Åcon 2020

I have just returned from a private gathering called Åcon, which is held every year at a secret location in Denmark. Together with a select group of fellow Northerners, Vikings and miscreants, I have toiled through the heat of exotic planets and survived the dangers of the streets of the future. It all usually goes extremely well with copious amounts of beer and suitably old metal music.

The Blood Skulls reinforcements fall to an ambush by the Tallarn 42nd Screaming Camels.

My favourite thing this year was that we focused our attention on Warhammer 40.000 2nd edition. I had prepared the first three scenarios of a two-player campaign, that we playtested.

I gained valuable insights, and it was great fun. It is quite amazing how much things can make sense when you are busy writing them and how incoherent it all seems when you start to use it.

But slowly and steadily I will master this disclipline and eventually I hope to even share it. In fact the idea of the campaign is to make a small supplement (think PDF) and include some terrain tips, backstory and battle reports. A lot of the material that I intend to use is already on the blog, but collecting it in a nice “booklet” appeals to me greatly.

A very telling image of the course of the battle. Chaotic geniouses or not… they got their behinds handed to them.

Of course this is still months off in the future as it takes quite a lot of time. I think there is ample space for small enthusiastic projects like this and hope to make it one of several.

Next after a lot of second edition (well 3 scenarios) came my favourite thing of this years Åcon: a lavish Inq28 game on boards made by my friend Jens.

Thomas Riley had been kind enough to make a small but cool scenario for us all. Basically our Inquisitors were called upon, to claim various escaped animals for the masterchef Remee Tredzepi from the reknowned Stroma restaurant. As you may be able to see in the image Jens has really gone mad about the terrain… it is a plethora of rust and decay and suits his Nurgle miniatures very well. I don’t think Jens keeps a log on the internet, but you can find his stuff in the Facebook group “The Inquisitorium – the beating heart of Inq28”. In the game I lost my “Meat Mountain” almost imediately… to the dastardly do no good Jack Radientsky’s chaos guys!

Boards by Jens, scenario by Thomas, enjoyment by all

Thomas hosts a blog also, be sure to check it out: http://chainflailandlead.blogspot.com/

Last, and this was probably my favourite game of Åcon, we played a great scenario of Rogue Trader. We have been playing a campaign for a long time (well, mostly due to Corona, as it is only 3 games so far) and this was the third game in the series.

Jonas from Deathworld Adventures had written a really good scenario in which several factions were fighting in the vicinity (and in) a Commodore droid store.

The factions ranged from vegan cannibals to robot elimators, and even had a few fairly well balanced in between types…

Rogue Trader is as much a style as it is a game. It does really translate into writing, but I think it is quite perfect for our little flock. I will make a proper report about the battle a day to come, so as to keep the whole campaign available here on c0wabunga.

In addition to the games above Claus (https://nullpainter.now.sh/) showed me a fascinating new game called Hardwired – I really looooooove the way these rules run. Really clever system. I can see myself going down that road in the future.

That was all for this year. I can’t wait for next year already!



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