40k2ndACII Final

After a long journey, we have finally arrived at the end of the 40k 2nd edition challenge II. For some of use, it feels like it the first and second challenge has just been one long ride, and I dare say – despite the ups and downs – everyone who has finished both leg of the challenges has come out stronger. The challenge started very much as a corona thing and now, as the world is getting more accustomed to the virus, the format of the challenge needs to be reviewed. I have learned a great deal myself in this process and hopefully the third challenge will be just as great as the other two. Enough of my ramblings – here are the final shots of the participating armies!

Below you will find all the finished army entries. For fun, I have included the starting points for each participant just after the army shot, and before any August bonus entries.

As another glorious 2nd ed Army Challenge draws to a close I present to you my full army… a combined Ravenwing and Deathwing operation, hunting the Fallen through the ruins of an ancient Shrine World as the forces of the Inquisition close in… I added a Librarian as a bonus model this month. Had hoped to add Ezekiel but unfortunately real life had other plans so I had to make do with one of his underlings. It’s been a pleasant surprise how much I enjoyed painting this army. I’ve never been that interested in painting Dark Angels and chose to do them as part of this challenge as a way to force motivation. However, it’s been one of my favourite projects I’ve ever done and even though I’m not a particularly good painter I love the way these models have turned out. I’d like to thank Dr. The Viking for taking the time to organise this challenge and keeping all of us on track. Also to my fellow participants who have with their enthusiasm provided so much inspiration and encouragement throughout. Can’t wait to see their full armies arrayed for war!

Hi everybody,

so i finished some last units for the bonus month like the reapers, 2 falcon anti grav tanks and some guardians as well as my Farseer as the leader of them all. I  really enjoyed painting those Eldar and  was quite happy to have joined this challenge. Being into WH40k for over 30 years, i never managed to have those main armies like Eldar and Orks as i mainly was a fan of Space Marines, Chaos Space marines and Imperial guard. For the Eldar i did not like the background to much, for the Orks the RT and 2nd Edition models sucked in my opinion up to the actual models wich are quite nice. I count this little army far from being finished yet, as i still have some Hawks left( but they are quite bad casts not really worth painting) to less Harlequins to build a troupe, an Illum Zar(primed but not really started yet), and i rescued a Viper jetbike from Ebay wich needs to be striped and repainted Iyanden,…but that has to wait for now, as i am working on my modern Ork force, with the Speedfreaks vehicles being an awesome army to build and paint. I am really looking forward for next years edition as there are so many unpainted models in my pile like Space wolves, Adeptus Sororitas, Genestealers, not sure what to do next. Thanks a lot for this really interesting challenge, all the best – Eligius

What a ride! A bumpy one fore sure, but very enjoyable! Even though I couldn’t finish the Challenge because COVID sweeped me off my feet in July, I got 700 points painted at a decent level and 80% of an Avatar done (the 300 points missing). But what’s most important in my view is the wonderful time I had during 6 months chatting with a brillant bunch of guys about roughly any possible topic. A shame we cannot meet IRL to celebrate with an ice cold brew drank in the skull of our enemies! Gentlemen, cheers to you and special thanks to Hans Hansen who had the courage to bear with us through the load of nonsense some of us poured into the chat (looking at you Roger…) and the massive work he’s done collecting our monthly productions and stitching them together in his blog!
Long live Warhammer 40k 2nd edition Painting Challenge and see you soon!

