40k2ndAC IV: Participants part II

Here be wave 2 featuring the 11-20th participants who have signed up for the #40k2ndAC IV. Selected in random order. Each participant is labeled with a flag to show more or less where on the globe they currently operate, and a P or G banner to indicated whether they’re doing Painter’s Challenge or a Gamer’s Challenge.

Hi Dr. The Viking,

If there’s still space, I’d like to toss my hat in the ring for this year’s 40k2ndedarmychallenge. My introduction is below and my photo attached. I am U.S.-based. Thank you for the consideration!


Farseer Bel-Annath stared into the swirling mist, ice crystals sliding off his helm. Bethalmae’s glacial blasts scoured his mesh armor, slowly bypassing its advanced environmental defenses. The farseer paid no heed. Cold means little to one slowly turning to crystal after aeons peering down the future’s psychic paths.

A hiss of displaced atmosphere and his second in command apparated beside him, seeming to step out of a fold in the air. If he hadn’t foreseen the arrival, it would be… unsettling. So. The scouts had been successful in their cavern quest and his vision proved true. Irillyth’s armor was here.

Tremors shook the ground. The mute shape of an Eldar dreadnought materialized out of the snow. Time was short, Bel-Annath foresaw. Craftworld Mymeara would recover the spirit stone of its Phoenix Lord – and soon.


A pile of Eldar potential!

I’m excited to throw my hat in the ring for this 4th 40k2ndAC! I’ve followed the last three and have slowly been collecting a batch of Rogue Trader and 2nd edition Eldar in the meantime hoping to participate. For this go, I have 1518 points and 50/51 models (depending on how you count a heavy support platform :)) of Eldar. I am attempting the Gamer Challenge, as I hope to use these models soon in our local game store.

My plan is to paint these Eldar as Craftworld Mymeara, challenging me to paint with some “cooler” colors. This is the third army I’ve painted in the last few years and every one began with the intent of being on the cooler end of the color spectrum and just gradually slid warmer and warmer. Not these! We are looking for some beautiful greens, blues, purples, grays, and whites this go around, with just a nod to the warmer side here and there 🙂

For the gamer-specific challenges, I am hoping to paint three vehicles in one month, create a unique set of objective markers, and play a game of 2nd edition against some Tyranids come month five or six!

I was a bit torn about the unit of Guardians with shuriken catapults. Three of them you’ll see are Jes Goodwin’s “proto-avengers” but were originally grouped as Guardians. The other four are Rogue Trader Dire Avenger models. After some dithering, I decided to count the batch as a band of “veteran” Guardians. Hopefully this wont be seen as cheating! I feel it both helps separate the two guardian squads stylistically and is a functional representation of what the Dire Avengers are in the lore. 

A model I’m particularly excited to paint is an Eldar War Drone I happened to pick up in a used model batch. I didn’t include him in my army list, but my head-canon has him working as Bel-Annath’s assistant. 

The Slices:
Slice 1: Both Guardian Squads
Slice 2: Rangers and Support Weapon/Crew
Slice 3: War Walkers and Dreadnought 
Slice 4: Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions
Slice 5: Farseer, War Drone, and Warp Spider Exarch
Slice 6: Objective Markers and Game-on!

Good luck everyone! Here’s to a great challenge!

Dark Angels! We’re secret and we hate wolves! Classic!

There’s really only one reason why I want to do this challenge, to actually paint up my 2nd edition Dark Angels for a game against my friend’s 2nd ed Tyranids. I’ve gotten this project through a chance encounter in my local Gw ,where someone sold their entire old miniature collection for like 25 bucks, among them azrael, 10 metal body space marines and the 2nd edition codex Angels of Death, having started to properly collect Oldhammer in 2020, I have had this idea of doing a full 2nd edition dark angels army, and so I’ve been collecting models here and there, a bundle with all the old characters, a sergeant, some scouts, etc. I only really bought one model for this challenge specifically, the tarantula, since I didn’t have anything “vehicle like” and wanted at least something.

