Adeptus Titanicus Slaaneshi Titans – The Legion of Lord Lubricanus

The game that originally sent me off the beaten path of 40k/warhammer and Necromunda was Epic 40.000. Or rather Epic Armageddon. 

I was rather late to the party and never played the earlier versions of Space Marine and Titanicus. Over the years I have acquired all these versions and the figures too… and lately I was unable to not join in when GW suddenly released an all new version of Adeptus Titanicus (AT). 
So far I have yet to actually play the game… I prefer to paint my figures before undertaking anything involving dice. But I must say that the reaver battle titans have really taken my liking. I could see myself completing a force both for the loyalists and for the traitors. 
After a lot of struggling with regards to colours and schemes, I decided to join the loyal forces… of Horus! While the setting is firmly set in the 30k universe during the Horus Heresy and the amount of mutation and warping of the god machines probably shouldn’t be too great at this stage, I opted to show the aweful powers of chaos directly in my titans. So some of them are a bit warped. or have organic matter protruding the hulls of their armour.

I essentially view all of my Slaanesh forces as the same force… be it 40k, fantasy or AT. It fits well with the fickle nature of chaos, that somehow these disconnected stories are all aligned and interwoven. Hence, I opted to use the same colour scheme on my titans as I do on my 40k Emperors Children and my fantasy chaos warriors. Similarly I imagine that the leader is also the same of all three armies… Lord Lubricanus – true devote of Slaanesh. 
The colours are Vallejo light skin tone, for the armour, washed with Reikland flesh shade. The colours is the highlighted by building up with Vallejo light skin tone again and addign white to the mix as you go along. The trims are vallejo black grey and the dots are created by mixing black grey and skin tone successively. All in all a quick and dirty approach. 
The metal parts were simply drybrushed and washed with a bit of contrast paitnts Basilicum grey and Agaros Dunes. 
My first titan was the Magnificent Sixer. This one was built pretty much straight out of the box and only the right arm was magnetised… 
The Magnificent Sixer

A large rune of Slaanesh dedicates the titan to the God
The next titan is also a reaver battle titan. Originally known as Sextus Viatorem, but now referred mainly as the Sex Machine, between the troops. The Sextuss Viatorem is heavily mutated even though it has only briefly been exposed to the warp. The creature known as Assem Pax has fused with the god machine and formed a twisted thing somewhere between machine and demon.

Sextus Viatorem – fused with the demon Assem Pax. The crew of the titan has been usurped by the foul being and their minds are bent with it. The demon is protruding from the front of the machine, as well as other parts. A huge demonic claw now shows were once was a powerclaw. 

Lastly I managed to paint some knights. These have abandoned their former house and are now simple known as The Black Knights of Slaanesh.  Inside the knights the crewmembers have accepted to be hooked up to supplies of pleasure instilling fluids and combat sensitizing stimulants.

The Black Knights of Slaanesh
One my main gripes with the new AT rules are the additions of all kinds of new titans and knights that didn’t really hold a prominent role in the old version. It is not because it has to be exactly like the old version (which I didn’t even play) but I always fear that a bit of watering down will happen. In all the games I have tried were giant machines were fighting smaller stuff, the small stuff always ended up being too powerful… this was the case in Epic as well as Warmachine. Let’s see if it becomes the case in AT too, once the amount of knights and small stuff increases. 


  1. Glorious paintmanship! The units look brilliant, the mutations are really cool. I had to double check the crotch armour for mutation though so my apologies for that. I miss the old conversion parts for the beetle backs and your work reminds me of those good ol' times!


  2. Thanks man! I was afraid people would feel it was too over the top. I hope GW will bring out their own sprue of chaos bits for this. I magnetised all the heads in case they do :DI still have a few of the old conversion bits… and a complete banelord! But I can't find the skull cap for it. I think it fell out in a moving box… the search continues!


  3. Do you have the GW Bag O Skulls? I saw Acceptable Radiation use one for the head of his Reaver titan if that helps. Anything to encourage ya 😉



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