Participants of 2nd Ed. ArmyChallenge 1

So the first 40k 2nd Ed. ArmyChallenge has launched. People from all over the world has flocked to the cause and are lining up their miniatures, sharpening their brushes and vigorously shaking their paints, before the starter pistol sounds. Below, I have gathered the pitches and the starting photos from all the contestants. I have taken the liberty of modifiying their texts a bit to make it fit with the setup.

In 6 months from now we will see which brothers in arms we have left and who we lost along the way.

Without further ado, and in strict random order, please allow me to introduce the field. Instead of trying to address each and every one, I have simply used the contestants own words… and added a short comment below the images.

God speed to you all,

Dr. The Viking (Dr.TV)

Dr.TV: Well, that looks like a solid 2nd ed. Army right there. I can almost see the pages of White Dwarf with a battle report featuring these guys.

Check out Jon’s awesome blog over here

Jon McMaster

Dark Angels, 4th company

“For the 2nd edition army challenge I will be painting Dark Angels from the 4th Company.  I have been working on a full company of Dark Angels painted in the style of the Dark Angels painting guide published in WD 129 right before the start of 2nd edition.  There is a Tactical squad, a Devastator squad, a Company master, and a Techmarine.  I will also paint the apothecary and librarian for some variety even though they didn’t fit in under the 1000 points.

Most of the marines in the squad are from the 2nd edition box set but I hope to add some metal 2nd edition marines that have been on a slow voyage to the states after a trade with someone in the U.K. Ideally I will to be able to swap in some of those models to the squads as the challenge goes on.”

The List:
Company Master Zakeal Korlael 123 points
Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, Member of the Deathwing

Techmarine Hephaestus 43 points
Servo Arm, Bolt Pistol

Tactical Squad Zanthor 357points
Sergeant with chain sword and bolt pistol
Meltagun, Missile Launcher with Frag and Krak

Devastator Squad Scalprum 480 points
Sergeant with Power Axe and Boltgun
Multi-Melta, Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter

Dr.TV: Yeah! Squats! This is going to be cool. I have never played with or against them. Looking forward to seeing this.

Find more about Dark Knight Wargaming at

Dark Knight Wargaming

Squat Warlords

“The Epic Space Marine battle report of White Dwarf 154 really captured the animosity between the Orks and Squats. I had bought the Space Dwarf box set a few years ago and now the 2nd ed Army Challenge gives me an opportunity to put a small force together in the next 6 months.
Currently it is a box of bits and pieces and each month I will clean, assemble and paint 200pts worth of troops and would like to create characterful names for each unit.

I haven’t played 40K for a long time and I wanted to make a force that was based on the black codex with no Dark Millennium wargear at this stage.

The command unit is the centre of the army, real defensive unit with high armour values to protect the heavy weapon teams. The rhinos and warrior squads are out to secure and hold objectives. The Ogryns would provide some much needed close combat support but as they are a bonus unit I would drop a Thunderer Squad and Warrior Squad & Rhino to fit them in.”

The List:
1 Warlord – Exo Armour 114 pts
4 Hearthguard – Exo Armour 252 pts
2 Warrior Squads – 4 las guns and 1 flamer 184 pts
2 Support Rhinos – 100 pts
2 Thunderer Squads – 5 heavy bolters 280 pts
1 Weapon Team – Lascannon 66 pts
Total: 996 pts
Bonus Month Abhuman Unit
Ogryns – Ripper guns 265 pts

Dr.TV: Sweet with even more Dark Angels. If only we could all meet up and fight it out!

M4cr0dutch has the blog


Dark Angels

“I am an Australian 40K player and blogger. I have been collecting Dark Angels since 1996, though in the early days I could only afford a few models. Since then, however, I have built a substantial collection of older figures, many of which will require some serious work to salvage! My army list for this challenge is small, but will form the heart of a much larger collection. If I finish early, I’ll paint something extra!”

