40k2ndACIII Month 5 – Wave 1

More and more units arrived on the planet. However, after the first shock the cultist forces regrouped and launched desperate counter attacks on almost every part of the frontline. Nevertheless, the depleted imperial forces and their new allies from the Adepta Sororitas held firm. During the day, the blue sky of Palmer-18 was covered in clouds of smoke and dust from the artillery fire both sides commenced. And during the night the same shelling lighted the darkness with red and orange balls of explosions and fire. It was a brutal fight. No mercy was expected and no quarter given. The next months would decide over the fate of Palmer-18. And here we have it, the last squad of the sisters. Squad Anna with heavy Bolter and Flamethrower. It seems I slowly get the hang to paint these girls. After going through my collection, I realized I have more Sisters than I will ever need. Therefore, I kept a couple and the main part is now up for trading. This is the second painting challenge I took part in and it was a joy and honor! Maybe till next time – and remember: The Emperor protects!

Welcome back Peregrine Falcon Squad to the fifth month of the #40k2ndac! How’s the heavy machine gun? Lovingly tended by a P.O.W. I trust? Excellent, let us begin 😀

*clears throat* MISSION ONE, START!

Well then everyone, it’s pop culture month for the challenge and I finally did what I’ve been threatening to do for a while now and submitted a Metal Slug themed 40k entry! Nope, not as my original part of the list since the Leman Russ Demolisher here already had pride of place as the last official model I needed to complete for the challenge. Instead I decided to make my Metal Slug theme completely self contained and do some sculpting and conversion work on a Catachan rocket launcher trooper (you have to say it in the announcer voice btw) and a Catachan tank crewman and than also painting up a Leman Russ as the Super Vehicle 001: Metal Slug itself! I am very fortunate to own a copy of the “Metal Slug: The Ultimate History” I was gifted by my amazing partner after setting the Twin Galaxies arcade world record live back in 2019 at Sydney’s 1989 Arcade Bar and this was invaluable for having a range of artworks to use as reference. 

Hoping to have another trick or two up my sleeve for the very final month, but it all depends on postage times and what I can cobble together as I am almost out of period Imperial Guard models now XD

Wish me luck and catch you next month where you can see the Oedo 808th in all their glory!


Month 5 pledge:

Leman Russ Demolisher: Heavy Plasma side sponsons. 250pts

Month 5 bonus models:

Super Vehicle 001: Metal Slug (Leman Russ variant): Heavy Bolter side sponsons, hull-mounted Heavy bolter (replacement for lascannon using the Dark Millenium conversion rules). 185pts.

Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving (Marco with a missile launcher, likely as part of another penal squad): 50pts. 

Total points: 485pts.

Hello Once more.

Tactical combat squad – 150

Plasma Gun, Sergeant with chainsword 10  Sergeant with power sword.

Apothocary with Chainsword


So I have finally corrected my silly mistake from February, I have now painted the plasma gun squad along with the power sword sergeant.  I’m really quite happy with these although my green is not quite matched to my previous months.  It’s more noticable than I thought but will not take long or be difficult to fix.

I am not certain if the plasma gun is a conversion – if it is it wasn’t done by me and I didn’t realise it before I primed the figures.

This is the 1000 points finished!  I have included a photo of the fully painted force.  I don’t yet know if I’m going to bring through a bonus round or not next month – I wanted this specifically as a 1000 point force with any other marines I have being other chapters – yet I might have one or more bikes available.

I’m not sure how my time is going to run.  If I don’t submit anything else I am absolutely happy with what I have completed.  If you don’t hear from me again i bid you all adieu!

Thank you all!

Hi, I am back.

Last month I failed to finish on time. I had my entry almost ready and could probably have forced it through and sent some half assed photo just before deadline. Instead I chose to use up my ”free month” mulligan and give a bit more time on the paintjob and photo.

