Epic ArmyChallenge™ – The Month of April: Army pitches and the first dabbles in paint

So April came to pass and the Epic ArmyChallenge™ is trudging along nicely.

April was our start up month and the participants mainly rummaged through their secrets stashes and found their miniatures. A few managed to get a bit of paint pushed around too, but we are only just starting.

Army Pitches

First up the contestants made a list of 4000 points using the NetEpic Gold rules. 
Dr. The Viking (me) chose the Orks and quickly amassed the following force:
Waaagh Ghazghkull
I went for a bit of everything and then some… basing it roughly on the Ghazghkull army from the Battle for Golgotha Prime.
More information: Dr. The Viking’s Orks
Daniel went with the Squat of Golgotha Prime to fit my Orks. Very cool! 
Denial 666’s Squat’s of Golgotha Prime

A few units were missing but Daniel quickly found them on the net. Read more here:Denial 666’s Squats
Uncle Jonas decided to refurbish and expand his age old Space Marine army. The army is based on the Blood Angels legion.
The Blood Angels march
Read all about it here: Jonas’ Blood Angels
Floyd Lawton has also chosen to do the Marines! 
The massive marine army of 1st Legion Floyd

Impressively Floyd has chosen to do 2! armies so that he may game with his son. Read it all here: 1stlegion Chronicles
Lastly TF Riley also went with an Ork waaaaaagh! 
Thomas is a bit of an old rat in Epic and has multiple armies in store. 
Here you can follow his thoughts on the project: TF Rileys Orks

The first dabbles in paint!

Having arranged all this on the background of falling back in love with Epic, I had a bit of a head start and actually managed to finish two clans for april! I knocked out 1150 pts this way:

Uncle Jonas was right on my heels though and finished quite a bit too in the form of a Blood Angels Tactical company worth 750 pts:

I think we’re off to a really good start and I can’t wait to see what the month of May will bring to the challenge. 


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