40k2ndACIII Month 1 – Wave 1

With a concentrated look on his face, Corporal Pjotr Sviyazhskie peered through the periscope mounted under the commanders hatch in the chimera. It was hot and cramped inside the vehicle. His whole squad was stuffed in the troop compartment; even the large mortar. Outside the morning, mist began to drift away. He couldn’t see very far, but enough to recognize the brown heaps of fresh earth and sandbags on the green lawn of the former park. The spot would be perfect for the planned landing. The shuttles from the ecclesial transport would have no problem and could even land in twos or threes. But first things first. He could see movement in the trenches and that was his problem. He didn’t know how many enemy cultist manned the trenches, so surprise and speed would be there best weapon. “Pavel, you will go out first and deploy the mortar with Krysztof. As soon as I give the signal and the chimera advances I want the first rounds in this trench, understood?” With a determined face, Pavel nodded. “The rest of us will storm and use the chimera as cover as good as we can. Any questions?” There were none. Everyone knows what was expected from him. Silently the backdoor opened and the soldiers hurried outside. They checked their weapons one last time and as soon as … saw that the mortar and his crew were ready he gave the signal to attack. With a deafening roar, the motor of the chimera came to life and the first mortar rounds spilled fountains of brown earth into the air. “Forward Valhallans! For the Emperor! Hurrrraaaahhh!” And so the attack began… 1. slice: Remains of the 276th Valhallan motorized Infantry Regiment 269 points ◦ Squad with flamethrower and mortar ◦ Chimera troop transport I went with a different colour scheme than the classic Green-White Winter camouflage. The 276th is fighting on the green world of Palmer-18, so they are wearing standard brown coats and khaki tunics. They looked a bit like soviet infantry and I like them this way. I mean come on, they got red on them! Painting the chimera was a lot of fun and some may notice the reference to a famous polish World War 2 veteran. I included almost all the cool miniatures and heavy weapons I have. More and I would have an imperil army and not allies to my Sisters. Finding a good colour scheme for them will be a harder job.


Here is my first slice for the challenge: An Apothecary and Chaplain!

Apothecary [42pts]: Blind Grenade [2pts]
Chaplain [72pts]: Chaplain Champion [53pts], Frag Grenade [2pts], Hand
Flamer [7pts], Jump Pack [10pts]

The chaplain has a jump pack to lead the assault squad into combat. I
always wanted to do a chaplain with a jump pack because frankly what
could possibly be cooler looking.

The apothecary, though frankly not with any specific purpose in this
force, will be a lot more useful in the larger Ultramarines army I am
using this force to add onto.

I haven’t painted any retro models in a few years now and I had to
figure out my blue recipe again as I foolishly did not write it down
from before! Though ironically I painted only 2 shoulder pads in blue
and that was it for these! But a good little warm up :).

I struggled a lot with the decals as I was trying to use original ones
from the time, and they were falling apart on me trying to put them on
the shoulders. I ended up using more modern decals, which are slightly
larger than the originals but just as good in the end.

I ended up using some basing material that looked a bit too large for
my taste in the end, but for the next models I have some finer gravel
which should match up better for the classic look!

Blog post for this slice:

The first unit I have painted for my Legion of the Damned Army is the Army Commander. I had no idea what I was going to be arming him with when I started, so I prepared a couple of weapons and dry fitted them to see which would look the best. The thunder hammer and bolter combination produced a classic open pose, which didn’t cover the detail I had spent a lot of time painting, so that’s what I settled on! In particular, the bolter didn’t cover up the flames on the combat knife scabbard, which were tricky to do. I have used the “reverse flame” colouration of the old school Legion of the Damned models, with yellow at the tips for maximum contrast against the black of their armour. If you would like to see a couple more photos which show the flames on the shoulderpads a better, feel free to check out my blog: 

First month of the challenge is done, and It has been a blast! The main plan of this month was to get down a painting scheme and decide how I would the bases look like. With my oen deadline to be done before Jul/ christmas. 

As these things always tend to take way more time than you think… So it did feelt like I was going to paint more then I really did. 

So I started off easy with the smales slice of the army, which is only 4 models! 3x daemonets and an Icon bearer with the mark of slaanesh. 

After some test models I decided to go with a purple/ white skin and a light blue to make them stand out a bit. 

