2nd Ed. Armychallenge 1, Month 2

The 2nd month of the 2nd (yeah!) ed. army challenge has now expired. Again this month a lot of hard work has been performed.

The challenge tracker is moving along nicely for everyone and we are now two fifths into the challenge (unless you count the bonus round!). This month even saw us getting a bit of mention at The Crown of Command, which is podcast, apparently detailing the lives of regular joe hobbyists. You can have a listen here, where DAVID explains about finding Warhammer in France.

As always – Enough of my ramblings! Presented here in the order of receival are the entries for this month:

Peter Hartree

Dr.TV: Oh lord – Eldar Aspect warriors were always deadly. Good job!


This month’s pledge is done! I’ve only got 7 Howling Banshees in my list, but I painted the exarch at the same time as I was afraid I’d forget the colour scheme, and it’s easier to do them all at once. I went with a colour scheme from the codex (bottom left on the Banshee page) that had the darker undersuit, red hair and belt and green weapons. Though I went with a green loincloth and silver blade as I found it more balanced. It’s pretty similar to how the modern Banshees are painted. My inspiration were the Banshees my old opponent would use, who had a red, bone and green scheme very similar to this. They terrified me back then, he’d always draw the Flank Attack Strategy Card and I’d never be far enough away from the table edge to avoid them. A squad of five would always wreck my marines!When I started this army I was trying to tie them back into the Iyanden colour scheme, and previous units have had blue or yellow placed. But I decided to embrace the diversity of second edition and stick with the original colours. I’m sure the bases will tie them together!This will be very pronounced when I get to my Warp Spiders, which I plan to do in the original red, white and black scheme.I haven’t decided what to do for next month yet, I’m thinking either the Scouts or the Guardians. Will see how I feel by the end of the month.




Dr.TV: Ready to roam the corridors of space hulks and cleanse the unclean, no doubt!

Dark Angels Space Marines

Hi folks,

My September pledge for the 2nd Edition Army Challenge is a Deathwing Terminator squad. Some of these terminators were gifts from my mum when I was 15 years old, so they hold a special significance for me. They have a nice mix of ranged and close combat weapons, with the ability to parry a few hits with the power sword and lightning claws as well. A fitting bodyguard unit for Master of Deathwing Gabriel, I hope! Check my blog link, if you are interested in extra pictures and commentary.

Martin Taylor

Dr.TV: Oh yeah! Finally some chaos! Oh wait – what’s that! That overly well painted skull clad dude is going to harm the poor plague bearers?

Blood Angels Space Marines

Greetings fellow initiates to the ninth legion! I trust you’re all passing your trials and not feeding on your fallen foes (yet)? Splendid! It’s time to see how our battle brothers of the Blood Angels 2nd company are faring.
For the second installment of the 2nd edition army challenge I completed Chaplain Heironymous (53 points) and Tactical Combat Squad Lucius (150 points). The chaplain of course will be leading the fallen brothers of the Death Company into battle (who we met last month), but he still offers spiritual guidance and protection to the rest of the army as well. The tactical marines under squad leader Lucius are no exception and he must guard them against the taint of chaos even as they battle enemies such as this heretic psyker and the daemons he has summoned to defend him! Open fire brothers, spare no mercy!

Till next month fellow oldhammerers and remember: You can’t rapid fire with marines unless you stay perfectly still and anyone else who says otherwise deserves a very stern talking to from the Inquisition!


Michael Mørk

Dr.TV: Argh! More Screaming Camels to make life hard on my poor poor Blood Skulls

Tallarn 42nd The Screaming Camels, Imperial Guard

in their current campaign, the Tallarn 42nd, have already seen several battles with the traitor marines of the Blood skulls. Knowing that this could become a massive challenge in the months to come, reinforcements have arrived to bolster both platoons as well as command structure.
Ahead of the first platoon we find sergeant Hamid, a veteran of the 42nd, accompanied by commisar Luka Smirnov, who’s new to the Company, but still an experienced imperial agent.’
These troops have been painted using the same colors as for the rest of the Company. There are very few (if any) variations amongst my standard guardsmen, as I really like the uniformed feel and coherency. 
What have been done differently, is actually the sergeant, who’s sporting an old hand flamer instead of the plasma pistol the model usually comes with. This is the very first conversion I’ve done to my standard troops. I suddenly found that I had 5 of this particular sergeant, and seeing how the conversion itself was rather easy (unlike more or less anything else in the old metal Tallarn army) i simply couldn’t resist, as I also discovered a few older hand weapons, like the flamer, amongst my bitz.
1 battle line squad @ 136 pt.Sergeant & 9 guardsmen- hand flamer, missile launcher 


Dr.TV: Classic stuff! Nice to see you even got it out and shot a terminator.


“And here we are back again with your favorite Ratskin tracker, Bert.  Now be very quiet while I peek over this here fallen log.  I’ve been following this Ork Dread for days now, and he appears to have stumbled upon a foul agent of Chaos.  Let’s watch their exchange.  See how he instinctively crouches over his more vulnerable smaller kin While the autocannon fires at him.  Wait, he just picked one of them up…and threw it at the armored foe!  Now there’s a new trick for you.  But where’s the other one gotten off to?  Oh, hello there.  You’re right behind me.  Looks that I’ve been found, and back to running.  This has been Bert Teucrisp, running off!  Gah!”
-Last Recording of Xenobiologist Bert Teucrisp
This Month: 179Total:  381Next Month: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Ork


George Shepherd

Dr.TV: Lovely chaps – and proper menacing too! Just as we like it in camp Chaos.

