40k2ndAC IV Month 3, Wave 2

Sooo it is time for the second wave of March entries here from the cowabunga HQ. This digest contains the 11 last entries (from the time of receival). The flags above the participants denotes where the painter is currently located, and the terminator honours denotes that the person has previously been picked by their peers as having made an especially remarkable entry.

40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed
2nd ed 40k chaos space marines

Gamers Challenge-Month 

Sub goals- NA 

Models- 11 (counts as)

Total Points – 296

This month see 5x Chaos space marines armed with bolt pistol and chain swords and ancient plasma gun.  

I wanted to do an assault unit of marines as you as something different than your normal bolter marine units, that’s the beauty of the chaos dex and all the options you have to choose from . 

rogue trader chaos terminators

Next up are 3x Rouge Trader Terminators ! 

I love these guys so much character and just great minis . 

Iv got a few more of these to paint up in the future and can’t wait . 

Thanks for taking the time to check these out and looking forward to seeing everyone’s great work ! 

If you like my stuff please check out my instagram page https://instagram.com/ebpminis?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

40k2ndAC logo 40k 2nd edition
eldar scouts

Antra Gradiel crouched in the shadows. His singing spear hummed in his hand, the hypersonic vibrations reaching into his very marrow. The dark ice tunnel stretched before him. His scout squad had moved ahead, tracking the clawed scrabble of the Tyranid menace. He shook his head. He had heard of the monstrous creatures’ effect on the warp, but this was his first time experiencing its numbing, deadening presence. His heightened senses sung in resonance with his spear; he could feel the battle lust building…

*Snap!* The ice stalagmite inches from his side vaporized as it was hit by buzzing ammunition. Warriors! Gradiel released his held psychic energies and the tunnel filled with the unnerving shrieks of the Banshees he had held in reserve. Their quickened steps flashed down the tunnel, blades shining, emitting screams of their own as they bisected flesh and carapace.

It was over almost before it had begun. He rushed after his warriors; they would crush these aliens underfoot like the bugs they were.

* * *

This month I completed my second listed slice, consisting of ten Eldar Scouts and a Heavy Platform armed with Heavy Plasm and two crew. It was a challenge finding a color for the Scouts’ cloaks; initially I had attempted a white to represent their snow-covered environs, but I just couldn’t make them fit stylistically. Instead, I decided to opt for leather, matching the jackets of the heavy platform crew and war walkers. I’m very happy with how they turned out! I modified the heavy platform slightly, drilling a hole in its base with a pin vise and installing a rod, so the platform looks like it is floating over the snow.

After finishing the slice, I had a little extra time and decided to paint the Banshees and Warlock I have been using for our FLGS crusade matches. The banshees are a hodgepodge; three of them are 2nd edition, but two are 3rd edition and there is also a mix of blades and weapons. I picked these up cheap in an eBay rescue lot a while ago; all of them were missing arms and required some minor greenstuff work to get assembled. Don’t look too closely – at least one has a right hand on her left side!

40k gaming table

A final project I finished over the course of the weekend was a gaming table. I previously had been playing on a 6’x2’ (1.8 meters x 0.6 meters for you metric fans out there) and it just wasn’t big enough for 2k point games of 40k. With a spare sheet of plywood and a woodburning kit, I made my own regulation size table, just in time for 40k 10th edition to be announced. Hopefully table sizes don’t change! I burned all the deployment zones into the board, as well as marks for each of the objective markers for most 40k games. I also attached a small, raised border, helpful for keeping dice and models on the surface. A couple coats of polyurethane later and we were gaming! It is now the single biggest distraction from painting I have – there may have to be a “painted models only” rule for it to inspire me to get more models finished!

Anyway, congratulations all on finishing month three! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go finish a 40k match….

Month 3:

Total Models: 16 (count as 17, with base size)

Total Tables: 1

Total points: 513 pts.

· Heavy Platform with Heavy Plasma – 55 pts.

· 10 Scouts – 230 pts.

· 4 Howling Banshees – 108 pts.

· 1 Howling Banshee Exarch with Banshee Mask and Power Axe: 69 pts.

· 1 Warlock with a Singing Spear – 51 pts.

40k 2nd edition tyranids

This month I have submitted a slice with all the toppings. I really wanted to get a subgoal completed, so I spent the first half of the month working on a Hive Node for my Tyranids. The terrain piece is designed to look like a coral outcrop with stinging fronds, which were all individually glued into position. I also added a thin layer of water effects, which reflects the fronds really nicely when you catch it at the right angle. 

tyranid terrain

The first model on my paint table was a Zoanthrope, which will be great to play with in-game. I wish I had more of them to be honest, but I am kind of glad I only needed to paint one this month.

