40k2ndAC IV Month 3, Wave 1

Here is wave 1 of the #40k2ndAC IV for March. We have 11 entries in this wave. The flag above the badge denotes where the participant is currently operating, while a small terminator honours logo means that the participant has been honoured by his peers for a previous entry.

40k2ndAC IV logo 40k 2nd edition
40k 2nd ed catachans primaris psyker

ell, the novelty of planetfall sure wore off pretty quick. This place is starting to weird out some of the others across the whole platoon by the looks of things. Its not the fact its a Deathworld – I mean that’s why were here. No, it’s more an oppressive weight in the air which also appears to be scrambling the electrics. That short flight ended up even shorter when all the ships controls went on the fritz, we had to put down and start the trek early. Fine by me, as riding in those birds always leaves me feeling like a sitting duck. Sadly we’ve had to leave the heavy armour behind as well for now because it’s also not fully functioning, and that’s caused plenty of muttering through the ranks. 

Commissar Harkat hasn’t deployed maximum discipline as yet, but you get the feeling he is getting close as more of the platoon start complaining. In fact, I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t the fact that the most pressing complaints have come from that witch…I mean psyker Lundis, Harkat would have started making examples already. Still, they don’t call the Colonel Holido ‘Steamin Hound’ Hickore for nothing, as his reputation for making sure its Red Company steamin’ into the breach first is legendary and he’s pretty much moving the company with force of will alone at this point. The outpost is a few clicks away and we should make it by nightfall the Sarg tells me, and hopefully this contact feeling of being watched will pass when we get there.

 – Recovered writings within margins of Uplifting Primer identified as belonging to : Trooper Karbeiss Gravers, Catachan XCVIII Regiment, Red Company, Blue Platoon, 2nd Squad, taken D-2 from the Nedirid Incident. 

Month 3 and onto the Command HQ slice of my challenge. I also had a Primis psyker and Commissar to add some much needed additional leadership, and some small measure of psychic defence. A com link was a must for the barrages it allows, plus the battle standard was another auto take to boost the odds of everyone standing their ground in the face of the enemy. 

Trying to fit everything into this list meant that I had to take the lowly Lv.1 Primis, and only now have discovered that he is only armed with a sword and has no armour, still he looks fabulous and appears to be living his best life! That will teach me to read the character descriptions fully in the future. Still – I would be expecting him to preform a pretty defensive duty within the force and grant my army the chance to dispel whatever my opponent has to throw at me so he was unlikely to be charging into too many combats (although if it wasn’t for wanting to paint up the model I would have probably left him out and forced my opponent to either bring multiple psykers or deal with just a single dice for the psychic phases). The HQ was rounded out with another Mortar for the force. 

40k 2nd ed catachans

This month was also a big milestone within the challenge, as alongside the previous months work and my test squad before starting I now have added the third infantry platoon painted up and two command squads to enable a full companies worth of cannon fodder… I mean Catachan’s finest to hit the table. This was a bit of a personal milestone as seeing any IG force with the fields of troops deployed in the face of the enemy always looked great – but I did put most of those troops into the bonus category from the off. This was just in case the attempt to get 100 troops painted overwhelmed me during the challenge, and with it being my first time taking part I didn’t want to overpromise and under deliver. 

Regimental HQ 

Colonel, Comm Link, Battle Standard, Mortar, Bolter, Powerfist  198 points 

Commissar – Laspistol, Sword   40 points 

Primis Psyker – Sword   32 points  

1st Bonus Command Squad  

Auto Cannon & Mortar, Bolter, Sword   100 points 

2nd Bonus Command Squad

4 Grenade Launchers, Sword, Bolt Pistol   103 points 

Bonus Unit 3th Squad

Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Heavy Bolter, Meltagun  124 points 

Bonus Unit 4th Squad

Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Lascannon, Flamer  145 points

Bonus Unit 5th Squad

Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, Autocannon, Plasmagun  126 points 

So this means that I painted 47 models this month, for a total cost of 868 points (270 points for this months slice and 598 bonus points!). Next month I’m moving onto some additional support and the heavy hitting allies that I hope will give this Catachan force some real punch. I’ve also come across some nice 3D printed sculpts that represent some later edition Catachan special characters, so might look to paint them up and what it would take to retro-fit them back to 2nd Edition! 

