40k2ndAC IV – Starting stats and stories!

It is the 1st of January and the #40k2ndAC IV is now officially in full swing. Coming at you directly from cowabunga sewer headquarters are here the full rundown of the participants and the stats.

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Painters and gamers

A total of 30 people have entered armies into the challenge. 50 seats were put up for grabs, but at the same time a bit more challenging format was chosen. First of all, there is no “mulligan” this time. If you fail a month, you’re a goner. Secondly, people were to choose between painting in bulk or quality. To my amazement the split between the two was a completely perfect 50:50.

The participants also had to choose between a range of sub goals that they would also complete. The goal for painting a piece of Faction Terrain was by far the most popular. This is perhaps not surprising, as it is quite easy to do for most and also totally cool to have. The “have a chat on discord with 3 other challengees” was to my big surprise among the less popular. I am going to making it happen all the same 😀

To my delight the “play a game with what you have completed so far – month 5 or 6” was also quite popular. Part of my mission here is to make people paint armies… but also to get out there and use them. I am hoping to provide some kind of feedback to you, the readers, on these games when they get in.

Rookies and veterans

Looking at the breakdown we have two thirds veterans returning, and one third new kids on the block. This is very good I think. A testament to the format, that people return even so. Even though, the stats are small numbers, it is interesting to note that the rookies favour the Gamer’s Pledge, whilst the Veterans stick to Painter’s.

Also interesting is the fact that the rookies have pledged more figures no matter how you look at it. The average for the rookie painters beat the average for the veterans painters by 8%, and same goes for the Gamer’s Pledge (+9%). Hubris? Fresh energy? Awesome people? All of the above? We’ll see!

Armies selected

The distribution between the codices is probably following the trend that you would expect if you read White Dwarf during the 90s. More or less. So Angels of Death (AoD, that covers both Blood Angels and Dark Angels), Eldar and Orks are favorites. Chaos is the weird nephew that made it to the party late, but no less popular. Imperial Guard is a mammoth task in this challenge, so perhaps it makes sense that it is less popular. Ultramarines, oddly, never get a lot of attention in these challenges. We have had a few, but they were always dwarfed by AoD.

Curse breakers

Throughout the whole 2nd ed challenge series, we have never seen anyone succesfully pledge and complete a Space Wolves army. Irrespective of the format, the participants with these entries always fell through. Therefore a term was coined: The Space Wolf curse. Of course, anyone now attempting Space Wolves, will fall under this curse, and if they should succeed it has been decided that a special “Curse Breaker” honour should be bestowed upon these individuals.

In total 3 noble gents took up the responsibility for this and as you can see we are talking about 2 Painters and 1 nutty gamer.

Going the extra mile

There are many interesting entries this year, and we have seen some big pledges before (a Season 2 Space Wolves pledge comes to mind) but this 147 model Gamer’s entry especially caught my attention. The 80 blob of Guardians going in as a single month entry is… ludicrous! I wish Slice of Dice all the best luck for this. May your brushes never split.

From the Discord

People have been starting up the paint engines over the past few holidays. We keep an active chat going and try to use it as a means to support through painting slumps and to show progress, that can motivate others, is being made during the challenge.

Viden has already more or less got his colour scheme down for these Eldar testers. Tain has been busy converting Chaos Marines of Tzeentch and M4cr0dutch has started the insane journey towards a painted Hive Fleet (I know the feeling – this is what I did last challenge).

You are welcome to join our discord, or read my digests of it here on the page.

Let me know if you like this kind of “in progress” post as a complement to the final month digest with the finished products.

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