The List:
Gabriel, Master of the Deathwing (148 points)
(Lightning claw, stormbolter, auxiliary grenade launcher)
Tactical Squad Camael (359 points)
Space Marine Sergeant with powersword, bolt pistol and frag grenades
Space Marine with missile launcher, bolt pistol and frag grenades
Space Marine with meltagun, bolt pistol and frag grenades
7 x Space Marines with boltguns, bolt pistols and frag grenades
Deathwing Squad Ramiel (381 points)
Deathwing Terminator Space Marine Sergeant with powersword and stormbolter
2 x Deathwing Terminator Space Marine with lightning claws
Deathwing Terminator Space Marine with assault cannon and powerfistDeathwing Terminator Space Marine with stormbolter and powerfist    
Scout Squad (112 points):
1 Space Marine Sergeant with powersword, bolt pistol and frag grenades
3 Space Marine scouts with swords, bolt pistols and frag grenades
1 Space Marine scout with chainsword, bolt pistol and frag grenades

Dr.TV: Oooh we’re being spoiled with more squats! Nice good chunk.

Adrian is active in the 2nd Ed. Facebook group

Adrian Bell

Squats army using the yellow codex in the files section of the 2nd edition facebook group.

“I have had these for a long long time – have never gotten far with them though I do have a good 30 painted to an ok standard already.  Of the squats I have put aside for this challenge, a fair number of them have pre-existing paint on them.  Rest assured that this will either be painted over or stripped.”

This is definitely the motivation I have needed to get started on these.

The List:
5 warrior squads. 3 flamer, 2 heavy bolter – 393

1 special squad, plasma gun, 4 bolt guns – 88

3 thunderer squads 210

4 h bolter 44

4 h bolter 44

2 las-cannon, 2 heavy plasma (actually conversion beamers – but not an option), 1 multimelta 177

Hero 41, power glove 10, bolt pistol 2 – 53

Dr.TV: Ultramarines – the ultiate marines! Really cool.

Fudge is active in the 2nd Ed. Facebook group


Ultramarines Space Marines

“I’m Adam (Fudge to my friends and fellow gamers) I’m looking at undertaking this challenge as my start point in warhammer was way back in 1994 when my Dad started I was 7.
So for nostalgia really. I also like a the RPG liteness of Rogue Trader and 2nd Edition so that is my motivation. The army will be Ultramarines as that is my dad’s favourite chapter.”

The List:
Calgar McCragge 134
Ancient Helveticus 113
Apothecary Apothecary 40
tactical squad 358
tactical squad 358
Scout squad 100
Scout squad 100

Ultramarines points total 1103

Dr.TV: Orks! Kudos for taking on this amount of diverse figures. Orks is my true love although getting an army done is…. hard!

Saul is active in the 2nd Ed. Facebook group


Space Orks

“This is where this army begins, well most of it anyway.  I only really began collecting second edition models earlier this year.  Yes, I had the odd outlier model that looked “different”, or the old Armorcast Eldar tank I traded for the fun of it.  But this is now a passion of mine.  A love of the craft and what once was Warhammer.  This is a time when Imperial Guard looked like G.I. Joe, when Eldar were synthwave, when Space Marines were every color of the rainbow, and when Space Orks were just as jolly as old Papa Nurgle.  Yes, most of these models are older than me by at least a year or two.  But I still see them as art that I can breathe new life into, and get a few grins and chuckles each time I bring them to my local hobby shop.  Maybe I’ll finally find someone to teach me second edition proper when these guys are all finished.  This is why I accepted your challenge.
A bit of background, though.  This is Nazdreg’s new Krumpin’ Mob.  He just pulled himself and a few teef back from the front lines and grabbed as many bodies as he could pay for.  Lucky for him, there was plenty to recruit.  A Drillboss brought along tramping Stormboys and Kommandos, while a wild Mekaniak and Painboy had just finished hammering back an old Dreadnought.  Roping together some Mad Boys and grabbing his own Bad Moons armed with the best plasma teef can buy, he’s ready to head out again.  The battle’s raging somewhere over that next green hill.  (Okay, maybe I watch too much Goobertown Hobbies.)
A few more months and this will all come together.  Attached is my full list with a breakdown by points.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be making.”