40k2ndac logo 40k 2nd ed
40k 2nd ed ork

This month’s block of models was a pleasant change from the vehicles of the last 2 months. I much prefer painting foot troops over vehicles, and the variety of models and poses this month kept me engaged the whole time. I think that’s probably just the nature of old Citadel models: they had such personality! Each time I completed a figure I would 1) stare at it for a while admiring the cool sculpt, and 2) wonder why I didn’t get off my ass years ago to paint these guys. The block I originally planned to paint this month was a mob of 15 Ork Nobz, a Mekaniak, and a Painboy.

40k 2nd ed nobz

The 15 Nobz were comprised of 5 or 6 poses, and I wanted them all to look like nobles trying to out-do one another. I made a point of using a different color combination on each guy, and tied them all together with red and a yellow accent. When I painted the Kommandos and Dreadnoughts in the previous months, I had already planned to paint all power weapons in the army using blue. So all the power fists, power axes, and power claws would be a gradient of electric blues, and almost all these ‘Eavy Armour guys had power fists (after looking at the primed figs it appeared there were more power fists than I originally thought when constructing the army list). Some of the figs had large smooth shoulder armour, so on those I painted some Blood Axe iconography. The finished mob really jumps off the shelf when I look at it, and they’re probably my favorite batch of models I’ve painted in years!

40k 2nd ed gretchen

Before the nobz were finished I already knew I would want to paint something extra this month, and I hadn’t even started on the Mekaniak and Painboy. So I searched through my boxes and found 3 RT-era Hop-Splat Field Guns (Splatta Kannons in 2nd edition parlance), and some 2nd edition Gretchin crew. I quickly painted all the Gretchin faces while I was painting the Nobz’ faces. I paint all the faces and skin on models first, whenever I paint blocks of troops. Years ago I read that if you paint faces first, you’re more likely to finish the models you started because you feel guilty. Kind of the same way we ascribe human emotions to dogs when they look at us, or something like that. I decided that all Gretchin and Snotlings would wear simpler earth tones to make them more distinct as a second-tier force: Gretchin mostly earth tones with sparse bits of color, and snotlings would be solely earth tones and no other bright colors. The goofy faces on the Gretchin crew were a fun contrast to the Nobz. I treated the Hop-Splat guns similar to the Battlewagons and Dreadnoughts I painted previously, and made sure to keep those same “bone” designs as on the other vehicles to indicate they belong to the same Mekboy.

40k 2nd ed paindok and mekaniak

Since the Painboy and Mekaniak are characters, I chose to paint them up a little different than the other models. I embellished them a little, and I drilled some holes in their back plates and made back banners out of plasticard (like the banners I made in previous months). I didn’t feel it might be obvious to an opponent what these models were representing, particularly the Mekaniak. I made a wrench from plasticard for the Mek to hold (the model was originally holding a sword), and I figured a Mek with a wrench and a Doc with limb shears was a little more intuitive. I came up with an idea for the style I want the back banners to carry for each of the characters in the army: a large icon for each guy would be more fun than a series of small Ork glyphs. I made the banners to be removeable during gameplay since I found that back banners make it difficult (or impossible) to move models through terrain like multi-level platforms.

40k 2nd ed blood axes

With this first batch of foot troops completed, the Ork army is really coming together. Next month on the painting table is the Warboss and his retinue!



