Hobbylog: May/June 2022

So here we are, another two months in. May and June saw a big house move here, so the hobby activity went down a bit… or so I thought. I actually managed to get in quite a few games anyway and even painted some 60 models too, which for my normal rate is pretty decent.


Painting wise my biggest achievement during these months was of course finishing my Tyranid army. 20 Hormagaunts was the specific contribution during this bimonth.

Hot on the heels of my army challenge, I entered in another desperate gambit to finish an Age of Sigmar* army before September! I call it The Skeletorial Procession. In addition to the 20 ghosts above, I managed another 10, but don’t have any photos.

I also managed to finish a few other figures that were loitering about on my painting desk… 55 figures in total! Not too shabby.


I managed to get 6 games in during this period (actually starts 23rd of April where the last ended). There was the Bring & Battle II first with three games of Warhammer. Great fun and my Chaos army ruled the day.

After that my house move happened, and accordingly the Warhammer Renaissance activity (that had been largely hosted at my house) ceased.

A new adventure then started with my buddy Peter, who’d bought everything needed to play Age of Sigmar at his house.

We had a 1000 points game that – even if it probably wasn’t entirely true – was ruled a draw between us. We forgot a lot of rules and didn’t interpret everything else correctly, but it was good fun all the same. We’re both busy painting up our forces for a tournament in September.

I then got in a game of Congo. This was a revisit, since Jonas and I actually started playing Congo back in 2016 or whenever it was released. Now, we have high hopes of getting this game back on the menu. It is a good system, I think. And it makes for very entertaining games without a lot of investment or work.

Each summer we have a small private garden gathering revolving around miniatures. This year one of my oldest miniatures buddies had decided to make the weekend themed with Space Pirates.

Each player had a gang of miscreants and we went through the galaxy to collect various items such as Space Ganja and… other things better left unmentioned!

The terrain was really well done, and especially the Ice planet of Thot was a sight to behold.

Second last game was a 4-player game of Lion Rampant. Every time I play X Rampant, I am reminded how good this game really is… all the right details. Perfect for a multiplayer game too. It was a joy to take command of the evil highway robbers and burn down the local village while the helpless Italian merchants tried to get their caravan into the nearby city.

For the last game I returned to Age of Sigmar. We upped the limit to 1500 points, and my poor spectral spectres encountered the combined might of Stormcast dragon this and Stormcast dragon that. I much enjoy playing this game with Peter, and I really like painting the ghosts too. I am probably not going to “rule” this game ever though, as I think the complexity is too much for my limited time. I’ll do my best though. 😀


May/June was the first bimonth where I managed to paint more than I bought this year! Wehoo! Age of Sigmar is still my biggest money sink, even though I just bought another Tiranoc Chariot, a couple of Wraiths and Arkhan the Black for my Warhammer armies. Together D&D and Warhammer constitute almost 75% of my gaming time. All things combined (gaming, painting, reading, writing) Warhammer is almost 35% of my yearly activity.

*interestingly whenever I make an Age of Sigmar post it gets next to no traction. I guess I really am mainly attracting the old farts of the ’90s here hahaha! I don’t care too much though, but my wordpress is very insisting on telling me how things go.


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