2022 March/April Hobby Log

Oooooooh boy boy… that did not go as expected! Haha! I have spent way more than I intended to, but also I have – to my great pleasure – gamed a lot more than I expected to.

Let’s dig into the data!

Games played

First games of the month were a gathering of 4 gamers for Warhammer Renaissance at my house. We each played a couple of games of 1000 points and it served mainly to introduce two of my old buddies to Warhammer Renaissance. They both had armies – some new and some from back then. Good times!

Next I went to Aarhus to play an introductory game of Age of Sigmar using my Fyreslayers. I have been painting on them on and off for about 4 years now without ever really gathering the motivation to finish them.

I got mauled by the evil treemen from Sylvaneth. AOS to me is a really interesting game, with a lot of layers and mechanics. Simple at first… but then really deep. I will definitely get more into that in the future.

Next up was more Warhammer 1000 points with my friend Peter. I wanted to try out my Tomb Kings and Peter and I played two games… The first one took about 20 minutes, as my Tomb Kings had all the luck – the next one was considerably longer and saw the O&Gs take revenge. Good times again!

In preparation for our Warhammer Renaissance day, Mark came by with a couple of variations on his Norse army and we played a few battles. I decided that I wanted to field Chaos Undivided with no – or as little as possible – magic as I could. I think I came up with a good plan.

Then I had a game of 40k as a break. It was 2000 points of 2nd edition 40k with me fielding my Chaos Space Marine Blood Skulls and playing against Regulus’ Sisters of Battle.

The last games of this period was the Warhammer Bring & Battle II that I hosted in Odense.

I had three games over 10 hours and it was tremendous fun for me to organise and play this non-tournament. I really like gaming communities when they’re still growing and aren’t overrun yet. I had the same experience with Epic Armageddon and maybe even Warmachine a bit back in the day, where it was a tight knit crew.

Unsurprisingly the gaming stats were heavily influenced by the amount of Warhammer played these months:

Time spent hobbying and gaming per game in percentage


I even managed to paint a bit more for these months… only a bit! But it counts!

First I got a bit of Tyranids in – this was of course part of my #40k2ndAC – the challenge!

10 genestealers and their little ripper friends!

Next up I finished a couple of chaos spawns! A grand total of 17 figures… in nearly two months! Oh dear…

The totals for painting/buying look a bit bad. I’ll give you that!

Oh dear!

The big one… buying stuff!

According to the data I am gathering, this is my favourite hobby. Haha.

During March and April I managed to aquire no less than 87 models… the vast majority was a Nighthaunt lot of Age of Sigmar. It had been up for sale for a few weeks, but no one had taken it, so I contacted the seller and offered somewhat less that he had put it up for (he had even reduced the price a few times). In one fell swoop I had all the Nighthaunt I wanted. Whooooooooo!


All in all my hobby is in a good state. I am enjoying what I do and I think I will just carry on as hitherto. I have spent more than 122 hours painting and gaming this year so far. That was more than I had expected. By far, the game that I paint and play the most is Warhammer. As long as I am doing the challenge, I think 40k will be the runner up.

Total time spent per game this year (in hours)


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