I think the results turned out quite nice! I really like the nebula/ portal look of the bases. The thought was to get a feeling that they are stepping out of the realm of Chaos, on to the battlefield.
Icon bearer- mark of slaanesh 75p 
3x Daemonettes 60p 
Bringing the total of the first month entry to 135p. 

Dear all,
I am really excited to participate in this challenge. This is the first slice of my pizza, the 5-models squad of Wraithguard. In the lore Saim-Hann is a Craftworld which prefers to go to war on bikes, however in times of need they also use these constructs imbued with the spirit stones of dead eldars. 
On top of that I think they are very cool in red! I think they fit pretty well into my painting plan. There will be a lot of red in my army except for Fuegan and the hawks.
This squad costs 175 pts and they were pretty deadly back in 2nd Edition. They are strong as well to be killed. It has been a real challenge to have them done to a (I think) decent standard before the Christmas break. I was travelling back to Spain on 21st December after almost 2 years of Covid travel restrictions and I knew I would have no time to finish them there so I had to spend endless hours at night after the family went to bed to do it.
But here is my first entry for the challenge, I hope you find them nice and enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed painting them. 

Ho there, 2nd ed fans! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and by the time you read this are enjoying a happy and healthy new year.Well, I finally got there and managed to complete my first slice for month one of the 40k 2nd ed army challenge. Despite all the obstacles life attempted to throw in my way over the course of December I now have a unit of ten Genestealers painted in their classic 2nd ed colour scheme… and I’m really quite pleased with them!I’d decided to make heavy use of the Citadel Contrast range when I was planning for this challenge as I thought the classic Tyranid range would really allow me to get the best out of those paints. Have to say though that I was quite disappointed with the contrast of the  main Ultramarines Blue colour. It looked so patchy and awful that I ended up inking Nuln Oil and  drybrushing Vallejo Magic Blue over the top of the contrast. In hindsight I guess Ultramarines Blue was one of the colours I should have added Contrast Medium to in order for it to flow better. Live and learn. Didn’t turn out too badly in the end though! I finished the blue areas off with a light grey highlight and then glazed with Terradon Turquoise (and a glaze of Hormagaunt Purple over the pink/purple areas) which gave the models a real shine. I wasn’t too sure about this initially but the more I finished the more I grew to like my ‘Stealers and their shiny carapaces… it definitely adds to the otherworldly, alien feel of the unit in my opinion!Really hoping I’ll have an easier time just getting to sit down and paint in January.

Warning klaxons blared and the bridge was bathed in the red glow of emergency lights as the Night Lords vessel exited the Warp.

“Captain, status report!”

Asuramandos Sul gave the command and moved over to the holographic system map that was being rendered by the ship’s cogitators.

“Real space transition successful my Lord! All readings are normal.” 

The captain sounded noticeably relieved as he relayed the information.

“I’ll never get used to that,” complained Jago Valcoran as he joined the sorcerer at the strategium. 

“Warp-sick, Jago?” The sorcerer laughed. “I would have thought…”

Silence suddenly fell across the room as Gorsameth Sul stomped onto the bridge in his massive suit of Terminator armour.

“What do you have for us, Asuramandos?” he bellowed as he strode towards his two fellow Night Lords.

“The system is called Kardashian, brother. Fairly unremarkable save for the capital world of Kardashian Prime”, the sorcerer replied.

“Imperial records classify it as a civilised world with significant industrial capacity. There should be plenty of potential targets for us on the surface”, Asuramandos continued.

“Very well then”, Gorsameth said. “Helmsman, set course for Kardashian Prime! Let us see what this world has to offer…”

My slice for the first month consists of the three models that make up the command section of my Night Lords army: a Chaos Lord, a Sorcerer and an Icon Bearer. It took me far longer to finish these than I had anticipated, even though I started early. There’s a fair amount of detail on them, and I had to come up with the colour scheme as I went along, so that may explain why it took the time it did. Also, as they are three very different models, I could not rely on the old “assembly line” method. Now that I have the colour scheme in place, I’m confident that I’ll be able to paint the next set of models a bit faster!