(as a side note, some of the models are missing Backpacks or arms or are not yet rebased, I will still do this and can hand in pictures to prove I started from proper models, but due to the limited spots and seeing the dreadnought and havocs on the examople pic not being quite up to shape too, I figured it would be okay)

Hoping I still can get a spot and with kind regards,

Momma Negan

Hello! I go by @pygmyhippo over on Instagram. I saw the 40k challenge on the oldhammer_c0wabunga feed, and thought it was the right time to carve through my backlog of vintage miniatures. In the late 80s, Citadel miniatures were advertised in Dragon Magazine, and I was enthralled by them. I didn’t play Rogue Trader at the time, but I liked painting miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons, so I decided to buy a model that really caught my eye. My first 40k miniature was a Space Marine “Eddy” dreadnought. Since I lived in a very rural part of the United States, I had to mail order it directly from England. It took over 4 months to arrive, but when it finally arrived I was hooked. Around 1989, when my family was visiting the nearest city, I bought the Rogue Trader rulebook and the box set of plastic Marines (RTB01). By 1990 I had managed to get an Ork Dreadnought and a single blister pack of Space Orks, and I painted them straight away. To bulk out the rest of my Orks for Rogue Trader games, I used my fantasy orc miniatures from Grenadier as proxies.

Now THAT is a challenge entry! 😀

Soon after, I became interested in Tyranids, and played that army almost exclusively from 2nd edition through 4th edition (the last edition I’ve played). Over the next 30 years I’d gathered many more Space Orks, but have literally never painted a single one. That changes now. I’m hoping this 2nd Edition 40k challenge helps make a dent in my pile of Orks. I’ve been trying to paint an army over each of the last couple years, and managed to finish a large dwarf army (using vintage Grenadier and Ral Partha figs), and a large skeleton army (using a mix of vintage Citadel, Grenadier, Ral Partha, and some new Wargames Atlantic figs). I found that if I post my progress on Instagram, I tend to finish what I start. So those past 2 armies can be found there, as will this army. I know that I’m capable of painting alot of figs, but it isn’t easy for me. So I’m signing up for the Gamer’s Pledge so that I can paint a large chunk of my Ork backlog, but am tempering my expectations and not trying to paint a massive horde. Since I have all the usual grown-up obligations, it’s going to be a real task to find the time to paint all the figs to a level that I’ll be happy with. The army list I’ve built, though rules-legal and very balanced, was based entirely upon the models I wanted to get through rather than any sort of strategic planning. My army is an Ork raiding force led by Kor Sparktoof. It’s comprised of 65 models (equivalent), and is a mix of infantry and vehicles: enough variety to keep my enthusiasm up, but not an outrageous number of figs so that I lose all hope. Fingers crossed!

ARMY BACKGROUND STORY: Kor’s Ork Raiders Kor Sparktoof of the Blood Axe Clan was formerly a big boss in the Waaagh of Warlord Snagrod of Charadon, and he participated in the invasion of Rynn’s World. Snagrod’s orders to his subordinates were clear: burn everything to the ground, no prisoners, leave nothing intact. Snagrod’s attack upon Rynn’s World resulted in a planetary conflagration. Kor, unusually pragmatic even for a Blood Axe, disagreed with Snagrod about the best way to conquer the planet. Certainly arson is fun – Kor might be a Blood Axe, but he’s still an Ork with an affinity for flame and plasma – but reckless arson left little Imperial loot afterward. Kor felt a carefully applied use of fire was in order, say 90% of the planet destroyed rather than 100%. This didn’t sit well with Snagrod, who called Kor’s Orkiness into question. After a brief discussion, a swift headbutt from Snagrod, and a restful coma, Kor awoke several days later in the charred remains of New Rynn City. Gathering a handful of his remaining boys and equipment, Kor set out on his own, raiding planets on the periphery of Imperial space. Kor is now patiently building his strength to become a great Warboss, and to lead a Waaagh of his own.

My planned painting chunks:
1) Blood Axe Kommando Mob and 1 Battlewagon (Counts as 10 models).
2) 2 Dreadnoughts and 1 Battlewagon (3 vehicles, counts as 8 models).
3) Mekaniak, Nobz Mob, and Painboy (17 models).
4) Battle Standard Bearer, Warboss, and 3 Gretchin Assistants plus Champ (6 models).
5) 2 Blood Axe Boys mobs (12 models).
6) 2 Blood Axe Boys mobs (12 models).

Another Hobby challenge, another legion of Valhallans! I’m returning for another 2nd Edition Army Challenge, this time as a “veteran” among this illustrious hobby group. My theme for this challenge is simple: More. That means more tanks (well, any would be more), more characters and more Valhallans, so more of everything! I will again be painting up my valhallans in the stylings of WW2 Soviets on the muddy eastern front from the last challenge.

Straight from the ice/sludge planet T’hoth – The chilling horde, frozen in their steps!

