40k2ndACIII Month 3 – Wave 2

This month I took on the centerpiece of the army, the daemon Prince! 

This is one of my favorite models of all the daemon range. Just love the face of the model and the snakes heads on the tail. 

The wings turned out way better than expected and I’m really happy how he turned out. Now I just need to get more games in so he can show the real power of Chaos! 

Next month slice will be 10 more daemonetts.

Good morning,

Slice 2 finished! No problems this time, despite the best efforts of Storm Eunice.

Although work has kept me busy, there have been fewer problems this month. Other than Storm Eunice, the weather has generally been a little better and we are starting to get more light. Though my shaky hands still make colouring in the gun barrels tricky for me.

This month’s slice is the same as last month’s; four Necron Warriors and a Scarab for a total of 206 points. There will be three of these same slices in total, though next month I plan on tackling the slice containing a Necron Lord to give me enough painted stuff to start playing 500 point games.

My scarab last month wasn’t based. They weren’t supplied with bases originally so I just went ahead and painted it as is. But then someone on the challenge chat group showed off their based scarabs and they looked so much better. It was too late to sort bases for them last month, so this month I did bases for both scarabs.

I’m not sure that red shoulder pads is particularly unexpected, but it was the best I could come up with for this month’s bonus.

Total points so far: 412

Blog link: https://tokenresistance.co.uk/?p=851

Dear Second Ed. Fans,

For the most 1990s month of all, the Red Circus Round, I painted some classic Warp Spiders–the most classic red models of all eldarkind! This was special for me as a vision of an ‘Eavy Metal style Warp Spider in the Citadel Collecting Guide in 1997 convinced my young mind to switch from fantasy battle to 40K, it was love at first sight. I think I did justice to the classic scheme. 
I also painted up Karandras and 2 more striking scorpions to add to my existing squad painted some time ago. Overall I’m happy with these but the green turned out a bit darker than intended. I managed to sneak some red onto Karandras as well. 
In all, a good month but it was rushed at the end because many hours I should have been painting were consumed by watching news of the appalling horror unfolding in Ukraine. 
I’ve got a bit of work to do for next month, so u

ntil then….!


Month 1: 2x Vyper Jetbikes……..160 points

Month 2: 5x Wraithguard ……..175 points

Month 3: 4x Warp Spiders……….164 points

……………2x striking scorpions….52 points

……………Karandras!……………….150 points

TOTAL SO FAR: …………………..701 points

Hi everyone,

And here we go with the third entry to this challenge. I thought I would not be able to make it when I realized the month was ending and my miniature was not ready… February…

I hope you like the Dreadnought. These days they are called ‘Wraithlord’ and they are pretty good as they used to be back in 2nd edition. This model has an aeldari missile launcher which is a versatile option in terms of deciding what profile you use depending on what enemy unit you are going to shoot at. It costs 185 pts and that makes the painting count up to 435 pts so far… I almost have half of the points done!

I painted the Dreadnought following the scheme I used in the Wraithguard squad except for the shuriken catapult and the flamer where I opted to give a yellow/ocre touch.

Well, that is all for now and I’ll be back next month with a new entry.



*Guntzbad looked up from his hiding spot as he heard the approach of heavy footfalls**

“Dun be Chaos, dun be Chaos..” he muttered to himself, fully unaware that would probably be giving his position away.

Secreted underneath a mound of fertilizer, the Gretchin had decided he had had enough of fighting the warriors of Chaos and had managed to run from the last fight, leaving his fellow Gretchin to be massacred.

His beady little eyes widened in horror as he saw the first of the Chaos Marines emerge from the dense undergrowth, sweeping the clearing with their bolters.. of course, that only lasted a split second before a mighty ROAR descended on the clearing from the engines and weapons of the Evil Sunz Wartrakks who had finally decided to show up.


Lt. J. B. Villeneuve, Kardashian Prime PDF

Log Entry 55

More of those half-track scout vehicles that these Orks seem to love have arrived. I am unsure how they did it, but they managed to surprise a probe from the Chaos forces and gun them all down, despite having the apparent stealth qualities of an drunken Ogryn. It will be interesting to see what else the Warboss can assemble.



Now den, now den. DIS iz ded yoosfel. Urgluk ‘az turned up wiv MOR ov dem Wartrakks. Da Warboss ‘az alredy sent dem out on patroll ta find out wer doz Chaos Boyz iz at. I ‘ope ‘eez gunna let us attack soon!


