Epic Proportions 1 – Goff Clan for ArmyChallenge™

So I have finished the first unit for my glorious Epic Ork army. The choice fell on a Goff Clan, as I think this is a cool and iconic unit that can form the core of the army. My idea is to include a Warboss heavily inspired by Ghazghkull Thraka and so Goffs need to be present.

The Goff Clan in all its splendour!
The Goffs frown upon other Orks that spend too much time shooting and caring for their guns. Instead they favour the martial arts! As one of their special traits the Goff Clan gets an additional 4 nob stands bringing it to a total of 8. 
Painting wise I went for a very simply black with red details. The figures are obviously painted with older Epic 40.000 miniatures at the back of the mind, while at the same time being on the modern rectangular bases. I personally think it is a good compromise. 
For the Nobs I chose to extend the red to a bit more than just the guns,and so I coloured in this and that in a strictly non-uniform manner. 
The Goff Nobs – a powerhouse of hurt! 
 The Ork boyz were also more or less black, with only the guns coloured in red. This gives just the right amount of pop without turning them into Evil Sunz. That would be a grey zone extremely frowned upon by the Goffs I’m sure. As a first ever, I chose to paint the bases goblin green, and use green flock to finish them off.  Other than saving me a lot of time, it is also meant as a nod back to the heyday of  nineties Games Workshop. 
To add a bit of flavour and break the monotony of the single pose figures I added a few banners between the nobs and the boyz. These banners were kept in rather simple livery, with only one of the banners getting some transfers to detail it further. The three teeth mean “Gor” which translates roughly to “Blood”. 

 Nobs with a banner saying “Gog Og” which Imperial academics studying the Ork language suppose means something like “power belongs to us”, “we have the power” or “we who are gods”

I tried to get a few details in on some of the figures like here where a few checkers have snug onto the armour of the 4th nob in the row. Of curse I painted eyes and teeth on all nobs, and also eyes on all the infantry.  But otherwise I find that going overboard with painting on Epic figures is not worth it to me. In the past I painted highlights and stuff on them, washed the skin and so on and on. But I actually prefer the look I have achieved here to my earlier efforts. Especially from 1.8 metres of gaming perspective. 
With the Goff Clan completed that brings me to a total of 650 pts completed total. 
Army overview as of April 16th
Let us have a look at the list then:
# figures pts total figures total
Spleenrippas 1 3 100 100 3
Gobsmaha squadron 1 5 100 100 5
Bonecruncha squadron 1 3 150 150 3
Shokk Attack Team 1 4 100 100 4
Pulsa Rokkit Battery 1 3 250 250 3
Schorchers 1 3 50 50 3
Stompas Mob 1 3 250 250 3
Great Gargant 1 1 400 735 1
Death Skull Clan 1 19 500 500 19
mekboy gargant 1 1 450 450 1
Kult of Speed  1 18 400 400 15
warboss 1 8 250 250 8
Goff Clan 1 23 650 650 23
Mad Mob 1 4 0 0 4
Totals 3985 95
Great Gargant
gusterbuster 100 mork head 50 battle cannon turret 25
magnum megacannon 85 soopa liftadroppa 75
krusher arm 0 buzzsaw arm 0 deluxa kustom cannon 0

Still 72 models to go… it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!

I think the Deathskull Clan is next on my list of stuff to paint.


  1. Awesome. I can't wait to see the completed army.Is it a special rule that Goffs don't use Battle Wagons? I think I remember something like that, but I am not sure.


  2. Those look amazing! You work really fast :-)I'm still sorting out my stuff and figuring out army lists. I hope to have some pictures and words up on the blog about the army challenge this week.Thanks for the great idea and inspiration.



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