40k2ndAC IV: Participants part III

Here be wave 3 featuring the 21st to 30th participant who have signed up for the #40k2ndAC IV. Selected in random order. Each participant is labeled with a flag to show more or less where on the globe they currently operate, and a P or G banner to indicated whether they’re doing Painter’s Challenge or a Gamer’s Challenge.

Once more, into the breach!  This is my fourth entry into the famed 40k 2nd Edition Challenge and the first one I am not painting Imperial Guard!  So far I’ve painted over 2,000 points of Catachans and over 1,000 points of Valhallans.  This go around I’ve decided to try and break the Curse of the Wulfen by succesuflly painting a Space Wolves army. 

(Multiple people have attempted Space Wolves in the last three challenges, no one has succesfully finished the challenge with them.)  With the change in format I’ve decided to go for the Painters Challenge, I’m too slow to pump out enough troops for the Gamers Challenge.  I hope to get some extra figures painted during the challenge to get as many points as previous challenges. 

After all, if I manage to beat the Curse of the Wulfen I don’t want an asterisk next to my name!  I considered pledging 1,000 points right away but with family, work, and taking graduate degree classes I wanted to make sure I enjoyed the challenge instead of looking at it like another overwhelming task.  These won’t be my first painted Space Wolves, I did a Wolf Guard pack as a bonus entry during season 3, you can check them out here.

At the begining of the third season of the challenge I didn’t own a single Space Wolf.  Now I own an entire armies worth because I wanted to “pick up a few bonus figures” to go with my Valhallans….

Looking at the challenge this will be really interesting for me as no month requires me to paint more than four figures.  It’s a far cry from my Imperial Guard challenges where it was either a vehicle or 5 infantry at the bare minimum!  

Wish me luck, I look forward to seeing you on the snow blasted tundra!




Can’t wait to get started on Challenge Number 4!!! 

This time I’m going back to my 1st Cowabunga Challenge and adding to my Iron Warriors but with a twist …. And with that please welcome ‘The Iron Plague’ . 

Looking to add a few units of Plague marines and some marines with the Mk of Nurgle,

Also to surrport the smelly bunch , not one but two possessed Predators.

Anyway, can’t wait and I’m hoping being a Vet of the previous 3 Challenges will get me though . 

If you haven’t already please check out my instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CkqIzRJNCL7/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

I’m finally putting my submission in for this challenge.  I will be using the ultramarine codex for a Satyr art oldhammer sisters army.  New figures in an oldhammer style.  (and just to be authentic – all now out of production).

Going for the painters challenge. 

Because of the somewhat limited range of figures, I am intending to do several minor conversions and at least one major conversion.  Most conversions will be head, arm and weapon swaps where I can get away with it.

I am going to be doing the painters challenge and intend to push myself painting wise.  I don’t expect to have golden daemon levels but I want this army to look really good.

‘sup yo.

I’m back, from outer space so you can prepare to take that sad look from.. oh, you’re not sad? Nevermind.

Well, it’s the third time round for me and I have decided that I need to do a “Good Guys” army and “The Curse”(tm) needs to be broken so am plumping for my Space Wolves army.

It will be The Gamers Challenge as I like to paint lots 🙂

When I first started 40k, of my three friends, one took Blood Angels (and Eldar) and the other Space Wolves (and Orks), so I decided on Chaos (and Guard) (to shoot them both). I always had a soft spot for the Sons of Russ and so decided to collect a force over the last few years but never got around to painting them.. that is now over. “The Curse”(tm) means that a Space Wolf entry has never been finished so I aim to smash this.. by painting about 60 of the buggers.

And I might paint up some random stuff too. For reasons.

Maddix, aka Herger Redclaw, Hero of The West Gate.

Alright, it’s not my first time in the challenge, last time was in 2021 and I failed. I am a man of many projects so sometimes get distraced and 2021 I not only had many hobby projects, I also moved to a different part of the country, had a baby and so on. Life came and did its thing so to speak. But for 2023 I’m hoping to make it. We also have a small local 2nd edition 40k community in this part of Sweden so I’m very psyched to get this done and play some games with it!

I decided on joining in the Gamers Challenge but decided to not bring a crazy amount of models so I hope I can get this done. Let’s go! 

Greetings from Sweden Dr. The Viking! Seems you have lured me into yet another painting challenge…

After finishing my 1000 point Night Lords force in the previous challenge, and actually playing a game with them (woot?), it’s now time to add some more stuff to it! Since I’m not a very fast painter I felt the Gamer’s Challenge would be too much for me, so I opted for the Painter’s Challenge instead. Last time I painted a lot of regular Chaos Space Marines, and I honestly got a bit fed up with that, so this time around I decided to focus on vehicles and daemons. And Terminators. You can’t have enough Terminators!

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oddgits.hut

Cheers, Ted Gunnarsson


Having established a foothold on Khardasian Prime, the Heralds of Darkness now seek to consolidate their position and bring in heavy support in the form of vehicles. Sacrifices to the Ruinous Powers have also been made, and the boundaries between the Warp and the physical world weaken…



Slice 1 Plaguebearers

Slice 2 Bloodletters

Slice 3 Chaos Rhino

Slice 4 Chaos Dreadnought

Slice 5 Chaos Predator

Slice 6 Chaos Terminators


-Build a faction specific piece of terrain/objective

I would like to build something along the lines of a Chaos monument or temple for my army. 