50pts Evil Sunz WarTrakk 

50pts Evil Sunz WarTrakk  

50pts Evil Sunz WarTrakk 


Maddix aka Warboss Blackaxe


This month came right down to the wire for me. Between being sick, and getting called into work 3on a day I was supposed to have off and had dedicated to the challenge I felt for sure I would be submitting my traditional month three (or is it four) good enough job which needed to be finished up later. In the end, with about five minutes to spare before I needed to get ready for work, I was able to finish my entry, and get it photographed, written up and submitted. This month bonus theme was unexpected red, and while I don’t think there is anything that is unexpectedly red in 2nd edition figure a preacher on a snow planet wearing an all red robe would do the trick! I didn’t get an epic squad done this month, but since I’m the only one playing along I might just let that die out. Between work, class, and adaptive Cohn in March I’m going to be on a very tight time schedule so even tiny bonuses such as epic infantry might not be in my scope. 

You can read more about what I am up to on my blog: https://www.hmgs.org/blogpost/1767208/The-Wachtmeister-s-Patrol

Squad w/ chainsword, bolt pistol, flamer, heavy bolter 121

Preacher w/sword, laspistol 11

Total 132


Eldar-Spiders. Spider-Eldars? 

I never had them in my old army, I guess the rules might have seemed a bit wordy and something like a guy with a missile launcher seemed like the easier way to deal death. But reading up on them now they do seem pretty good so I will be happy to give them a try. I actually finished this months challenge pretty early and feeling pleased about myself I almost missed actually sending this months contribution. But here they are! I really did enjoy painting these guys. 

Oh hell!

For the third month I finished the second Brood Brother Squad, armed with laspistols and various hand weapons, they are led by a Genestealer Hybrid Neophyte. I also painted the Patriarch, but as I was about to start the Patriarch I noticed he had some damages which would take me longer than planned to repair, so instead I took my old (already painted) Patriarch and gave him some touch up and did some more Work on the base. This was not what I intended since I wanted to paint a second Patriarch in green instead of blue, but that one goes back in the pile for later. The most important here is to actually end up with a playable army.

As bonus I finished a Commissar, which have no entry in the codex, so he will probably just ”Count as” Brood Brother or be part of campaign plots and such. I also painted a Brood Brother with a Plasma Gun and made a bit touch up to some World Eater Marines for Allies.

So to get on track with the backstory here: Tef Dupont had managed to proclaim himself Governor to the Eastern Autonomy of Khardasian Prime, naturally the non infected part of the population was nor really satisfied by this and preassure was rising in the regional Capitol; New Dos Angeles (Former Twin Angels). To ensure the not so loyal Citizens of his good intentions Tef Dupont sent for Imperial intervention to ensure the population, this turned out to come in the form of a Commissar, more troops of the Khardasian 8th Company and even a small number of Space Marines of the World Eaters Chapter. If anyone had voiced their discontent before no one said a word now, at least not in public… To be continued…

http://deathworldadventures.blogspot.com/ is my usual playing ground and I will also document my progress there along with this challenge.

1 Genestealer Patriarch @ 72 Pts

10 Brood Brother Squad @ 82 Pts

     Basic Hand Weapon; Laspistol (x10)

1 Genestealer Hybrid: Neophyte @ [12] Pts

      Sword (x1); Laspistol (x1)

Another last minute entry – this is getting quite a nasty habbit of mine. But hey, done is done…

This month I did four Khorne Berserkers, completing the squad I started with the second slice last month. And as a bonus there are… four unexpectedly red Orks! Why red Orks, and why all the Chaos stuff on them? Well, Orks love to fight and sometimes they fight alongside Chaos warbands as this one. Of those few who stay (and survive) long enough, some might embrace the glory of Khorne – for after all, the Blood God can have his skulls, if this means some more good crumpin’, right? Obviously these would turn red over time, because… Khorne, what else! And because Orks never lose, as is common knowledge, to stay in the fight for longer these Khorne Orks would turn into daemons sooner or later. WAAGH FOR THE BLOOD GOD! Ahem…

While the only conversions on the Berserkers are some more recent Chaos plasma pistols for varieties sake, the Orks are converted with parts from all over the last 20 years. An original metal Freeboota, a plastic monopose Goff, two plastic Gorkamorka Boyz – they came out parallel to 2nd edition! – with bits as recent as from the 2015 (?) Khorne Skullreapers, the plastic Possessed or the plastic Chaos Warhounds (both mid 2000s), as well as parts from different incarnations of plastic Khorne Berserkers. Also featuring: a mutated arm from the late 90s.