Painboy 18

Mekaniak 18

Nobz Mob (15 @ 15) 225

      Ork ‘Eavy Armor (15 @ 7) 105

      Plasma guns (6 @ 6) 36

      Power Fists (7 @ 10) 70


Hop-Splat/Splatta Kannon

      Gun and Crew (3 @ 60) 180


Points: 582 Models: 26

40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed logo
40k 2nd ed catachans

Lieutenant Harver Burke was one of the last remaining guardsmen from the Catachan detachment that originally were deployed alongside the Tallarn 42nd. His nickname, “Mad Bullet” came from…well no one really knew where it came from, but most guardsmen in the 101st platoon thought it to be something to do with his ill temper and his trusty boltgun. They had certainly seen him wield both on many occasions to the demise of enemy and guardsmen alike. 

And this night, in the hot and now burning desert of Khardasian Prime, was another one of those occasions. Standing amidst the fire and flames, Burke surveyed the scene around him. The fight had gone ugly really fast. After the initial assault the jungle had come alive with critters and the guardsmen were doing all they could to stem the tide of aliens that seemed to continue forever. 

The night was painted red as the jungle literally went up in flames. Hot lasgun rounds went off left and right and flames spewed across the scene engulfing trees and aliens alike. Burke looked out of the improvised cover that had kept his squad safe and out of sight. He slammed the ammo belt into the slot of his boltgun, ‘time to finish this fight’. Behind him came a well known ‘thump-click’ and he ducked down low just in time, as a missile passed over him with a whoosh, exploding way too close, showering the small unit with debris and smoke. 

He looked back, ‘nice shooting there Thorn, but they’re getting a little too close for comfort…Kratz, up front’ the Lieutenant called. Kratz strode forward as Thorn stepped back and told his loader to put another in the pipe…’thump-click’. ‘Ready when you are Boss’ Kratz said as he pointed the heavy flamer towards the inferno in front of them. 

‘Well I hope you kept some fuel in the tank’ Burke said, slapping the large drum on Kratz’ back. ‘We need to cut a line east to Varen’s squad’ he pointed into the jungle ‘Somewhere around that small ruin there’. He started walking out of the cover as he spoke, hoisting his boltgun and throwing the belt over his shoulder. ‘I need that horn to call the Howlers, I doubt they’ll see any signal we can send up in this inferno’. He looked back at Kratz and the rest of the unit with a wide grin on his face, ‘Get me to that horn, and I’ll get you those Iho sticks’.


Another month gone and another slice of Imperial Guard ready for battle. When painting guardsmen in batches, I’m always looking forward to painting those single minis that stand out like characters and special weapons. And though this month’s slice didn’t have a lot of minis, 5 to be exact, it had one of the most anticipated minis in the army, the Catachan Lieutenant. He’s just sooo frakking catachan, it’s hard not to love the mini if you ask me. 

Having done the bulk of the army in the first two months, I could finally reap the rewards this month so to speak. Having only 5 minis on the table, gave me time and opportunity to start looking into the terrain subgoals of the challenge. A few purchases of different terrain pieces and random piles of bits, combined with a bunch of random stuff from the pile of shame, I’ve begun planning what to do and how to do it. I haven’t got any pictures to show at the moment, but I’m quite hopeful, even though it’s literally been years since I last “built” any terrain. 

40k 2nd ed vindicare assassin

Besides dappling in some terrain, this month had another first for me, when it comes to these challenges. I actually got some bonus models painted. I know, it’s not really a big thing when you look at the guys in this challenge and the amazing amount of minis they finish each month. But I knew I would be in a tight spot for time this month, so I honestly hadn’t expected to get as much done as I have. 

Anyway, if we look past the fact that some of these models aren’t exactly 2nd edition, this has really been a painting highlight for me this year. I bought the heavy flamer mini many years ago, I just haven’t had a reason to paint it until now. A lot can be said about the “newer” catachan units, but in my eyes many of them work nicely with the old 2nd minis. I’ve still got a few in the box that I might add to the army, should I find the time in the coming months. 

I’ve always had a weak spot for the assassin minis, the Vindicar in particular, and they’ve been waiting patiently at my desk since before this challenge started. For a long time I thought about doing the Vindicare in a desert camo to match the rest of the army. And I even got so far that I tried it, but unfortunately I just couldn’t get it to work so I ended up doing him in the classical black. And even though I’m satisfied with the end result, I’m seriously considering getting my hands on another, just to give the desert camo another go. 

