Warhammer Renaissance: Chaos Beastmaster Pack

Some of you may have noticed, but I made a few spawns of chaos the other day. And that got me thinking that the Chaos Warrior army could use a unit of Spawn Handlers. So I wrote the following suggestion for a unit:

Chaos Beastmaster Pack (replaces the Chaos Hounds entry):


A Chaos Beastmaster Pack may be led by Chaos Beastmasters who must be positioned either in the front (only for hounds, the Beastmasters now better than standing in front of a Chaos Spawn) or in the rear rank. At the beginning of the game, the number of Beastmasters in the regiment may not exceed the number of Hounds or Spawn. Such regiments cannot include standard bearers, musicians, or be joined by characters. When shot at with normal missile fire using BS, randomise to see which type of model is hit, Hound/Spawn or Beastmaster. Hounds are subject to stupidity, unless joined by Beastmasters. Hounds do not lose their Fast Cavalry ability despite being joined by infantry models. Chaos Spawn must have a number of Beastmasters equal to the number of Chaos Spawn. The speed of the combined regiment is limited to that of the slowest model present, except the regiment may make charge moves (and failed charge moves) using the movement allowance of the beasts. In this case, the Beastmasters move along with the unit, but if this move takes them beyond their normal maximum charge move, they are placed in the rear rank and cannot fight in the first round of melee combat. They may move to the front in the following melee combat round. Chaos Spawn will move and fight with a M of 7 as long as they are controlled by a Beastmaster. If the number of Beastmasters falls below the number of Spawn, one Spawn will immediately go wild and leave the unit, by moving 2d6 in a random direction. Guarding Chaos Spawn is a very dangerous job, therefore, at the start of each turn roll a die for the Chaos Beastmasters guarding the Spawn: On a roll of 1 one Beastmaster is eaten (and a Spawn goes wild).

Chaos Spawn 60 pts
Chaos Hounds 12 pts and
Chaos Beastmasters 17 pts

Chaos Warriors with whips can somewhat keep the unruly Chaos Spawn in check


  1. Great unit idea! The rules for delayed combat to address charge speeds flows well and it adds a bunch of flare to the army.

    Excellent use of monopose models too!


  2. Excellent conversion idea! The delayed charge/2nd rank rule flows well and adds a lot of flare to the army! Its also a great use of monopose models, it’d be fun to make some marauders with hunks of meat and use them as the 1st models to get eaten. Great work



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