Pantangyan Tyger Force

The Tygers of Pantangya – a fierce corps of fighting men, ready to meet any danger in the jungle. Not unlike a certain other jungle fighting body from Catachan.

Years ago I painted a few Catachan jungle fighters inspired by the G.I. Joe Tiger Force. I had a bunch of these as a kid and for some reason I have never really been able to shake it. As you might gleam from the images below they were a colourful bunch.

Now I have rebased and repurposed those few jungle fighters to 2nd edition style 40k in high hopes of making an entire IG army with this theme at some point. At the very least I will have 2 full squads, ready to go toe to toe with some Tyranids in the thick of the jungle. 
The Tiger Force – there was quite a few different patterns to the uniforms as can be seen. In my archive I have some 1:48 helicopter as well as an A-10 Thunderbolt that I would like to refashion towards this end also… only problem being what to use it for gaming wise! I also think that the small tiger paw could be made with either old Void models or some of the new genestealer cult troops. 
To tie them in with the rest of my setting I have decided that the Tyger Force belongs to and is recruited from the Death World of Pantangya. This planet is not far from Melnibonea where the most of our games are set. 
My biggest struggle painting wise was the guns… here they’re shown in black but I am really uncertain if that is how I want them to look. I might go with green or metal in the end. But let’s leave it at black for now.
In addition to the infantry squad I have also made a heavy weapons squad with 3 mortars. I think the heavy flamer and the mortar should be more or less the only heavy weapons in the army… with only a sprinkling of heavy bolters or missile launchers. The heavy flamer model is a later addition (3rd edition, if I recall correctly), but I am not a snob and I think it fits really well with the setting. 
If you want to clear the jungle lining of deadly critters, then accept no substitute for the Imperial field mortar!
Although I fully abhor the Vietnam war and in reality am quite the pacifist, I must say that nothing really says jungle warfare like the mortar. I have made some impact markers to go with the mortars. I imagine these being put down and measured from during the game, and at the same time giving some serious atmospheric touch. 
With regards to vehicles I think it should follow suit with what has already been set down as ‘rules’ above. So mainly the weapons should be flamers or mortars. In this light, years ago, I bougth some heavy flamers for chimeras from Forge World, and I have at least one Hellhound. I don’t think I have an Imperial Griffon in the archive, but I am sure I can get one at some point. It is not vital, as vehicles don’t really belong in the jungle. 



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