40k2ndAC IV Week 2

It has been another week and the participants have been hard at work on their pledges still. So far we have not received word of any drop-outs.

Below you can see some really short highlights from our Discord.

The news from Discord

Wargamer Eric has been cracking on with his Warp Spiders, and in the process he has received master class advice on what logos to add to the carapace.

Dr. The Viking has perhaps managed to succesfully apply oil washes to completely destroy a set of terminators?

Adrian Bell is going down a dark path – cutting up his precious models! These are limited release female marines! Now, that is dedication! And the only true way no doubt.

Ted has given us all a face that just deserved to be blown up.

Valhallan Winter is hard at work or hardly working, on his… well… Valhallans… The sgt. at the top is a rescue with a brand new plasma!

Mork is gunning for the 30 in one month trophy with this lot of Catachans! Amazing!

Viden and TJM showed us their progress on the Eldar also – there is no way around Eldar in 2nd edition, but these are both some fresh takes on it!

As of writing we have two entries done for January already! And NO! None of them are Chester Mike – so that is already surprising!

Tune in on our discord (part of the Crown of The Command) – I wholeheartedly recommend the mobile app if you actually want to join. Or come back next week here for more.


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