Here is the pic of the army completely painted

This month I’ve finished off with the two main characters in the army. The first is the Farseer – one is needed for a legal army in 2nd ed as they are considered the main commanders of Eldar forces. I loved the Eldrad Ulthuan model, so I really wanted to paint that up but as I’m working on an Iyanden force we’ll have to call them Uldrad Ethuan… I’m not entirely convinced the blues are dark enough on the helmet or robes, but I’m really happy with the yellow on the cloak. I’ll go back when I have a bit more time and add some runes to the lapels, but this is all I had the time for this month! The other character I had was Baharroth. I’ve absolutely loved painting the Swooping Hawks, I think their armour is some of the best painting I’ve done. Having run through a lot of the colour wheel in this challenge I think this teal is now firmly one of my favourite colours to paint. I’m particularly pleased with the way the gradients have come out on the panels. The gold probably needs a bit more work, so I might have to do some practicing on metals before I do another one of these challenges! Total points for the final month are, therefore; Baharroth = 161Uldrad Elthuan (Farseer) = 170Total = 331 I’ve really enjoyed this challenge. It’s taken up a lot of my hobby time, but it’s really been an absolute pleasure. I’m really pleased with how the army has come out. I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to push my painting so far, but it has really improved a lot over the last 6 months of this challenge. I’ve definitely gone for quality over quantity – there is probably over 200 hours put in to these! Its also pretty much the first deadline I’ve hit this year, so at least it proves I can time manage (although maybe doing it with something I enjoy is easier than doing so at work…)! Massive thanks to you for running this, it’s been great and I’ve actually got a finished army I am aiming to put on the table at BoYL this year!!! I’ll probably take a bit of a break from 40k for a bit, I have some Warmaster units to paint and I want to get another batch of terrain done before I dip my toes into another 1000 points of 40k!!! Thanks, Tom

The final month.  All that I had pledged was completed – but I wanted to finish this in style.  I had been really really enjoying painting rogue trader ork boys and decided I needed a significant blood axe detachment so found the 20 most bloodaxe appropriate figures with a very thematic german grey look.  I also finished the last 5 evil suns that I hadn’t quite finished for last month.  I have hopes of doing the odd bloodaxe vs. Ork civil war at some point, just because they’re ummie lovin gitz.  I habe plans of painting up some renegade human squads for that. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and will return for more.  I am actually committed to orks for the next challenge as I still have a lot to get through. Thanks to Dr.TV and everyone!

After having missed the deadline by a couple of days last month, I made it over the line this month. While I don’t have much to show for bonus models, my initial pledge is complete. This was the goal all along. I’ve also had tons of fun and met some fantastic people – a best-case outcome overall. In fact, failing July was always on the table. I anticipated difficulties getting the Mk I Land Raider built and painted in just under 5 weeks. I gave it a go regardless and came much closer than I would’ve thought. I think I missed it by like four days. In the end, that left me with time to take a break before mustering the motivation to finish it off to the same standard as the other tanks, and to slow down a bit and paint the OSL on the main guns. In between working with bendy, snappy resin, having to fully magnetise the lascannon sponsons for ease of storage and transport, and a major airbrush malfunction that nearly saw me strip the model down again, getting it done at all felt like a real challenge. With some cutting corners and compromises, I got there and she blends right in with the family. Far from perfect or even from my best work, but done and good enough. Importantly, as the centrepiece of the army, she’s been the main bottleneck all along. What was left – an icon bearer, a champion, and a lone beast of Nurgle – I managed to get done in just a couple of nights. They’re my bonus models for August. The old school Death Guard and their allies are finally done. 

Afternoon , So finally got round to finishing my Flesh hounds after a little bit of drama. I managed to through away the models I had lined up to use due a flood we had in the shed so out come the back ups . 5x flesh hounds 150pst This challenge has been tough,Emotional but most of all amazing !!! And that’s down to Dr Viking and this great group of people that pull me though this every month! Iv love seeing everybody armies grow and seeing all the sneak peaks and making wargaming friends all over the world .  Sorry for a shorter write up then normal I’m away on my holidays . So on the next one and I can’t wait see you all soon . 

