Rogue Trader – Into The Void of Darkness scenario 2: Welcome To Meat City!

“After the debacle with the Okichanga’s Golden Eagle Eryhtron was demoted and sent on an impossible mission in the Ngay Tan The sector.

The Ngay Tan The sector was, at the time, a site of great unrest. The sector was filled with agricultural worlds and most of the galaxy’s white rhyce was produced here. Vast tracts of butorg – a energizing red spice – are also found throughout the sectors, but stood unharvested because of the war. 

The evil house of Yoyodyne and their Suth accomplices had taken to arms after trade disputes over tariffs with the Phagon Conglomerate and their Saurian allies. The Yoyodyne forces were keeping parts of the sector in an iron grip, having displaced all official law enforcement with army troopers.

The Empire had not yet to commit fully to restoring the peace.  The Imperial Governors hoped that the Yoyodyne and the Phagons would be able to keep each other in check, and as the Imperial rhyce stocks are booming and the conflict is raising the price on the crop, they are in no hurry. However, to at least pretend to do something about the situation Imperial regiments from the nearby industrial world of Melnibonea, namely The Pantangian Tygers and the The Stormbringers have been despatched and set up peace keeping pockets throughout the sector. 
Amid all this a high standing official of the Magos Biologis, Nangiala Lhars, had gone missing. Lhars was known for his extensive knowledge of the butterflies and flowers of mountainside cliffs of Melnibonea, but lately his interests had taken him far into the Ngay Tan the sector.  Erythron was tasked with locating the official. And without any other knowledge than the fact that he had last been seen in the Sector, Erythron set out to complete his mission and restore his honour.”

– excerpts from “Book of Mon S’lant: The Way and The Warrior”, by Erronyous Grammaticus

Eyrthron has just landed in Meat City. The city is composed of a lot of shanties and lowlife scum neighbourhoods, where it is extremely unsafe to be. The military has a base on the outskirts of the town where Erythron and his group lands initially. The military is unwilling to help him travel further into the war zone and he is on his own to find a flight and or pilot. 

The city is filled with criminals, and in this part the gang of Bort The Rascal rules the street. Bort’s spies have sniffed the news that a group of high arse Imperials have landed. They want to get some of that fat loot and are grouping to attack. 
Objective for Eryhtron and crew: Find a pilot!

By asking the civilians on the board if they have knowledge of where to find a pilot the group can slowly find a way out of Meat City.
The civilians are all scared for their life and therefore extremely cautious. The only way to get them talking is by being polite or smart. To ask a civilian an Int test is rolled. For each point the test is passed by the group gains a “pilot whereabouts” point. When they have 12 points the group has gained knowledge of where to find a pilot, and the GM points the location out. They can then go there and attempt to persuade the pilot to help them. No civilian may be asked more than once.
The group has 10.000 credits in their stash. These may be distributed across as many group members as desired. When the pilot is located, roll a 1d10 and multiply by 1000 credits. This is the asking price that must be met to pay the pilot.

Objective for Bort an The Rascals: Seize and capture as much loot as you can from the noobs. Some of the Imperials seem to be carrying credits!

The Game: 

The crew prepares to leaves the safe premises of the Imperial base. The base is on high alert and the Imperial guard is constantly surveying the area from their impressive guard towers.

Bort and the Rascals are having a serious party in the two story building to the far left in the image. They are so far oblivious to the approaching newcomers. All over town civilians are spread, perhaps with knowledge of where to find an able pilot. 

Indian Joe – a member of Bort and The Rascals, that had been spying on the imperial base to see when the newcomers would arrive – was passed up as a civilian and asked questions by Erythron who didn’t have the faintest clue. After missing a string of intelligence tests Indian Joe managed to get away.

Sub-5 moves swiftly through the back-alleys with her trusty wrench. 
Early on H418 take down a ganger with its twin needle gun. E-Duke returns the fire and takes out Venkman. 
E-Duke manages to get the best of H418 and goes on to loot the robot for both image files of scantily clad ladies and the imperial credits it carried.
The fighting is fierce and all over the place. Bort himself is also involved in the assault. 

 Drunco (in the mask) spent the most of the game being to drunk to act (stupidity) but occasionally managed to fight a bit and downed G.O. this way.

The Imperial looked on uncaring, not going to risk their lives interfering with the obvious local gang conflict. 

 IN the end the only remaining character standing is Doc… he goes to get help finding the pilot from a couple of local enforcers. He is succesful! It turns out that the guy they were giving a speeding ticket was in fact a pilot!

However the asking price that Doc gets is much more than he can pay and hence the idea of getting a lift slips through Erythron’s finger. 


  1. Luckily Docs money was enough to buy back his friends and their gear. Since the Rascals had enough food in the dead gangers and credits could be used for amasec 🙂



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