The Nekromeister And His Recent Erections

Melnibonea has been visited by a strange creature known only as the Nekromeister (or Nekromaster, depending on the dialect), causing the dead to rise from their seats and mobile devices… I mean graves! The children of the villages are terrified into sleep about how the Nekromeister will visit them and claim their dead flesh if they do not behave.
While the real world seems like it is about to end in a pandemic coronation, life on Melnibonea continues as normal – still deadly and still about to kill you.
In 40k or Rogue Trader (perhaps) the zombie has for me always been synonymous with the plague zombie. This is most likely a later invention coupling together the zombie trope and Nurgle. 
These zombies are not plague zombies per se. Rather I imagine that this suitably evil character – the Nekromeister – has found a away to raise the dead. Perhaps he is using the dark arts of chaos, or by using copious amounts of radioactive substances and chemicals. 
I have little or nothing new to add to the zombie trope. In fact, I believe this is the third time or so that I am repurposing these specific models. The first couple of times around I changed from one type of base to the other, and then smothered them in various splattering and grimey paint.

I have added a few mushrooms to tie the figures a bit more into the Rogue Trader oldschool universe. Interestingly, I have also added a mini deathworld-cactus. This is firmly 2nd edition to me, but I have never seen anyone making mini-cactii on the bases of figures like this before, and I think I shall start doing that from now on. 

This time around things have come full circle… the zombies have gone back to GW type plastic bases. I have finally settled on this format, as I find the possibility of writing names on the bases (not these of course) is very good for skirmish. 
The figures are from a tiny company/basement seller called Zombiesmith. I don’t know if they’re still available. I think they fit well my Rogue Trader figures otherwise, and I like the not-too-modern sculpting.  You can find my old posts with them, by clicking the tag. The big guy is from Wyrd Miniatures back when they still did metal figures and cool stuff. The Nekromeister himself is an old GW sculpt that I found in a conversion bin, where someone ha dumped it after chucking off the sword.
And to be frank, I don’t see myself doing much else but skirmish in the years to come. 



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