40k2ndAC IV Month 4 recap

Month 4 is over and we are ready with the latest announcements of Terminator Honours and stats!

Terminator Honours

Every month the present and eliminated participants vote for which Gamer and Painter entries (one each) they think deserve The Terminator Honours.

Their votes are cast in any way shape or form they see fit, and you can win the honours multiple times if it so happens. For Gamer entries, a lot of people focus on the amount and quality you put up, whilst the Painter entries they take a more scrutinizing look at the actual painting involved. Some people just squint their eyes and choose the colours they like best when it’s all blurred.

This month the voting was a bit thinner than usual (maybe the deadline was too short?) but we have a conclusion for you here.

Painter’s honours April

gerog malter updated logo

Georg Malter and his harlequins reached the goal line just an inkling before Mark Rayner. Both put up exceptional paintjobs but in the end Malter won out. Some of the comments were:

Tons of freehand symbols on those models with a great mix of shaded tones and muted yet bright colors.

“Painter = Georg Malter – anyone that paints that number of chequers as neatly as they have done deserves an award!”

“For the Painter Honours I nominate Georg Malter for his Harlequins. They are such a challenge to paint, perhaps due to everyone’s expectations of how they should look! Georg has executed the free-hand work really well and I also love the work on the soulstones. We all know what it is like to hit a wall when working on a project, so to follow through and complete the month in such style is incredible. Bravo!”

A big congrats to Georg!

Gamer’s honours April

Again this month we had a tie. But luckily, my own entry one part of the tie, so I had no problem acknowledging that ValhallanWinter should be the winner!

valhallan winter updated logo

Painting 80 models in a month rang true with people, as you will see from their comments:

“80 Valhallans in one month takes more than madness. It takes skill, discipline and a particularly methodical mind-set that just won’t say die. The models are certainly up to a tabletop standard and the slice is a knock-out blow in regard to getting an army on the table. Fantastic work!”

 I can’t even contemplate painting 80+ models in a month, let alone actually manage to achieve it!!! 

“Oh my… 80 models in one month. This takes the cake.”

Despite the vast difference in the amount of models in these two entries I managed to fit them both in the usual “Honours pic”

Stats centre

Again this month (third consecutive) we did not lose any participants. It tells me, that the people who are in it now are likely to succeed. We have seen this “weeding” in the other challenges as well, where people drop off in month 1 and 2 irrespective of mulligans, the actual pledge or the amount of models. I would say it is about two thing: planning and motivation.

This month we are going to look a bit at the subgoals first. To sucessfully complete the challenge, each participant will have to complete 3 subgoals selected from a list specific to either Painter’s or Gamer’s entries or the common list. The current status can be seen in the table below:

So, what is the distribution of subgoals left, you wonder? Of course you can gleam it from the table above, but we might as well have a better overview here:

The Play a Game subgoal was quite popular, and it makes sense. It is after all what painting figures is often about. But also, the full description of this goal was specifically that you should “play a game with what you got month 5 or 6” – so no surprises that it has a high amount of uncompleted. Freedhand banners and faction terrain is next on the list of many chosen, many yet to do. We are looking much forward to seeing all the games, the banners and the terrain in the coming months!

Now let’s turn our focus to everybody’s favorite stat: The points per figure!

Looking at April, Georg Malter has outdone everyone else, by getting in as many points possible for as few figures possible. Conversely, Valhallan Winter wins the round on getting the least for his efforts with 80 guardsmen painted in one round. Curiously, we have two newcomers to the cheap end of the spectrum. This is of course Tom and Ted who both painted a rhino this month. A rhino constitutes the equivalent of 4 figures in this balance, and only costs 50 points. This is highly likely the only time we will see either of these guys below 20 PPF.

The outlook of the challenge is really good. For an increasing amount of participants, were they to fail at this point, they would still have surpassed their original pledge. This is true for everyone above 100% in the above chart. What it means is that through bonus entries they have buffed their pledge total beyond the scope it originally had. This is cool! Awesome. I would even say “Cowabunga!”

The output from the challenge this month was more or less exactly what it was the other months. Just shy of 300 models (equivalents… vehicles: 4, large bases :2). Of course the distribution was somewhat different. But where the veterans took a leap, the rookies took a break – so the average didn’t change. Same goes within the categories of Gamer for instance – Valhallan’s 80 models didn’t push the group at all, as other similarly lowered their output.

As you can see below though, his effort was sort of a stand alone!


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