Epic Proportions 4 – Stompa Mob, Shokk Attack Guns and Mekboy Gargant for ArmyChallenge™

This post sees the realisation of my most colourful bunch yet. All the stompy things. Well and a few shokk attack guns. Unlike normal, I have only a few comments to add. 
I hope it is evident that I tried to follow the source material closely on this one. Specifically I stuck my nose in Titan Legions and looked at the Ork stompas and mekboy gargant presented there. No reason to reinvent the wheel I guess. 
The main task here was making the banners. Indeed, the mekboy banner ended up taking a lot more time than anticipated, and probably as long as the mekboy gargant itself. I used a combination of acrylics, stencil and transfers on the banner. I intended to draw it all, but my freehand is simply not sharp enough to create the very square patterns necessary for the Ork glyphs. 

Paintingwise I stuck with the palette established in my earlier posts. The red was Vallejo Blood Red, with P3 Khador Red Highlight as highlight. The undercoat for the mekboy was white, while black undercoat (and many many layers of blood red) was used for the stompas.

The blue was Vallejo Medium Blue, with white added for highlights. The yellow was a mix of Vallejo Yellow Ink and (old hexagonal) GW Sunburst Yellow.

Three merry little stompas, stomping their way through the grim future. 
Backside of the above. Sometimes a small red door is OK.
Details of the stompas. A variation of stencils and transfers was used to make the various symbols. 
The shokk attacks guns were a small “aber dabei” made after the rest… painting infantry really takes no time and 4 stands like this can be done almost blindfolded. 
I do think the army is coming along nicely and I hope to see it done by July. I am going to drag it out a bit for the next few posts, so as not to complete it too fast. So only one Epic post on this project per month for now. 
Shokk attack guns, colloquially known as ‘snotling hurlers’
That is another 800 pts knocked off the army. We are slowly but steadily getting there.
Let us have a look at the list then:
#figuresptstotalfigures total
Gobsmaha squadron151001005
Bonecruncha squadron131501503
Shokk Attack Team141001004
Pulsa Rokkit Battery132502503
Stompas Mob132502503
Great Gargant114007351
Death Skull Clan11950050019
mekboy gargant114504501
Kult of Speed 11840040015
Goff Clan12365065023
Mad Mob14004
Great Gargant
gusterbuster100mork head50battle cannon turret25
magnum megacannon85soopa liftadroppa75
krusher arm0buzzsaw arm0deluxe kustom cannon0

Still 27 models to go… it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!


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