40k2ndACIII Month 4 – Wave 2

“This is Squad Koth. Come in Squad Mawdrym.”
“Aye. This is Mawdrym.”
“We are holding the valley for now, but a flanking force is coming up through a small canyon to the west. If they break through…”
“They won’t, we’ll see to that.”
Jakr Mawdrym cut the link and signalled his squad to mount up. He hit the ignition on his bike and felt the engine roar into life.

“Come brothers! We have prey to catch!

The bikers took off at full throttle. The hunt was on.

***My fourth slice consists of a squad of three Night Lords Chaos Space Marines Bikes. These models consist of the plastic Space Marine bike with Chaos-themed metal add-ons. Metal bits stuck to plastic models is seldom a great fit, but I found these models went together surprisingly well. I did not have as much time to spend on these as I would have liked, but I can always come back later and add some more details!

***Squad Mawdrym
3x Chaos Space Marine Bikers (135)
Total: 135

The bikers of Squad Mawdrym serve as the eyes and ears of the warband. They specialise in lightning assaults behind enemy lines and outflanking maneuvers.

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Character time! Exarchs was always fun to kit and skill out, and a bit of magic, or psychic powers as I believe it was called, is pretty nice as well. So here they are.

The amber sky appeared to be burning and could hardly be seperated from ground that was heaving and groaning, spouting flames as if the entire planet was about to split apart.  The exarch beside him moved like a natural predator, it would seem unlikely that this place could support any life, and yet Mauruin could sense something was watching them, with evil intent.

This month’s slice saw me completing a 2nd edition smash captain: a chaplain with a jump pack!  Going into battle alongside Chaplain Boreas is Brother Bethor, a Dark Angels special character who is the chapter’s banner bearer.  In addition to the chapter’s banner, he can carry any of the three bespoke banners that belong to the 1st legion, the standards of Fortitude, Devastation, or Retribution.each with their own special abilities.  In this month’s picture he is shown carrying the Dark Angel’s chapter banner.  I printed out the banner from a file posted to the 2nd edition group on Facebook.  After printing the banner, I use rubber cement to glue it to a layer of aluminum foil and then a layer of black construction paper.  This helps give the thin banner some substance and the foil lets the banner hold a position if you want to pose the banner like it’s blowing in the wind.  Thanks to Dr the Viking for organizing this great community of hobbyists keeping the fun of 2nd edition alive.  Follow my hobby adventures at 1st Legion Chronicles.

Dear Dr The Viking,

Very nearly got everything done this month – so that means I’ve actually managed to catch up a bit after last month’s problems getting everything done!

I started off by completing Fuegan, who was unfinished at the end of slice 3, and was really pleased with how it came out. I also managed to complete a hobby goal when Games Workshop picked it for inclusion in one of their Twitch channel Hobby Roundup shows! 

I then moved on to the big model for the month – the Viper. Has been built with a scatter laser and twin linked shuriken catapults, and I’m very happy with how its come out. The yellow is very simply airbrushed Iyanden Yellow contrast paint – the more layers you build up the more orange it goes, so the shading is really quick and easy to do. The blue is now a tried and trusted recipe so was really fun to do.

Finally I moved on to the Howling Banshees. These are not quite finished – I had some issues with the bases that took me too long to resolve! Top tip – don’t use crackle paints over modelling putty. Even with undercoat and a base paint layer on top the crackle has pulled them off when it’s shrunk during drying. I don’t usually have this issue as every other model in this army has been painted off the bases meaning they can be solid non-slotta ones that don’t need filling. I then drill and pin the models to the bases when they’re done – but these prancing Banshees don’t have the space in the feet for drilling – so I’ve had to paint them on the actual bases! Anyway, the armour is missing the last highlight, as is the hair, but the rest of them is finished so they’re presentable!!!

Need to get going with the last month now – six jet bikes should be interesting as I’m going to have to come up with six different canopy designs that still show all of them as being the same squad!!!



P.S. photos are in the Dropbox link below;


Another month down and another month of finishing the pervious month’s slice. My self imposed difficulty of scenic heavy weapon bases continues to be a major effort, though thankfully the end results always justify the toil. I still need to agrax the snow a bit but they’re otherwise done.

For this month I finished out an Infantry squad sporting a grenade launcher and autocannon. I’m extremely pleased with the Flamer to lasgun conversion and the helmeted sgt, both provide a nice new aspect to the standard Valhallan line. I plan to reuse the flamer conversion in the future, I always have an abundance of those sculpts.

The auto cannon sports a bowl of space borscht, my late entry to the red month, and a spare autocannon magazine I casted for a bit of character.

Infantry squad- autocannon, grenade launcher, bolt pistol/chainsword: 130

Yes! I finally managed to get a good chunk of the Nids done… admittedly the majority of the painting on the Genestealers was done in February, where I failed. But I will take it all. The paint scheme looks pretty much as I had hoped. I wanted to avoid any blue in my army, and wanted dark purple to take the role that blue has in the original army. I also tie together the warriors, termagants and genestealers by letting the purple/pink be a consistent colours throughout.

I didn’t have a lot of inspiration for the rippers… so I just autopiloted them using the colours I use for the rest.

Mulligans this month


This month just slipped away and I didn’t compete my entry and will be taking the “free pass” this month . 

This is the first time I’ve had to use the break across the 3 challenges and hopefully my last it’s just been one of those months where life’s got in the way of any hobby time . 

Please see my WIP . 

1x Rhino and the start of the bike unit . 

Wild Card for me this month. My plan™ was to finish with a regular entry for all six months – including some bonus for each, of course! This did not go too bad… until March.

A serious lack of overall motivation with some proper depressive episodes on top led to… well, not a lot getting done really. I hope to get back on some sort of track in April. Until then what I can show for this month was half done in February already, and finished by now: some more actual Daemons of not-green origins. It’s something!

Not-slice #4: four Bloodletters of Khorne, 140 points

Hi everyone,

I have picked March as my ‘break month’. I have not been able to paint any units from my list this month due to other commitments.

I hope next month I will be able to paint the swapping hawks squad.

Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful miniatures others have painted this month.



Dear Dr The Viking

Unfortunately due to a number of factors I didn’t finish my slice this month…but I will hopefully catch up and get it done this month along with my Pop Culture entry. 



Jonas did not send in an entry this month and therefore used his mulligan.

Casualties this month

Two strikes and you’re out. These guys are out of the challenges and we honour their efforts.

Chris used his mulligan in December, and did not submit an entry this month. Therefore he is out of the challenge. This is of course sad, but also that is how the rules of this little game go.

I would like to extend my thanks to Chris for taking his time to participate in my challenge.


  1. Well done to all who made it this far – some really nice paintjobs on cool old models!

    As for the “casualties”, I was thinking… It could be a cool thing for the next challenge if there was some sort of special “redemption/resurrection” round at the very end, where those who failed have one last chance to at least show what they did manage to get painted despite any missed months, and to see how close they came to the initial starting goal of 1000pts. Perhaps if they managed to get say 75% or 80% of the points by the end of this special round, they can get a sort of runner up or “resurrected/redeemed” badge of recognition for their efforts?

    I don’t know if it would over-complicate things, but as the goal of the challenge is to get a playable force of classic models painted and support each other in this journey, it seems to me that this would be a nice way of keeping challengers that fall out in the game even if they can’t technically “win”.

    Anyway, just a thought! 🙂



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