So here is actually two months worth of minis. Neophyte and Accolyte class Hybrids, both units ended up in the favourable eight trooper strong units as Khorne prefers, armed with a bit of mixed weapons compared to what my pledge had advertised, but I used what arms and weapons I had and what I found most appealing. We also have a Brood Brother weapons team with a Las Cannon and a Sentinel. After painting this Sentinel I really wish I had two more, what a great and fun model to paint. Rounding off these two months pledges I have my Magus and he has been joined by a bonus Rogue Psycher lurking around in the back.

This actually concludes all the models I pledged for this challenge and some more, but I have other models on the paint table waiting to join in for next month as bonus and for the Group Picture. To conclude I am really happy with the army so far and with a bit of work I might soon have painted all my Cult related models.

http://deathworldadventures.blogspot.com/ is my usual playing ground and I will also document my progress there along with this challenge.

Hello all, 

This month see’s 2 entry’s the first being a Rhino transport . This flaming chariot roars on to the battle field in a ball of flames …. 

The idea behind this was chassis can’t hold back the fire with in and every door and seem are cracking and breaking apart wanting to unleash the marines inside . 

The second entry is now the complete LOTD biker unit. 

I loved making these and using the skeleton skeleton stead’s was a highlight for me . 

Hope you enjoy these and can’t wait to see everyone else entry’s. 

If you have a spare 5minutes please check out my instagram page EBP_mini-painting

The fifth and last slice of the challenge! This time the third mandatory infantry squad and a couple of priests to lead the troops in the name of Him-on-Terra. The guardsmen are basically the same as the other two squads, with yet more accessories from 40K and WW2 as well as decals in order to give them some variety since the Steel Legion model range is quite limited and I do not dare to mess with metal miniatures just yet. The two preachers also have some bits to add character, but the main conversion is the power sword held by the red priest in place of the simple wooden club he usually carries. Both models have been quite easy and satisfactory to paint with a mix of contrast and regular paints. As a bonus, I updated the Hellhound from the last slice with details, decals and dirt.

Since this ends my pledged models, I expect to use the last month to add as many bonuses as I can. We will see what they will be!

Also yes, there is no narration this time. Real life got in the way and I have no time left for it. Sorry!

Slice 5

Imperial Guard Squad (Missile Launcher + Grenade Launcher + Chainsword for Sergeant) = 142

Preacher (Laspistol + Power Sword) = 16 points.

Preacher (Laspistol + Power Sword) = 16 points.

Total: 174 points.


Hellhound = 0 points (it’s the same from last month).

The doors to the bunker opened slowly, with a shrill squeal after going so long without proper maintenance. 

The first figure to emerge was wearing some impressive armour. Also, it was pretty yellow.

“Da coast iz cleer boss.”

Warboss Blackaxe liked having the Bad Moon Boss on his recent staff – any ambush was more likely to kill the idiot in bright colours first, then the Warboss could blast the stupid assassins with more Dakka. Sorted.

As befitted his status, Urglush Blackaxe was bigger than the other Orks and had the biggest horns on his helmet – how else would you know who was in charge? He had started off as a Blood Axe but had hung around with some Goffs so much that he mixed the two concepts together to make Black Axe. It was all good to him, as the Goffs still stuck around and took orders. 

His underlings gathered around as he stepped up to his platform, ready to yell at them and start them off on their Waaagh!


Villeneuve stepped up beside the Warboss and really, really hoped this was for the best. 


So, this Month was the last official slice of models – my Mek, his assistants, my Gretchin standard bearer and the Warboss (who was a Bad Moon model). I decided that I couldn’t justify converting such a cool model into a Blood Axe and so painted up Ghazkull to represent him instead, and 4 more Goffs. Oh, JB is actually being used to represent a Gretchin Champion, so that’s all cool.