2nd ed 40k zoanthrope

The first Hive Tyrant I worked on is a more traditional variant, equipped with a Barbed Strangler, Spinefist and Bonesword. These weapon choices were great fun to paint, especially the Strangler, but they are not necessarily an optimal combination on the battlefield. That’s ok with me though, “sub-optimal” is my middle name 😉

2nd ed 40k hive tyrant

The second Hive Tyrant answers the question: what would winged Tyrants have looked like if they were around in the 90’s? The wings are from a Dark Pegasus, which I pinned into the back armour where the back vents would usually go. I also armed it with twin-boneswords from a Tyranid Warrior and a Venom Cannon. A couple of days before the deadline I realised that I never got a tail with the model, so I repurposed a modern piece that seemed to fit. As wings were certainly not a thing in the 2nd Edition Codex, I made a custom biomorph (Chiropterous Wings) that can be used by Warriors as well. I based it on the Jump Pack wargear card, but doubled the cost. Balancing such a thing is difficult, as increasing the mobility of a Tyrant makes it a beast on the tabletop, but also very likely to get targeted early. I also loved the idea of having a biomorph for the sting, so I put together something that I think will be fun (Psychotropic Sting, which works a little like a one shot digi-weapon. Any living target that survives losing a wound to the sting is forced to roll on the Hallucinogen Effects table).

2nd ed 40k hive tyrant

The sting reminded me of my own experiences with a swarm of paper wasps a few months ago, the effects of which I am still recovering from. The Schmidt Pain Index is a hilarious/disturbing document that describes what it is like to be stung by a number of insects. I felt quite validated reading the entry in the pain index for the wasps that stung me: “Burning, throbbing and lonely. A single drop of superheated frying oil landed on your arm.” With this as inspiration, I wrote “The Holst Pain Index for Tyranid Bioweapons”. Enjoy!

Click for the PDF

Challenge points: 328

Challenge models: 2

Actual points: 579

Actual models: 3

40k2ndac logo 40k 2nd ed
40k 2nd ed dire avengers

The third month of the challenge has been almost a failure. It started great but then real life got in between and I almost did not finish, up to the point that I have almost no time to write!

So, this time I painted five Dire Avengers. While they have some variation in colour scheme, it ended up being simpler as intended. Only the one with the decal in the forehead is at the standard I expected. The others, while finished, are going to require further work in order to reach said standard. Hopefully this will come next month. The same goes for the bases. I tried an evolution from the urban debris, but again, only the model with the decal shows the intended result.

To summarize:

Slice 3

5 Dire Avengers = 110 points.

I hope to see you next month!

40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed logo
40k 2nd edition space wolves


Three months in and I’m still painting on the last day. I mean, it’s my own fault partly as I’m also painting Bretonnians (who have fancy horses), but next time I think I’ll do the Space Wolves first…

40k 2nd edition space wolves

Anyhuw, this month I have mostly been painting Blood Claws. With Axes. And some Jump Packs.

40k 2nd edition space wolves

All of the arms that were added are, as before, the more recent kits, but the backpacks are plastic 2nd ed and the Jump Packs are metal 2nd ed ones too. Because. No bonuses this month, so I’ll have to start cranking them out over the next three months to catch up!

Might even add to the story next time…

Blood Claw Pack; Two Powerfists, 8 Poweraxes and 5 Jump Packs. 361pts


40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed logo
40k 2nd edition space wolves

The month is my lowest figure count to date in any of the challenges I’ve been in.  I have never had a month with one figure, and even with only a lowly chainsword he probably comes pretty close to all my Imperial Guard command squads in points, and they have five models per squad!

One of my side quests for this challenge is to use a technique I don’t often use.  At the begninnig of the challenge I said I was going to use wet blending, and this is the figure I had in mind.  As it turns out I’m not good at wet blending at all, but considering I’ve never tried it before I’m not overly dissapointed in the (lack of) results.  Thinking things through I realized I also used two other techniques I’m not very good at throughout the army; airbrushing and free hand painting.  The whole army was airbrushed for the base coat.  I didn’t do a very good job as more than a few models were a little heavy handed.  I should have done more thin coats as Coat d’Arms doesn’t do a good job covering even a base coat of white.  I also realized I’ve been doing some free hand for the pack markings throughout the army.

40k 2nd edition space wolves

This month I was a little closer to the deadline than I thought but only because I kept pushing myself.  I initially didn’t plan on doing any of the markings, and the using the decal and freehand on the cape was an absolutely last minute decision.  I’m glad I took the time as I think it really adds to the figure.  If I thought about it earlier I would have tried painting a large diamond for the decal to go on, but that’s a lesson learned for next time!  Additionally, I haven’t mentioned this yet but one of my side quests is to use fancy bases which I have been throughout the challenge!

