and the hobby for me. I have not only painted my 9 gretchin with Runtherd and Warlord with gretchin assistants, but I have finished painting a large number of miniatures for both Warhammer Fantasy and 40K resulting in more completed models to enter the glass cabinet at the end of the month which fills me with pride. (ed. amen brother! You have really made an achievement here!) So, this month sees the completion of the Gretchin which are Knightmare Games models from a Kickstarter I backed a couple of years back and they were designed by the Goblin master himself. Kev Adams. They are packed with detail and soul and were a treat to paint. The Warlord was also a nice model to finish and the banners were the focal point to the Mega Armor Orks and characters for my army. So I tried my own designs based on the old art from Paul Booner from the early 1990’s as inspiration. This rounds off my submission for this month and I am hard at work on next month’s entry. On a final note, I will finally get to play 2nd ed, early in May and can’t wait to see my Bad Moons on the table and rolling sustained fire dice again. Take care everyone.

I finihsed my Dreadnought Roxteddy – he’s got an impressive plasma cannon and a powerclaw to boot. He’s seen plenty of action already going up against Jonas’ cool Squats. I hope to get some more games in in the near future but you never know what all the stuff that’s going on. Next month I hope to make good speed with the Slaanesh riders (bikes) and some other stuff… I am not promising much though, and might just as well end up painting my Nurgle boys instead. You never know with Chaos.

This month saw the highest toll in the form of missing in action in the history of the c0wabunga 40k challenges. Here are the battle brothers sorely missed:



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