Hi folks! It feels quite surreal that we have come to the end of another season of this challenge. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was lining up bare metal parts on my paint table, wondering what lay ahead of me as I tried to do them justice. 14 year old me has been waiting a long time to finish this Dark Angels army! During the bonus round I ditched my usual batch-painting technique to tackle the four most challenging figures of my collection: Sapphon, Asmodai, Ezekiel and Azrael. I have always used the robed figure as Sapphon in my army, as the Codex explicitly states that he is equipped with a power sword. The robes also reflect is higher rank in the Chapter: Sapphon is the Grand Master of Chaplains. To represent the lower ranked Asmodai, I found a robeless Chaplain sculpt that closely resembles Sapphon, and converted it to have some distinctive Dark Angels motifs, i.e. the crozius arcanum, the Blades of Reason and dungeon keys. I also painted Ezekiel, my favourite Dark Angels character. This model was pretty badly banged up in my bitz box, but I wasn’t willing to replace it; me and this model go way back. Last, but not least, I painted Azrael and his helmet bearer. Along with Brother Bethor, who I painted earlier in the challenge, the army now includes one of every special character in the Codex. With these additions, I don’t have much left in the army that I want to do, so I will be retiring it from future challenges. I’m still hoping to add a Ravenwing bike squad, some sniper scouts, a Deathwing Librarian and a Deathwing Chaplain to the collection, before calling it finished, so keep an eye out for them! I would like to say a huge thanks to my fellow challengers for the inspiration and laughs they provided on a daily basis. I hope to continue our friendship in later challenges and wish you all the best in your 2nd Edition adventures! Final Points: 1076 Brother Bethor with Standard of Devastation: 85 pointsDevastator Squad with Heavy Bolters (Hellfire shells): 390 pointsAssault Squad with Jump Packs (assault weapons and flamer): 241 pointsPredator Annihilator with Heavy Bolters (storm bolter, ammo feed, bulldozer blade and hunter killer missile): 210 pointsRazorback: 150 points Bonus Points: 969 Azrael (The Lion Helm, The Sword of Secrets, Combi-weapon): 185 pointsEzekiel (Force Sword, The Book of Salvation, Psychic Hood, Bionic Eye): 250 pointsSapphon (Jump Pack, Combat Drugs, Rad Grenades): 220 Asmodai (Stasis Grenades): 119 Ravenwing Landspeeder: 195 Grand total: 2045

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll… that’s it then. Last part of the challenge! I’ve only managed to paint another 5 models, but it WAS the five models I was missing to make my Malal Marines into a 2,000pt force! These guys include the traditional use of using Imperial bodies and then shoving on Chaos parts to show that they have realised the error of their ways a bit later than their brethren.. 204pts         5 Veteran Chaos Marines & Heavy Bolter, 4 Bolters, 5 Swords Although I didn’t give myself enough time to paint up any extra stuff, I DO have another 1k-ish floating around for the future AND accompanying Traitor Guard (as shown by the test run of the Colonel for them).  This challenge has been fun and pretty remarkable as I’ve managed to keep up with decent levels of productivity for one of my beloved armies who never got enough focus in the 90’s (and certainly not with a paint brush!).  I did manage to paint up a whole lot of river sections though, and find (most of) a Firebase for photos. Next time I should include making a backdrop for pictures..  Kudos to Hans for running this madhouse, as I felt it has been well organised and the participation levels have remained pretty constant for it too! 6 months is very handy. Still looking forward to the NEXT challenge*!! Maddix PRAISEBETOMALAL!!! EATHTOEVERYONEELSE!!

Dear 2nd ed fans. Thanks for following along – it has been an amazing ride to get the core of my eldar army finished and I’m really proud of the result. It has been my most productive 6 months ever, and the last month has been (probably) my most productive single month ever, so a fitting high to finish on. It was hard at times to keep up the output and I have to credit the Challenge for helping me to stay motivated and achieve this great result. Last year life and work got in the way and I didn’t end up achieving my hobby goals. This year whenever I was falling behind or losing motivation the Challenge always spurred me on to get my pledge done for the month. It was such a great factor in this achievement. I also want to pay tribute to the others who took part—everyone has achieved amazing results and should be rightly proud of what they have done. Of course, I must also thank Dr. The Viking himself, he has put in a huge amount of work to run this challenge and make it all possible. A true hobby legend. I finished a squad of scouts and a squad of guardians for the final month. Fittingly a few of the guardians are the true old school ones armed with lasguns for a true retro feel. That takes me to the following point for the last month of the Challenge: 1. 7 eldar scouts   ………………………. …………161 points 2. 7 guardians with shurikens and lasguns……77 points TOTAL MONTH 6…………………………………….238 points and overall so far… ROLLING TOTAL MONTH 1. ………….225 pointse MONTH 2 ………………0 points MONTH 3 …………..410 points MONTH 4 …………..164 points MONTH 5 …………..152 points MONTH 6………….238 points TOTAL SO FAR….1,189 points Please note, I pledged to paint the core out of my army for the challenge so not every model in the final photo was painted in the last 6 months (the farseer, one of the dreadnoughts, and the striking scorpions were painted beforehand). I am very pleased to have finished the core of the army, and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever had a complete, fully painted army available for games of 40K—amazing. You will also note I have the non-core support elements off to the side, awaiting the next challenge!! Kym