LOTSOFpts Warboss & Mega Armour, Power Sword, Kustom Sumfin’, “Gretchin Champion” & Autogun, Flak

LESSpts  Gretchin Standard Bearer & Cameleoline

SUMpts Mekboy & CyBork, Bionic Arm, stuff, 4 Gretchin Assistants with flak, autogun (including Champion)

IDUNNOpts Boss & MegaArmour, Powerfist, Kustshoota, Refractor

AFEWpts 4 Skarboyz

Maddix aka Warboss Blackaxe



I close out month 5 by finishing off my last 2 models, Marneus Calgar
and a Techmarine!
I was saving the best for last in this challenge, the model I wanted
to paint the most was Calgar and it has been a long wait to get here!
Both models came from previous owners and required some paint
stripping which let me finally try out my sonic cleaner I bought a
couple years ago. It works great! The techmarine sadly had some detail
damaged on him that was either from my vigorous scrubbing or the
previous owner… it had some real thick paint on it.

I spent many nights working away on Calgar, giving him the attention
his glorious model deserves. For both models I was staring hard at the
painted figures in the Ultramarines codex, doing my best to copy their
paint schemes and adding decals as close as possible.

The banner, which the original model did come with, was stuck together
off center and dirty.. so I just made my own instead. I grabbed some
photo paper and found a nice scan of it online which turned out quite
well I think.

This brings all my slices to completion, with a final month that I
might try and get some bonus content done for!

Time has feel short this last two months, so I had to drop quality over get at least something done for this month. 2 hours of insane speed painting gave me 3 semi ok models. All the base colours are done, so they will be easy to pick up and get done in the future. Sadly I was out of correct bases so had to improvise… But now one slice is left and hopefully a completed challenge!

This month ends in a bit of disappointment. I knew things would be tight for finishing on time due to working on terrain for a big con game but I thought I could pull it off. I base coated the Baneblade with the green and thought I was in the mix, but then I noticed the tip of the tank was fuzzy. I guess paint dried in the airbrush between layers and as I sprayed out came the dried paint. I was able to use an 800 grit sandpaper to knock off the fuzz and I re-sprayed. This was actually a benefit in disguise as I wasn’t thrilled with the green over a black undercoat so I put down white before the second attempt. Much better!  I got the tank to the level you see in the picture, packed a bunch of paints and the tank and went to my convention. I knew there was going to be down time and was really looking forward to finishing it up in the nick of time. I got a bunch more work done on the hull when I realized I didn’t pack any of the turrets!  With that my personal moral was crushed. I guess technically even the attached picture could be called finished, and the hull looks even better now but I can’t even show it off as I won’t be home past the deadline!  This is my third challenge and the third challenge I had to enter something I need more work on in another month. As I always say “consistency is the hallmark of success!”

Baneblade 500 points



This month’s slice sees me complete my initial 1000 point army list with the big bad bug lord, the Hive Tyant himself, finially making an appearance accompanied by two Spore Mines for the previously painted Biovore. As I’ve done so often for this army the Hive Tyrant was painted with one eye firmly on the old studio colour scheme from the 2e Codex and I was thrilled with how well the colours came out. As someone who is usually very critical of his own painting, it feels so good to finish a model and feel so pleased with it. This is up there with the best paint jobs I’ve ever done. Ithink maybe I could have spent a little longer on the bone sections but its a minor thing in my eyes. I’m also happy that I managed to source a whip arm for the Tyrant as I was having a difficult time fiding one at the beginning of the challenge!

I got my Hive Tyrant and the two Spore Mines painted very early for this slice and it was a good job I did! Illness, including a bout of Covid, made it impossible to concentrate on painting and completely killed any hopes I had of doing any bonus models… I only managed to get one base of Rippers half-painted in the end! Really hoping that I can find some motivation in time to get some bonus models done for month 6 but at the end of the day I have managed to complete a full 1000 points of Tyranids to a standard that I’m really pleased with. Gotta be happy with that!

40k2ndAC Stats centre


  1. Well done to everyone; some really nice-looking models (and forces) here! 🙂
    (Adrian Bell’s photos are not showing by the way).



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