Void of Darkness – Robot Eliminators, Melnibonean Cybersecurity

The armed forces on Melnibonea are many and diverse, as is common in the Empirium of Man. But recent surges in unrest have forced the Planetary leadership to develop a special task force that deals with robots and sentient machines.

“Hey robot! Stop whatever you’re doing – you’re under arrest!” In addition to their standard issue lasgun the cybersecurity have special electromagnetically sealed helmest.

This task force is the Robot Elimination Detectives – The R.E.D. often referred to by the population as the Redzeds. Their reputation for harsh treatment of AI and robots means that they are generally disliked on Melnibonea where farmers have a huge robot population. Hence, it is not uncommon for people to be unwilling to coorperate with the Redzeds, and on occasions citizens have even assisted robots by sheltering them. Hiding them from the R.E.D.

The Cybersecurity of Melnibonea never turn their backs on a challenge

Lately the outskirts of Meat City have come under scrutiny as back alley dealers have been selling war grade motherboards to criminals allowing them to bypass their robots human-harm inhibitors.  The R.E.D. is on the case and everything points to a small shop in the Pig Pen – one of the worst Meat City areas.

Cybersecurity Painting Guide. The models are primed red with Armypainter red spray. (1) This is followed by blocking out the colours first. I paint the skin, shoes, armour and helmet in Vallejo Deck Tan. Deck Tan is my go to colour for most lighter nuances as it covers really well, while at the same time allows light colours to be applied afterwards. The guns and metal parts are painting Armypainter Gun Metal. When this has dried I add Vallejo Medium Skin Tone on top of the Deck Tan for hands and faces. Next the various washes go  on. (2) The skin is washed with GW Contrast Darkoath Flesh, followed by (3) washing the metal with GW Contrast Basilicanum Grey. (4) Then the Deck Tan is highlighted with Vallejo  Off White. I water down the white and give it several coats. To take it to the final images I highlight the red with a mix of Vallejo Blood Red and Vallejo Beige, and glaze it with GW Bloodletter Glaze. The skin is highlighted with Vallejo Medium Skin Tone, washed with GW Reikland Flesh Shade and highlighted a final time with Medium Skin Tone. The shades are painted Vallejo Glorius Gold, highlighted with Vallejo Polished Gold and a final highlight with Polished Gold mixed with Valljo Chrome. That’s it! 

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