Greetings fellow Asuryani! How goes the preparation of the rites of war – Your shuriken catapult has been fully lubricated I trust? Not too lubricated mind you lest you draw the attention of She Who Thirsts… uhh where was I?!? Oh yes, welcome to the final installment of this great assembly of Eldar factions we like to call “The Warhostest with the Mostest”! This month was our final chance to finish off what we had left in our lists and what models we had accumulated in preparation and so I decided to do a big push to get my largest models finished which just so happened to be the skimmers. I decided to run as pirates since the codex allowed it but I’d never seen it done! I did have one problem in that I was missing a number of riders and also needed them to look, well, piratey. In a pinch, I was able to frankenstein together all the riders I required from a combination of bits of original jetbike riders, plastic 3rd edition guardians, plastic wych heads (they are just so much more fearsome!) and even the odd Chaos Warrior part! In the end I was able to complete: Pirate Hero on jetbike with power sword: 59pts4 Pirate Jetbike riders (one w. Shuriken Cannon, 2 power swords): 143ptsVyper with Heavy Plasma Cannon: 75pts Falcon Grav Tank with Pulse Laser and Scatter Laser: 233 pts (Total: 510 points!) Once the final model was completed and I looked over at the army I also realised one other thing – I didn’t have a backdrop big enough to get them all into one shot as I did not just have the original 19 models looking back at me – I had 61 which, when the points were all calculated, gave me a grand total of 3130 POINTS!!! HOW DID I EVEN DO THAT?!? Oh yes, I suppose a global case of Nurgle’s Rot may be responsible. Regardless, I invoked Vaul and managed to knock up a rather fetching little rock formation and a backdrop as big as the supplies at Officeworks would allow. The rest can be told by the final picture of my force. And that my friends is a wrap! Thank you all my wonderful painting companions from all around the globe, to you the readers for giving us all a bit of your time and especially of course to Dr. The Viking who has put his heart and soul into this project which has given us all so much joy.  Til next challenge! Martin

For this last month I actually had a totally different bonus entry planned. Something with leopard print and omph, but that did not happen after all, but I was already painting these Ogryns on the side and I always felt Ogryns fit well with Squats, so here is a unit of Ogryns. At some point I might do a small Imperial Guard ally force. Besides that I am pretty pleased with the army I build up so far. I managed to paint all the models in my first list and quite some extras. 

Participating in the second season of this wonderful challenge was even more fun than the first season.  Thanks to the challenge I now have the largest painted army that I’ve ever owned and after years of practice painting, the discipline of painting every month for the challenge has also helped raise my painting skills to a level that I never thought they would reach.  Most importantly the two seasons of the challenge have connected me to an amazing (if tiny) community of hobbyists that are always ready to offer encouragement or good natured ribbing as the situation dictates.  During season two I was able to meet up with the Wachtmeister who lives nearby and we played a glorious game of 2nd edition.  We have also started meeting regularly to play a wide range of games with each other or other members of his gaming group, so the challenge can also be credited with exposing me to many other games and new gaming partners.  These two seasons of the challenge have been the most fun I have had engaging with the hobby and thanks to DR TV for organizing and running it.  Also thanks to all the other gamers for the many hours of entertainment provided by the zany group chat that runs during the season.  Be sure to check out my blog at 1st Legion Chronicles for more pictures of my army.  If I can get them all in frame I’m excited to post a picture to my blog of the full 2,000 points painted during the two seasons.  Thanks for reading along and I hope you follow the fun in Season three, coming in the fall.