After seeing Viden’s great work with stormtroopers last challenge I decided to try my hand at some of these classic models. As an avid collector of job lots, I’ve decided to make a squad formed from broken stormtroopers spliced with legs from broken Catachans I’ve gathered over the years. If my conversion attempts are successful this should net me a unique 2nd edition stormtrooper squad, to be painted up in a more modern camo pattern. 

I’ll be partaking in the Gamer tier and I decided to really challenge myself with the painting. I’ll be grinding though 30 models and 3 tanks for two of my sub goals, likely overly ambitious but why not be bold, it’s a challenge after all! My final sub goal is making a special character, for this I’ve chosen to make a grizzled old NCO, a squad leader who lived through it all. 

As a final personal pledge, due to my continued struggles to get 2nd edition Imperial Guard Tanks, I’m going to strive to paint some 2nd edition era models alongside all my “modern” tanks. I have to try to do something to keep my 2nd edition cred alive with all these new tanks.

A big thanks to Dr.TV for putting this on again, I really enjoyed it last time and this new format looks to be an interesting challenge for a new project!

Follow my path through this challenge and resulting slide into hobby insanity on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/valhallan_winter/

After finishing the first, dropping out in the second and skipping the third, I’ve decided to give this wonderful challenge another shot, and hopefully be able to get some more guard on the table.

In the first two challenges I continued the never ending work on my first elever army, the Tallarn Desert Raiders 42nd regiment, “The Screaming Camels”. This time around I will continue my work for the Emperor, adding a Catachan detachment to the regiment.

When I say detachment, It’s because I originally had a plan to do one or two squads with a HQ unit and some kind of armoured support. That plan however changed as I realized that I had to do at least 1500 pts. to be part of the gamers challenge (yeah I’m not even gonna think about trying the painters challenge)….well, challenge accepted.

So with a few late reinforcements, my catachan detachment, quickly grew to an army of itself. Story wise, these particular catachans will most likely still work as support to my Tallarns (of which I now have 5000+ pts), who’s been fighting for some years on the wonderful planet of Kardashian Prime. I quite like the idea of doing the catachans in desert camo to fit my tallarns. However I’m also very interested in doing them completely true to the codex, with goblin green bases and the lot. So at the moment I’m somewhat undecided on how I’ll be painting these, but luckily I’ve still got time to do a few tests before deciding. 

The list I have chosen, is of course true to the rules in the codex, and should be playable as it is. Only undecided unit at this moment, is what the second Leman Russ will end up as (pic shows three, but I will most likely only paint two). I know that 2nd edition hasn’t got rules for the many different Russ variants, but as I’ve had a converted, though not finished, Vanquisher (with an old FW resin turret) in my box for close to 20 years, I’m feeling it’s about time I got it done. Besides this tank, all models in the army will be 2nd edition Catachans, with as few 3rd edition models as possible. 


Paint 30 Infantry models in one month 

– this will hopefully encourage me to chew through the 60 ish Infantry models I need to paint 

Paint three vehicles in one month 

– another big chunk of the army done in one month. I’ve got some plans and ideas on how to do the armour, which hopefully will make it possible to do them all at once. 

Build a faction specific piece of terrain 

– I really haven’t got enough terrain, let alone anything to fit the desert theme of my army, so this will be a first…and maybe a tribute to one of the most famous pieces of 2nd edition terrain. 

I’ll be pushing myself and my limits to get it done, but that’s not gonna hold me from trying. 

Hi there everybody! Well then, this will be the fourth of the good doctor’s challenges that I’ll be taking part in and I’m both thrilled and intimidated by how different it’s going to be this time. 

It’s taken me months to actually figure out exactly what I wanted to submit to paint this time around but I’m very pleased to say that I have finally fallen to the Ruinous Powers and that I’ll be painting the forces of the Chaos Space Marines.

Specifically, I’ll be painting the combined forces of the Emperor’s Children and the Death Guard and the narrative I began at the start of the second #40k2ndac will continue as this force will in fact be the danger that the seers of the Eldar Exodites attempted to warn the humans of Oedo about! This invading force of corruption will be led by a dread Chaos Lord of Slaanesh known as Urien, Virtuoso of Agony and I will be presenting rules to play this monster once he is painted for the challenge as that is one of the subgoals I have selected for the challenge.