2nd ed 40k primaris psyker

Lastly a classic mini from the golden age of 2nd edition, the psyker. I think I’ve made a new personal record with this mini as I’ve painted it, stripped it, painted it and stripped it again before painting it a third time for this challenge and finally being more or less satisfied. I really love the model and my only regret is that I haven’t got more of the old psykers to paint, but I’ve got a feeling that might change in the future. 

See you next month, for more catachans, hopefully more bonus models and maybe an unexpected somewhat delayed surprise.

Command Squad @100 pts

– Lieutenant w. Boltgun

4 guardsmen 

– Flamer, Missile launcher

Imperial Primaris Psyker Master – 110 pts

Imperial Vindicare Assasin  215 pts

40k 2nd ed thousand sons

Month 3 has – for the first time this challenge – been an absolute joy. I’ve finished a few days early and at no point this month has it felt like I was going to struggle to finish. No issues painting the models, nothing terrible went wrong (to this month’s models at least) and I am extremely pleased with the results!  

40k 2nd ed thousand sons chaos lord

We’ll start with the most important mini here – the mightly Chaos Lord and leader of the army. I wanted something suitably impressive, but the limitations of the model range for Tzeentch really didn’t mean I had many places to go. In the end I managed to pick up the body of Abaddon (sans arms, head and spike racks) as I though it would fairly easy to convert it to have a more Thousand Sons feel. I think the head is from one of the current plastic sorcerer kits, the staff is from the current scarab occult terminators, as are the lower arms, and the combi weapon was the only modern one I could find that actually matches the 2nd Ed list options!!! In the end the amount of chopping around I needed to was actually minimal – just a slight cutting back of the upper arms and filling in the rack slots with green stuff. Its come out quite well – staff fits with the fact that the Lord will be my main psyker and I can play it as a power mace, which seems reasonable. Lovely to paint, although the amount of trim did start to get rather tedious on the third evening…

40k 2nd ed thousand sons sorceror

The sorcerer is another key model, keeping this on as the lowest level possible as it’s not really about being good at casting powers. This chap will get combined with the month 4 pledge to be pushed as far forward as possible before being posessed by the Lord of Change!!! Still, the robe was a good chance to try out one of the new Vallejo Xpress paints as I’d heard good things about their ‘white’ being better than Citadel’s version. Its definitely a nicer colour, but not sure it works quite as well. I ended up mixing it 50:50 with the Space Wolves Grey Contrast paint and a bit of medium, and to be fair that was perfect for shading the white recesses. The sword is to a large extent Striking Scorpion Green, which is a wonderfully etherial green with a few darker glazes to push the contrast up a bit.

40k 2nd ed thousand sons

Finally there is the icon bearer. I painted the marine completely first, which was the same as last month’s, before getting on to the fun part!!! I really enjoyed painting the Icon, which I think is from a current plastic Lord of Change. I tried wet blending to get the transitions from yellow all the way through to blue, which came out really well quite quickly. There was a bit of going back over after to smooth things out a bit, but it did come out rather well. Again the eldritch feeling is added from the green, which is the same Striking Scorpion Green as for the sorcerer’s sword. Hopefully there are now some common colours that are running through – the purple fade of the outside of the icon matches the head of the LoC’s staff and there is a bit of it on the back of the Lord’s head. The green follows through all of these three models as the psychic indicator. I’m really happy with how things are looking together at the moment, this month has made me much happier with the previous two!

Anyway, month three is done! Lots of psychic potential (and, therefore, summoning points for Tzeentch) and all the army’s champions/command. Tried to go for a combination of thematic and tabletop promise with how they are kitted out, but the theory will need to wait until I have some more demons to test it out…

Models Completed – Month 3

1 x Chaos Lord – with Mark of Tzeentch and psychic mastery level of 4. Equipped with Terminator Armour, combi bolter/flamer and power mace (264 points).