Gorsameth Sul

Chaos Lord (91)

Terminator armour, Lightning Claw, Combi-bolter (53)

Total: 144 points

Gorsameth Sul is the leader of the warband and desires nothing more than the complete downfall of the Imperium. Leading from the front and clad in a suit of hulking Terminator armour, he is an imposing sight on the battlefield. His brother Asuramandos may dictate the warband’s movements, but it is ultimately Gorsameth who commands the respect of their minions.

Asuramandos Sul

Chaos Sorcerer (52)

Total: 52 points

Asuramandos Sul is the warband’s Sorcerer, and the more level-headed of the two brothers. Highly pragmatic and with a razor-sharp intellect; Asuramandos is the architect behind the warband’s overall strategy. By studying the currents of the Warp, he decides when and where to strike.

Jago Valcoran

Chaos Icon Bearer (55)

Total: 55 points

Jago Valcoran is a long-time henchman of the Sul brothers, and has been given the honour of carrying the warband’s icon into battle.

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oddgits.hut


/Ted Gunnarsson

Okay listen up you maggots! You all know why you’re here; You are the WORST of the worst of the criminals on our planet and are all serving consecutive life sentences for crimes against the Holy Imperium of Man. However, the state is prepared to offer you a deal: You can choose to either spend the rest of your days rotting in this orbital prison or you can choose to work off the time you owe The Emperor in the Oedo 808th Penal Legion. What do you say to that?!? Are you going to turn down the mercy of the Master of Humanity?!?
Oh, what’s that? You’re NOT here to join the penal le… oh dear I’m terribly sorry about that! They’re always sending the wrong people here. Please disregard the earlier beatings and head shaving and welcome my dear reader to the first month of the third Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition army challenge! 
For my first entry, I’ve completed the first infantry squad of my platoon which features a sergeant with bolt pistol and chainsword, one trooper with a flamer and one mortar team. I had a blast doing the loader carrying the shell with a shark face on it which says “die scum”! However, I got onto quite a roll when it comes to bonus models and so I also added a few models that have been bouncing around in my collection for too long. A single Ratling sergeant will be used as Stumper Muckstart, the special character from the IG codex (I’ve never seen him on the battlefield so wanted to try him). I also painted an old Malcadon Spyrer up as a “counts as” Eversor called “Project: MOLCOS”  who is based on the character from the iconic 90s anime my army is based on! If you’ve not seen Cyber City Oedo 808, give it a watch! It definitely inspired certain aspects of 40k back in the day.
I also included a Vindicare Assassin, an old Flagellant who I’ll use as a Preacher and an Inquisitorial retinue figure who’ll count as a Confessor (the last two being allies from Codex:SoB). I want this army to be packed with character and feeling rather than being just a wall of basic guard infantry and expect to see some Penal Legion troops in the future. The holy men will be taking advantage of the feelings of mortality of the troops and the addition of the assassins and Stumper implies that this current campaign may have some elements to it that require some finesse as well as fury. You’ll see what I mean as the army comes along, but thanks for reading and see you next month 😀
Month 1 pledge:
Infantry Squad 1: Sergeant with bolt pistol and chainsword. One trooper with a flamer and a mortar team: 131pts

Month 1 bonus models:
Stumper Muckstart, Ratling Sniper: 45pts
Vindicare Assassin (with all the murderous gubbinz): 215pts
Eversor Assassin (with extra pointy and horrifying murderous gubbinz): 240pts
Preacher: 2x Flail. 12pts
Confessor: Double-handed weapon. 55pts 
Total points: 698pts