I should also say I will be taking part in the Gamer’s Challenge and have also included my army list below, broken into six separate groups as per the stipulations of the challenge. I’m not sure what order I’ll be painting them yet as there’s still some conversion and sculpting work to do here before the challenge begins, but see the photo below for what is included in each group and points will be laid out according to WYSIWYG. I can’t wait to start and look forward to seeing what the other entrants submit. Good luck everyone!

I was a part of the last challenge with ny Chaos daemon world slaanesh and I really had a blast! So just had to jump on the ride again if I got the chance. This time im doing a painters challenge. Been having some trouble deciding on what to paint between harlequins, Blood angels (my childhood army) but in the end I came over some RT space marine bikes and ravenwing hit me! 

Really looking forward to challenge myself and try to paint each model to my best level! 

I am back again to join my second foray into the world of 2nd Edition 40k!

I made a rather fortuitous trade with a friend who gave me a big pile of metal Eldar last year. While it’s a big mix of models, half were 2nd edition or older, and the rest 3rd-5th edition. So I carefully picked through to find all models from the right time period and put together a fun painting challenge for myself. I have never played Eldar, collected Eldar, or painted Eldar until this! I have always enjoyed the beauty of the sculpts and people’s paint jobs with them but never dared to do it until now!

This challenge will give me a lot of fun challenges with trying out the different aspect schemes with some fancy HQ’s as well. There aren’t many models here, and I hope to add in some extras along the way if I can pick up a few things for cheap. The bonus challenges should give me a good chance to try a fancy banner or two and even some NMM which I’ve dabbled with in the past.

I do have a blog but am terrible at updating it so you can find more frequent updates at:


For the blog if I do get back to it:


I love it when a plan comes together! I have been undertaking a slow but steady journey refreshing all my 1990’s GW armies these past couple of years, sparked by the lockdown and in no way fuelled by a small mid-life crisis! I have been building towards starting on the Imperial Guard in the new year for a while now, picking up some pieces online to fill gaps and tracking down everything I’ve got in storage that have been used in various projects across the years. Seeing one of the key reasons for getting back into the 90’s groove – Dr. The Viking’s 40k 2nd Edition Army Challenge was gearing up for a 4th iteration and with a gamer tier aimed at those of us who are unable to turn out  ‘eavy metal standard armies, it felt like I was in a position to give it a go!

My Imperial Guard force back in the 90’s steamed from a trip into the old Bromley GW back in 1995 with pockets full of Birthday and Christmas money and an announcement that I was after one of those fancy new Imperial Guard armies who had only just been released. I remember the staff going out of their way to help (once they realised that the spotty oik who could normally only afford the odd blister pack had the £ to back up his claims) and together we built an army list that I was able to purchase there and then and just about was able to carry away. 

Anyway, this isn’t that army….mainly, because under the watch of my parents the staff appear to have been hesitant to sell me multiple’s of the same troop boxes so I ended up with a force that turned out to be illegal as i could not muster the three squads to match my HQ, but that’s another story. 

This is my Gamers pledge for a Catachan Jungle fighter army – The XCVIII (Lightning Hounds) 

The stormtroopers here are a kitbashed mix of various companies plastic kits, but crucially don’t contain any GW parts, so can’t really be considered converted, not to mention already built and so I’ve skipped that subgoal. Similarly with Model kit/toy into a 40k Vehicle, as I’ve not really done enough to the Dust Tactics walker to in my mind merit that sub-goal. 

While the force does contain some Terminators, this is an opportunity for me to make use of some models that have been waiting their time patiently in my pile of opportunity, and the Exo-armoured GI’s from the game Incursion by Grindhouse Games have been waiting a while! Also, the Leman Russ is a tank from Dust Tactics, and both fit the jungle fighting theme of the army, with the heavy  support needing to be provided by those who can equally make their way through the dense foliage of the battle fields that this force would expect to be deployed into. With a test scheme on another 10 man unit under my belt I feel that I am ready to go with this first element of my Imperial Guard battle force for 2023!  

Ill be updating my progress (and maybe painting some eyes) over on Instagram –   https://www.instagram.com/ad80_herohammer/

2nd edition was where I got my start in 40k, and the edition I remember most fondly. I suspect that might be the nostalgia hitting hard though. I’ve been sitting on these Harlequins ever since I got lucky picking them up second hand somewhere around 3rd edition. I’ve wanted to do them up properly in all their brightly coloured glory, but never really had the motivation to do them.  When I saw this challenge scroll through my facebook feed it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get them done. I love army painting challenges. They are great for getting motivated and seeing everyone’s progress is immensely satisfying.

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