The List:
Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub 125 (Kustom Shoota 20)
Drillboss 20 (Jump Pack 5, Power Axe 7)
Mekaniak 18 (Flamer 7, Gretchin Assistants (Mekaniak) (Champion for 5, Gretchin at 3) 8, Blunderbuss 1
Painboy 18 (Meltagun 6, Dok’s Tools 8)
Weirdboy 85
Blood Axe Kommandos Mob (5×14) 70
Stormboyz  Korps (4×11) 44 (Bolters, x3 3, Jump Pack, x4 20, Plasma Gun 6)
Mad Mob (8×10) 80 (Bolters, x8 8)
Bad Moons Boyz Mob (6×12) 72 (Plasma Guns, x6 36),
Nob Mob (Bad Moons) (3×15) 45 (Bolters, x2 2, Plasma Gun 6, Meltabomb 5, Power Fists, x3 30, Mega-armour, x3 75)
Ork Dreadnought 120 (2 lascannons 50)

Dr.TV: Oh no – the sneaky Eldar. I have nothing but painful memories from these guys. But they always make for quite a spectacle on the table. Looking forward to seeing this progress.

Peter is active in the 2nd Ed. Facebook group

Peter H


“Way back in 1994, The first 40k models I bought were a blister of Dire Avengers, followed shortly by some Warp Spiders. Neither my pocket money nor my painting skill never let me finish an Eldar army, but a few years back I started picking up old Eldar metal models when I came across them. I was originally going to play 8th with them, but it wasn’t for me so after a while I just started painting them. I’ve finished some units already, but completing the army below will give me the push finish off all the units that I currently have. Of this lot only the Guardian leader is painted, so I’ve got a bit to do. I’m confident I can do it! I’m going with Iyanden, and am not really sticking to theme with the Guardians and Aspect Warriors, but I do have some Wraith units already painted. I’m looking forward to getting these models done, hopefully playing some games, and being inspired by some of the other armies. “

The List:
Farseer – 170 (Psychic hood 25, Witch blade 15) 210
Fire Dragon Exarch – 50 (Fire Pike 25, Fast shot 25) 100
Guardian x 8 – 88 (Power sword 6, Shuriken pistol 3) 97
Scout x 5 – 115
Fire Dragon x 4 – 112
Warp Spider x 4 – 164
Howling Banshee x 7 – 189
Total – 987

Dr.TV: The dreaded Screaming Camels. My nemesis!!! I hope you will stand the distance and crack out more awesome Tallarn raiders.

You can find Michael’s stuff on the Tallarn Desert Raiders FB group and the 40k 2nd Ed. group


42nd Tallarn, Imperial Guard Regiment

“The Tallarn 42nd Company, ‘The Screaming Camels’. The infamous Company, of Desert and jungle experts. Roaring tanks and proud infantry men, masters of the skirmish assaults roams the desert of ‘Kardashian Prime’, hunting the heretics in the name of the Emperor.”

“After 20+ years, my Tallarn army is finally starting to look like something. However there’s always need for more recruits in the Imperial Guard. If had originally hoped to add some catachans to the mix, but I haven’t been able to get enough together to do the 1000 points.”

“So instead, the following reinforcement, will provide both firepower, mobility and a much needed bolstering of the command structure and battle line. “

The List:

2 x Command Squad @ 145 pts. Lieutenant & 4 guardsmen – Boltgun, autocannon, grenade launcher
Lieutenant & 4 guardsmen- Boltgun, heavy bolter, meltagun
2 x battle line squad @ 264 pts Sergeant & 9 guardsmen- hand flamer, missile launcher, grenade launcherSergeant & 9 guardsmen- bolt pistol, heavy bolter
1 commisar @ 48 pts- bolt pistol & power axe
2 x Chimera troop transport @ 280 pts
1 x Leman Russ Demolisher @ 250 pts.  – heavy plasmacannon sponsons.
Total points 1001.

More on Wachtmeisters hobby stuff can be found here – blog


Imperial Guard

“Hello!  This is my starting point of unpainted lead.  I have one unit and a few characters already painted but I’m not planning on using them.”

The List:
Colonel Command Squad – Colonel w/Power fist and boltgun, guardsman w/plasma gun, guardsman w/ comm link – 138
Squad w/heavy bolter, melta gun 116
Squad w/missile launcher, plasma gun 136
Heavy Weapon squad w/mortars 120
Leman Russ 205
Basilisk 175.
By my math that’s 900 points.  Add some veteran upgrades and a wargear card or two and I’m there!

