Warhammer Renaissance: Bring&Battle II

So, the day came about and we had our gaming event in Odense, Denmark. A total of 16 gamers had signed up for the event, and eventually 14 made it on the day, which I count as a good rate (87.5%) for busy people in their 30-40s.

I had arranged the day together with Rune (who had access to the facilities). It was not a tournement as such, but instead people were paired according to geography. We had all levels of experience, from the literal author of the adaption to complete novices.

But importantly, Warhammer Renaissance has a budding community and instead of finding “a champion” of a tournament I think it is much more important that people get to connect and share the game with people from all over the country. Of course, in the future, somebody else might make a tourney, but it will not be me.

Apart from Chaos, we had a very good distribution of armies – and then Chaos can be so many different things, so that was cool as well.

The agenda for the day was straight forward: There were going to be three games in total, and each round you would (hopefully) meet another gamer that you did not usually play with.

The first scenario was given by me (my ‘Take the bandit tower‘ scenario) and after that the participants were free to choose terrain and scenario in the following games.

Most gamers won a bit and lost a bit – as it should be. However, since the pairing wasn’t based on performance, the match ups were totally random power/play wise, so not a lot can be surmised from the actual win/loss.

My own games

I had three very good games against super cool people. And I guess I could end it there, but let’s look a bit at them:

Game 1: Balder’s Wood Elves

Bears vs. Spawns, who would win?

Balder had brought an extremely nice looking Wood Elf army with a lot of old school vibes. Bears, cheetahs, eagles – and of course a Treeman. It was all there. The game really came down to the wire, and I think it was a real pleasure to play against Balder. I managed to kill Balder’s treeman, using the “burning body” Gift of Chaos, and I failed to dispel anything (6 consecutive 1’s on that).

It was a game of opposites, Woodelves vs. Chaos, and gamerwise, concentration vs. ADHD. Balder is very careful and thinks through his stuff, while I am singing, chanting and moving all over the whole time. I loved it!

Game 2: Kåre’s Tomb Kings

Dust N’ Bones – Sometimes these things just seem to rip you right in two

Kåre had brought a very interesting Tomb Kings list. I have played them a lot myself, and he had hardly brougth anything I normally use… so that was an eye opener. Unlike my Undead armies, this was not dependent on magic to nearly the same degree, and his units really packed a punch. I was extremely lucky through whole thing and managed to get his mummies down in flames (Burning body AGAIN!). Most of my efforts could not really be accredited to me, but rather my dice. Except from dispelling, which failed me the whole game (again!)

Game 3: Nils’ Chaos Dwarfs

The bigger the hat, the harder they fall!

This was a quick one. Nils had a lavishly painted Chaos Dwarf focrce, and all he wanted was to go into melee… As a Chaos Úndivided player I couldn’t agree more. Both armies deployed, and started charging, and never looked back. In the end most things were killed and the Gods were pleased. We were pretty tired by the end of ti, but I think we both had good fun.

Suffice to say, I really had a blast, and I will definitely chair another event in half a year. This time I will go a bit further down the route of selecting the first scenario, and currently a bit of narration is on my mind. More to follow.

Enough said, let’s have some pretty pictures from the day… I didn’t even get that many, but I am sure more will pop up on the Warhammer Renaissance facebook group:



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