-Paint a backdrop for your army

I painted a backdrop last year, but I would like to try some different techniques and have another go at it.

-Build useable game tokens

For this I want to try and build markers to represent destroyed or burning vehicles.

This Blood Angels army contains exactly 50 models at a little over 2000pts. I am focusing on high mobility with my tactical squad transported on the rhino and my 2 assault squads and my death company equipped with jet packs. 

Hi there. I’m Matthias from Germany and I haven’t played a single game of 2nd ed 40k so far! The foundations of this Bad Moon force were laid ~25 years ago though when I purchased my first White Dwarf (German #15). It contained an article about “The Grudge of Drong” which led me to become heavily invested in WHFB Dwarfs.

But it also contained the great 40k battle report in which Jervis Johnson’s Space Orks faced Andy Chambers’ Chaos Space Marines on a gorgeous Ork village table (“Kneel before me!”, UK WD #200). This battle report and Ork models were always at the back of my mind, even when I started playing Orks much later in 5th edition. Around 2 years ago I finally started collecting 2nd ed Space Orks and sadly haven’t painted a single figure yet.

When I read about this challenge I knew it would be a great start to a painted army. I’m a slow painter though and haven’t had much time to paint since my daughter was born a year ago. So a humble Painter’s pledge will have to do and as it happens the Bad Moon part of my collection comes to pretty much exactly 750 points.

I’ll do my best to come out of this challenge with a painted 750 points force to serve as the core of a hopefully much larger army in the future. I’ll share my progress on the “Crown of Command” Discord and on Instagram (@bifrostpainting).

For the subgoals the plan is to: 1. Paint a backdrop for your army (No-brainer! I’ve always wanted one and I’ll need one for my progression shots in any case). 2. Use a new technique (airbrushing, might come in handy with all those pesky yellows). 3. Build a faction-specific piece of terrain (probably a classic Space Ork adobe building).

While I might not have realized it, I started my hobby during 40k’s 2nd edition. To me, it was what I did with my dad and older brothers between trips to a special store, adding far too much blue paint and orange gun barrels (it’s what muzzle flashes look like, I saw it in movies) to little toys and being inconsolable when my few little men were inevitably defeated.

It’s been a couple decades and I still collect miniatures, though my painting has improved. Chiefly, I grew my skills as a modeler after years of trading, purchasing, and receiving hand-me-down models and bits. Buying old models from flea markets and old forgotten shoeboxes of miniatures in people’s bedroom closets is a great experience because you can tell a lot about someone by their collection. They can be a time capsule of their gaming scene and hobby skill before you bring new life to something someone moved on from. The stories of the gamers behind the game mean so much more than the game itself.

My first army was Space Marines, but I also have a long history with Eldar. Their playstyle and lore really hooked me, particularly the story of Craftworld Iyanden. The timeless design of the miniatures means those old secondhand collections are a rewarding trove of hobby treasures, while the fact those designs don’t receive as many releases means the models fit right into the rules and aesthetic of the modern game. Some of the Eldar models still sold today were released during this era of the game!

Wanting this to be a challenge and having collected an awful lot over the years from various sources, I chose to attempt several dozen of the plastic guardians from 2nd edition to test my batch painting skills. At least I’ll fail spectacularly if my hubris catches up with me. I also wanted to use some distinctly 2nd edition units like Eldar Pirates and hopefully others by the end of the challenge.

I’m based in the USA. (edit: Remember to check Google Maps if you live in Virginia! There, nearly a 100% of other US based challenge entrants seem to be located!)


So, for the fourth time I have put my pen to the paper to make a list for one of my own challenges. I have decided to go for a “Gamer’s Challenge” meaning that I will need to paint a minimum of 50 models worth a minimum of 1500 points. I knew from the start what I wanted to do: Deathwing! 2I was kindly gifted a complete Deathwing army by my friend Ezekiel (yes! That is his name!). Oppposing my freshly painted Tyranids with a Deathwing army would be an awesome site. And letting Ezekiel control it would make for an obvious choice for my final month, so that will be my ambition.

Thinking about it I might as well make this the start of a Dark Angels army. So let’s add a couple of Tac squads and an a few scouts. Now that is 51 models. I really have a lot more in stock, but I think for now, I will only pledge this, and let the rest be up to “the whim of the butterfly”.

My idea is to paint them in batches of 10, that makes 5 months of painting. So for the last month I (or whatever month really) I will leave the Master of The Death Wing and the army display board.

So now, I just gotta choose my two remaining subgoals! The first will be “Create you own character”  – I have a pretty good idea what I want for this one. Lastly, I will chose “Gaming tokens” – I am probably going to stretch the intent of this one, but hey: Never let rules stand in the way of creativity. Lastly I want to make an army display board for the Death Wing part. That would be awesome I think.


  1. Good luck everyone, but ESPECIALLY Ted! (If you want a couple more Bloodletters, hit me up – I have three old metal ones I’m not doing anything with and they could be yours for, IDK, RRP plus shipping. I’m not in this to make a profit.)



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