Rogue Trader – Into The Void of Darkness Scenario 1: The Raiders of The Lost Story Ark

I have set out on a venture to chronicle a campaign of Rogue Trader describing the journey of Magos Biologis Erythron Mon S’lant into the void of darkness in search of an AWOL Imperial commander.
Our aim with this campaign is to play roughly one game per month and let the story writing and scenario doodling pass from player to player every time.
I have gotten the honour of presenting the initial setting and theme to start things off.


The Ngay Tan The sector was, at the time, a site of great unrest. The sector was filled with agricultural worlds and most of the galaxy’s white rhyce was produced here. Vast tracts of butorg – a energizing red spice – are also found throughout the sectors, but stood unharvested because of the war. 

The evil house of Yoyodyne and their Suth accomplices had taken to arms after trade disputes over tariffs with the Phagon Conglomerate and their Saurian allies. The Yoyodyne forces were keeping parts of the sector in an iron grip, having displaced all official law enforcement with army troopers.

The Empire had not yet to commit fully to restoring the peace.  The Imperial Governors hoped that the Yoyodyne and the Phagons would be able to keep each other in check, and as the Imperial rhyce stocks are booming and the conflict is raising the price on the crop, they are in no hurry. However, to at least pretend to do something about the situation Imperial regiments from the nearby industrial world of Melnibonea, namely The Pantangian Tygers and the The Stormbringers have been despatched and set up peace keeping pockets throughout the sector. 

– from ‘Treatise on the Life of Mon S’lant’ by Erronyous Grammaticus

Scenario 1: The Raiders of The Lost Story Ark

In this first scenario we are introduced to the main protagonist of the campaign – Erythron Mon S’lant. He was a rogue imperial adventurer, archeotechnolog and adeptus biologis initiate. Much of what we know today about his life is from the written accounts of Erronyous Grammaticus. It is questionable whether the two actually met as Grammaticus claims, as Mon S’lant would have been around 239 when Grammaticus was 15, and so it is possible that he has excluded the actual sources from his work. Here is an excerpt from his writings:
“When I first, unexpectedly, met Erythron Mon S’lant he was already an old man. He told me his life’s story by the firelight of the hearth in and old winery under the Hives of Melnibonea. First, he was not much for talking about his exploits, but as I kept pouring the wine he became more and more talkative. He gave me the whole story of his ascent from a simple Magos Biologis to a highly decorated Imperial . He explained to me that the episode with the Okichanga’s Golden Eagle had tipping point that had made him the so highly sought after.”
The setting:
Deep in the Melnibonean jungle the adventurer and magos biologis Erythron Mon S’lant is searching for a piece of archeotech, called the Okichanga’s Golden Eagle, which he believes belongs in a museum. He has finally succeeded in finding the Eagle and has ventured deep into the underground caves that were the final resting place for the object. Now as Mon S’lant emerges from the cave he just needs to get to his base camp and escape with the Eagle.
Arnst Tot, the nefarious do-no-good henchman of the Ork warlord Hipzy Nozzle, has been on the heels of Mon S’lant the entire time, waiting to strike just as Mon S’lant delivers the Eagle from the caves of doom.
Special Rules:
Death World Jungle Terrain:
The terrain throughout the planets of the the sector is very homogenous and largely governed by jungle interspaced with sharp cliffs and big old rocks. Throughout this landscape, carnivorous plants and roaming monsters are fighting for the right to eat any intruders… when they are not fighting to eat each other.
The Game:

Jonas from controlled the crew of Erythron while Daniel took care of Arnst Tot and his nefarious Orks.

 Deployment. The forces of Arnst Tot, consisting of Orks and native Saurians armed with poisoned arrows, chose to attempt a pincer move in order to catch Erythron and the Golden Eagle.

The Orks of the Weapon ZZ are among the most deadly fighters, normally used ass Hipzy Nozzle’s personal bodyguard. 
Emerging directly from an underground cave, having just barely escaped a big rolling rock, Erythron doesn’t even catch his breath before a rain of deadly arrows start hailing down on them.

 Back at the basecamp professer Doc and H418 is making sure eventhing is ready for Mon S’lant’s return.

 The bolt gun is a fearsome weapon, only surpassed by the heavy bolter! The heavy bolter wielding ZZ Ork cuts down members of Erythron’s crew.

 What the BS 2 Saurians lack in precision, they make up for in numbers! Their poisoned arrows take out a multitude of Mon S’lant’s crew.

Matlox and Xatam decide to go burst a wild creature that just showed up. Despite following a Magos Biologis they know precious little about wildlife.

 Xatam is lost to Saurian fire, while Matlox tries hard to fight a vicious Melnibonean Brain Leech that turned up looking for snacks.

 A toxic amphibo is drawn by the noise, and being natives of the jungle the Saurians are not late to start changing their priorities, trying to down the great toad.

 Unlike the rest, the Saurians moved effortlessly through the jungle without suffering the consequences that the untrained Orks and Humans did.

 At the end of the day all was lost and even Erythron fell to the Saurians. He had to surrender the Okichanga’s Golden Eagle to Arnst Tot and was subsequently let go. This was of course a great let down and was frowned greatly upon by the Biologis order.

After the game we went to get the Danish staple: beefsandwich with brown sauce and congo bajer!

Scenario 2 will follow shortly. 



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