Ruined cities for Epic

As mentioned earlier on this blog I am a big fan of the “pop” aesthetics of the earlier versions of Epic 40.000. It has taken me some time to arrive at this place, but now that I am here, I must say I really enjoy it.
My Orks and Space Wolves need some proper terrain to fight over. And while I have a complete ruined city made from the Epic 40.000 plastic ruin sprues, I thought that a bit of green rolling hills type ruined houses were missing.
Here I have taken some WW2 terrain bought second hand years ago, and mounted it on floorboard using No More Nails. Next I have added some craters. The craters are easily sculpted in greenstuff by first adding a blob of GS, and then indenting by presing a round object into it. I used various sized round objects to make different crater sizes. After indentation I just scrape a bit on the sides with a sculpting tool.
Next I basecoated the whole thing in grey wall paint. This was then washed with sepia in places on the ground, and the edges were painted in a olive green.

The builsdings were washed with watered down black wash (GW contrast). The craters were drybrushed with brown and washed with black inside the crater.  

Now the pieces just need the final drybrushings in lighter colours, some green flock and Bob’s yer uncle.  Here is the finished result:

I am quite happy with them. I think they look more or less as I intended. In the future I will try to add to this range of terrain and keep to the finish with the green flock. That will make it possible to integrate them together on the same table.
Some Goff nobs are out inspecting their new fighting surroundings. 

One comment

  1. These look great, like they are straight out of a 2nd edition Space Marine battle report in WD. I think you are achieving your goal of capturing the spirit of that era in your painting and modeling.



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