1 x Army Icon with the Warp Banner (80 points)

1 x Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer with Mark of Tzeentch (72 points)

Subgoals Completed

Use a new technique (wet blending on the icon)

Here’s to Month 4!!! A single vehicle. I’m going to have a play around with my airbrush and see if the base colour for the marines works as well through that as it does via the hairy brush! Didn’t manage it this month but I really will have to find the time to make a start on the scenic base subgoal.


female space marines

Hello Again

Not much special in this month’s painting – a standard tactical combat squad.

I am getting into a routine for painting these figures now.  My process is not standard – I start with a very light (almost white) blue and paint over that with lots of glazed layers of Dusty blue dipping ink (a contrast paint from greenstuff world).  Rather than edge highlighting I am glazing up to the edges which gives is a fuzzy edge highlight rather than a very straight precise line.  It’s probably a very hard way of doing something that should be far easier but I am liking the result.

female space marines

Like other squads, this squad has quite a few conversions – helmets and arms to get a better mix of equipment and variation for the overall army.  I am particularly happy with the head conversion of the figure with the pink hair – being cut from another body to fit to the respirator that was on this body. 

It was mentioned in chat by our Nobel Dr. The Viking that he was tempted to change the heading for these to ‘Space Karens’ rather than space marines. (ed. Oh dear! There goes the neighbourhood!) I’m not adverse to that as the anger level of the sculpts matches, and this figure particularly fits that theme (notice she is wearing a mask but her nose is still exposed – a very Karen move). 

I’ve had a little bit of online discussion of what this force could be, it would fit nicely in rogue trader, but less easily in 2nd edition.  I was considering an inquisitor’s retinue and looking towards getting an inquisitor to lead them (discussing getting an old inquisition terminator missing a head – which is perfect as this force is all about head swaps).  Someone in chat mentioned sisters of silence which also seems to fit rather well. 

Further into the challenge, I am going to try to do more bonuses and challenges to keep it more interesting as all the figures I am painting are pretty similar.  I am part way through my two remaining bonus challenges with both a partially painted backdrop and a partially sculpted figure conversion.

Tactical combat squad


Heavy Bolter 15

165 points

40k2ndAC IV 40k 2nd edition army challenge
40k 2nd ed eldar

A bit of a busy month this time, so just a quick update, but I’ve just about got my aspect warriors painted how I want them!  I’m planning to stick with yellow helmets to keep the army looking coherent, but keep things nice and bright.  If I have time, I’ll try using transfers to add some runes.  Next month will be Scouts or Swooping Hawks.

Exarch, Mandiblaster, Chainsword, Shuriken Pistol [57]

Exarch, Power Sword [56]

4 Dire Avengers [88]

6 Striking Scorpions [156]

Total 12 models, 357 points.

40k2ndAC IV 40k 2nd edition logo
40k 2nd ed chaos army

Heya mate! Hope all is well at your end 🙂 Finally getting my submission together as I held out to try and get these last few models finished and photographed. 

Welcome back fellow disciples to the prince of pleasure? How’s your tear in realspace going? Pulsating and full of nightmares I trust? Excellent! Let’s begin 😀

oldhammer keeper of secrets

This month I must admit I have been blessed by Nurgle yet again and have had a LOT going on in real life in a medical capacity. I’ve been recovering from surgery and away from my family and my painting desk at home so I rushed to get my initial pledge finished before I knew I’d be out of action for a while.

40k 2nd ed slaneesh rhino

The initial pledge was a Rhino with a scratch-built warp amp for the Emperor’s Children contingent of the force and also the Keeper of Secrets (AKA the Sexy Murder Cow), one of my favourite oldhammer sculpts ever and something that I am immensely proud of :)’

40k flesh hounds

I also managed to get together and paint three Flesh Hounds of Khorne I’ve had sitting around for ages. Not strictly oldhammer sculpts, but hey Chaos is eternal and infinite and this was as good an excuse as any to get them done!

