Bring & Battle III: Team Tournament

For the third time I arranged a Warhammer Renaissance event in Odense, Denmark. The location sits nicely in the middle of Denmark and allows people from both Copenhagen and Jutland to participate with almost the same amount of hassle.

I have an intention of never doing the same tournament twice – probably inspired by the old Nifcon from Southern Jutland. Therefore, I decided that this time it would be a “team tournament”. I then made a player pack governing the rules, and set out for glory and fame.

The rules detailed that each players would have three armylists (750, 1000, and 1250 points). Before each game, each team would roll a die to see how many points they had available (from 1500 to 2000, and would then combine their lists to meet this total.

Additionally the players all had to select an avatar – their personal incarnation on the field. Only when the two avatars on the same team were within 18″ of each others would the players be allowed to discuss their tactics during the game.

One of my favourite minis this day was Frederik’s converted chariot. He had added a “drive by” Slann to it, since he was in a Slann/High Elf alliance. Probably the Slann were simply puppeting the Elves, and this miniatures nicely demonstrated it. The chariot played simply as a High Elf chariot.

For inspiration/curiosity you can download the Player Pack here: link

The player’s also made backstories to go along with their armylists. You can find them both here (the stories are in Danish for the most part): link

To my own surprise, this actually seemed to work rather well, and we had a fun day with lots of interesting games. The teams went about the assignment in many different ways. Some jollyed through the day, and others schemed and planned. I had made all the armylists available online beforehand, and as such making a strategy based on your opponents’ forces was an option.

The teams played 4 man at each table – dividing their armies amongst them. The players have been anonymized as I do not have their express consent to use their images.

At the end of the event Team Idiot Proof or Proof of Idiots took home the victory with 19 points based on points amassed during the games.

Even though it was a lighthearted affair, I chose to use the scoring system from Warhammer Renaissance intended for tournament play. So a minor victory (10% margin) would give 5 points to the winner and 4 to the loser. The backside of this is that the amount by which you won the game actually meant more than winnning or losing – so in the end the team that went 3-0 didn’t achieve full victory. In the future, for this sort of event, I would probably choose to sort based on W/L first, and points second. Especially seeing that the games were uneven points and so on. But as it stands the team with the most points took the victory. But I guess in this case team K.F.I.G.G.A.M.S. now have a grudge to settle if there ever is a team tournament again.


As an organizer this was just a super good event. I was amazed that the turn out was 100% – no one opted out. This was extremely fortunate as a teams event like this, is very sensitive to the actual numbers. At 16 people we have 8 teams – at 14 people we have 7 teams… which doesn’t add up for pairing! I had two stand-in players so I would be able to salvage most situations though. Luckily, it all went smoothly.

I am already busy planning the next (two!) events. At this point, I think it has become tradition for us to have a Bring & Battle in April and one in November. The plan is to have a “event” like the above, but with a different setup/brief, again in April and then a “2023 Warhammer Renaissance World Championship” with bells and whistles in November.

Thanks to all the participants!

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