I look forward to the challenge!

Dr.TV: We are really being blessed – Imperial Fists! The third kind of marine chapter in the challenge. Really cool.

David posts about his hobby at


Imperial Fist 1st Company Terminator Army

“David here. I am a 35 YO French guy living in Denmark and working for LEGO. I started the hobby with the Necromunda and the 2nd Edition of Warhammer 40000 around 1995 and I keep coming back to this time with a lot of Nostalgia.

I already have a 2nd Ed Ultramarines force that you can check on my instagram (link below). But I love to paint yellow and hazard stripes so I am going for an Imperial Fist 1st Company Terminator Army.”

The List:

1 Terminator Captain with StormBolter and Power Sword
1 Terminator Librarian StormBolter and Power Axe
1 Terminator Squad of 5 including Sergeant, Heavy Flamer and 3 Chain Fists
1 Terminator Squad of 5 including Sergeant,  Assault Cannon and 3 Chain Fist
For around 1000 points

Dr.TV: You can’t write 2nd ed. without the Blood Angels. They were in many of the battle reports and as a red colour scheme were bang on 2nd ed. Nice!

Martin is active in the 2nd Ed. Facebook group

Martin Taylor

Blood Angels Space Marines

Here’s the list alongside a collage of starting stuff since I’m an idiot who got carried away and didn’t take pics of some unpainted stuff. Pay no mind to the terminators behind the curtain ;D

The List:

Chaplain: 53 pts.
Techmarine: 33 pts.
Death Company (5): 2 power fists. 195 pts.
Tactical Squad (10): Missile launcher and flamer. 354 pts.
Scout Squad: (5): 100pts
Space Marine Predator: Heavy bolter sponsons 120 pts
Space Marine Land Speeder: 145 pts.
1000 pts on the nose!

Dr. TV: Very nice to see more Chaos! It seems I am alone no more! And slaanesh was always close to my tastes!

Find George on 2nd ed. Facebook group for more

George Shepherd

Chaos Space Marines

“I’ve been in love with chaos from day 1 and it was a no brainer that I would pick up them again .

The list I put together was from bits I have lying around and need to see the light of day again 

Can’t wait to get started .”


The List:
Chaos lord (Mark of slannesh, Chainsword Bolt pistol) Pts 93 
5 Marines (Boltguns , Champion, Chainsword, Bolt pistol) Pts 172
Noise marines x6 (X5 sonic blasters, 1x blastmaster) Pts 275 
Terminators x3 (Combi Bolter x3, Chain axe x2, Power fist x 1 )Pts 163 
Rhinos x 2 
Dreadnought  (Plasma, Scourge, ) Pts 195 

Total 998 

To see more about this awesome army… well you will just have to browse around this page. I have twitter, facebook and instagram as well!

Dr. The Viking

The Blood Skulls! A Disastrous Chaos Space Marine Army

“The Blood Skulls are a true throwback hobby project for me. I started with Fantasy in 1994, but was quickly swallowed whole by Necromunda in 1995. At the time, I didn’t care much for the ‘big’ game of 40k. But eventually, I came around to it with… Necrons! Fun, but not very functional. I eventually ended up wasting years commanding one terrible (not the fear-instilling way… just terribly bad) Slaanesh based CSM army after the other, with a nice sprinkling of IG traitors to boost. All that is left of those armies is my demon prince conversion (based on 90s mini He Man Man-at-arms, oh the horror!).”

“Fast forward 25 years – having learned seemingly nothing, I am now setting out to commandeer yet another Chaos army – the sworn nemesis of The Screaming Camels (see above). However, this time I will go for ‘mixed flavours’ and use a bit of everything. Born are The Blood Skulls – led by Harkonn the Slayer.”

The List:
Fabius Bile 200 pts
8 Chaos Marines 200 pts
8 Chaos Marines 200 pts
Chaos Predator 210 pts
Traitor Guard Squad 100 pts
Traitor Guard Squad 100 pts
Secret bonus for month 6 !

As you can see I have decided not to buy any upgrades or special weapons for my squads, to have as many models as possible! Also one of the squads is 60% done. After all the cahllenge is to get something painted. ;-D


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