Major Schaefer looked around at his rapidly shrinking perimeter as the chaos forces pushed forward another attack.  Supplies were running dangerously low, but somehow Second Lieutenant Harrigan was able to keep up his “requisitioning” keeping his company in the fight.  Schaefer noticed even the Ogryn’s got new uniforms, but how he didn’t dare ask…. Still, Schaefer knew things were bad and were getting worse.  The cultists had picked up Traitor Marine support and their attacks were getting more frequent, and more vicious.  He knew his own troops were teetering and another push very well might shatter his remaining force. Suddenly Schaefer saw a shimmering in the air and smelled the acrid smell of brimstone.  The hair on the back of his neck stood up and he realized there was about to be a breach in the warp.  Demons.  It could only be demons.  Schaefer whispered a prayer to the Emperor and prepared to sell his life dearly.  When the realm between real space and warp space opened out stepped a cadre of Space Marines in jet black armor emblazoned with skulls, bones, and fire motifs.  The shock and fear on his troops face was palpable as the Marines stepped in their midst. Schaefer, recovering from his own shock, began to pull his bolter up to a firing position as he vowed to sell his life dearly for the Imperium when a Marine with a skull helm and a wicked looking chain sword nodded at him, turned and led his squad towards the enemy lines.  Schaefer watched as the black clad marines advanced into the enemy lines, viciously slaying the traitors as they themselves looked on in horror.  The traitor marines attempted to fight back but were clearly outclasses.  Scores of the traitors fell as they were butchered to the man.  The comm-link was alive with reports of the same thing happening all across the front.  Suddenly, as quickly as they appeared, the mysterious marines disappeared, leaving the planet in the hands of those loyal to the Emperor.  The preacher, wide eyed muttered something about the Legion of the Damned as he starred into the void from which their saviors had disappeared….

This month I added some more details and layers to my Ogryns and I also gave them nice leopard print jackets.  We had a running gag in the around about doing a leopard print round month 6.  Some people already knocked theirs out but I don’t want to miss the fun! For my bonus round I painted a Legion of the Damned squad which I’ve owned since they were first released.  I was getting bored of painting green, and with the good old days of allies being a support option I figured why not?  I also had the idea for them appearing out of nowhere for my flavor text so getting them done became a must! Month 6 – Legion of the Damned with Sergeant with chain sword, Marine with Heavy Bolter, Marine with Flamer 412 points Grand Total Command Squad – 88 points Heavy Weapon squad with lascannons – 150 points Squad with Heavy bolter, melta gun – 120 points Hellhound – 175 points Ogryns – 235 points Demolisher – 275 points Legion of the Damned – 412 points Total – 1,455 points You can read more about my adventures in mini gaming at my blog. -Wachtmeister

It is done! By my calculations I am now up to 2500 points (without ANY wargear) after the two first challenges. I will say that at times it has been tough. This challenge saw me filling out the holes in my initial force. So basically everything is more specialised and less basic troops. The force composition is 30% characters, 60% troops and 10% support. So in essence, I guess I could do with a bit more support. You won’t find a picture of my bonus entry here… it is 80% done. And most likely it will stay that way for some time yet. I had so many plans, but there was so much grabbing for my attention that a bonus entry just wasn’t possible. In fact, during the challenge I nearly didn’t make the cut several times. But being the leader of this expedition, it somehow just was not an option to call it quits. I am extremely gratuitous that I managed to get my army to this stage, and I don’t think I ever thought I would have such a Chaos Space Marine army in my possession. I started the CSM back in the ’90s and never managed to make it look anywhere near anything I actually liked. But now, with my Blood Skulls, I am happy and I feel also that I am done. It is difficult to predict things, especially the future. I don’t know that I will not return to the Blood Skulls and add further units. However, considering the vast amounts of 40k miniatures (IG, Tyranids, Necrons, Space Marines, Orks, and probably something I might have forgotten) it is time to look at something else now. In the future, I will make a thorough post about my Blood Skulls here on c0wabunga, and hopefully add a bit of fluff to them. But before the c0wabunga challenge continues I need a break. Life, on its own hand and without any challenges on top, has a way of turning things into to labour. So to keep the energy fresh and vital I will not announce the next challenge quite yet.

My thanks to everyone!

To all you who participated in my little outing – a deep felt thank you. I am extremely impressed by what I have seen from all of you. Whether you made it all the way or not, you have all added painted models to your collections. Going through your monthly contributions has been a pleasure, and I am awestruck be the level achieved here, when I look at the final shots of the completed forces. I hope n the future to see these figures appear in pictures from battles all over the internet.

To the participants, the readers and the folks who happened by and don’t understand a word:


Viking out!


  1. Look at all those great looking armies! Congratulations to all that managed to finish the challenge! I’ll level up for the next one.



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