Iron Warriors

Sept 172 points 
So this month for me it was all about Chaos space marines . I went with a 6 man unit 5 guys armed with Boltguns and a Champion with a classic combo of a Bolt pistol and Chain sword . Total of 172 points
Iv come in a little under the 200point limited but that’s because I was over last month .  Really enjoyed everything with these guys from the build and adding the trophy’s and the spike then getting the paint on .  I have to say this has been great fun and I’m so happy I made the cut off day to join the challenge, not only making sure I get some old lead painted but seeing what everyone else is working on is fantastic . 

Adrian Bell

Dr.TV: Splendid as ever and love the overview of the whole army so far. Very nice!


Hi Again.
Having gotten through August quite easily I hit September running.  Before September the first was over I had this little collection painted: Two 70 point squads each with 44 points worth of heavy bolters for a total of 228 points.  This will make up the defensive core of the army hopefully being able to cover the more mobile units and take out any foot troops that get close.  I had a lot of trouble with these guys just not looking right.  They were painted in the same scheme as the first 15 but it just wasn’t working – hence these guys got the full christmas experience with red trim on their green flak jackets.  I may have to go back and add the odd bit of red on the others – but we’ll see. I have also included a combined pic of the force so far.  Please note the ancestor is not a part of this challenge – but he is the only squat that I already had painted up in the same style as this force.  It’s actually turning into a somewhat worthwhile looking little army in a very short time. Having gotten the bare minimum done I came to a grinding halt, with the urgent need to do some significant work on 15mm ancients for the remainder of the month the squats have been neglected since.  The ancients should be finished well within the first week of October and I will be back into the squats.



Dr.TV: There you go! I love the ruined structure there. And the librarian isn’t half bad either 😉 I hope he might be dyslexic if I ever meet him though

Imperial Fist Space Marines

Here is my entry for the month of September. I spent my time painting a Terminator Librarian for my Imperial Fists Army. I like the fact that Librarians wear Blue armor and this guy is a perfect link between my Imperial Fists and Ultramarines. I can play all of them as q Crusade force! I also built and painted some custom terrains this month: The bunker is an old miniature foam tray and everything else is just cardboard, toothpick, sand, PVA Glue and Flock !

Next stop for me : A Dreadnought.

Jon McMaster

Dr.TV: Sir, yes, sir! What a nice looking squad you’ve got now. And you are right – combat squads are killers!

Dark Angels Space Marines

“The second combat unit of Squad Zanthor Was finished this month.  Since every ten man space marine squad in 2nd edition had two banners, I also made a banner for the sergeant from last month along with a banner for the combat squad that I painted this month.   The banners are just slightly off kilter but who knows how the winds of war blow on the battlefields of the 41st millennium. Since you get so few marines for 1000 points in 2nd edition army lists, this squad will be my main battletline unit, most likely deployed in 5 man combat squads to stretch their ability to take objectives and cover more of the board.   Between the meltagun and the missile launcher, this has an anti-tank punch to go along with the hail of Bolter Fire this squad can produce.
Next month I’ll begin painting the first five marines in Squad Scalprum, the Devastator  squad that will add the real firepower to my army list.”


Dark Knight Wargaming

Dr.TV: Vrooom! Now they’ve got a set of wheels to get about! Fantastic!

Golgotha Prime Squat “Iron Bull” Brotherhood

This month I was able to paint Warrior Squad Haznir and a Rhino transport Iron Golem. Continuing with the red and green theme I’m happy with the colour scheme combined with the goblin green flocked bases.

The Rhino now gives the warrior squad some protection and mobility. Looking forward to playing a game with these guys and seeing how they perform on the field.
Next month I think I will paint the final Rhino transport and the Warlord to lead this warband!


Dr.TV: Really cool. All they need is a jungle now!

Catachan Imperial Guard

Deep thoughts by the Wachtmeister this month.
What is a finished figure? I started thinking about this is the last day of the month’s painting challenge loomed to a close. I know if I said these guys were finished no one would argue with me. They are certainly playable. Many of the colors have at least one highlight or wash, although the uniforms and guns don’t. there is some minor cleaning up to do and I would definitely do additional highlights as well. There’s basing material on the bases, but I wouldn’t consider them done either as there is not vegetation yet. Many people say they paint to a certain level then go back and finish things later. I guess that’s what I’ll have to do. They are too close to finished for me to call the month a wash, even if I know I’m going to go back and add more details. Maybe, after almost 25 years of painting I crossed an important milestone.  Probably not, but maybe!


Dr. The Viking

Cowabunga dudes!

The Blood Skulls Chaos Space Marines

Phew… I nearly bit the grass on this one. Painting 20 traitor guardsmen in one month proved a lot tougher than I thought it would. In fact, I tried to cheat in every way I could and I still found it to be more of a chore than a pleasure. For instance, the first step after undercoating was a very light drybrush with grey… just to “highlight” all the black. But from then on it all went south. The red is a base colour (dark red) with three consecutive layers on top (blood red, orangey highlight, yellow highlight). And in the end I didn’t even paint the eyes!!! Disgraceful, but I nearly went mad… anyway it clears out one of the bigger points on the agenda for me. I didn’t much consider the points – I am going for ‘bare bones’ so I am calling this 200 pts, at 10 pts a guardsman. I also haven’t quite figured out how they tie in with The Blood SKulls yet, but I guess I will have to write a separate post about that at some point.

Next month I really look forward to painting just a single something. I haven’t quite decided if it will be my predator or Fabius Bile.

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