40k 2nd ed demonettes

Very fortunately, after the surgery I’ve been able to sit up and finish a little more and add to my pledge at the last minute. I managed to complete five Daemonettes and two Plaguebearers to the rest of what I managed to get done earlier in the month.

40k 2nd ed plaguebearers

I also wanted to try something a little different with the Slaanesh models this month and NOT do a wash (either acrylic or oil) on any of them. This was to attempt to preserve the saturation and cleanliness of these particular models and give them an air of the perfection that they are supposed to display. In the end I am really glad I tried this as, while I needed to wait for access to an airbrush again to complete the underlighting, I got to paint bravely in a new way and not rely on washes to hide some of my many, many painting sins. 

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy the depravity!



One Rhino with a Warp Amp (75pts)

One Keeper of Secrets (280pts)

Five Daemonettes of Slaanesh (175pts)

Three Flesh Hounds of Khorne (114pts)

Two Plaguebearers of Nurgle (70pts)

Total points: 714pts

Total model count: 20

Unintentional subgoal completed: Use a new painting technique (underlighting and no washes).

2nd ed 40k eldar

Sliding into month 3 at the last moment. Well almost at the last moment.

My slice this time was a Striking Scorpion squad. I never got my hands on an exarch model or Karandras which I would have loved to paint up, but maybe down the road!

2nd ed 40k eldar striking scorpions

The paint scheme is mostly again following the codex. I wasn’t super thrilled with the free handed aspect symbols on the helmet, but I could only redo them so many times before calling it done. I based them a few shades of green with the airbrush and then hand blended some brighter shades on the edges. I did in the end manage to add a couple extra models as well. Before I was just trying to use unique sculpts, but painting only 3 models for a slice just felt wrong.

2nd ed 40k eldar

I managed to get them done around a week ago, and decided I should try and cram in a bonus squad: Saim-Hann Guardians! Also it turned out one of them was a Rogue Trader Eldar Commander – which I guess we can just call a basic Exarch. I’ve always loved the Saim-Hann scheme so I was really glad to finally get to paint them. And these old Eldar metal sculpts have a ton of character to them, really enjoyable to work on. I’ll have to try and track down more later.

2nd ed 40k eldar

Onto slice 4!

The points for the units painted:

+ Characters [55pts] +
Exarch [55pts]: Laspistol, Shuriken Catapult [5pts]

+ Squads [209pts] +
Guardian Squad [70pts]: Shuriken Catapultx3 [9pts]
Striking Scorpion Squad [130pts]

++ Total: [264pts] ++

40k2ndAC IV logo 40k 2nd edition army challenge
2nd edition 40k nightlords dreadnought

The night was dark and quiet, but the silence was suddenly shattered by the grinding of metal and the clanging of chains. The village was plunged into chaos as a Night Lords dreadnought, its hull pockmarked and scorched, trudged through the streets. A sense of primal horror settled over the villagers. They knew that they were no match for such a monstrous thing, and that their fates were surely sealed.

People cowered in their homes as the dreadnought started blasting apart buildings with its heavy plasma gun, sending fiery debris flying in all directions. Its power scourge flailed wildly, cutting through anything in its path. Men, women, and children alike fell before the machine, their screams of terror drowned out by the roar of the dreadnought’s engines.

As the night wore on, the dreadnought’s rampage took on a more twisted aspect. It seemed to be playing with its prey, stalking its victims through the maze-like alleys and courtyards. Sometimes it would pause in its destruction, as if savoring the terror of those who still lived.

And then there were the whispers. Faint, ghostly voices that seemed to come from nowhere, speaking of unspeakable horrors and offering promises of power and glory. Some of the villagers thought they were going mad, but others knew the truth. The dreadnought was possessed by the dark powers of Chaos, and it was slowly tainting everything around it.

The night was long and bloody, and when the dawn finally came, the village lay in ruins. The dreadnought, its ammunition depleted and its power scourge caked in gore, had finally exhausted itself. It stood dormant amid the rubble and ashes, its madness sated for the time being.


