Epic Proportions – A Get Back into the Epic 40.000 Universe ArmyChallenge™

The editions of 6 mm Games Workshop games through the ages. Going from the early Adeptus Titanicus, through the Space Marine editions to Titan Legions and Epic 40.000 with all their illustrious box cover art up. In the naughties (2000+) we arrived at the final rendition  – Epic Armageddon, that sadly failed to produce a proper box. Notice how the first three editions were labelled as “3d-roleplay” – now those were the days!
The 6 mm scale representation of the Warhammer 40.000 universe has had multiple names over the years. It has been called Adeptus Titanicus, Space Marine, Epic 40.000 and Epic Armageddon. I have only ever played the Epic Armageddon game, but I actually much prefer Epic 40.000 as the title.  
The glorious game of Epic battles! Look at the mighty hordes of troops!  This is the look of a proper game of Epic. It holds much of what I love. Green rolling hills, red tanks and beige coloured forts! 

Despite having never played the game, I have always been drawn to the scenographics and pang-colours of late Space Marine 2nd edition and Epic Titan Legions battle reports. I have been through many iterations of colour schemes over the years (some you can even find on this blog) for my Imperial Guard, my Orks, my Chaos, my Space Marines. But I never really nailed it. 
I think for a long period I was drawn to “realism” in the presentation of Epic on the board. But lately I must say that I get the warmest feeling when watching the pictures of colourful brightly coloured armie in White Dwarf. The small pops of red and blue on the battle field suits the Epic figures better than the muddy and realistic greens and browns. 
This post is somewhat of a reboot of my efforts in Epic 40.000. I intend to go all in to this again, and I think I will focus on NetEpic Gold this time around. I really like the army cards of this edition, even though I never played 2nd edition when it was around. 
Additionally I have also read that this edition is good if you want to employ titans on the field. One of my main gripes with the otherwise really cool Armageddon edition, is that I find taking titans is more or useless compared to more activations and more small troops. I’m sure there’s lots of people who’d argue against this, but this is my personal impression though. 
So. To get things started I want to make a 4000 pts Ork force and let it face off againt a 4000 pts Space Wolves force. 
I also want to create a variety of terrain to go with the forces, fitting with my current Rogue Trader setting of Melnibonea – a backwater mediaval post apocalypse/aggricultural world.
First I have selected the Orks:

# figures pts total figures total
Spleenrippas 1 3 100 100 3
Gobsmaha squadron 1 5 100 100 5
Bonecruncha squadron 1 3 150 150 3
Shokk Attack Team 1 4 100 100 4
Pulsa Rokkit Battery 1 3 250 250 3
Schorchers 1 3 50 50 3
Stompas Mob 1 3 250 250 3
Great Gargant 1 1 400 735 1
Death Skull Clan 1 19 500 500 19
mekboy gargant 1 1 450 450 1
Kult of Speed  1 18 400 400 15
warboss 1 8 250 250 8
Goff Clan 1 23 650 650 23
Mad Mob 1 4 0 0 4
Totals 3985 95
Great Gargant
gusterbuster 100 mork head 50 battle cannon turret 25
magnum megacannon 85 soopa liftadroppa 75
krusher arm 0 buzzsaw arm 0 deluxa kustom cannon 0

So this is the onset of my new Epic 40.000 adventure. I started this game back in 2000 origianlly, so it seems only proper that 2020 is where I take it up again. 20 years later and wiser. 
The plan is to paint roughly 500-1000 points per month and then post here and hence the army should be done in 4-6 months. Then I will start the Space Wolves. Hopefully by Christmas, I will be having cool games of Epic 40.000 in my hobby room!

The rules for NetEpic Gold are available here: https://netepicgold.weebly.com/netepic.html

Joining me (if not in practicality then in spirit) on the challenge is also:

Uncle Jonas from https://deathworldadventures.blogspot.com

and T.F. Riley from https://chainflailandlead.blogspot.com/

Floyd will be adding and revamping his army here https://1stlegionchronicles.blogspot.com/

Duz Holger’s is supporting the cause with terrain building https://duzholgers.blogspot.com

I will make a sum up of our efforts here on the blog once a month.

Anyone else wishing to join in can simply write a comment here and I’ll link to their blog. 


  1. This is an awesome idea, I would love to join in the challenge. 2nd edition Space Marine was the first game that I played in a league at local store wayyyy back in 1993. I have an old painted army to revisit and unpainted epic miniatures from back in the day to paint. It may take me a few days to get something up with my already scheduled content, but I will definitely post and paint some epic fun.My blog is https://1stlegionchronicles.blogspot.com/Do you know if GW has the rules for 2nd edition online anywhere? I know they used to publish rules for out of print games like Gorkamorka and BFG. I have all my cards from 2nd edition but no rules. I'm sure my son would love to play it while we are stuck at home.


  2. Super cool! I will add you to it. And yeah the army cards would have been my preferred way to represent the army that I'm building, but unfortunately, I can't find the buggers anywhere in my storage.This is gonna be cool!


  3. Glad to be aboard! I already started digging through figure cases to figure out what I have for the project. I have all the Space Marine cards that came with second edition plus a few more. Let me know and I can scan them into a google doc file so you could print them out if you want. I'm not sure how readily available they are online.



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