Valerius Sablin entered the ruined chapel where the men of first contubernium held the line. Half the men were scanning the perimeter, the rest eating and resting. Green corpses littered the courtyard, the result of several botched assaults. The merciful Emperor had seen that in the face of such odds the only Human casualty was sergeant Elias, whose left arm laid near the shattered wall, torn asunder by an enemy bolt. But even then he was still alive and leading his people, the stump hastily cauterized with fire. That would certainly merit a bionic replacement, probably one of decent quality given the sergeant’s service record. Laying back against the altar, he greeted the newcomer. – “Commissar, you arrive late for the party! There has been no Ork activity in a while.” – Said as he pointed to the carpet of organic debris outside the chapel.Sablin smiled back to the NCO.- “Well Elias, I come from one.” – Replied raising his green-bloodied power fist. – “Seems your people are doing alright”.– “Indeed, we were hard pressed by the last Xenos wave, but one Sasori heeded our calls for assistance just in the nick of time, flanking and strafing them.”The Commissar nodded as he remembered those Paradeshan recon walkers, A local model a bit off of the standard Imperial technology that the Black Cohorts employed in place of the ubiquitous Sentinel. The Mechanicus was not too fond of them due to fabrication and maintenance difficulties, but the men clearly liked them being fully enclosed and packing extra firepower. Also, their four limbs, lower profile and silent engine made them a superior stalker.
– “The Emperor protects.” – Sablin stated. – “I will see that your arm gets the fix you need, but before that I want to speak with your men”.– “Indeed He does. Thank you Commissar. The boys are at your disposal.”– – – – – – – – – –
So, the first slice of the challenge included a commissar and a regular infantry squad. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish them on time, but sickness gave me more time that I needed (yes, painting with fever has been a thing!). So much time, in fact, that I have been able to push a third-party “Sentinel”. In the future I will probably design some rules with the help of the Dark Millenium book which properly represent the model. The photo is crappy because my camera and skills are, I have definitely to work in that regard. Also, some flavour text, because why not?
Slice 1Commissar (Power Fist + Bolt Pistol + Sword) = 53 points.Imperial Guard Squad (Missile Launcher + Grenade Launcher + Chainsword for Sergeant) = 142Total: 195 points.

BonusSentinel = 75 points.

So for my Tranche 1 I have completed a mighty 205 points in a single model – but at least its a pretty large one! Dreadnought with heavy plasma gun, twin power fists, shuriken catapult and flamer.
Tried a few techniques that are new to me on this one – so the yellow is all airbrushed as a starting point. Wraithbone undercoat then airbrushed Iyanden Yellow over the top – the more layers you build up the more orange the colour – so the gradients were achieved by simply layering up slightly more towards the bottom of each element. Areas where this needed strengthing (like around the finger joints as they are too small to airbrush) some more Iyanden Yellow was glazed on with a hairy brush. Everything was then edge highlighted to bring it towards the classic GW style! The blue was largely the same, but this was then glazed upwards in the centre to get the highlight down the centre. Gems in a few different colours for variation then carpet bombing with decals to break up the yellow areas and it was done!
I have started on some bonus models – some Warp Spiders – but these have taken a back seat to family over Christmas, so they’re still a way off being finished. Hopefully they’ll return from their jump through the warp to put in an appearance next month!

Lieutenant Antanov stepped off the lander and took a deep breath of the cold air and was pleasantly surprised. He thought the entirety of the Kardashian system was an arid desert, and was glad he was misinformed. It wouldn’t be the first time his troops were sent to a theater dressed for a Valhallan winter only to find a Catachan jungle.  Thus far the only minor mix up was the quartermaster assigned him a heavy bolter team instead of a multi-melta. There were even a couple flurries in the air….

Month one of the 3rd Second Edition challenge sees me switching from the Jungle Fighters of Catachan to the Ice Warriors of Valhalla. I spent a lot of time debating my color scheme. I sort of wanted to do a WWII Soviet theme but I also wanted to do more of a classic 2nd edition style but was scared of painting white. I decided I didn’t want to do the drab Soviet colors and with encouragement from some friends I decided to paint white. I didn’t fully flesh out the color scheme until the month started but better late than never!

I haven’t painted on a white undercoat since the mid 90’s and while it presented some challenges I think I overcame them and am quite happy with my results. The blue portions could have had a better transition from the base to the highlight, my mid-tone was to close to the base, I’ll work on that next round. I also plan on doing proper snow bases but my shop was out of the texture paste I plan on using. Hopefully next month the flurries the Lt was enjoying turns a little heavier!

Speaking of the Lt I did make a slight change from my planned entry. I organized all my figures and realized my buddy must have planned on having Heavy Bolters in his command squads so I swapped a multi-melta out for the Heavy Bolter team. I had an extra flamer so I included him even though he won’t fit in the command squad. It’s good to have options! I also downgraded my Captain to a Lieutenant because one day I’ll be painting the Valhallan Captain. 

You’ll also notice a single stand of epic in the picture. Someone in our chat group said we should paint Epic armies to go with our entry so I figured I’d give it a try!

Command HQ – Lieutenant w/ chainsword/hand flamer, comm-link, 2 flamers, Heavy Bolter 122



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