40k2ndAC week 4

The first four weeks of the 40k2ndAC IV have now passed and the next update you will see from me (after this one) will be featuring the finished entries for month 1.

So far 9 people have submitted their entries but we still have 3 days to go before deadline. However, this time around we’re doing the hardcore version with no mulligan! So potentially, we could see a fair few early exits this time around.

From the discord

We are keeping a social chat going on Discord during the challenge and here are a few glimpses from the week that passed


I managed to have a game of 40k 2nd edition where my poor Blood Skulls Chaos Space Marines were mauled by a Genestealer Cult. I think that the GSC could actually have left most of their troops at home and just brought genestealers and still have come out on top. I was a good game!

40k 2nd edition game


Especially the Gamers have been showing their stuff on Discord. I guess having to paint a lot helps that.

Catachan jungle fighters 
2nd edition tyranids

We have (at least) two guys going for the “30 in one month” subgoal this month. Both Mork and M4cr0 are going to pull through I am sure. It looks like they’re quite close both of them!

2nd edition space wolves
valhallan bases

We finally saw one of the Space Wolves “Cursebreakers” deliver a bit of progress. We had been a bit worried by the total silence from all Wolves so far. And Valhallan Winter continues to spend too much time on his bases, forgetting that he is actually doing a Gamer’s challenge. ;-D

oop deathwing terminators

I got ahold of some very old Dark Angels transfers from a fellow challenge participant. Some of the transfers were beyond repair, but a few actually worked! They had yellowed a bit but I think it will work.

plague bearers
blood angels 2nd edition

A few even managed to start their next month of painting already! Ted is continuing with the demons and Mike is all about highlighting Blood Angels


On Saturday a few (well 2 – me and Valhallan Winter) got together for a paint and chat on discord. It was good fun and we chatted about this and that. We are repeating it this Saturday at 6 pm EST. Feel free to join!


We briefly touched upon what music and podcasts people had been listening to for the first month of the challenge and I think it is fair to say that the meter was all over the place. As it should be!


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