Hobbylog: Sep/Oct 2022

We are getting towards the end of the year. I managed to do a bit of painting, a bit of gaming (a lot in fact) and unfortunately couldn’t quite quell the appetite for “new” and did a bit of buying too.


I kicked things off with an Age of Sigmar tournament. First time in probably 15 years I did anything like that.

It was great fun and I eventually took home two wins and the “best sportsman” award. I have a rundown of the event here.

Next I had a few games of Warcry.

First against my long time Warhammer fellow and his Ogors, and then against Peter from Viborg who had the new edition (no pictures).

I have been mulling Horus Heresy for a long time, and during September it was finally realised.

I had a fun game against Thomas and his Ultramarines. It wasn’t quite the old 40k from the 00s but it was very close. A few new additions rules wise, but a nice flow to the game.

Then it was back to Warhammer Fantasy. No matter how much I play, I think this is my home. First, I had a game in preparation for the Bring & Battle III gaming day that I hosted. I played vs. Jonas and Mark – I fielded two “stand-in” armies, and they each had one (Norsca and Dwarfs). I lost to the Dwarfs and Norsca alliance, which was as intended for the stand-in army.

Next, I went to Fyn to play against Balder. He had prepared a lavish version of the 4th edition scenario “Battle for the Maugthrond Passe” which featured Grom the Paunch and detailed his invasion of Ulthuan. I took the High Elves, and ousted the invader. Good times!

Next, I was back to 40k, where my Tyranids had to eat a psyker before he could signal for interplanetary reserves. There’s a report on the game.

Final gaming experience was WFB again – Warhammer Renasissance of course. Mark and me decided that playing unpainted for a single game was alright. We very badly wanted to try the Ogre and Halfling lists that had just come out. Fun times – Halflings defeated the Ogres two times in a row by nothing but pure luck.

Other stuff

Gaming adjacent – I hosted a team tournament in Warhammer Renaissance. It was great fun and very well received. I have a detailed report available also.

I am also busy arranging the next round of #40k2ndAC – my little painting challenge for 2nd edition 40k.


I managed to finish a fair bit of models this bimonth too. I took a dive into Horus Heresy, bringing me up to 32 infantry and a dreadnought from last August’s 6 infantry.

The 12 Orcs I printed got a coat of paint immediately. Oddly, this is often the case when I print – the memory of what I wanted to do with it is so clear and present that the butterfly doesn’t move on.

Lastly, I put some 10 hours into my old Nurgle army. I had rebased it for Age of Sigmar, but the rounds were torn off and the squares went back on. The army had 3-4 different paint schemes in 3-4 different stages of being painted… I added the toads and Nurglings. I managed to tie it all together, made uniform bases and so on. I am quite happy with the results.

Next bimonth I will probably try to paint some Adeptus Titanicus, that I have been stalling. I finally have an idea for a scheme. Also, I am going to start prepping my #40k2ndAC entry. Currently, it is sat in a bin with soap.


I bought a heap of stuff too… I am counting the figures I 3d printed in this category too. And this month I printed a group of 12 crossbow Orcs from Enfenix miniatures. They are made in the HeroQuest style of old and I really love them.

After a long time I managed to get ahold of the Chaos Lord on steed of the late ’90s. This will go really well with my Jakob Nielsen inspired Chaos Army (that I am in the process of highlighting again).

I also purchased a Halfling army from TTCombat. Now, I already have a lot of Halflings in metal, but I really liked this one. And I have been dancing around making an Araby army for a long time, so I think this will be the kick off. Next year, I am planning a Warhammer Renaissance painting challenge and I think this army might be what I am painting for it.

Not miniatures, but still very important, I bought a foldable gaming table that I can set up in my library. I am too lazy to have a gaming table standing around all the time, as it gets cluttered very fast. So, I have procured “foldable gaming room”: Two smaller tables for dice and paper, 6′ x 4′ table for the game, and two foldable barstools. 😀

Lastly, I got myself a sand gaming mat. I wanted this for Horus Heresy, Adeptus Titanicus, Rogue Trader and Fantasy and what not. It seemed like a good choice to complement the normal green landscapes. I now just need one more item to complete my “want” list, which is a double sided mat with space/ocean.


I played more than a game a week – almost two in fact. My lose/win ratio is probably not so informative, as it covers different games, and the different games have very different ratios. Still – had it been 0, it would probably have meant that I do have some idea about what I am dong in half of my games.

My time is clearly spent gaming and painting… reading new rules and so on occupies deceptively little of my time! I do write this home page still, and it does take a bit of time, but not a lot.


  1. You’re on the TTCombat train too! I’m in grave danger now the rest of their undead are out, could very easily double the existing collection (and those not!Arabians would make excellent Dogs of War). I admire their commitment to the Halfling bit, with all the regional variations, glad to see those on a table.



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