As for points in this slice #3 of mine:

  • Khorne Berserker with power fist, plasma pistol and sword … 51 pts.
  • Khorne Berserker with plasma pistol and chainaxe (x2) … 84 pts.
  • Khorne Berserker with bolt pistol and chainaxe … 37 pts.
  • “Bloodletter” (x4) … 140 pts.

This adds up to 172 points as planned with a bonus of 140 points on top for a total of 312 points.

Epistolary Kaelon and Apothecary Malachai join my 4th company strike force this month, bringing formidable psychic powers and expert knowledge of astartes physiology to bear on the battlefield.  In my last battle with the Wachtmeister (read about it here) I saw how versatile and deadly a level 3 psyker could be in 2nd edition.  Adding Kaelon to my forces will give me another option to manifest the potent powers of the warp against my foes.  Next game I will try taking at least two librarians to guarantee I have enough psychic power cards per turn to really do some damage.  Apothecary Malachai does not lend a lot to the game in 2nd Ed necessarily but I loved painting this characterful sculpt that I have owned for at least twenty years.  FInally painting those models you’ve owned forever but have been intimidated to put some colors on is part of what makes the 40K2ndAC so much fun.  For more pictures and some 2nd edition action in the form of battle reports be sure to check out my blog at 1st Legion Chronicles.

Well another month down and another barely over the finish line. This month I was able to complete my 3x heavy bolter squad from last month and get down to everything but basing on the squad for this month (starting to be a trend that I’ll need to break). I’ve learned that the heavy weapon bases are pretty intense but they essentially become a model in their own right. I’ve probably spent as much time doing things like painting muddy boards or putting a tiny bit of Nuln oil on each spent casing for the heavy bolters as I do painting actual models. I’ll be finishing the squad’s basing tonight and ready for a fresh Month 4!

For Conversions this Week I have:

-The enemy at the gates inspired Commissar at the heavy bolters, you thought they were bad when they only had a bolt pistol!

-The sgt in the squad, made from a tank rider’s head, a reposed sgt’s arm and a Valhallan LT’s arm refashioned into a shooting pistol. I’m actually pretty happy with how he turned out.

-The Lasgun guardsman is made from a broken flamer trooper who is doing his best Scarface impression. I would make some minor changes to this dude if I decide to create this conversion again, but overall he works well enough.

So for this month’s special was for a red color to be added, now some of you might think the Commissar’s sash or the sgt’s medals would be it for my submission. No, it’s the hot bowl of space borscht next to the Autocannon gunner. even in the grim dark future there is only Space Beats!

Follow along with my painting at my Instagram page:


Month 3

Heavy Weapon squad- 3x Heavy Bolters- 90pts (Month 2)

Infantry Squad- Boltpistol/Chainsword, Grenade launcher, Autocannon- 130

More to Follow!

Dear Dr The Viking,

This month has been even harder with work than the last, so I hereby prostrate myself before the Grand High Inquisitor of the challenge and beg for forgiveness as I have sinned…

This month has been very hard – lots of deadlines and many late nights trying to keep clients happy has meant I hardly picked up a paintbrush for the last fortnight. I have just managed to scrape a few hours over the last weekend to finish up the Guardian squad. I’m really pleased with these – I think the helmets have come out with the right balance of highlight vs the dark blue that is the usual Iyanden colour. Looking forward to getting these on the table – I’m really feeling the template action from the flamer!!!

The disappointment is that I’m only really half way through Fuegan. Base colours are almost all down, but there is all of the armour that needs blending along with pretty much all the edge highlighting across the entire model. Still, hopefully I’ll manage to push it across the finish line in the next week or so.

Onwards to March – Howling Banshees to do along with a Vyper. Going to have to start building the latter ASAP as I’ll need to get the airbrush out for that!


Back on track with the alien menace. A lot of stuff happening in my life, kept me from delivering last month, and I even had to keep it easy for myself this month too! But – that is how it goes with these things. I am not super motivated by the prospect of painting these guys, but every time I finish one, I am super happy. So overall, I am motivated by the results you could say. Of course, Warhammer Fantasy is stealing a lot of my attention, and naturally so, as there are sooo many gamers of that around my parts compared to 2nd ed 40k. Eventually, I hope to use these Tyranids for some cool games though. This month is the “red” theme month, and while that may not be surprising, I found it pretty easy to paint some red on my minis.



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