Wolf Lord with chainsword – 92 points – 1 model

Side Quests:

Different painting technique (Wet blending, free hand, airbrushing)

Fancy basing



40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed logo
40k 2nd edition space orks boar riders

Snake Bite Boar Boyz rumbled onto the battlefield for this month’s entry and I must say they have been one of my favorite units to paint in all 4 seasons of the 40K 2ndAC.  Admittedly every unit I have painted for the many seasons of the challenge so far has been a sweet delight of nostalgia wrapped in completing long held daydreams, but these Orks on boar back really hit the peaks of both those endorphin triggers.  I have never been the biggest LOTR fanatic, but pictures of greenskins riding wolves and other ravenous beasts has always been one of the iconic images of fantasy for me.  So imagine the delight of my 13 year old self reading ‘Ere We Go back in the day and realizing that the sci-fi version of Orks could also ride savage animals – indeed even cybernetic warthogs created by the mad scientist-like schemes of the Painboyz!  Due to prices too steep for my teenage wallet, Orks on boars became a fantastical aspiration of my teen years that was never to be fulfilled.

It may have taken longer than my original youthful schemes desired but painting these amazing models this month made up for the long wait.  So many details that could be painted in a riot of different colors that could rival any Freebooterz mob.  The very reasonably priced Ebay lot that allowed me to acquire these classics also included their self adhesive banners.  They performed as well as 29 year old stickers could and I will use them in the short term until I really master freehand Ork banners.

40k 2nd edition space orks boar riders

I can’t wait to use this unit in a game, soon they will be trampling the Wachtmeister’s Space Wolves in classic GW style.  Their power axes and bolt pistol’s will come in handy as well when romping through the imperial guardsmen of Vahallan Winter.  Now it really just sounds like I’m gloating that two fellow challenge participant’s live in my area 🙂

Next month I am painting a small Death Skull mob with lots of ‘eavy weapons including some Kustom blastas and my first oddboy for this army.  No subgoals again this month which is starting to feel like an ominous Damoclesian sword looming over the second half of the challenge.

40k 2nd edition space orks boar riders

Thanks to the magnificent Dr the Viking for coordinating this amazing challenge for the 4th time and good luck to all those still left in month 3.  Follow my painting adventures at 1stlegionchronicles.blogspot.com

Smashes With-Axes: Snake Bite Nob – Power Axe, Bolter, Cyboar; 4 Snake Bite Boarboyz – 2 x Power Axe, Bolt Pistol: 2 x Axe, Bolt Pistol           122 points. 

40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed logo
valhallan tanks

Another month down and another set of Valh… No Valhallans this month again!?! What do we have for this month? Oh, a trio of tanks, that’s pretty good, we’ll finally have some armor… wait, 3 leman russes too

I decided to go big this month and added 5 extra tanks to my pledge of 2 chimeras and a hellhound, adding 2 leman Russes, a Demolisher plus both an additional Chimera and Hellhound. Sadly my luck with 2nd edition tank collecting is horrid, so I had to use the modern kits. (Emperor protect my 2nd Ed Hobby Cred!) Though the old tank commander looks nice and natural in the new kit!

valhallan tanks

Now I wanted my tanks to look like they’ve been in the field, battered and beaten, for a long time. I’ve caked them in mud with rust and worn paint to show these old fighting machines have been through it all*. I’ve always added battle damage to my vehicles as between it and stowage helps to add a ton of character to a tank/vehicle.

valhallan tanks

Things like extra helmets and weapons, spare wheels or my personal favorite, the hellhound with a fire extinguisher. I even tried 2 new techniques for these guys, the 1st is undercoating them in dark brown and adding salt mixed with hairspray to create a chipping effect after all the rest was painted. It was a slog but I love the style in the end. The other is using weathering powders from AK interactive, here you see their rust kit and engine exhaust in action, adding a ton of grit to the tanks!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fully finish these tanks, I still have to add the tie down cables and camo netting, plus unit markings, but I still consider these tabletop ready.

valhallan tanks

I’ll have these additions finished and up on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/valhallan_winter/ in the next week to follow along for my terrible freehand!

Next month is infantry, and finally Valhallans will return… Do you hear that rumbling again?

Much more to Follow Comrades!

*Please don’t tell the Admech about these tank’s condition, I swear we found them like this….

