ChopShop: Chaos Spawns

As I am going to play Chaos for Bring&Battle II, I have been busy building lists… in doing so I realised that I mainly wanted my Chaos army to have a bit of randomness to it. Some players strongly dislike the random elements, but I treasure it. My thinking was that fitting 5 Chaos Spawns into the same army would give me a completely unreliable element and potentially even some interesting games.

Official James Workshop Chaos Spawn figures – I don’t know if I caught them all

My main problem though, was that I didn’t really have more than a single Chaos Spawn. Games Workshop have actually done quite a few Chaos spawn models over the years, however most of them are not very good in my humble opinion. I think their staffs own conversions (as presented in the old 4th ed. Chaos book) are much more interesting. So a couple of coversions were in order.

That’s more like it! This kind of repurposing into unique Chaos monstrosity is more to my taste

So now that we’ve settled the style I am hoping to achieve, let’s see about the miniatures. Really, what I think works best is simply just taking a deep dive in the lead mountain. I have a lot of figures… and I am sure most people do too. I also have a lot of figures that I thought were going into a lot of projects. But as it turned out, they didn’t. Instead they just lingered on the sides of the lead mountain like the dead of Mount Everest.

The eventual victims that would be sacrificed to the conversion Gods

Eventually, I found a set of suitable subjects, that you can see above. A Reaper Bear, a Reaper Jabberwock, a Marauder Gigantic Spider, a Games Workshop Cold One and the torso of a Rogue Trader Ambull.


The surgical cuts needed to perform the operations

Next I started cutting the figures apart. Some of the figures were old metal, some were plastic and some were Reaper Bones rubber. This made for a wildly interesting journey, as especially the Bones material was hard to cut. To my great fortune, I only needed to cut three of the figures to make the combinations I wanted.

Now all that was left was to combine the pieces in new ways. Below is what I ended up going for.


I went for strong colours inspired by the old chaos spawns in the Chaos Armybook. I don’t have the skill to take it all the way to the level presented in the book, but I am satisfied all the same.

I am especially pleased with how the spider dragon turned out. The brash yellow and the red teeth make for just the vibe I was hoping to get.

The tivoli/smarties monster was quite a ‘happening as we go’ paintjob… except for purple I didn’t have a clue about where to go with this. In the end I chose to give it rubies, saphires and gold for armour… or smarties as they’ve been dubbed on the 2nd Ed 40k group.

Next, when painting the bear/dinosaur spawn, I noticed that the feet looked a bit like hens feet… or some other bird. I just went with that. The actual bear part ended up looking a bit like a hedgehog perhaps? All in all it will be happy to spawn around.

The last spawn was the ambull bear. It was actually the one I had the highest thoughts about, but in the end probably also the one that looks the most boring. I don’t know. It will do its job for sure.

It was super fun to do these, and all though I could use these spawns in 40k and for my Slaanesh army I think actually that I would rather build even more spawns in the future for those armies…. haha! It’s a disease!

Well. That’s all I had for you about Chaos Spawns this time. Thanks for reading!


  1. Well done – I think these all came out really well!
    The only gentle criticism I would offer is the use of the flock as fur, rather than using some greenstuff scored with a knife… Mostly because the texture of the flock looks so different to the rest of the models, that it catches the eye as being something that doesn’t quite fit.
    But as I said, I think the final results look very good nonetheless, and the paint schemes are extremely “in period” for 4th. Well done! 🙂


  2. […] ChopShop: Chaos Spawns @ Cowabunga – I love this post. I’m feeling this post, actually. I’ve got to make a wee group of Chaos Spawn in the near future, but I really don’t like the GW models. This approach of just chopping stuff up and making strange stuff is 100% the way to go. Great work! […]


  3. I loved the White Dwarf that delved into a bunch of spawn creations back in the day. This was an inspired project. Thanks for taking the time to document the planning and creation as well as the final products.


      • It’s funny how the mind plays tricks. I went hunting for the article and couldn’t find it. Turns out its a number of spawn scattered across the ‘eavy metal picture spreads and some tiny font size writeups about bits that were used. I suppose my mind just filed it all together in the same folder.
        Your posting is superior. I suppose it helps to not have space/spread limitations that a physical magazine struggles with.


      • Ah, that’s too bad. I was hoping there was an old gold nugget to revisit 😄 But yeah, there’s an impressive amount of conversions going on in the old ‘eavy metal pages. It is the best!


  4. These are great! I particularly like the bear/jabberwock hybrid. They’ve got that cool oldhammer feel. Great work!



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