Epic Proportions 3 – Kult of Speed for ArmyChallenge™

Nothing says Ork quite like a red painted vehicle with lots of wroooom. And no Ork army would be complete without a Kult of Speed in my opinion. 
Over the years the models for this unit (both in Warhammer 40.000 and Epic 40.000) have gone through multiple variations. I prefer the look of the Warhammer 40.000 2nd ed. time when things were bright and colourful. 
Thus I went for bright red, yellow and green as the main colours of the units. The black is just painted black in a satin black coat, no highlights or anything. The warbikes were a bit of a pain to paint. They don’t have clear delineations and hence I don’t think the models are not that great. Figuring out what is what can be a challenge. 
The Kult of Speed led by Mekboy Gakka

I am mightily pleased with the end result. The only minor quibble is that I actually ended up painting 8 bike stands, as the NetEpic Gold army card for the KoS said 8… which then turned out to be wrong. I guess I just need another 2 bike stands and then I have a support. 

To spice things up a bit I added some banners to the buggies. I used common pin needles, that I cut to size with a heavy pair of pliers. The banners themselves were made from standard paper and then added by first painting them with PVA glue, and then folding them while still wet. The details were then painted on. Make sure to let them dry between colours, as the paper really soaks the paint and can cause bleeding of the colours. 
Buggies with flashy banners

The details of how to paint the various units should be visible from the illustrations below. I used Vallejo Blood Red mixed with red ink for the base coat, highlithed with P3 Khador Red Highlight. GW Averland  Sunset for the yellow, highlighted with P3 Sulfur Yellow, Coat D’Arms Goblin Green for the bases and skin, Armypainter Gun Metal for the metal parts, highlighted with Vallejo Chainmail Silver, the black was painted with Foundry Equipment Black Base, the gloves of the bikers were painted Coat D’Arm Barbarian Leather and highlighter with P3 Rucksack Tan. 

Detail shots of the various KoS units. 

Mekboy Gakka had his ride converted with an extra large engine of some sort. I don’t really intend on using him as a Mekboy for this army, but I guess it will be possible to include him as such in the future. 

That is another 400 pts knocked off the army. 
Overview of the army as of May 14th
Let us have a look at the list then:
# figures pts total figures total
Spleenrippas 1 3 100 100 3
Gobsmaha squadron 1 5 100 100 5
Bonecruncha squadron 1 3 150 150 3
Shokk Attack Team 1 4 100 100 4
Pulsa Rokkit Battery 1 3 250 250 3
Schorchers 1 3 50 50 3
Stompas Mob 1 3 250 250 3
Great Gargant 1 1 400 735 1
Death Skull Clan 1 19 500 500 19
mekboy gargant 1 1 450 450 1
Kult of Speed  1 18 400 400 15
warboss 1 8 250 250 8
Goff Clan 1 23 650 650 23
Mad Mob 1 4 0 0 4
Totals 3985 95
Great Gargant
gusterbuster 100 mork head 50 battle cannon turret 25
magnum megacannon 85 soopa liftadroppa 75
krusher arm 0 buzzsaw arm 0 deluxe kustom cannon 0

Still 35 models to go… it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!



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