The Dirty Mongrels – A Gaslands gang

I have never seen any of the Mad Max films.

There. I said it in writing.

But still, I think the post apocalyptic setting of the not so distant future covered in dust like an Australian desert and full of cars sounds like a hoot. So without any knowledge about the game or the setting I have set out to create a group/faction/affiliation/team or whatever you want to call it, for Gaslands.

For me the work with Matchbox cars actually started back in 2009. I put aside some cars that I had gotten from my kids. At the time, I hadn’t found a set of rules and sort of thought I had to do one myself… and eventually canned the whole thing and stuck the cars and bits in a box and put them in a cupboard.

So this is how far I got with Matchbox Post Apocalypse in 2009 – authentic image! The internet never forgets.

Flash forward 11 years! Gaslands has been made and it has never been easier getting into gaming with toy cars. I took out my box of cars and started gluing them together… the box had more cars then shown in the image and I changed some of them from my original intentions.

The updated version of my original posse!

Interestingly the grey car got the same outfit more or less. I added a bit of green stuff here and there as some kind of iron/padding/protection and otherwise just got painting.

The name was easy enough – they would be the Dirty Mongrels. But the colours were more of pickle. Iniatially I thought about various camo schemes and even just rust colours… but then I ended up drawing something in paint:

The elaborate Paint design sketch for the car painting schemes..

I did not go quite as much overboard with the end result and ditched the flames altogether… I used the Games Workshop Greyseer primer. And then simply made a wash of Warlock Purple. I have always found this particular colour extremely well suited for washing. After washing the cars got a pink drybrushing.

Next some stripes, or camo if you will, was added. Painted through three different hues of green. Going from greenstuff green, through lime green, and ending with yellow green. All from the Vallejo range.

Over of The Dirt Mongrels

Of course all these whacky wheels had to have some names.. and iniatially I tried to let German Schlager musicians be the base of them.

So we have Freddie Broken Neck, shortened to Freddie Breck, is first up:

Freddie Broken Neck sports a big ass gun and quite a few additional armour plates on his rusty hulk

Next I wanted to pay my homage to a particularly bad brand of music: Hansi Hunterseeker

Hansi prefers hunterseeker missiles – going better with his vocals

Next up we have the only tourist in the group. Erhard Hilter is capable of supplying plenty of wurst for the gangers, and also packs quite a few different weapons in his autocamper:

Erhard Hilter – resident tourist and sausage provider

Doc Stahl is ready to assist whenever someone needs patching up or getting punched.

Doc Stahl – you don’t want to be on the wrong end of this Doc’s knife

Lastly we have the leader of The Dirty Mongrels himself. Johnny Calzone in his missile armed thundercar:

Johnny Calzone – explorer, rugged bad guy and leader of The Dirty Mongrels

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  1. […] The Dirty Mongrels – A Gaslands gang @ Dr. The Viking’s C0wabunga – Oh, these look great!  I love the vibrant colour scheme, the cool pattern, and all the wee extras that are attached to each car.  Reading the article, I’m also delighted with the simplicity of the whole endeavour – it encourages me to give it a go, myself.  I do have a stack of cars sitting on a shelf behind me… […]

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