My third slice consists of a mighty Chaos Dreadnought of the Night Lords Legion! I used the same colour scheme as for my Chaos Space Marines, so at least I didn’t need to think about what colours to use. I decided to paint the pieces separately, as it would have been hard to reach the areas behind the arms otherwise. Also, since this is a very heavy beast (0,2 kilograms!) it was a lot easier to hold a single arm when painting compared to the whole model. In order to make the most out of the kit I magnetized the arms, so it can be armed with a Heavy Plasma Gun or twin Autocannon on the right side, and a Power Scourge or a Power Claw on the left side. I thought about putting it on a base, but I’ll keep it in the original 2nd edition baseless style for now!

Overall, I’d say it was quite a challenging model to paint because of the weight and some hard-to-reach areas. It is a very lovely sculpt though, and I think it still holds up very well to this day.


Vesperon the Infernal

Chaos Dreadnought with Heavy Plasma Gun and Power Scourge (195)

Total: 195 points


My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oddgits.hut


40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed
rogue trader space marines predator vindicator

Oh hallo.

For this 3rd entry of my Blood Angels 40K Challenge I finished Part 1

Oredator, Whirlwind, Vindicator and another Librarian, this time a low level Codicer in Power Armour.

As you can see all three tanks have various camouflage schemes. I am mostly fighting in various kind of desert settings and it came natural to choose accordingly.

The Predator is painted in Ethernian Desert Tiger camo, very dangerous and bold design that makes it harder to spot in the desert heatwaves. It is armed with a turret mounted Autocannon and side sponson Las Cannons. Coming to 135pts

The Vindicator sports a mess of colours from when it campaigned in the dried up salt lakes, the salt hasn’t been perticular good for the armour either and rust has set heavily in. I could not find any official rules for this vehicle, but an Armourcast Vehicle Card sets it at 145pts

Lastly of the tanks; the Whirlwind is painted more traditionally in Blood Angels Red adding black interference stripes to make it blend in with the shadows in a night fight. The Whirlwind has a cost of 150pts

My Librarian has the rank of Codicer and carries a Forcesword, Bolt Pistol and Psychic Hood for a total of 132pts

I am not sure I am going to use that Vindicator in an actual game of 2nd Edition, but I had the model, I liked the model and I painted it, so that is fine for now.

The Whirlwind has same camo scheme as a Rhino I have already painted, so I hope the final army won’t bee too chaotic to look at with all the mixed camouflage. But then again I won’t ever be able to fit all my models in a single 2nd edition army and still have a meaningful game.

Usually I would probably just field a single or two vehicles in a game anyway, I have always been more into the single models and infantry, but I must say these were pretty fun to paint and even though I am not 100% satisfied I think I managed to bring my superior techniques of drybrushing, think layers of paint and wash to an acceptable gaming standard. I will probably do some touch ups later and maybe add more symbols too.

Total: 662pts

Models Painted 3rd Month: 3 Vehicles + Librarian = 13

Subgoal: Paint 3 Vehicles in 1 month

40k2ndac 40k 2nd ed logo
rogue trader eldar harlequins

Half way into the challenge and I have managed to barely get my entries in on time every month so far.  I have not been idle though working on various other projects including an Imperial Agents list.  I really liked the brightness of the yellow and green I used in the last two entries.

rogue trader eldar harlequins

When it came time to pick the three colours I was going to use on the unit yellow and green were top of the list.  This group is the first to get checkers, which were fairly common on old Harlequins I could find examples of but seem mostly gone from the more modern ones.  I also had a bit more of a play with the mohawks blending from red to yellow and yellow to blue.  Damn but Speedpaints and Contrasts make this ridiculously easy. 

Harlequin Squad (6) 212pts

Harlequin’s Kiss, Shuriken Pistol, Pack Grenade Launcher

Shuriken Pistol, Laspistol x2

Power Fist, Shuriken Pistol

Power Sword, Shuriken Pistol x2

If you want to check out more of my hobby goodness you can check out my hobby blog over on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisWayMadnessLays

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