Finally my Guard has their armor, after years of collecting

valhallan tanks


Hellhound- Hull Heavy Flamer – 165pts

Chimera- Hull Heavy Flamer – 140pts

Chimera- Hull Heavy Flamer – 140pts


Leman Russ Battle Tank- Lascannon, 2x Heavy Bolters – 205pts

Leman Russ Battle Tank- Lascannon, 2x Heavy Bolters – 205pts

Leman Russ Demolisher Siege Tank- Lascannon, 2x Plasma Cannons – 250pts

Hellhound- Hull Heavy Flamer – 165pts

Chimera- Hull Heavy Flamer – 140pts

Total points- 1,410 pts

8 Tanks- 32 models

Completed Pledged Subgoals-

Gamer- Paint 3 Vehicles in a month

Bonus Subgoals

Painter- New Techniques: Chipped painting, rust effects/ weathering powders

40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed logo

Another month concluded and now my Eldar have plenty of long-range firepower! It was my first time painting these sculpts and I wasn’t expecting how different it would be; for example finding a good spot for the blue secondary color was a surprising challenge. This was also the first time in a very long time I worked with 28mm lead miniatures, hobby knives can cut through way more lead than the pewter I’m used to!

Eldar are typically the most potent at medium-short range so bringing Scouts or weapon platforms lets you have a better base of fire turn 1 while your other warriors get into position. Throughout the history of the game however, this firepower is limited. It’s useful but trying to rely on standing back and blasting is a mistake, leave the artillery and emplacements to the Imperial Guard while you make magic happen in the middle of the table and along the side edges. Scouts and weapon platforms cover your shortcomings, they do not let you opt out of your strengths.


173 – Eldar Scout Squad x7, Power sword, Shuriken pistol 2x

55 – Anti-grav Platform Weapon, Distort Cannon

60 – Anti-grav Platform Weapon, Heavy Plasma Gun, Shuriken catapult

64 – Anti-grav Platform Weapon, Scatter Laser, Shuriken catapult

60 – Anti-grav Platform Weapon, Heavy Plasma Gun, Shuriken catapult

64 – Anti-grav Platform Weapon, Lascannon, Shuriken catapult

60 – Anti-grav Platform Weapon, Distort Cannon, Shuriken catapult


Let me know if you need anything else

Thank you,

-Slice of Dice

40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed logo
2nd edition chaos lord on juggernaut

This month – HQ units! 

A slightly odd combo of Fabius Bile and a Chaos Lord on a Juggernaut. Both of these were really fun to paint, and have been sat in my Chaos bits box / collection of random models for maybe 20 years, so getting them done was really satisfying.

Fabius is much bigger and takes up more space than I’d thought when he’s all put together – an impressive sculpt I hadn’t quite appreciated until now. I’m not 100% happy with his dangling jars / vials of nasty stuff, so may come back to them at some point when I have a better idea how to approach them. 

2nd edition 40k fabius bile

The Jugger Lord was an absolute pain to put together, one of the worst chunky metal models I’ve ever had to work with. I can already see it exploding into bits if dropped. It can’t be see in the photos but he has a hole drilled in his backpack for inserting a banner… (one of my sub goals), which is a work in progress right now. I’ll show it off when it’s done. 

Next month will probably be the icon bearer and 7 Plague Marines I think..!


40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed logo
2nd edition 40k dark angel scouts, advanced space crusade scouts, epicast paladin knight

This month saw me completing a model that has been lingering on my desk in a semi-painted state since early February – a Knight Paladin! The model is from Red Nebular Miniatures and is a 3d printed piece. It is a 6 mm figure, that has been scaled up to 28 mm. I think it looks bang on like an Epicast model from the ’90s.

The paintjob is that of House Krast taken directly out of the Titan Legions book. I used a lot of decals, weathering and pigments to get it to an agreeable look. I will make a dedicated post about this endeavor at a later point. I also need to figure out rules and points for it… anyone in the know, please let me know!

My other entry this month is two squads of Scouts. I had fun painting the first squad, and hated painting the second. I am not really an army painter at heart, I guess.

Scouts in 40k occupy a strange position. These two squads are armed with an autocannon or a heavy bolter. Neither speaks to scout tactics. Rules wise the scout squad is allowed to infiltrate, which makes for good fun and is on point. I would much rather have had two squads of the metal miniatures, but the ones I have are already dedicated to other projects.

Next month I hope to get cracking on the Terminators again… still need to get 15 more done!


Scouts 200 pts.

Paladin TBD pts.

Models (counts as): 14

One comment

  1. Great stuff. Were there rules in Citadel Journal for Paladin titans in 2nd ed? I won’t be able to check for a couple of months as I’m moving house and all my books are packed up.



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